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Ethan's eyes felt heavy as the sorting ceremony finally came to an end. Harlow had kept the whole house up the night before and as much as he was going to miss her he was looking forward to a good night's sleep for the first time in weeks. It made him sad to think of how big she would be the next time he saw her but hopefully by then she'd be sleeping through the night. He yawned and felt his jaw cramp for a moment after doing it so often today. He had been so busy over his break he hadn't thought much about school and what this year would be like. He was mostly happy not to have exams this year. When the feast appeared he dug in and was looking forward to calling it an early night.
Margo felt so odd sitting in the great hall knowing it was the last start of year feast she would ever be at. It had felt so far away when she had been one of the freshly sorted first years. It had been a long six years to get here and she had been through a lot but she felt so optimistic about this year and what it could hold for her and her friends. They were together and so far were getting along. She had a boyfriend which still felt surreal even after spending time together over the break. Not to mention the clubs she had poured so much time and effort into, and now she was co-editor of the paper. Her plate was very full and dinner hadn't even been served yet. But there was the nagging issue of her brother. He was the last missing piece and now that she knew where to start she was starting to feel brave enough to make that jump. But first was in fact dinner as the food appeared and she served herself.
Abby smiled at her friend. "My break was good. I didn't get up to anything too much, especially art-wise but I got to spend some time with my family and friends" Abby says with a smile, happily chatting with her friend. Abby couldn't believe they were now seventh years and they'd come a long way since their first year. "How about you? Managed to do some gardening during the break?" Abby asked her friend, as she knew Rosie quite enjoyed gardening. @Rosie Archer
Marley smiled happily at Callie. "My break was great! My dad got married, it was so fun!" Marley says happily, as she continues to eat. Marley was happy to have her family grow and add two more people into her life. "Good to hear that your break was good though! Did you get up to anything interesting at all" Marley asked her friend, interested to hear what her friend did for the break. @Callie Cardoso
Vanity laughed at Morrie’s threat, giving her a scornful look. “Try it and I’ll scream and you’ll be in trouble.” She said, tossing her hair back. She scowled as she heard June’s annoying voice chime in. She turned to her with a glare. “Shut up, don’t you have friends your own age to talk to or have they finally realised you’re a troll?”

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Josh chuckled at Senna's statement. "We'll see what happens aye, there might be a tonne of entries by the end of the year, I guarantee it," Josh said with a smile, imagining the box filled with lots of suggestions. Now he understood why Sen had lingered with tiredness on her face, wincing a little. He couldn't imagine what she was going through as he hadn't really experienced having a brand-new sibling in the picture. Josh had a feeling she had a lot of thoughts about it going through her mind, but with people around, he was sure they'd be overhearing their conversation, which sounded like it wasn't really the place or time. "Well luckily enough, my shoulder is a great pillow if you need a long nap" @Senna Overby
Isadora had felt melancholy and weird about this being her final year at Hogwarts, it really was very bittersweet. she was trying her best not to focus on it, but it wouldn't really leave her mind. She even tried to pay attention to the headmaster's speech, knowing it was the last time she'd hear it. She only tried, though, as it was pretty boring. Once the food arrived, Isadora turned to Aurora who was sitting nearby. "So, no one is surprised about Aine and Monday right?" She asked.

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Morrie would gladly throw a dish at Vanity but she stalled as an older student spoke. Vanity was first to reply, calling her a troll. "Oooh," Morrie turned to look at the older girl, "If someone spoke to me like that, I'd have to show them I'm not one to be messed with either." Morrie said, parroting the older girls words back to her and interested to see what she would do next.

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Aurora glanced at Isadora and gave a shake of her head in amused agreement. "Not at all, I think it would've been a scandal had it been anyone else," she said, there was no hint in Aurora's tone that she had wished it to be her, she was more than happy that it was them. "I'm sure they'll manage it well, and say positive things at graduation."
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Callie smiled with ease at her friend. "Oh wow!" she said in awe, "That's so cool, congratulations to him," she had an excited tne, thinking it was always nice when two people in love got together. "Nothing as interesting as that, mostly just helped out at home, and went to the choir," Callie said with a shrug, knowing her break would seem very dull next to Marley's.
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Miroslav shrugged at what she asked him, deciding to not really bother answering her at all. Instead just tossing a pea in her direction again, almost lazily, like he wasn't even finding it fun to annoy her in this manner.
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Rosie smiled happily as her friend told her about her break. "Yeah, I did, not a lot, I got a job, and spent a lot of time with Xinyi," she said. "But any other spare moment I was in the garden," Rosie told her. "I can't believe we're seventh years,"
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As June took an sip of her orange juice, she watched Vanity be the first to react. She smirked as the girl spoke back, feeling so much better than the girl was. Which she usually had around people, an feeling like she didn't felt the need to hide anymore. June always collected information about the people around her, she observed well and found something interesting about Vanity. June spoke and shook her head laughing. Vanity her words didn't hurt her, nothing could hurt her like she had been hurt before already. It was hilarious to listen to. '' That's all? How pathetic. '' June than watched Vanity with an smirk.
'' Just like that weirdo brother of yours.. what was his name? Oh-uh Emery right?'' June dropped. '' Gosh speaking of trolls, that runs into your family it seems.'' June than told Vanity and watched the red haired, ignoring her for an moment. She wasn't dumb it seemed, but that gave an opportunity to challenge her. June dropped this to see Vanity her reaction, she figured it was just funny to see her face. And now she would love to see if the girl could keep her emotions in line or not. June could continue like this for a long time, and never backed down.

'' That's disapointing.. you don't dare it do you?'' June challenged the red haired. '' Throwing sauce is not my style, wouldn't like to get my hands dirty.'' June answered the girl. All she said was just an start of getting new information.

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Isadora laughed and nodded at Aurora's words, she was glad the other girl didn't seem upset it hadn't been her. Isadora personally thought Margo could've done a good job too, but Aine really was the most obvious choice. She looked at Aurora curiously at her words. "Wait, do people say negative stuff sometimes?" She asked. As she wasn't a prefect, she hadn't gone to any graduations.

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Marley's eyes lit up at the mention of Callie going to choir. "Oh! You sing? That's impressive, I'd love to hear you sing sometime!" Marley says cheerfully with a smile. Marley wasn't the greatest singer herself but she was able to hold a tune or two. However, she was interested to hear about this choir thing. "Also, are you excited for the new school year?" Marley asked her friend curiously, before continuing on with munching some food. @Callie Cardoso
Abby smiled happily. "That's good to hear, I'm glad you got to spend some time with Xinyi" Abby says with a smile, happy to hear about her friend's break. The Gryffindor nodded her head quickly. "Oh gosh yes! To be honest, it feels like we've been here for such a long while. But I really cannot believe it's our final year here. Did you have any sort of goals for this year before you finished Hogwarts?" @Rosie Archer
If Morrie could list the top three things she'd like to do least right now, they would undoubtedly be: sit through another sorting, be coerced into a conga line, and absolutely, categorically, learn anything about Vanity's brother. She didn't know or care what this person was on about and in some ways disliked the girl more than Vanity, which was an achievement in itself.

Morrie's annoyance peaked when the girl suggested a that she wouldn't dare. She rolled her eyes, "Don't dare it? Excuse me, have you mistaken my red hair for Gryffindor or something? I don't care what other people think. Most of all, you!" Morrie replied bluntly. She turned to Vanity as if to say 'Jeez, this girl' before remembering that she didn't like her either and quickly looked away.

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Aurora nodded, "If you remember Celia from a couple of years back, she said some pretty negative things," Aurora said with a little smile. "They aren't checking what someone might say, so in theory you can say anything," Aurora knew that the speech was accessible via the yearbook. "You can find the speech in the yearbook,"
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Callie gave a slightly shy expression. "Only really in a group," she was quick to say, not wanting to under or overplay her singing abilities. "Yeah! I'm looking forward to the classes, I'm taking all bar muggle studies, so it's going to be a lot of work. Are you?"
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It was amusing to June, and a while since she felt bored and in the mood to test out people. But before the busy year would start again, kind of the perfect timing. It was so easy to make people angry or irritated. They seemed like little children who couldn't control their emotions, and brainless figures. June actually believed at this moment that she was the only person at this school who was worthy and the best out there. The red haired was someone who seemed irritated quickly, so predictible. June had an feeling the girl was not so tough as she made it seem like. And couldn't stop smirking at the response she gave.
'' You are sure you sitting at the right table?''
June said teasing. She had more people at this table who she figured didn't belong at it. There was no need to act nicely, since these two brainless fools were not relevant in anything. June just waited for the first one to make an move, or walk away. '' Yeah I can see that. That's why you are so calm.'' The blonde said sarcastic.

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Marley moved her hand dismissively. "Even if you're singing as a group, I'm sure you're a good singer" Marley says happily to her friend as she pats her friend's back gently as in some sort of encouragement. She was sure her roommate was a good singer, even if she never had her friend sing before, she was never someone who wanted to discourage her friends in any sort of way. Marley happily nodded. "I'm taking most of the classes as well except for a few which I think are Transfiguration, Potions and... Ancient Runes, I think? There's probably one or two I'm forgetting that I'm not taking. There are a lot of classes to keep track of this year" Marley says with a chuckle. "Are there any classes you're excited for at all?" @Callie Cardoso
Aspen hadnt thought that she would be nervous. it was the first day of her new job. or at least the first day that students would be in the school. there was a feast and a ceremony. she had been looking forward to attending for weeks. getting to go into the school and eat with the students. and the staff.. but as the time of the feast grew nearer she wondered what she should do. she knew that, as groundskeeper, she would be welcome. but it still felt weird that she was allowed to walk into the school. She took her time getting ready trying to decide what combination of tuics and belts and weapons would be most appropriate. eventually she settled with a tunic and over top as well as a small knife that tas more used for food preparation than hunting. She made her way across the lawn still not used to beinf able to walk this much in the open. she stopped at the bottom of the stairs it took her a few minutes to work her legs and hooves up them. even though there were only a few. and she suddenly realised it was likely that the rest of the school other than the ground floor was still likely to be off limits to her. she walked across the hall and through the doors realising that she was late. she had missed not only the sorting but also the start of the feast. she walked around the edge of the hall trying to be as inconspicuous as a seven foot horse lady could be before stopping beside the staff table an empty spot that was set up with no chair and cushions instead which she asumed was for her. She didn't kneel. she was too proud for that. instead she stood and looked at the foods selecting some fruit and vegetables as well as a piece of meat that seemed far to rich to be like anything that she had eaten in a long time. she ate slowly keeping to herself for now as she took in everything that was the hall, everything that she had head about over the years that she was now allowed to experience.
Isadora laughed softly, she remembered Celia and it wasn't really that surprising. She whistled as Aurora said there was no checking of the speech. "I mean, maybe they learned their lesson from Celia and check now?" She asked. "What did Professor Ward even look like? Did he freak out?" She asked, curious and a little amused at the idea. She liked the headmaster, but that didn't mean she couldn't laugh at him a little too.

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As the History of Magic Professor which he tried to remember the name of answered to him he smiled at her. '' I think I am, more than previous year I believe.'' he said joking. Nodding as she mentioned the younger years, they both teached. '' How many years do you teach here now?'' He than asked his colleague and took an sip of his drink. He knew he was one of the youngest, but he didn't mind.

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