Giulia Alcott


Name: Giulia Héloïse Alcott
Meaning: Giulia - Youthful, Héloïse - Famous Warrior
Birthdate: 18th February 2043
Zodiac: Aquarius
Strengths: Witty - Clever - Humanitarian - Inventive - Original
Weaknesses: Stubborn - Unemotional - Sarcastic - Rebellious - Aloof

Being an Aquarius born on February 18th, you are well known for your impulsive, yet charming nature. You tend to get bored easily and as a result, you have taken on a variety of interests and hobbies. In all aspects of life, you are spontaneous and passionate. While these qualities are intriguing to others, it is your charm that makes you hard to resist. With innate warmth, sociability and mystery, you have earned a long list of admirers!
Hometown: Paris, France
Birthplace: Paris, France
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Wand: Curved 13 Inch Swishy Ebony Wand with Demiguise Hair Core
Length: A strange length for a wand and a number which symbolizes misfortune.
Style: Bending to its side, this wand is more difficult to aim than its straighter counterparts but provides character that some simply cannot pass by.
Wood: Ebony wands choose a wizard or witch who could easily be seen as an outsider, but continues to dare to be themselves. The owner of an ebony wand is not easily moved from their purpose: whether that be good, evil, or something perhaps a little more grey.
Core: Demiguise hair cores help create wands that are especially good for transfiguration. Wands of this core tend to need replacing before too long, their ability to cast effective spells diminishing with time.
Flexibility: Swishy: A wand which can quickly cast spells but may need to cast more than one to accomplish the job.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw


Hair: Wavy and just past shoulder length, naturally mousy brown though she often dyes it.
Eyes: Wide and staring, deep brown, with fun glasses.
Build: Plump and slightly above average height.
Complexion: Pale, with a tendency towards dry skin.
Style: Either as comfy as possible or as eccentric/fantasy-inspired as possible.
Distinguishing Features: Giulia has a very strong French accent, and her glasses are always in a fun design/colour.
Playby: Emily Heller


Personality: Giulia is unabashedly passionate about the things she loves, unafraid to express herself as brightly as she can. Her passions tend to lie with subjects deemed 'geeky', which often opens her up to bullying. Giulia tends to harbour a decent amount of resentment towards popular types, reminded of her brother's sometimes mean attitude towards her. She is shyer in English than in French, struggling a bit with the language being her second and constantly fearing that she'll express herself wrong or say something silly and wind up embarrassing herself or getting teased.
-Giulia is unabashedly passionate, and dedicates herself to the things she loves entirely.
-Giulia has a strong imagination, and has no trouble inventing characters and stories to keep herself occupied.
-Giulia is very smart, and has a strong passion for learning, especially science and maths.
-Giulia can sometimes make assumptions about people before really getting to know them. She's ~not like other girls~
-Giulia sometimes get so wrapped up in her own passions that she forgets to listen to people around her.
-Giulia can easily get absorbed in her interests and neglect other aspects of her life.
Comic Books - Giulia has collected comics her whole life, and has quite a passion for them, especially sci-fi or fantasy stories.
Reading/Writing - Similarly Giulia loves sci-fi and fantasy novels, and finds great pleasure in writing her own in her spare time.
Science/Maths - Although she's a witch, Giulia's mother pushed her to study muggle sciences in case she needed a backup, and Giulia quite enjoys them.

Personality Type: INTP (The Logician)
The Logician personality type is fairly rare, making up only three percent of the population, which is definitely a good thing for them, as there's nothing they'd be more unhappy about than being "common". Logicians pride themselves on their inventiveness and creativity, their unique perspective and vigorous intellect. Usually known as the philosopher, the architect, or the dreamy professor, Logicians have been responsible for many scientific discoveries throughout history.
Strengths: Great Analysts and Abstract Thinkers, Imaginative and Original, Open-Minded, Enthusiastic, Objective, Honest and Straightforward
Weaknesses: Very Private and Withdrawn, Insensitive, Absent-Minded, Condescending, Loathe Rules and Guidelines, Second-Guess Themselves.

History: Giulia grew up in France, splitting her time between her muggle mother and magical father's houses. Her father is fairly irresponsible and slack as a parent, never really knowing what to do with his kids. Her mother, on the other hand, encouraged Giulia towards science early, hoping that she wouldn't be a witch, and she would find herself a good career doing things she was passionate about. Her magic presented clearly and early, though, and Giulia has been fascinated by the thought of attending a magical school since. She threw herself into fantasy and science fiction to wait out the time, developing a deep passion for all things nerdy. Giulia had expected to attend Beauxbatons until her father decided to move back to NZ and enroll her older half-brother in NZ, and she's struggling a bit with the change of plans, but the enthusiasm hasn't died, and she's excited to see where her Hogwarts life will take her.

Health: Giulia has quite severe asthma, and is prone to eczema.


Goals: Write the world's next great fantasy novel
Fears: Heights
Secrets: Giulia wishes a lot more than she would ever let on that she were one of her OCs
Regrets: Leaving France
Colour: Yellow
Food: Shakshuka
Smell: Old books
Music Genre: Instrumental/Movie Soundtracks

Animal: Dragons


Toussine Charpentier
Date of Birth: 2011
Blood Status: Muggle
Occupation: Biochemist
Alexander Alcott
Date of Birth: 2019
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Occupation: Broom Maker
Louis Alcott
Date of Birth: 8/2042
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Occupation: HNZ Student
Kyle Alcott-Ward
Date of Birth: 8/2011
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Occupation: Scrivenshafts Asst. Manager
October Alcott
Date of Birth: 2030
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Occupation: RNZB Ballerina
Ella Comtois
Date of Birth: 2008
Blood Status: Mixed Blood (Squib)
Occupation: CEO
Zodiac information from here and here. MBTI information from here.
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Hogwarts was not something Giulia had expected for her life, having planned on staying in France with her mother and attending Beauxbatons. Her father had different ideas however, and after convincing Toussine of how bad his own experience had been at Beauxbatons a plan was made for Giulia to attend HNZ alongside her brother instead. A substantial wrench in this plan was Giulia's lack of skill in English, and despite doing her best, she was nowhere near fluent by the time she arrived in her new home. Doing her best to communicate with her new schoolmates had mixed results, but Giulia managed to make a decent amount of friends through the year, and by the time her first year at Hogwarts was over she was finally feeling a bit more confident in her English skills.​
Giulia had been looking forward to today with equal amounts of excitement and apprehension, but now that it was actually here she mostly just felt uncomfortable. Her stomach was tied in knots as she stood with the other first years, looking around the Great Hall slowly. Louis and her uncle Kyle had told her all about it, the ceiling stretching on into forever, but the sight just made Giulia queasy. Not quite as queasy though, as she felt looking out over the swathes of students lining the tables of the hall. There were so many people, and she couldn't even bring herself to look for Louis or Uncle Matt. It felt like every eye in the entire country had to be on them, and she very much didn't want to be the one taking the turn in that spotlight.

"Alcott, Giulia."

Unfortunately for her, the alphabet was not on Giulia's side this time, and she froze with nerves as her name was called up. Learning magic, making friends, all these things sounded thrilling to Giulia, but standing in front of the whole school? That was a bit much, if she was honest. But there was nothing to be done, and Giulia couldn't help wrapping her arms around herself as she dragged her feet all the way to the stool, almost tripping on an uneven patch of floor despite having her eyes locked firmly downwards. As she sat down and faced the school she felt another thrill of terror for a moment, though that feeling was quickly relieved as the brim of the hat fell right over her eyes, knocking her glasses onto an uncomfortable angle as it covered them. She wiggled one hand under the hat to adjust her glasses slightly, blinking as she slowly adjusted to its darkness. It was only once she couldn't see the audience that it finally fully struck Giulia how odd this situation was. A magic hat was reading her mind. She wondered if it could hear her thinking about it right now. Did it have a brain buried somewhere in there? A magical nervous system? At what point of sentience did an object stop being an object and become a person? She wondered what it would be like, having not only all the thoughtfulness of a person but all the information read from thousands of students minds over years and years, but not being able to so much as move. How would a hat pass the time when it didn't have minds to read? Surely just by the value of the knowledge it had absorbed over the years, the hat had to be the wisest being ever to enter this building, it could probably answer thousands of questions if asked. It seemed a bit of a waste to just... unpack it once a year to sort some kids. Pondering the nature of the hat on her head made it much easier not to think about the hundreds of kids watching her sit here, and Giulia continued to think as she waited.

"I can hear you loud and clear. It is good to be curious, and certainly you've made this decision very easy for me....and as for how I pass the time between sortings...well really, what's 355 days when you've lived a thousand years...anyway...Ravenclaw,"
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Although she still wished she were attending Beauxbatons, Giulia felt much more settled returning for her second year. Her English had improved, and she had managed to make several friends. As she settled in though, Giulia quickly managed to make an enemy in Gwen Goodwin, a Slytherin who saw Giulia as easy to exploit. She tried to keep most of her time with her friends though, dedicating herself to her work on the Hogwarts Monthly. Around Valentines she had a chat with her friend Felix that had Giulia seeing him in a new light, as the beginnings of a crush developed.​
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Giulia's third year was a quiet one, with most of her focus on her studies, and on spending time with her friends and working hard on the Hogwarts Monthly.​
Study GroupWith various Ravenclaws
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Giulia's year was a quiet one, most of her time spent focusing on her studies. Her English was coming along well, making it easier than ever to connect with her friends. She enjoyed her work on the Monthly and continued to develop as a journalist. She couldn't help clinging on to her feelings for Felix Carnahan, wishing she could spend more time with him.​
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Ever since her first day of primary school, Giulia had been looking forward to her eventual graduation. As much as she loved learning, she hated school, being trapped in a box with hundreds of people who didn't like her, forced to spend all day every day with them. Starting Hogwarts had been even worse - not only had she been surrounded by strangers, but she barely even spoke the same language as them. Now though, after seven years of making this school her home, she was actually sad to be leaving. It was an uncomfortable feeling, being both relieved and distraught that this long-anticipated day had come. She had made friends, she had found her place, accomplished things she never thought she could. And now it was all over.

She smiled as her uncle took to the stage, Matt's presence a balm on such a complicated day. Felix and Molly's speeches both put a smile on her face too, reminiscing fondly. It felt silly now, how certain she had been that Felix was her true love, and how betrayed she had felt when they dated. Felix was a nice boy, certainly, but she had found such a perfect love that the idea of them together felt laughable. And Molly was far too precious as a friend, one of the first people who had been kind to her at Hogwarts. They both deserved all of their accomplishments though, and Giulia clapped for both of them happily. And then Matt took the stage again, and it was almost no time before...

"Alcott, Giulia."

She took a shaky breath as she ascended the stage, grinning nervously as she met eyes with Matt, though her attention was quickly drawn to the crowd, and she couldn't help rollling her eyes. Of course her brother and father had made a fuss, and she gave Louis a pointed look before returning her attention to Matt, smiling as she took her diploma and shook his hand. And that was it. School was really, truly over, and she had nothing ahead but building a future with Akihiro, walking into the unknown hand in hand.
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