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Molly was here, she finally made it to the very end of her year at Hogwarts, and she couldn't believe it. The Hufflepuff had a mixture of feelings, and she didn't know what to think at the moment. But she knew she was going to miss all of her friends at Hogwarts. Molly hoped there was a way where she'd stay in contact with her friends, but she wasn't sure if it was possible. Molly listened just barely to what the processor was saying, only mindlessly clapping when everyone else was. It wasn't long before finally the food appeared on the tables. Molly grabbed some food, this being the final time she'd have a feast here in Hogwarts.
It was another year completed at Hogwarts and Abigail was relieved that she made it through another year. She knew the next time she would come back to Hogwarts, would be her last year, and to be honest, Abby was a little nervous about it all. But for now, Abby honestly didn't really wanna think about that at the moment. She listened carefully to what the headmaster had to say and politely clapped at the correct timings. It wasn't long before the food had finally arrived, and Abby was happy about it. While Abby was also happy to be going back home from the break, she knew she was also going to miss her friends.
Josh had made it through another year at Hogwarts and he was glad. He was not feeling anything about going home if he was being honest. He wasn't that excited to be going back home like he used to be. He didn't know what to expect when he arrived back home, but he wasn't going to have high expectations with his friends. The boy knew that his friendships with his muggle friends were a whole other level of awkward because he didn't see them as often as he used to because of the whole magic schooling/ Josh barely listened to a word the headmaster had said, being more distracted with the gurgling sound of his stomach wanting food. He was totally bummed that Gryffindor hadn't won this year, and it was Slytherin who had won yet again. Finally the food had arrived and Josh quickly got all the food he wanted.
Conan had a mixture of feelings for the end of the year. It had made him realise that now Molly was actually going to be leaving and that it was just going to be him and Fiona for the rest of his Hogwarts journey. It was sad that none of the siblings would be together anymore. Nolan was doing his own thing and Molly soon enough was going to be doing the same thing. Conan became really bored during the headmaster's speech, to be honest, he didn't really care about the whole points thing like his classmates did. Throughout the entirety of the headmaster's speech, Conan had been more focused on his shell box, looking at all the details of his shells and whatnot. When the food finally arrived, Conan grabbed a tonne of food, as he didn't realise how hungry he was until the food had arrived.
Eliza made it through her third year at Hogwarts, and she was glad she had just made it. She was glad to be going back home for the break. She had missed her dad and her lola* very much. She deeply missed her lola's cooking too. While she didn't mind the food here at Hogwarts, she much preferred her grandma's cooking more than anything. Eliza didn't pay attention to anything the professor was saying, as she was more focused on the comic book she was reading instead. It took Eliza a while until she finally noticed the food had finally arrived, too busy being focused on the comic book she was reading.

lola - grandmother/grandma in tagalo
Marley was absolutely loving her time at Hogwarts so far, and she was a bit devastated that the school year had come to an end. She loved learning things and she loved her friends very much. While she was definitely going to miss her school friends, she was happy to see her dad and her newly-founded family. She paid attention to what the headmaster was saying to the school, cheering loudly for everyone. While she was definitely bummed that Hufflepuff didn't win the house cup this year, she was happy with the turn out with quidditch this year. It wasn't long before the food had arrived and Marley dug in to her food.
In all honesty, Fiona didn't really know what to think about her first year at Hogwarts. She didn't make many friends this year and she was doing okay in classes. All in all, she guessed her first year at Hogwarts was okay. Fiona was a little sad that another sibling was leaving Hogwarts, but honestly, there was nothing she could do about it. The Gryffindor was a little nervous about the holidays though. She knew that she and Conan had to spend their holidays going between her parent's houses, but there was nothing really she could do to stop this nervous feeling. Fiona grabbed her food when it had arrived on to the tables, happy to be munching on some food.
June was happy with how the year had went. Exams went well and she completed them all outstanding. The year went by fast and she figured it was because of the hard work she put into her studies. She could remember sitting at the Slytherin table last year with all the goals in her mind and thoughts about next year. And last years break than changed her life for good. An rollercoaster of emotions and obstacles, but one thing June had learned from her biological parents was working hard and pushing aside weaknesses like emotions of sadness or fear. So that was what June had done, and she only became more ice cold to achieve her goals, it was all she had left and all that mattered. She did felt anger more than ever, but she didn't let that get in the way. She kept being an closed book to others and they could only guess what went inside her mind.

The blonde sat with the Slytherins watching some of her classmates at the other tables. June was confident, but this was the first time she could achieve one goal. So as the headmister spoke she listened, it was no surpise Slytherin won the housecup again. And she applauded and looked at her head of house with an smile who took the housecup. And than back to Landon with his loser club of Hufflepuff, who would never win. As her name was called as top point earner of Slytherin and at number one of all she smiled bright. And looked around with an smirk on her face, she could stand up wave to everyone that they had to watch her. And put it in their faces, but she just enjoyed the thoughts in her mind. Her father would be so proud, June didn't let him down. This was perfect.
Todd was relieved his OWLs had finally come to an end. It had been an intense year, to say the least. Despite his lingering doubts about how his exams had gone, he reassured himself that he had put in enough effort to get good grades. Seated at the Ravenclaw table, he half listened to the headmaster, distracted by his stomach rumbling impatiently as he waited for the food. He was one of the first to tuck in once the food appeared in front of him.
Demetrius looked up at Aine, then back at his food for a moment. "That', not really," Demetrius admitted, thinking it futile to try and hide how he was feeling. "Veronique dumped me," he explained, feeling hollow as he said the words. He was starting to feel a flicker of anger, but it was mostly muted by his own sadness. "I guess I should have seen it coming. But yeah." Demetrius didn't know what else to say, so he went back to poking his food with a fork, in particular a potato, and watching it slowly disintegrate into small, soft pieces.
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Kyousuke was pleased with accomplishments. Straight Os - absolutely everything he had come to accomplish at Hogwarts. Not a single complaint by a professor, a perfect record. That was everything he could have hoped for, everything he'd been working towards. He was also pleased to be seeing his father and sister over break. He hadn't seen them in nearly a year, having stayed behind for the Christmas break to study. He hated to admit that he missed his sister, but he did, and that was what it was. He listened to the professor, hoping one day he'd be a top point earner. He'd have to dethrone whoever this June Davenport was, but he was sure he could manage it. Once the feast appeared, he once again dug into what he knew was so different from the food at home. He missed miso soup the most, the home comfort of sipping away at it. Kyousuke really felt like Hogwarts needed to diversify it's menu but that was that. It seemed the institution was set in its ways.
Aroha had had a good time at Hogwarts. She only wished her wand would work better than it did, but besides that she'd made good friends, and gotten to explore. Her biggest hope was that she could join the quidditch team next year but she knew she'd have competition. It wasn't going to be easy but she'd do her best, and hopefully make it on. She didn't really listen to the headmaster, it wasn't interesting information to her, just waiting for the food to appear so she could dig in. Then she'd be going home, finally to see her family. She was looking forward to it. Aroha started to pile food onto her plate, wanting to make the most out of the free food while she still could. Food wouldn't be as plentiful at home but one day her siblings would join her at Hogwarts and they'd get to enjoy this too. She turned to her friend after a few mouthfuls, enjoying the kai*. "So, what are you going to get up to these holidays?" Aroha asked Fiona good-naturedly.
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Angel took the cup from Matt, hoisting it up with a flourish for the Slytherins to see before returning to settle in smugly in his seat. He did his best not to let things go to his head too much but he really was proud of his house and their winning streak. It was also gratifying to be unbroken since he'd taken over as head of house, so he clearly had to be doing something right. In fact, the Slytherins had mostly behaved this year, minus a few early year hiccups, or at least were covering their tracks enough that Angel didn't need to be involved which he figured still counted.

He leaned back in his chair, clapping obnoxiously for June Davenport as she was announced top points winner, raising his cup in a toast to her ridiculous points total before searching for one of his fellow staff members to toast with, hoping he could catch one of the other heads of house nearby too so he could get in some proper gloating before everyone called it a night.
Santiago was so used to going unnoticed by most people that he didn't even try to hide his sour expression. But he should have know Friday would notice. He tensed and thought about telling her the truth but that would take all night. Besides that wasn't the kind of friends they were. "I'm really broken up about losing the house cup. I really thought it was our year." he said sarcastically. @Friday Weeks
Friday knew that Santiago wasn't telling the truth about why he was upset but she didn't exactly feel a deep need to get into it. She knew they were close enough as whatever facsimile of friends that they were for that conversation. "Well, there's always next year," she said with a shrug. "Unless there's a curse on the school, only slytherin can win unless we find the one who set the curse on us all."
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"Oh," Aine responded, frankly not having expected such an honest answer. Nor was she really sure how to react in situations like this, beyond trying to be logical about it. She didn't know Veronique that well since she was a year below them, though funnily enough she had kissed spin the bottle, which didn't really count. "S**t. I'm sorry," she offered, awkwardly. " least it's the holidays, so you'll, uh, have some time and space away from here?" Aine had no idea if that was at all helpful, but she wasn't going to really push it too much. It wasn't like she had any experience to draw on. She turned her attention to her own food, as though the potatoes on her plate were the most fascinating things in the world. "Sorry."

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Fiona had been busy digging into her food, it took her a second to realise that she was being spoken to, and turned around as she smiled at her friend. "Honestly, I'm not too sure. I guess we'll see what the parents want to do" Fiona says with a shrug and smile. If Fiona was completely honest, she was not excited to be going back home for the break, she knew she'd have to spend her entire break staying in between the houses of her parents places, which just made Fiona miserable thinking about it. "How about you? Do you have any plans for the break?"

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Demetrius' lips twitched in a humourless smile. He should be nice, Aine was trying to be comforting after all. But he was trying to push through the feelings that had him pinned down. "Yeah. That's the plan, at least." Demetrius struggled for a moment to find something else to say, not really wanting to dwell on Veronique for too long. He wasn't even sure why he'd been so honest, but he trusted Aine he realised. "Congrats on your points, by the way," he said.
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Aroha nodded her head. It usually was all up to the parents after all. "Yeah, well, sorta. Probably a lot of hanging around at home, aye. Meeting up with family too." Aroha paused for a moment, thinking. "I'll definitely go to the beach. It'll be cold, but I miss the sea." If there was one thing about Hogwarts she didn't like it was the remoteness from the seaside. The ocean was important to Aroha, even though she knew how dangerous it could be.
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Aine figured her best opportunity to salvage the situation was to skewer herself instead, that's how this whole thing worked, right? (She still hadn't quite worked out that that wasn't exactly the best way to go about socializing, but since her writer hadn't either, she was stuck like this). "Oh, uh, thanks." She ran a finger along the rim of her glass, her lips tightening into a half-smile, half-grimace. "It's my annual reward for having no life, so I guess I'll take it." After all, if she were to admit she was proud of herself, then she'd be ripe for being cut down, and it was better to cut herself down first, wasn't it? "Though, it is kind of fun watching the younger kids make the same mistakes with classes overload. Do you think the professors get some kind of grim enjoyment out of it?" When in doubt, ramble.

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