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The sorting ceremony had come to a close, and Matt smiled at the sight of the fresh new faces at all the new tables. He had always been fond of the sorting ceremony, he was glad to be a part of it now. Matt stood up, waited a few moments for everyone to settle down, then spoke.

"Good evening students and staff of Hogwarts. I know how eager we all are to start our wonderful yearly feast, but I have a few quick things to say." He smiled as he paused. " For those of you who are freshly sorted or simply didn't know, my name is Professor Matt Alcott-Ward and I'm the headmaster here at Hogwarts."

He took a sip of water before continuing. "Alongside me are your Heads of Houses, these professors are here to guide you and lead you in your respective houses. The head of house for Hufflepuff is Professor Landon Carter, for Slytherin, Professor Angel Castillo, for Ravenclaw, Professor Kahurangi Josephs, and for Gryffindor, Professor Cyndi Kingsley." Matt gestured to each of the professors in turn so the new students would know who was who. Then he went on.

"I already spoke about the forest before the sorting ceremony started, I hope it's not necessary to repeat myself now. I don't believe I have any other new announcements to make, so I'll finish up with this: I wish everyone here a wonderful, productive, and fun new school year. The food will appear in a moment, and I hope everyone also enjoys this wonderful feast." He said, smiling as the platters of food appeared the moment he finished speaking. Matt sat back down at the staff table and mentally went over his speech, hoping he hadn't forgotten anything important. He watched as students started to chat and eat, feeling excited about the upcoming year.
Ambrose hadn't been too surprised by the hat's decision. At least far less than he had been by its song. With the ceremony over he had found a seat at what was supposed to be his table for the next seven years, glancing at the students around him before listening to the headmaster speak. Part of him had expected the man to tell them something more.. interesting. The headmaster not having much to say meant dinner was served earlier than he had expected though and his eyes widened just a bit at the sight of all that food. Now this was something he could get used to.
Aine, honestly, was still in a bit of shock. She found herself staring at Professor Alcott-Ward, trying to get an idea of what on earth he was thinking. Maybe he was some kind of agent of chaos, secretly. After all, he'd picked Celia as head girl a couple of years earlier, and now he'd picked Aine. The badge sitting on her robes had her feeling all kinds of off-center, but she supposed she had to try and think of it positively. Maybe the headmaster was actually in his right mind and Aine was somewhat worthwhile.

She chewed on a carrot, and shook her head. Nope. He was definitely just crazy.

Aine wasn't surprised to see Monday as head boy, either - he worked hard, and maybe Professor Alcott-Ward thought it would have been too on the nose to have two off the wall picks and pick Cameron. At the very least, her new badge had seemingly brought him equal amounts of consternation and amusement, which was pretty much her feelings when she'd gotten the badge in the first place. She politely smiled at the new Hufflepuff first years who joined, though kind of just sat in a bit of a stupor, wondering how she was supposed to handle this year.
Chase could hardly say his break had been good. Things between his mom and him were better than they had been last year but they still weren't back to normal. Which was mostly on him. He just needed some more time to process everything and then eventually it'll all be fine. He thought. He hoped. Chase had rested his head on his hands during the entirety of the sorting ceremony, zoning out completely as it progressed. Whatever house those kids got sorted in wasn't much of a concern to him. He also paid very little attention to the headmaster, feeling like he could recite what the man was about to say word for word. Honestly, he just wanted to get back to his dorm.
The Sorting ceremony was soo boring to watch by the end, and the hard benches only added to Teddy's discomfort. Yet, he refused to let it dampen his excitement for the start of the new school year. "Welcome to Gryffindor!" Teddy greeted the newly sorted Gryffindor students. "Congratulations, you've without a doubt, made it into the best house at Hogwarts!" His voice carried, ensuring that not only the new Gryffindors heard, but also those seated at nearby tables.
In all honesty, Abby couldn't believe she was in her final year at school. While she was excited to see what this year would bring, she was nervous at the thought of after Hogwarts. She was a little nervous about that part of her life as she hadn't really considered what she wanted to do once she left Hogwarts. The Gryffindor listened carefully to what the headmaster had to say, though she felt like she had memorised basically what the headmaster had to say, as he had always said something similar each year. She politely clapped for the firsties each time they were sorted and it wasn't long before the food had finally arrived at the table.
Josh had a mixture of feelings about being back at school. While he was kinda happy to be back in the magic world, he sort of resented magic. It was like a love-hate relationship with magic. This break was a little worse than the last one, with only a few of his friends reaching out to him which bummed him out a little. He knew he was slowly distancing himself from his friends and he was part of the reason, but he couldn't help it as he had to hide the magical world from everyone else. Josh didn't bother listening to the headmaster, as it was already going to be the same thing being said every year. Though he cheered for those who were sorted in Gryffindor. It wasn't long before the food had finally appeared on the table. Josh honestly wasn't paying attention to what was happening around him, and wasn't really in the mood to eat like he thought he was, so at this stage he was only playing with his food with his fork, daydreaming who knows what.
Conan was finally back at school and he was glad about it. Staying between his parents' houses each week was very exhausting. The atmosphere between his parents was still not the greatest and was just too awkward to deal with, so he was glad to be back at school to be away from all that. He also couldn't believe he was now the eldest one out of the family to be at Hogwarts, now that his two older siblings had left school now. Conan sat at the Ravenclaw table with the rest of the Ravenclaws as the sorting ceremony began. The fifth-year barely paid attention to what was being said or done, was paying more attention to his shoe box filled with his shell collection. It wasn't long before the food finally appeared onto the table and Conan was glad to be eating.
Eliza wasn't sure how to feel about being back at Hogwarts. The girl didn't really have any friends at school and she missed her family back home already. The girl tried her best to pay attention to what the headmaster was saying, but it was no use. She ended up reading her comic book instead throughout the entire ceremony, mindlessly clapping when everyone else started clapping every time someone was sorted. It wasn't long before the food finally appeared on the table and she dug in to get some food - Though the food didn't compare to her grandma's homemade cooking.
Marley was really excited to be back at school! As much as she enjoyed her break, with her dad getting married and her moving in with Dominic, she had missed her friends a lot and she really liked to learn about the magical world. Marley listened intently to what the headmaster had to say about everything, even though the headmaster had said something similar each year. She happily clapped and cheered for each firstie that got sorted, and cheered louder for those who were sorted into Hufflepuff. It wasn't long before the sorting ceremony was over and the food finally appeared at the table. Marley quickly grabbed a hold of the food while everyone else was doing the same. "Hello!! How was your break?" Marley asked happily to her housemate who was beside her, as she then took a massive gulp of her food, happy and content.
While Fiona was happy to be back at school from that disastrous break of hers, she was unsure about being back at school. She wished her first year at school could've gotten better, she didn't really make many friends during her first year, but she had hoped that maybe her second year could be better. This was the first time for Fiona to be on this side of the hall at the start of the ceremony, as last year she was the sortee. She never realised how boring this could be. Though she clapped along and listened to what was being said. Fiona was happy when everything was over and the food finally arrived, and Fiona began munching away on some food. The Gryffindor looked around her table, noticing a few people chattering away with their friends or housemates. She decided to go for it and turn to the nearest person to her. "Hi! I'm Fiona. What's your name?"
Thomas was absolutely terrified to be here. This was a whole new environment to him, and he was absolutely petrified about it. It had dawned on him that he was going to be away from his family a lot for the next seven years, the thought of that made him sweat a little. When he was sorted into Hufflepuff, Tom quickly made his way to the Hufflepuff table as he continued to watch the rest of the ceremony, softly clapping to each person who was sorted. He then listened carefully to what the headmaster was saying, as he didn't want to break any sort of rule or get into trouble. It wasn't long before the food arrived at the table. Thomas shyly waited for everyone else to grab their food before he then grabbed his share of the food.
Morrie, who had intentionally avoided her dormmates, inadvertently found herself seated beside @Vanity Mettlestone instead. She let out an exasperated sigh, realising it was too late to move as the Sorting ceremony commenced. Morrie watched Sofi be sorted first and groaned when the hat proclaimed Hufflepuff. She didn't care that Sofi wasn't in her house, in actual fact she'd prefer her sister not to be here at Hogwarts, at all. Morrie might hate Hogwarts, but it was her thing, and her sister was always taking her things!

Morrie sat bored for the remainder of Sorting and the speech, then watched as the food appeared in front of her. She heard a few gasps at the food appearing and rolled her eyes, "Oh grow up." She muttered under her breath.
Demetrius didn't know how he felt about being back at Hogwarts. He'd had a turbulent break, following his break up with Veronique. At least he'd had the break to get over it but get over it he hadn't done. No, the wound was still deep and Demetrius didn't really know what to do about it besides learn sadder and sadder songs on piano. Not complicated ones either; simple yet tuneful pieces that you'd expect an eight-year-old to be able to master. It was his last year, he had to shake his feelings and study hard if he wanted to get where he wanted to be after Hogwarts was over. Yet he was still feeling somewhat despondent and watched the procession of first years with considerably less interest than he usually held. The fact he was now prefect was something that had surprised him too; it had momentarily lifted his spirits before he realised there was responsibility attached to it. At the very least, he was glad Monday and Aine got their positions as head boy and head girl respectively. They deserved it, hard-workers that they were. But still, Demetrius didn't particularly feel like socialising so he ducked his head and put food on his plate, eating away with not a word to say to anyone else. He probably should have - he was a prefect now - but he just didn't feel like it and Demetrius wasn't accustomed to doing what he didn't feel like doing.
Normally, Senna would be full of energy the first few weeks she was back at school. This year, however, her energy had been drained rather than refuelled during the break. A baby crying multiple times every night would do that to a person. She had taken a seat next to Josh and rested her head on his shoulder while the headmaster spoke. It wasn't like he was saying anything new or interesting anyways. "Do you think he ever gets tired of repeating the same thing every year?" She asked once the man had finished speaking, lifting her head so she could look at her friend although by the looks of him she wasn't sure he had even heard her question. "Josh?" @Joshua Lynch
The new year was beginning again and June watched from the Slytherin table, she sat an bit at the middle so she could watch it all perfectly. Observing all that happend around her, from the moment she had seen her sister walk into the hall until the sorting process. Although she had knew the possibility was that Camille would be sorted in Hufflepuff, the outcome was disgusting. It was all Lauren's and Landon's influence ofcourse, which was the wrong. It made her feel irritated and she looked at the Hufflepuff head of house with an annoying look. Not that he saw that, she was miles away, but that was the point. After listening to the headmasters speech, she focused on herself. With Tempest being gone, and no idea why it made June feel she was surrounded by idiots in even Slytherin. There wasn't an single person at the moment who she thought of as worthy to spend time with. So she figured she wouldn't stay long, and leave to get ready for classes. Since she had an goal to achieve, another one.
After Camille got sorted she sat at the Hufflepuff table. She didn't even dared to look at the Slytherin table, she was not ready to face June yet. In a way she wanted nothing more than to speak to June again, but she knew how June and her parents had felt about Hufflepuff and any other house than Slytherin. So Camille firstly focused on Hufflepuff and the people at the table. Which was an bit overwhelming, and a lot of noice around her. After the speech of the headmaster she couldn't wait to see her father and him reacting to her being in Hufflepuff. When the food appeared she looked suprised and suddenly there was food. It seemed delicious though and she waited an moment before people around her took some. And was an bit hesitated about grabbing some. But she took an piece of chicken and an orange juice to start with.
It was now the second year Noel was an professor at Hogwarts. And he was glad the first was over. He didn't felt so new and young anymore. And he wasn't the only young professor anymore. He also had an new colleague who would teach the upper years of Defence Against The Dark Arts and he had been an Gryffindor as wel once, so that was nice. He was eager to meet the new professors. Noel was actually pleased that he chose this, he liked teaching even more than he had figured. And so far all went well. Now he wanted to focus an bit more on social relationships with the other professors, since he had an bit more time for that.

Professor Noel Waldgrave watched the sorting and listend to the headmasters speech and clapped along for it. He saw an familliar face at the table of the professors, and he hadn't ever thought of seeing her again at this place. Perhaps it was better that his girlfriend was away for an bit, although he missed Adorah. But it was pretty strange to have his current girlfriend and ex girlfriend Minnie as colleagues both. But Noel had left the past behind him, they were adults now and he would welcome her here for sure. Hoping they could become friends one day again. '' Ready for the new year?'' He asked one of his colleagues with an friendly smile as he took an sip of an juice.
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Professor Kingsley nodded her head, a smile on her face as the Headmaster introduced her. The sorting ceremony had been long but eventful as always, and she knew that everyone was eager for the next part to begin. As the food finally appeared on the table, the professor tucked in, pouring herself a drink as she turned to her colleagues to ask them to pass this and that and conversing about her break and theirs. The professor was hopeful that this would be Gryffindor's year.
Josh wasn't really attention to what was being said around him but he did feel someone's head on his shoulder, which he had a feeling was Senna, so he wasn't bothered by it. He vaguely heard someone speaking to him, though he wasn't paying attention nor did he particularly hear what was being said to him, so he just mumbled a 'mmm' in agreement. When he heard his name a lot clearer he instantly went out of his zone out and turned to Senna. "Huh? What?" Josh said with slightly wide eyes. "Sorry, Just thinking... What were you saying?" Josh said as he was fully paying attention to Senna. He noticed she looked a little tired than usual, which made him slightly frown in concern. @Senna Overby
Gabrielle had been spending her holidays not making any progress on being a mother, but she had made progress on some research in to curses on ancient tombs and that had to count for something. They weren't the types of curses taught in Defence Against the Dark Arts, but perhaps she could teach her fourth years a bit about them. If she had enough time to put together an appropriate plan without getting distracted by other interests and general exhaustion. Easier said than done.

Speaking of curses though, she looked up at one of the younger professors saying something. These professors all made her feel so old. "Is anyone ever?" she said, raising an eyebrow. "You never know what to expect with the younger years, wouldn't you think?" He was only new to being a professor, but in a subject like Defence Against the Dark Arts he'd probably hit the ground running.

@Professor Noel Waldgrave
Senna squinted her eyes for a second when Josh finally replied, but quickly relaxed her face again. She would definitely circle back to asking him what was going on later but doing it at a table full of others didn't feel like the best place. "I said do you think he ever gets tired of it?" She repeated her words, nodding towards the headmaster. "Y'know, repeating the same thing every year. Maybe he should think about switching it up a bit." Sen added with a small smile. Honestly, the question wasn't even really relevant anymore now the headmaster had already finished his little speech but it looked like it had at least gotten Josh out of his head. @Joshua Lynch
Vanity could not believe how lame the first and second years were, had she really thought she was so cool last year? She could barely tell the difference between the fresh firsties and the people who were now in second year. Thank Merlin she was now so much more mature as a third year, she bet people could tell that about her. She didn't listen to the headmaster, tuning out most of what he was saying. She spotted the annoying second-year girl she had fought with last year nearby and smiled. "Careful, there's pasta sauce over there." She said in a light tone as she pointed it out to her. "Unless you want to cover yourself in it again, it might improve the overall image."

@Morrie Ayre
Morrie hand hesitated, about to scoop some food onto her plate when Vanity's words brought back memories from the previous year. She scowled at her, unamused by the warning. "I'll throw the sauce over you in a minute if you don't shut your mouth!" She snapped back. This was one reason why she hated it here at Hogwarts, everyone was just so horrible! @Vanity Mettlestone
June rolled her eyes as she heard some conversations of younger students. Was there really any worthy person in Slytherin but her? Slytherin should be the best house, but lately she was just surrounded by idiots. She overheard an conversation and saw Vanity and an red head student speaking to eachother, well it was more loud actually. But she was feeling bored, and since Tempest wasn't here felt in the mood for some fun. June smirked as the red hair said she would throw the sauce over Vanity in a minute. '' Please go ahead. '' June said with an smile. '' If someone spoke to me like that you have to show you are not messed with.'' June said giving Vanity an dirty look and hoping to awake the fire with that red haired girl. '' And it makes the sight of looking at her much better.'' The blonde said with an smirk. If Vanity would be dumb and return it to her, June would use it and get the attention of an professor. And if he red haired did it, she would be the one to blame and not her. Also perhaps she was even usefull than. Smart you called that, or perhaps sneaky?

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