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The end of the school year was here, the end of Matt's second year as headmaster. Some of the students wouldn't come back, they graduated and would start their adult lives as witches and wizards. Most of the students would simply have a well-deserved break before returning to Hogwarts. Matt was already looking forward to the new school year, even though he also felt like he could use a break.

As the students filed in, the banners adorning the Great Hall rippled and changed to reflect the signature green and silver colors of Slytherin house, signifying their victory for the year, again. Matt wondered how long it would be until he saw a different house win, as Slytherin seemed to be winning year after year. He wondered if any of the students attending Hogwarts now had even experienced a different house winning. He hoped Professor Castillo might get a little tired of rubbing it in eventually. Matt made his way to the podium, waiting quietly for everyone to settle into their seats before speaking. "Welcome everyone to this year's final feast. Before we begin, I'd like to say a few words. First of all, a round of applause for the winners of this year's House Cup - congratulations to Slytherin." He said, gesturing to the Slytherin table before conjuring the cup seemingly from thin air. He presented it to Professor Castillo on behalf of his house.

"Of course, we can't forget those students whose dedication and hard work earned the most points for their respective houses. Our top house point earners this year are - in first place, June Davenport of Slytherin, with a grand total of one thousand, two hundred and eighty-six. In second place, with one thousand and ninety-seven points - Monday Weeks, of Ravenclaw. In third, Aine Thompson of Hufflepuff, with seven hundred and ninety-three. Last but not least, we have Teddy Pirrip, with seven hundred and forty points. Congratulations to our winners." The Headmaster joined in the applause for each of them, commending their efforts and achievements toward their house.

As the applause died down, Matt gestured for silence so he could say a last few words. "With that, the schoolyear of twenty-sixty-one has ended. I hope you enjoy the feast and have a wonderful break. See you next year!" With that, he sat down and watched as the food appeared on the tables. He hoped all the students would have a wonderful feast.
Demetrius was in a bad mood. He was supposed to be feeling happy - end of year, time for a break - but he couldn't. Not when Veronique had suddenly broken up with him. At least she'd done it after exams, he supposed, but the tension had been there before then if he was honest. Now he was just stewing in it - his first relationship a complete failure and he didn't know quite what he'd done wrong. Demetrius half-listened to the headmaster, feeling pleased for Aine and Monday. They worked hard and deserved the recognition they got. Demetrius personally didn't know how they did it but somehow they did. Once the feast started, Demetrius sighed, and put some food on his plate. He wasn't really keen on eating; he fiddled with the chicken for a bit with his fork and just wished he was somewhere else, feeling differently from how he was feeling.
Lucy was pleased with how the year had gone. It had been a good one - she'd even got to join the quidditch team, and that was really exciting. She wasn't really a quidditch person, but she found herself getting into the spirit of things rather easily. She'd learnt a lot of new spells too, which was cool. Lucy was looking forward to the break, and looking forward to her third year. She was surprised to hear her friend Teddy got the top points for his house. Surprised, but very happy for him. That was a great achievement - she wondered if she could ever do as well. The food appeared after the headmaster finished speaking. Lucy eagerly packed on some roast potatoes, as well as some meat. She happily began to eat, enjoying her meal and wondering what the next school year would have in store for her.
Aine was kind of sick of seeing green. As far as she could tell, only Slytherin ever had the capability of winning the house cup. Even though Hufflepuff had won the Quidditch cup. She leaned back in her chair with a slightly raised eyebrow when her name was called for Hufflepuff, what with her not taking on as many classes as Monday - she was sure there would've been a younger student hungrier than her for points. Like June, for example. Aine wasn't surprised to see her score a huge amount of points. Not as many as she had a couple of years ago, of course, she caught herself thinking with an odd mixture of embarrassment and pride.

She was already looking to next year, however. She had plans on how best to suppliment her learning in order to effectively be able to counter Professor Styx's mind probing. The fact that those plans involved bungee jumping was something she was not bothered to try and explain to anyone else, however, it worked for her and that was good enough. Maybe getting a boyfriend would also be nice, or at least a date, but honestly Aine was thinking the bungee jumping was probably a more viable option. Her raised eyebrow turned to Demetrius, tilting her head slightly. "You, good?" she asked, somewhat awkwardly.

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Elise couldn't believe that her first year was already over. She worried that it was going far too fast already. As much as she wanted to go home and see her dad she knew she would miss her friends too. But she had to admit she hadn't seen Ezra as much as she liked so she was looking forward to spending time with him too. She didn't really pay attention to the headmaster's speech. It was all about house points which she hadn't really bothered to keep track of. She thought it was a bit silly to pit the houses against each other for what felt like no reason. It wasn't like there was a prize to be had. Even if there was it'd have to be shared by the whole house which felt underwhelming if she put herself in their shoes. Finally all the talking was done and there was food before them. She served herself some knowing she'd miss the food too.
Santiago was more than ready for the year to finally be over with. Each year that passed made him more certain he was stuck here for good. But it never seemed to make things easier for him. At least he was going home to spend the school break with his dad for once. Maybe he'd get a chance to see some of his old friends. But then he remembered bitterly that they had started high school this year and had likely forgot about him a long time ago. He leaned forward with his stomach in knots. He didn't bother listening to the headmaster's speech. Slytherin had won again, what a surprise. Finally the food appeared and he served himself halfheartedly but his appetite was gone.
Leah was never excited when the end of year feast came around since it just meant it was time to go home. Which for most people it probably was something nice but for her it it just meant splitting time between her parents once again. She couldn't wait for the day she was old enough to do what she wanted but that was still ages away. She looked up to where the headmaster addressed them and felt a pang of disappointment as Slytheirn won the house cup. At least Hufflepuff had won the quiddich cup and she was proud of Chase even if things were weird between them. She averted her eyes when she turned her gaze back to those at the table and saw Anisha. She still hadn't had the courage to do or say anything to her and it was likely to stay that way. With a heavy sigh she was starting to realize her situation at school was becoming almost as complicated as her home life. When the food appeared it was a welcome distraction as she dug in.
Ethan was full of nervous energy as he took his seat for the end of year feast. He had a lot waiting for him when he got home. His whole world was about to turn upside down the moment Ernie and Olivia's baby arrived, not to mention his job at Eeylop's and how he had volunteered to help take care of Olivia's plants as it got harder for her to tend to them like she wanted. At least he had done ok on his exams, in the subjects that mattered to him. But the end of the year did stir up some unpleasant memories from last winter when he got his last letter from his mother. It was easier to sit with now knowing he had a new home and that it was growing. Ethan only half paid attention as the headmaster spoke. He didn't really care about the house cup or who scored the most points. He knew he'd never be mentioned. It was hard enough for him it get As. He blinked and the food was suddenly in front of him. Even after all these years it was a bit jarring but he served himself and wondered if he had remembered to pack all his things.
Margo had made it through her exams easy enough. She had hoped they'd provide a better distraction as the year came to a close and she was left with nothing but her thoughts. She absentmindedly picked at the skin around her thumbnail as she resisted the urge to look at the Ravenclaw table. Michael and her had gone on their last patrol together and still they hadn't talked about what they were, if they were anything at all. The more time went on she started to wonder if she had made up the whole thing in her head, which would be painfully embarrassing. So maybe it was better to keep things to themselves. Of course she knew she could pipe up but every time she got close it wouldn't feel right and she would retreat into casual pleasantries. Then there was the case of her brother. She would have to try and make it to Brightstone some time during the break to see if Professor Le Fey had been right. That filled her with a completely different kind of fear. The real question was if she brought anyone with her. It wasn't until the food appeared before her did she realize she hadn't listened to the headmaster's speech at all. She frowned but knew Aine and Monday were likely top of their class again.
Felix couldn't believe that it was done. It was over. All seven years had come and gone, and he and survived it all. It obviously hadn't been easy. He spent plenty of hours cooped up in the library and he was no stranger to the hospital wing after getting knocked out of quiddich games. Still he felt content with what he accomplished. Even if he had no idea what he was going to do next. At least he had his job at the Menagerie for now, and he would have more free time now that his animagus training was over. He was looking forward to spending more time with his family after, even if he felt awful leaving Thistle behind all over again. But she was stubborn and strong and he knew she'd be just fine. It kind of felt like he was floating through the hall as the headmaster spoke to them. He was still here but he felt like he was already gone. When dinner was served he took a deep breath as he tried to be in the moment and enjoy his last feast.
Listening to the End of Year speech, Teddy's mind drifted back to the previous year when Slytherin had also won the House Cup. As Professor Alcott-Ward began announcing the final individual scores, Teddy's attention wavered until his own name came up unexpectedly. With a burst of excitement, he pumped his fist into the air and let out a triumphant "Whoop!" He listened to the rest of the speech before the feast appeared before him. He started picking out the food he wanted, the food always tasted so good and he was going to miss it during the break.
Seamus felt almost bittersweet about this being his last school feast. He was looking forward to not having to come back, but it had been his home for the better part of seven years, so, he figured he was allowed to feel maybe just a little conflicted about leaving when he was right on the cusp of it. But it was done. He had his next step coming up and he'd probably never think of this place again. He glanced to the headmaster, realising he'd be pretty glad if he never saw that man again, and didn't bother applauding for any of the top points earners. The food appeared and he began to fill his plate for the final time.
Brevity hadn't thought she would graduate from Hogwarts. She had been pretty determined to not, but she had, and she would always at least be a graduate. Her grades were terrible and she had no prospects outside of it, but Brevity did not care. She was done. She would find a way to make money and convince Maisie to move in with her and they'd never have to think about this place again. She almost wanted it to move faster, but she had to listen to the boring headmaster, and had to try to feign interest in what was being said and eventually the food appeared and Brevity looked for the first opportunity to ditch her housemates and go sit with Maisie.
Leo had a been a bit in denial about the fact this was coming. He had known it was, school and time didn't stop for anyone. He had been trying to figure what he'd do with his life before he left the place, but he hadn't managed it. He didn't know still what he wanted. Leo knew he'd be able to work and he'd make some money and it would be important for him to move out quickly. Leo glanced up at the headmaster, the names which came up for the top points weren't much of a surprise. The hufflpeuff applauded for them and for slytherin and then the food appeared. He took a few of the staple items that he had always enjoyed at Hogwarts feasts.
Aurora was very happy with how her sixth year exams had gone. She had manage to do well in them, which was what she wanted. She was now one step closer to be able to graduate and start on her journey to being a healer. She was eager for that. Had been working for it since she'd gotten to the school. Aurora applauded for Aine and Monday and then Teddy too, surprised by the young student who had managed to win the top points for their house. Aurora glanced at her sister, and smiled slightly, loading up her plate and her sister's plate when the food appeared.
Emmanuel Okoye had been pleased that he'd managed to get through his OWLs relatively unscathed. he had lost a little sleep, and gained a knowledge of how stress affected him, but it hadn't been too bad, and he was pleased with the end results. His family would hopefully be pleased with how he'd done too. He was pretty hopeful. Emmanuel applauded and cheered for the top students. He knew he would never get that many, he was still a little in awe of the work that Monday put in to be able to get it. Emmanuel glanced over at the hufflepuff table and spotted Penny, but did quickly look away and towards the Gryffindor table, wondering if Kyon was there, as the food appeared in front of him.
Rosie was not looking forward to the break, if only because she knew at the end of it she'd be coming back to the school and Xinyi would not be. She knew she'd miss him deeply. Rosie knew it would be easier than the first time he had left,w ith them being closer and older, but still. Rosie glanced towards him and was smiling, trying to just hold on to the fact they'd have at least the break to spend time together. She barely realised the professor was done speaking and that Aurora had put food on her plate.
Gregory couldn't believe how long the semester had dragged on for. He just couldn't, didn't want to think about this semester anymore. He couldn't help as the head master spoke, congratulating slytherin on their win, to find Cassius in the crowd of people. He just. Gregory hated him, and yet also was jealous of him. He just somehow always managed and Gregory could barely string a sentence together. Gregory felt very dejected, and was just trying to keep himself small and out of the way even as he took food.
Savannah didn't care for the feasts, she went because that was how she'd eat that day. Savannah had bigger things to worry about. She had her job which she needed to do well in or she'd lose it. She needed to be looking for more work, and knew that this was her priority. Savannah was once again, reading a book rather than listening to what was being said, she didn't care about winning top points or the house cup. Instead content to read her book subtly and then less subtly once the food appeared.
Fraser had found that being a part of Accio was good for him. it gave him something else to focus on. He was able to be useful, and have a talent beyond just being quidditch, and never being quite good enough at that. Fraser was still going to be trying out come the next year, but Fraser had something else. Fraser had persuaded his dad to sign him up to extra photography classes back home so he could keep working at it. He knew that he needed to work at it to be the best at it. Fraser applauded loudly for the top points earners and leaned into Teddy, "congrats man!" he said with a wide smile.
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Callie couldn't believe she'd done another year of the school. This place was just the most fun and she loved learning about magic and doing it. Callie had also picked her classes and was looking forward to learning more about magic, about really digging in to all of the different parts of the magic world. Callie applauded for the students with top points. Her 328 points literally nothing in comparison to even the lowest of the top points. Callie glanced at the different food around her and put a few things on to her plate. "What are you doing with your break?" she asked the person sitting next to her.
Enoch still felt bad about how his last conversation with Faye had happened. He hadn't really expected it to upset her so much. But she'd been annoying in the same way she always was, and he'd only been maybe a little crueller than normal. He wasn't feeling the feast, wasn't feeling good about anything. Enoch was glancing about the hall, not really listening and just trying to avoid glancing at Faye even accidentally. He didn't touch any food, just not feeling hungry.
Friday was so looking forward to the break. She didn't want to stay in the school much longer than she had already. School was boring and the exam season was absolutely the worst of it. She just had no interest in whatever was being put forward by the classes. She didn't do well, but Friday also didn't really care. Friday glanced around herself, and noticed Santiago, perhps one of her very few, almost friends in the school. "What's got you so glum?" she said.
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Helios couldn't wait to see his sister again. he was looking forward to being home, to being in the safe and normal. He couldn't wait to just spend a good amount of time doing things his way, dealing with things his way. Not having to think or worry about anything else at all. Helios knew he had plenty to get on with, his sister needed to understand that Hogwarts wasn't safe, but for now he just very carefully picked at some food and hoped he wouldn't get sick from any of it.
Apolline thought that it felt surreal that her first year was already over. She could've sworn she arrived the night before, but she hadn't and she found herself in the throws of the final feast of the year. It was disappointing to not win top points, or for Gryffindor to not win the house cup, they hadn't even been close, but Apolline was determined that the next year, she'd put in more effort. She'd do better and get them more points. She could do it. Apolline was already thinking about how she might action such a plan when the professor finished speaking and food appeared.

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