Manaia Te Rangi


Name: Manaia Hohepa Te Rangi
Meaning: Manaia - Messenger between the earthly world and world of the spirits, guardian against evil. Hohepa - Māori form of the name Joseph, means "God will increase."
Birthdate: 27th June 2042
Zodiac: Cancer
Loyalty - Dependable - Caring - Adaptable - Responsive
Weaknesses: Moody - Clingy - Self-pitying - Oversensitive – Self-absorbed
As a Cancer born on June 27th, words such as sensitive, sympathetic and affectionate can be used to describe your personality. Few people share in your ability to pick up on the feelings and thoughts of others. Shunning manipulation, you use your gifts to help others with compassion and attention. You are a giver at heart, which is why you are loved so dearly by your family and friends.
Hometown: New Plymouth, New Zealand
Birthplace: Taumarunui, New Zealand
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Wand: Curved 12 Inch Sturdy Reed Wand with Mermaid Scale Core

Length: A fairly average length for a wand, not at all uncommon or very special.
Style: Bending to its side, this wand is more difficult to aim than its straighter counterparts but provides character that some simply cannot pass by.
Wood: Reed is a naturally protective wandwood, best held by those who speak both bravely and well.
Core: As a core, mermaid scale assists wands in being helpful in classes such as Care of Magical Creatures and water-based spells. Though not a difficult core to obtain, mermaid scales must be freely given by the merperson in order to fully bond in the wand.

Flexibility: Sturdy: A solid wand for any witch or wizard - easy to use, and highly dependable.
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff


Hair: Black and straight, cropped in a short fashionable style.
Eyes: Deep, dark brown, with lashes on the long side.
Build: Scrawny and on the short side for his age.
Complexion: Warm brown, with a slight tendency to freckle.
Style: Casual but stylish.
Distinguishing Features: Manaia's smile stands out clearly.

Playby: William Singe

Personality: Despite the easygoing public face he tries to project, Manaia cares very deeply about everyone around him, and takes people's feelings very seriously. He feels emotions very intensely, particularly when listening to music, and sometimes struggles slightly to contain his feelings. Being the oldest of three has affected how he makes friends, tending to see himself as the older brother of everyone around him, whether they're younger than him or not. He isn't afraid to explore deep conversation topics and would rather have the hard conversation than let things sit unsaid.
-Manaia is very in touch with his emotions and has good emotional intelligence, knowing when feelings need to be addressed.
-Manaia is a fairly quick learner, picking up new skills relatively easily.
-Manaia is fairly confident and tries to pass that confidence on to the people around him, hyping up his friends.
-Manaia's ability to learn things quickly means he has a bad habit of leaving things too late and bumping up against deadlines.
-Manaia can get easily frustrated with people who won't express how they feel, and struggles to be around those kinds of people.
-Manaia can sometimes push too hard, thinking he knows better than the people around him.
Music - Manaia has always been deeply passionate about music, singing and playing guitar and piano from a young age.
Dance - Manaia's passion for music extends to dance, particularly hip hop and breakdancing, though he is more self-taught than trained.
Sailing - Manaia has always enjoyed sailing with his father, and feels easily at home on the water.

Personality Type:
ENFP (The Campaigner)
The Campaigner personality is a true free spirit. They are often the life of the party, but unlike types in the Explorer Role group, Campaigners are less interested in the sheer excitement and pleasure of the moment than they are in enjoying the social and emotional connections they make with others. Charming, independent, energetic and compassionate, the 7% of the population that they comprise can certainly be felt in any crowd.
Strengths: Curious, Observant, Energetic and Enthusiastic, Excellent Communicators, Know How to Relax, Very Popular and Friendly
Weaknesses: Poor Practical Skills, Find it Difficult to Focus, Overthink Things, Get Stressed Easily, Highly Emotional, Independent to a Fault

History: Manaia comes from a happy home, the oldest of three. His parents made a point to encourage their children's interests and passions at every turn, and Manaia grew up confident in his abilities and with strong trust in himself. His interest in music was born in family singalongs and he developed a passion for the sea sailing and kayaking with his father. From the moment the first of his siblings was born Manaia saw himself as a protector, eager to make life as good as possible for the new members of his family.
Health: Manaia is in fairly normal health, having had the standard childhood scrapes and bruises but never anything serious.

Goals: Become a musician, and reach people with his songs.
Fears: Losing the people he loves.
Secrets: Manaia tries to coneal just how deeply he feels emotions, putting on an easygoing facade.
Regrets: Manaia has no real regrets as of yet.
Colour: Navy blue
Food: Mum's ginger slice
Smell: Salt air, wood.
Music Genre: Rock/Indie

Animal: Dolphins


Name: Anahera Te Rangi (née Josephs)
Date of Birth: 2/2009 (45)
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Occupation: Seamstress
Name: Mike Te Rangi
Date of Birth: 4/2012 (42)
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Occupation: Fisherman
Rāwhiti Te Rangi
Date of Birth:
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Occupation: Muggle Primary School Student
Name: Marama Te Rangi
Date of Birth:
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Occupation: Muggle Primary School Student
Kahurangi Josephs
Date of Birth: 3/2007 (47)
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Occupation: HNZ Professor/HoH
Name: Tui Martin
Date of Birth: 11/2011 (43)
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Occupation: Radio Presenter
Name: Tane Josephs
Date of Birth: 9/2014 (40)
Blood Status: Mixed Blood (Squib)
Occupation: Carpenter
Name: Tangaroa Josephs
Date of Birth: 9/2017 (37)
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Occupation: Artist
Zodiac information from here and here. MBTI information from here.
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Manaia Te Rangi

🎸boisterous🎸big hearted🎸 kahurangi's nephew
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Mixed Blood
Relationship Status
Too Young to Care
Curved 12 Inch Sturdy Reed Wand with Mermaid Scale Core
12 (6/2042)

Manaia was overwhelmingly excited to begin his time at Hogwarts, having looked forward to it for years. He was a little disappointed not to be sorted into the house his aunt was head of, but that disappointment was quickly washed away as he found that he would be rooming with two boys he had met before school, who shared his passion for music. The three of them quickly teamed up to form a band, an outcome that thrilled Manaia. He spent most of the rest of the year relaxing, getting to know his new classmates, making friends and enjoying the change of scenery in his move to Hogwarts.
Manaia had been waiting for today for years, and now that it had finally arrived, it was almost too much to bear. Entering the great hall with his new classmates, his eyes didn't flick up like so many others did. He had heard all about the magical ceiling, knew he would have years and years at school to enjoy it, but for now, he looked over at the Professors' table. It was almost strange to see Auntie Kahu sitting there, looking so formal in her robes and kākahu. He almost didn't quite feel like he was allowed to wave. Almost. But she was still Auntie Kahu, and his face split into a broad grin as she waved back. This was going to be fine.

Now that he had greeted his aunt, Manaia finally took a moment to take everything in. It felt like hundreds of eyes were on his little group as he looked around the crowded room, surprised that he was surprised at how crowded the tables were. He knew Hogwarts was a big school, he had always know, but to actually see it was a little bit mind blowing. He listened as the Headmistress spoke and then the hat sang, surprised even though he had been told to expect it. Every bit of information he had begged his auntie for about Hogwarts seemed to have fallen away as he was experiencing it for himself. And then the names began and Manaia found himself tuning out, much as he wanted to pay attention. There was so much to see here. He looked whenever he heard a familiar name, eager to see where the people he had met so far in the magical world would be placed, and as they carried on down the alphabet, at last...

"Te Rangi, Manaia."

Manaia jumped at the sound of his name, unable to suppress a broad grin as he made his way over to the stool, giving Auntie Kahu a last grin and thumbs up before he sat down. The hat covered his face almost completely, only his grin visible underneath, and as he stared into the rough fabric, it struck Manaia how strange it was that his thoughts were being read. By a hat, of all things. He didn't really know how he felt about his privacy, but he may as well try and make the most of this. "Hey Mr. Hat, if you can hear me..." He thought, figuring he may as well try his luck. "It'd be mean as* if you put me in Ravenclaw, I really wanna be in my auntie's house..."

*Mean as - NZ slang for good/cool.

"Your auntie's house....let's see....there's a lot of creativity, certainly intelligence, certainly you'd manage well there..I think you'll do better in.....Hufflepuff,"
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