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"Ohh, right, yeah, I reckon so," Josh said with a nod, slowly getting back to the reality of things. His thoughts about everything were still at the back of his mind, trying his best to forget it for the moment. Josh paid his full attention to Senna though. "I wonder if there was some suggestion box, so we could give him on ideas of what to say," Josh said with a chuckle. While he understood why the headmaster had to repeat himself every year, it was getting boring very quickly. "Manage to have a better break than I did?" Josh asked with a small smile, as he wrapped his arm around the girl, food forgotten had been completely forgotten for now. @Senna Overby
Kiara could hardly believe she would be graduating at the end of the year. Part of her still felt like the kid she had been walking through those doors seven years ago. Nervous. Shy. Quiet. Yeah, parts of that little girl were definitely still in her somewhere. She also felt like she had grown a lot though, trying her hardest to be more social. More confident. Kiara clapped politely whenever someone got sorted into Ravenclaw, doing the same once professor Alcott-Ward had finished his speech. She was happy to see Aine and Monday being named headpeople, making a mental note she needed to congratulate the latter at some point. She's congratulate Aine too, ofcourse, but she didn't think she knew her well enough to actually seek her out to do so. She knew Monday a little better.
Summer was more than ready for her second year at the school. First year had been good, but she was sure second year would be better. She paid very little attention to the sorting ceremony though, not too interested in the first years and where they would end up, nor did she really listen to the headmaster. It was all the same as it had been last year anyways. Summer raised an eyebrow when the food had only just appeared and Morrie was already raising her voice, only now noticing she was across the table from her. Albeit a little to the left. She shamelessly listened to what the two girls were saying while taking a bite of her food, quite intrigued when another older girl joined in as well. Part of her wanted to join in on the conversation but that felt like a bad idea so she decided against it. That didn't stop her from watching them though, it could still be entertaining.
Sen grinned at Josh' idea of there being a suggestion box somewhere. There certainly wasn't, but it did make her wonder if they could perhaps make one. It would be funny if they could just deliver a box full of students' start of the year speech ideas to the headmaster at the end of the year. "Maybe we can make that happen." She laughed softly. It didn't sound like something that would take a lot of effort and it was pretty harmless. Sen snorted when Josh asked about her break, although from the sounds of it his hadn't been too great. "My mom had a baby, Josh." She answered, trying to keep her tone light. "I think I'm lacking at least a month's worth of sleep." @Joshua Lynch
Aurora was very excited for her final year at Hogwarts. She knew it would go by in a blink and then she'd be able to spend time doing what she wanted. Learning and becoming a healer. Aurora was so eager for it. She glanced at her sister, pleased that though Xinyi had graduated that Rosie seemed okay. It had been no surprise to Aurora that neither of them had gotten head girl, since it being Aine was obvious to her. Aurora listened to the headmaster's welcome speech and then was happy to load her plate up with food.
Emmanuel was happy to be back at school, this was due to be a good year for him, he was sure of it. The teen had managed to do well on his OWLs, which was helping his grandmother lay off of him need to be a animgus. But he knew it would only stop it so much. The ravenclaw listened along to what the headmaster said, having enjoyed immensely the sorting of the students. A lot of good ravenclaws in the bunch. He glanced at the food and began helping himself to it.
Rosie missed Xinyi, everything about being around him was just the best thing. She could do this though. She had been apart from him before, and they were in a good place now. One she knew she was going to be able to go back to when the school semester was over. She applauded loudly for every new gryffindor, wishing only the best for the new cohort of students. But was pleased when it finished off and she was able to just get some food. She turned to Abigail and smiled. "How was your break?" rosie asked.
@Abigail Payne
Gregory did not want to be at school. He didn't want to be there. He didn't want to have to interact with the other students or do his OWLS. But he found himself at the school, found himself, having to do all of the things that he didn't want to do. Gregory was sitting at the very end of the table, head pillowed in his arms and he was glancing vaguely at a wall, not even really moving when the food appeared. He just couldn't be bothered with it, any of it.
Savannah wasn't going to let the prefect badge change her. Certainly she knew she wasn't going to let it change the fact that the school events, like sorting, like the end of year feast were boring. They were not a great use of her time. So she had been reading as things went on, not bothering to hide the book as she did so. Afterall she was a prefect. She was the authority-ish. Regardless Savannah barely stopped in her reading as food appeared, just making the space for the food on her plate and continuing to read.
Fraser was nervous about being back at school. He had been trying for the quidditch team fairly consistently since he'd gotten to the school and knew that this year, if he didn't get it, he wasn't ever going to be what he wanted. Sure, he liked now having Accio and photography, but his dad was a quidditch player, his aunt was too. He could be. Fraser was sat at the gryffindor table, listening to those being sorted and listening to what was said, but his mind was entirely on quidditch.
Callie was so thankful to be back at school. She liked being at home, but she missed magic, she missed the feel of the place, the people she was able to interact with, and generally just being part of the school. Callie wanted nothing more than to be a good student and was eager to learn. The hufflepuff was applauding the students sorted, hoping they would know a little of what was going on, and feel eager to start their schooling. The food appeared and as she did Marley next to her spoke. "Oh it was good. Yours?"
@Marley Owens-Lee
Enoch was tired. God, he just wanted to sleep. But the school, the fates, had everything against him. he had tried on the train and one smoke bomb later he had given up. But he felt so done with this day and there was just so much more he had to do. The food appeared and he filled his plate with thing, the pieces he had liked before, but he barely really touched his food.
Friday wasn't sure what to make of both her sisters ending up in Slytherin. She thought it was a little sad that of their siblings a couple of them had ended up a lone in a house, but she was glad they weren't with her. Friday liked her sisters enough but having one in a house with her was more than enough for Friday. More than that wouldn't be good. She was also glad when it finally ended and she was able to just eat. The sorting feast always left her so hungry.
Helios had argued hard and long about whether or not he needed to go back to school. Helios had been pretty adamant that he didn't need to, that he could be homeschooled or self-taught if necessary, but his sister had been firm. He picked a got spot at the hufflepuff table, avoiding being too boxed in as students joined their house. It was just dangerous to squeeze them all in. He looked at the food as it appeared, the head master hadn't said anything more than he had in the previous week, and he felt it was a missed opportunity. Helios was careful, trying to take things that didn't seem like it could be easier tampered with.
Apolline was so ready for this year, she was so excited about all she would be able to learn and all she would do. She wanted to do the best she could, maybe even get top points, but it was going to take a lot of work. Work she was willing to do. It was just going to be a lot. The gryffindor glanced at the sorted students, wondering vaguely where her brother would go when he eventually did get sorted. She was sure it would be hufflepuff. Apolline glanced around as she took some food.
Miroslav was a slytherin, this didn't surprise him in the slightest. He didn't think any of the houses were really a 'good' fit, but this one above the others likely was. He was glancing at the table of students, looking at his classmates. There were a lot of people. He took some food but began tossing peas at one of the other students. he was eating too but mostly just looking to annoy another student.
Magne was a ravenclaw, he was sat amongst different students though he wasn't sure what being a ravenclaw meant. It seemed from the whole ceremony that a house was important, it meant something, though Magne really didn't know what it meant, it just...meant something. The noise was a lot for him, and it was just a buzz, unable to understand a lot of it. He looked at the food, taking a while to pick something out to discern what it was so he could try it. Magic was cool, but this was a lot.
Sunny's initial excitement about being sorted into Slytherin waned as she observed how miserable everyone was. A couple of students were arguing further up the table from her and to make matters worse, across from her, a boy seemed to find amusement in flicking peas her way, his actions irritating her to no end. "Um, excuse me," Sunny said to get his attention, "Could you, like, not?" She shot him a pointed look, attempting to convey her annoyance without escalating the situation.
@Miroslav Petrov
Miroslav was very pleased that his pea attack was hitting someone and that the person get a bit of a rise out of her. "I could," he replied and then tossed another one at her, trying to hit her far more than before when he'd just been tossing them in random directions.
@Sunny Day
Sunny's smile faltered as the peaculiar boy across from her lobbed yet another pea in her direction. "Are you mentally deficient?" she blurted out, her tone innocuous. It was as if she were asking if he preferred sunshine on a warm day or a cozy blanket on a chilly night. All she really wanted was to lob food back at him but hadn't been peavoked enough.
@Miroslav Petrov
Naveen felt like every bone in his body had turned to mush the moment after the sorting house called out Hufflepuff. Sorting was done and over with, now he could let himself feel excited about what was to come next. The relief of being in the same house as his sister was overwhelming and after all his nerves and tension had left him exhausted. He rest his head on the table as the headmaster spoke. Hopefully it wasn't anything too important because he wasn't really listening. "I think I blacked out up there, did I do anything stupid?" he asked weakly before warily lifting his head.
Elise was excited to get back to school. She was eager to get back to her friends and get to work decorating their dorm. She had put in a lot of work last year and now that they had a new room she had to start all over again. But it was a task she took on wholeheartedly. The sorting ceremony was odd to watch from her comfortable spot at the Ravenclaw table and she made sure to cheer for each one of her new housemates and was hopeful they would love it as much as she did. Once that was all over she waited impatiently for the headmaster to finish his speech so they could finally eat and then finally get back to the common room.
Oskar's posture had never been straighter as he sat at the Slytherin table and was unsure how he ended up here in the first place. One day he had been home and the next his mother was telling him to pack with no other explanation. While he couldn't truthfully say he missed his old school or his siblings, but at least with them he had never been this lonely. He kept his arms tucked tightly against his sides as everyone around him socialized with a level of familiarity that felt completely foreign to him. And it was more than just the language he struggled to keep up with when people spoke too quickly. When the food arrived he tentatively picked at the options provided, he wasn't exactly hungry.
Santiago felt pretty miserable. That was how he usually felt during these. It was always such a blatant reminder of where he was and how much he didn't want to be there. His break had been pretty horrible. He had been asking to spend a break with his dad in Arizona for years and finally he was granted it. But of course things never turned out like he wanted. He met up with some of his friends but they felt like strangers and no matter how hard he tried to connect it was impossible. It didn't help he couldn't really explain where he had gone for all these years. He would never admit it to anyone and especially not his parents but he did feel a slight sense of relief as the feast appeared before him. At least he knew what to expect here, and he had quidditch and a few people he didn't hate. He looked around for Friday but wasn't sure he was up to banter so he focused on his food for now.
Leah was happy to be back at school. But she didn't feel as light or excited as she usually did. Most of the time school was a place her worries faded away and she could focus on her friends and learning. While her problems at school didn't hold a flame to her problems with her parents, but they still weighed on her and she was distracted during the whole sorting ceremony. Thankfully she snapped out of it to cheer for Cyrus. She hoped he'd be happy in Ravenclaw. Maybe she could tell Conan to look out for him, or at least tell him to steer clear of Savannah. Suddenly the feast appeared and her heart skipped a beat. The evening was going too fast. Leah had managed to avoid Anisha all day and was grateful she had her cousin to distract her during the train ride. It was almost worse knowing the awkwardness she felt was totally one sided. Maybe Raafe could use a new roommate? Despite everything she was hungry and kept her head down as she ate her dinner.

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