Seamus Reid

Seamus Gulliver Reid,

I try to turn off my mind,
Say I'm doing just fine,

[name] Seamus Gulliver Reid
[etymology] The name Seamus is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "supplanter"
English: nickname for a greedy person, from Old French goulafre 'glutton'
Reid is a surname of Scottish origin. It means "red".
[nicknames] He has no other nicknames
[alliance] Seamus is loyal to his twin brother and only his twin brother. He doesn’t have much loyalty to friends or to his parents, he is closest to and only shows true loyalty to his brother.
[birthdate] 2042/3; given that his mother was pregnant with twins she had a trickier pregnancy but they were born healthy at home with a healer present in Edinburgh. Seamus was both after his twin and was smaller than his twin when born, but they were both at a healthy weight.
[zodiac sign] Cancer
[age] eleven; Seamus shares his birthday with his twin of course and they always have a joint party, or a joint celebration, whether that be with their parents or not. Seamus enjoys what his brother cooks for him and they always have a good time together, he prefers being able to share his birthday with someone.
[gender] male
[sexual orientation] Seamus is a bit young to really know what he is but he has found some girls in his year pretty as of late.
[dialects] english and scots gaelic; they just happened to live closest to the local scots gaelic primary school which their parents sent them to, so Seamus is fluent in gaelic as well as english. Most of their school work was in gaelic so he has sometimes a bit of a better time with writing and spelling in gaelic than in english
[hometown] Edinburgh, Scotland; Seamus and his twin were born and raised in Edinburgh Scotland, they live in a small top floor apartment just off the royal mile. They share a room and with their parents away a lot of the time, Seamus explores the surrounding area of edinburgh. He likes climbing arthur’s seat and going to the castle. He likes the local parks but he hates the month of august for all the tourists.
[residency] Auckland, New Zealand; his whole family relocated to New Zealand when Seamus was 10, it was a massive move for him and he deeply misses his home. The city is nice enough and the people are friendly enough but it’s not home, it’s not what he grew up with. He misses the misty mornings and the rain, the cool air and the noises.
[vacation destination] Before he moved he’d have liked said places like London, or to any of the isles, Skye, Uist, Seamus. The Cairngorms, Loch Lomond. He likes his home country and exploring that. Now that he’s moved he’d say Edinburgh too as a destination, he’s not one with a deep desire to explore the world but he likes places with pretty countryside, with mountains, forests and lakes.
[heritage] Scottish; both sets of parents and grandparents are scottish.
[blood status] Mixed blood
[blood type] O (+ve)
[children] None
[mother]Beth “Moriarty” Reid
[relationship with her] Seamus’ mother is a nurse who works very hard at her job, she is a caring individual, but driven by her work. She is dedicated to it to a fault. She is a loving and affectionate mother when she’s around but isn’t often around as her primary focus for a number of years has been her work. She is a forgetful type and doesn’t often remember what Seamus likes or doesn’t like. She very often mixes him and his brother up and Seamus often feelings they could wear name tags and she’d still get it wrong. He loves his mother, because she’s his mother but he does not like his mother. She was him and his twin’s primary care giver and there a lot before they turned four and went to a muggle nursery at which point she became a nurse
[father]Seamus Reid
[Relationship with him] His father is a kind and warm person but he’s there even less than the mother; he is just not someone that Seamus knows very well. His father is distracted and aloft, usually too occupied with his work to notice the house. He doesn’t make much of an effort to tell the two apart and usually just focuses on providing them with stuff to make up for it. He is a good healer, and is good with magic, he’ll be the first when home to heal cuts and bruises. He is physically affectionate too, but not as often, mostly he’s usually too focused on his wife or on his work. Much like his mother, he loves his father out of obligation but does not like his father

[siblings] one twin brother; Hamish Reid; Hamish is Seamus’ identical twin brother, they do almost everything together. Hamish is a little older than him and certainly acts like a big brother. He cooks most of the food and is usually the one to know what Seamus is or isn’t eating currently. They always have a little stash of food in their room. Seamus has always been quite a fussy eater and Hamish is the only one concerned with making sure Seamus eats properly. Hamish is protective of Seamus in the same way Seamus is protective of Hamish. Seamus is more reckless and more likely to jump in to defend his brother, where Hamish would just put himself in front of Seamus to defend him. He is very close to his brother, Seamus loved Hamish deeply.
[first wand] Knotted 10 1/2 Inch Unyielding Hornbeam Wand with Meteorite Dust Core
[occupation] too young
[health status] Healthy; though his eyesight is not great and wears glasses or contacts.
[allergies] Seamus is allergic to peanuts.

But I'm screaming inside like,
Say these words on repeat,
[five words] sporty, reckless, fussy, sarcastic, moody
[personality] seamus is a very focused person, he doesn't let things get him down and firmly believes in moving forward. He is not that open, isn't particularly understanding of people. He likes sports and does a lot of them. He is not studious at all, but passes his classes.
[beliefs] doesn’t hold any religious beliefs, but does believe that if you work too much you don’t know what your son eats then you work too much. He firmly believes that people who dedicate their lives to work end up missing out on everything fun.
[boggart] His twin brother dead before him; he’d be devastated to lose his brother, and worries a lot for him. He used to worry about his brother ignoring him and becoming like his parents but he now worries that Hamish doesn't know how to be a person and will just float away or something. Seamus knows he's becoming more like his parents in a way but has just become more independent.
[fears] being truly alone, losing his brother, spiders, horror films, muggle planes
[likes] quidditch, football, the food his brother makes, chess, reading fantasy novels, cycling, climbing, history, running, old muggle comedies.
[dislikes] a lot of different types of food, too much to really list, Seamus is a very fussy eater, dislikes sciences, isn’t very good at cooking himself. Dislike bullies and often ends up in fights with them.

[goals] Seamus doesn’t really know what his goals are in life, he tries to not get bogged down in the future and takes each day as it comes. He hopes to just have a good time at school.
[strengths] Seamus is loyal, exceedingly loyal once people get passed several barriers, he is passionate and driven, he cane become obsessed with things, like he can just become obsessed with a book, the world in a book, or history going down large rabbit holes about history. He is sporty and energetic, never lacking in a drive for sports. He is a friendly enough individual, usually quick thinking and occasionally witty.
[weaknesses] he is hot-headed, sometimes very quick to anger. He can become very lost in his passions that he won’t eat or sleep. He has very disjointed sleep (but usually doesn’t affect him much as he’s just someone who doesn’t need a lot of sleep). Seamus can be reckless, his quick thinking and passion can often lend him to jumping into situations where he shouldn’t, getting into dangerous situations and for the most part does lack a certain level of self-preservation, he will fight and force bullies attentions off others and on to himself, especially if it involves his brother. He can occasionally be dismissive of people or of his brother when he’s “mothering” him too much.
[magical talents] he has had a lot of outbursts of random magic from six years old onwards usually tied into his hot headedness.
[other talents] Seamus is good at history and gaelic. He is good at football, is a very fast runner and good climber. He is a good speaker when given structure and something to speak about.
[patronus form] an otter; he loves going to see otters. They’re his favourite animal

While I'm trying to breathe,
Now you're counting on me,

[relationship status] single
[whom/when] n/a
[past relationships]None
[first kiss] To Elizabella Drake at the Valentines Day Dance in his third year of school -
[innocence] too young
[Living together] still lives with his parents
[children together] too young
[pets together] too young
[relationship with in-laws] too young
[most beautiful thing about them] too young
[favourite thing about them] too young
[proposal] too young
[married] too young
[thoughts at wedding] too young
[wedding outfit] too young

So I fake a smile,
But I know you know me too well,

[playby] Joe Keery
[ages used] In use currently
[former playby] n/a
[natural hair] short brown hair; he keeps it to an average length, not long but not too short, he’s usually wearing a beanie hat or something to keep it from his eyes.
[hair modifications] none; too young
[eyes] dark green/brown
[height] of average height for his age, and the exact same height at his brother
[weight] Seamus quite thin and lean, he’s likely a little below the weight he should be for his height, due to the fact he is a fussy eater and therefore doesn’t eat as much as others, especially not when balanced out against his sports.
[complexion] he has a rather pale complexion, with lots of freckles and birthmarks on his face
[scars] Seamus has a scar just at his hair line above his right eye from when he fell off his bike, he has a scar on his left shoulder from a fight where he got shoved awkwardly on to a rock, he has a few scars on his hands from trying to grab something at the beach when hamish had dropped something.
[smile] Seamus doesn’t often smile, but when he does it is a wide and toothy smile.
[body build] he has a sporty build, a little on the slim side but that comes from his sports.
[body modifications] he has no body modifications but he does wear glasses
[dominant hand] left handed
[style] Seamus’ style could be described as functional, he wears whatever he can get, not matter of style or fit, usually because he’s doing something else that just doesn’t require him to care about how he is dressed. His school uniform will always be crumpled and creased. He goes through clothes quite a lot, so most of his clothes are cheaply bought.

But it's alright,
You're like heaven when I'm in hell,

[previous school] Grassmarket Gaelic Primary school
[house] none; there were no houses at the school.
[special titles and awards] none, Seamus was never the best behaved at school so he wouldn’t have got any.
[extracurricular activities] striker for the football team, co-leader of the cycling team, captain of the long distance running team and relay team. History club co-founder.
[favorite subject] physical education, history or creative writing
[best subject] History or physical education; both he did very well in and was passionate about.
[loathed subject] anything sciency, music or anything home economics based
[worst subject] maths; numbers are not something that Seamus is good at, he can do dates and he can do statistics but anything else and he struggles
[grade average] they didn’t really grade but the magical equivalent would’ve been As.
[year of graduation] school didn’t do graduation but Seamus left the school before his final year when the family moved to New Zealand so wouldn’t have been able to.

You were there, heavy heart,
Tasted light but fed the dark,
[school] Hogwarts New Zealand; Seamus was due to go to Hogwarts Scotland but since they moved to New Zealand that is no longer the case. Seamus is a little bitter he won’t go to the other school because of the history he knows of it but will quickly get over that.
[house] slytherin
[sorting post]

Seamus would never admit to it but he did feel a little nervous about where he might end up. As the train had gotten closer and closer to school it had weighed on his mind, he didn’t want to be apart from his brother but he knew that despite looks they were fairly different people. He was sure that they’d probably end up in different houses and where it had always been them against the world they might just find themselves apart, so of course he was filled with nervousness. He didn’t think he’d manage sleeping in a dorm with like other people and one of them not be his brother. He was concerned in a way that he knew probably wasn’t a very good sign of how he could cope without his brother, but it was just that they had never had to before. Seamus stood close to his brother, a frown on his face though nodded at his comment. He then felt warmed by Hamish’s assurance but also didn’t want him to miss out on making friends just for his sake. ”Wait until like dessert, make sure you maybe get to know others,” he told him in a low tone. He was still holding out hope that they would end up in the same house and they wouldn’t need to worry about all this, but he felt sure that they wouldn’t. His nerves settled as the group reached the front and the hat began to sing. He let himself focus on that, on the song and on the hall itself. He had of course never seen Hogwarts Scotland so he couldn’t really compare them, but Hogwarts New Zealand was cool. It was at least a castle and the spirit of it felt rather magical.

Seamus focused vaguely as names were being read out but he knew they would be a while, lots of other names would go before theirs would and he wasn’t too bothered with this. He watched other students get sorted before them. He tried to guess by how they walked, how they approached the stool, their expressions where they might end up. He wasn’t very accurate but it was a way to pass the time as he grew nervous again and the crowd dwindled. Then his brother’s name was called. Seamus gave an encouraging thumbs up and didn’t have to wait long for him to end up in Ravenclaw..Then Seamus knew, it was impossible he was never going to end up in ravenclaw, sure he liked history enough but he didn’t do learning, he didn’t do classes. He was neither intelligent nor was he creative. He wasn’t a ravenclaw at all. He watched his brother walk towards the cheering table, giving him a smile as he watched the other boy head towards the table and then of course.

“Reid, Seamus,”

Seamus stepped forward, pushing down his nerves and going to the hat. He knew he wouldn’t end up in Ravenclaw, he wasn’t at all one of those, and though he wanted to be with his brother he knew realistically that wasn’t to happen. He sat on the stool, sitting up straight and looking out at the hall, he would be fine on his own, and he’d make sure Hamish was too. His mind was focused on just being sorted.

[sorting hat said] "You're right. Ravenclaw isn't for you, but that's ok. You have to be in the place that's right for you and that's... Slytherin. "
[special titles and awards] n/a
[extracurricular activities] Seamus is a part of the brotherhood and is an alternate on the slytherin quidditch team (since y40)
[Yearbook Pictures] Y41 , Y42, Y43 - Fifth Year
[Yuleball Pictures] Y41 - Yuleball with Elizabella Drake, Y42, Y43 - Fifth year
[valentines pictures]
Y41-Valentines with Elizabella Drake, Y42 , Y43 - Fifth Year
[halloween pictures]
Y41 - Harry Potter, Y42 - The Colour Blue, Went but no costume
[favorite subject] charms
[best subject] none - does the same
[loathed subject] history of magic
[worst subject] history of magic
[grade average] A
[apparition] too young
[year of graduation] too young
[graduation post] too young

I'm waiting for them all to see,
I don't deserve your company,

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