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Aaliyah Chun

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It was the second semester and while Aaliyah had some ideas that she could use for the meeting, they were more appropriate for the first meeting of the year where they had new members and such. Since it was already the second semester and most members were already familiar with each other, she decided to let them take it easy. She figured all of them could use the time to ease back to the deadlines and along with that were the upcoming exams for those taking OWLs and NEWTs. Once everybody had settled down, she started with @Giulia Alcott next to her. She had already guessed the girl was the shy type which prompted Aaliyah to speak first. "Hello everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful break. We're in our last semester and before we get started on those submissions,", she waved her wand and three images floated up to the board. "Just choose one and answer this question - 'What story does this image inspire you to write about?" She was hesitant to go with this writing exercise but she thought it could be fun and easy. "Any length is fine and if you have any more questions, you can ask me or Giulia.", she added, glancing at the girl, wondering if she had something more to add.

The first semester of co-running the Monthly had gone surprisingly smoothly, but Giulia was feeling no more confident about her position. She had joined the paper to learn English, and there was no part of her that was actually qualified to correct other people on their English. But here she was, and somehow the ground hadn't crumbled under her feet. She still felt as though the club was seeing her for the fraud she felt though, and she stayed silent as Aaliyah started the meeting, relieved to let someone else be the voice. She felt her linguistic inadequacy in every roll of her Rs, every vowel that didn't fit the shapes her mouth wanted them to. Just speaking in front of a room of writers gave her away as a fraud. So she nodded along cheerfully as Aaliyah spoke, giving a cheerful wave when the co-leader addressed her. "Have fun everyone, and thanks in advance for your work on the paper this semester." She added, doing her best to get her accent under control and failing miserably.

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