Y45 Graduation Ceremony: Graduates

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Matt stood at the end of the hall and watched as graduates, guests, staff members, and prefects entered and settled into their seats. The long house tables had been removed from the hall, leaving enough room for many rows of chairs for everyone in attendance. The decorations for the four houses were gone as well, replaced by simple banners with the Hogwarts symbol on them. The graduates were no longer a part of their house, they stood together as the graduating class of 2061.

After waiting for everyone to sit down, Matt made his way across the stage to take his position at the podium. It was one of the first times he had to do this, and he hoped his nerves weren't showing. There was something different about addressing parents and other guests along with the usual students. He hoped this would all go smoothly. "Welcome everyone to the graduation ceremony of twenty-sixty-one. I would like to thank you all for joining us in this celebration of all the bright young witches and wizards who will be receiving their diplomas today. Seventh years, you should all be proud of what you have achieved." He said with a smile. "Your lives are just beginning, you are the future of wizardkind. I think I speak for all of the staff when I say that our future is a bright one." He said, pausing for a moment. "With that, I'd like to call upon our head students Felix Carnahan and Molly Burke take the podium." With that, Matt finished, stepping to the side to allow the two head students to take the stage
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Felix had been in a daze all morning. He couldn’t believe he was here in front of the whole school, well maybe not the whole school but it felt like it. After all the stress of the past few years it was surreal to think he was done with it all. Done with lessons, done with exams, done with patrols, done with quidditch. He had been so worried about making it through it all to this moment, and now that it was here he had almost forgotten to write a speech for today. He ended up staying up half the night after packing to try and write out his thoughts. Felix blinked when he heard his name and realized he had been zoning out during Professor Alcott-Ward’s speech and now he was up. With shaky legs he stood up and spotted his family. Immediately he felt more relaxed. Even if he made a fool of himself he knew they’d have his back, he’d just just have to deal with their teasing for the rest of his natural life. He shot a glance back at Molly once he was at the podium, and smiled reassuringly at her even if it was mostly for his sake than hers.

“Hello.” Felix began a little stiffly. “And welcome everyone who has come to celebrate with us today. For most of us it has been a long and not always easy journey to get here.” he said. Had he been this tense during his magic show? Maybe he just needed to pull something out of a hat to feel better. “When we arrived at Hogwarts most of us were scared or excited, but most importantly much shorter.” he joked and laughed awkwardly before quickly continuing. “It’s impossible to count all the ways we’ve grown over the past seven years. We’ve all learned so much from our professors, our friends, and our experiences here at school.” he said and shifted his weight from foot to foot. “Now our next step is to graduate and face the world as adults. I know I will likely feel just as scared and small as I did when I got here all those years ago. But now I also know that I am capable of learning and growing and doing hard things.” he said feeling a bit more confident. This probably counted as a hard thing and he was in fact doing it.

“So congratulations to the class of 2061 for doing hard things and making it here today.” Felix said proudly. “I also want to thank all the family and friends who have supported us through the years and all the people who can’t be here today.” he said and paused for a moment when he felt a lump rise in his throat. His mom had died years before he had even started at Hogwarts and he always felt her absence, especially on days like today. He cleared his throat before finishing up his speech. “Together we can face whatever is next together. Thank you.” he said a bit quickly before sitting down, relieved to be done for good now.
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Today was officially the day they would be graduating. Molly wasn't sure how she felt, but it was a mixture of emotions. Molly however was a bit nervous about her speech. She had spent a while worrying about her speech and what she wanted to say. Molly sat in her seat throughout the headmaster's speech, her legs lightly bouncing up and down as she tried her best to pay attention. Molly wasn't the greatest when it came to public speaking. She was a little glad that she hadn't gone up first, but she was still a little nervous. Molly listened to Felix's speech, chuckling quietly at the small joke he had made within his speech. Molly nodded at the mention of Felix thanking the people who couldn't be there today. She instantly thought of her parents, especially her mum, her mum had decided not to come last minute, which had upset her a little. Though she did enjoy his speech, it wasn't long until it was Molly's turn to say her piece. Molly took a deep breath, before heading up to the podium.

"H-Hello," Molly said a little nervously, before clearing her throat. "Hello, everyone," Molly says more clearly, with a little more confidence. "Today is finally the day when we're reaching the end of our years at Hogwarts and heading towards another milestone in our lives" Molly states, as she looks around the room with a shy smile, trying her best not to be too nervous. "I know that for some of us, our seven years at Hogwarts have been different for each of us, some of us with a lot of highs, lows and maybe all in between. But we've finally made it here today, to graduate and to finally see what it's like on the other side" Molly says with a smile. "I wanna thank everyone here today. Everyone here has supported and guided each and every one of us in some sort of way, whether it be a teacher, friend, family member, anyone" Molly says with a smile as she looked around, she knew her speech wasn't the greatest compared to Felix's but she wanted to try her best to sell it, as well as get it over with. "Congrats to the class of 2061!" Molly says with a smile, before muttering a quick thank you and heading back to her seat, glad that she finally had that over and done with.
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After last year, it was nice to hear two nice and well-written speeches that weren't too negative. Matt smiled at the head boy and girl in turn, briefly wondering what Celia was up to these days. When both Hufflepuffs were done, Matt stepped forward with a smile. "Thank you both." He said kindly, before turning his attention to the other graduates. "To the class of Twenty-sixty one, I wish you all the luck in the future. I know you will all be amazing. Once I call your name, come up to the stage to receive your diploma.” He took the group of graduates in for a moment, then smiled and read the first name on his list.
Brevity had never seen herself as the graduating type. She had always just disliked school, so she didn't try and had always hoped to drop out. Especially when she'd been sent to this boarding school. Her feelings towards the school and schools in general hadn't really changed in the time since she had started at it. She didn't feel like it was a good use of her time in the slightest. But at the very least, she was now finished, she was now graduating, and able to finally put it behind her and go on to do much better things. Like party. She was looking forward to living in New Zealand, nice and far away from her family, she was looking forward to having time to do whatever she wanted.

Brevity sat amongst the other students int he graduating class, surprised to see that some of them seemed physically upset about the fact that they would be leaving school. She knew they would have a closer attachment to the place than she. Brevity had after all joined in fifth year. She didn't hold any attachments to the place, and really only one attachment to a person in it. She rolled her eyes at the speeches, knowing that come things wrapping up none of it would matter, none of what was said would matter. She was one of the first names to be called and got her diploma quickly, unwilling to linger on the stage in front of people too long, knowing that she was just able to now leave and say goodbye to the school forever.
Seamus was glad that in this graduation he got to sit with his brother. He had worried that they would end up sitting apart, with their houses being different, but they hadn't, and he was glad for it. Seamus knew that he wouldn't want to be apart from his brother on a day like this. They were finally graduating, about to step into the world and able to finally put school and everything else behind them. He knew he wanted to spend a good amount of time just relaxing and not working and looked forward to being able to move out of his parents and pave his own way. With his brother alongside him. The Slytherin was just looking forward to being done, to being able to say goodbye to this place, and just be out in the world.

Seamus glanced at the head boy as he started speaking. He didn't know the man well, only via quidditch and the brotherhood. He didn't think the guy was bad, but knew that their interests were not the same, their friends wre not the same. Seamus didn't mind what they said, but he didn't think it matter much. He was much more keen to just graduate and be done with it. To be finished and able to leave the school. He glanced at his brother as names were called forward, with just like sorting, Hamish going first and him going second. He gladly took the diploma and was glad that it was finally over. School was finally done.
Leonardo Orr, wasn't sure how he felt about graduating and going off into the big world. He knew that he still had no idea what he wanted to do. He still had no clue what path would be best for him. No idea what career he could do. He wasn't even sure he knew what he wanted from life. But it didn't matter. Leo was graduating, and entirely different person from the one which had been sorted. he was no longer living with his grandfather, he no longer dealt with the pressure of never being good enough, he as feeling more at ease, happier. Leo hadn't managed a patronus at all yet, but he felt like with enough time he might just. Leo had invited Uncle James and Jordie to his graduation, they were after all, his family. He wanted to do them proud, wanted to show that he was still worthy of the love they showed him. Even if part of his mind reminded him that their love wasn't conditional. He glanced around trying to see if he could spot them in the crowd before focusing on Felix and Molly as they spoke.

Leonardo nodded along with what was said, appreciating Felix's attempts at humour and the thankfulness with which Molly approached it. He thought about what he might've said, how he might've talked about his time here, but Leo knew that he'd have never made it on to that stage. Speaking in front of so many people, that was...no. But it didn't matter, he had never been good enough in the eyes of the professors to be trusted with such a thing, and he didn't blame them. He agreed. Though Uncle James helped a lot, he knew that he just wasn't....good. Leo listened as names were called out and he applauded politely for the various students. He crossed the stage and took his diploma, shaking the hand of the headmaster and then hurrying off, unwilling to be on stage any longer than he needed to be.
Renata still honestly couldn't believe she was here. Seven years ago, she had expected to eke out a miserable existence at Durmstrang. She would pass through the years as a ghost and have nothing to show for it. But her family had taken a chance, and her life had changed unquestionably for the better because of it. Her academics were...nothing to write home about, admittedly, especially not for NEWTs, but she had made friends, she had been a leader, and she'd discovered not just a passion but an actual talent for Quidditch. After a few years, she felt like she could confidently say she was one of the best players in the school, as opposed to when she arrived and would never have admitted such a thing out loud. Before, the idea of playing professionally had been a pipe dream, something to hope for but not to plan on, and yet now here she was, very seriously looking to start a playing career. She wasn't sure where, but she genuinely had options open. What came after was much less clear, but she'd have time to work it out, she was sure.

Same thing with relationships - she hadn't been able to see much of Eugene, and she had not invited him to graduation because it felt a little embarrassing in a way, but now she would be able to see if they could really make it work once they were both living their adult lives. Meeting him at all was something that never would have happened if she'd been stuck at Durmstrang, nor would have she made friends at all, she figured. She looked around at the others graduating with her with an almost wistful smile. There wouldn't be any more late night cram sessions and snacks with Molly and Sky, no more casual Quidditch chats in the common room or at the breakfast table with Felix and Leo, no turning to Gwen for advice on which colour to paint her nails. (Her nails were usually pretty short and stubby anyway thanks to playing chaser, but the knowledge helped). No more hanging out in the Heta room, rightfully agreeing that boys could be so stupid (not that Eugene fell into that category, but Renata was too good natured not to empathize).

All in all, though, even though she was a little sad and a little scared about stepping out in to the world on her own, Renata was more excited than anything else. She knew her family would have liked her to stay - especially her father, she thought, beaming proudly at him as she accepted her diploma and thanked the Headmaster - but thanks to this school, Renata felt confident enough to spread her wings and strike out on her own. She had grown up believing that she was only ever going to play a supporting role, but maybe, just maybe, she'd get to be a star in her own right.
Akihiro couldn't believe that the time had flown by so quickly. One moment, he'd been just joining the school, aching for his missing mother and determined to make things better for his younger sister. Before he'd known it, they were sitting at his graduation. Giulia Alcott was currently the love of his life, and he couldn't imagine his future without her in it. And he imagined his future often- he'd already found a college in France, and a nice apartment. His lessons with Valerius had gone so well he was sure he'd be fine. He looked in the crowd for his father and sister, shooting them a warm smile as the speeches were given. He wasn't really listening, his eyes instead searching for his girlfriend, and he gave her a warm smile as well when he spotted her. Her name was called first, of course, and he cheered for her in an appropriate way. He didn't have to wait long for his name to be called, and he stood, taking his own walk with his head held high. He'd had a few rough moments, but all in all he was pleased with how his time had gone at the school. He was planning, always planning, and his future was gorgeously bright. He walked back to his seat with his diploma, eager to get started.
Graduation seemed to have come faster than Hamish had expected. Especially considering how he'd felt coming into this school. He couldn't say he had loved it here, or that it had dramatically changed his life. But he could see how it had changed him. He and Seamus had been forced to find more independence from each other, and he was just glad that they'd not fallen apart completely. He sat with Seamus now, thinking back on everything.

He'd been on the Quidditch team, even led it at the end, and it had been a surprising source of comfort for him. He'd also spent a lot of time in the kitchens, which was good, and he'd been studying new cuisines and techniques. He had a solid plan, he'd been looking at a few schools he wanted to attend, but for now he was going to get a job working in a restaraunt for a few years. His parents were pretty useless, but they had put together enough of a trust fund of sorts to get the boys into their own place, and he could work with that. He blinked, drawn from his thoughts when he heard his name called.

He stood, and walked over to get his diploma, nodding and giving a polite smile to everyone before returning to his brother, giving a more genuine smile to the man as Seamus was called up next. This was it then- they'd go home, pack their things, and move out by the end of the month. It was all set. There was nothing for it now but to go forward.
Maisie was excited- but that was usual for her. She was a very bright, bubbly personality. She wore her favorite witches hat, with a star hanging off the tip and a galaxy slowly swirling off the fabric. She talked to what felt like a dozen people before finally finding her seat as things began. She smiled brightly, glancing around until she saw Brevity. She blew her girlfriend a flirty kiss before turning her attention fully to the speakers. She cheered loudly with the others, just having a good time. When it was finally her turn, she jumped up, skipping over happily to get her diploma before moving back to her seat, falling into it with a relieved sigh. She had absolutely no idea what was supposed to come next, but she was eager to find out.
Xinyi felt shy sitting up on the stage, and he couldn't help but fidget. He was sitting next to his twin, but he couldn't help the bit of anxiety still in the pit of his stomach. He was twisting his hands in his lap- did they have to be sitting like this? Still, he supposed there could be one advantage... he peeked, and looked around, his shoulders untensing a bit as he spotted Rosie. He gave her a gentle smile, and just kept his eyes on her while others were called up to get their diploma. This next year was going to be rough, he knew, but he hoped they could make it through it. He loved her, and he was sure that he wanted to marry her someday. Until then, he'd just need to find a job and get them a nice apartment- preferably something with a balcony, or a good amount of sunlight. He was thinking of that, of the place he'd like to get them, when he felt a nudge in his side. He looked up, and realizing his name had been called, he rushed over, blushing and almost stumbling as he collected his diploma. He smiled shyly and hurried back to his seat, feeling embarrased but ready to get started on his new plans for the next year.
Gwen was feeling a little impatient about graduation, it felt like it had taken too long to get to this point. Her last year at Hogwarts had been boring and disappointing, and Gwen couldn't wait until she was somewhere she could be recognized for the great witch she was. After all, she should have been the one on the podium instead of Molly. Still, she didn't particularly want to give some empty speech about hope to the hall, so she was fine sitting where she was. She listened as the head boy gave his speech, wondering if he was aware it sounded just like all the speeches before him from the previous years. The same thing went for Molly. Still, Gwen made a point of shooting her an encouraging smile, it would be nice to keep her friendship for now. Though who knew if they could keep it up after graduating? Gwen sighed as she looked around. René wasn't here, which was a shame. He felt really bad about it too, which was annoying. Obviously, it wasn't his fault he had a game to play today, but it would have been nice to rub her professional Quidditch player boyfriend in people's faces. She looked up when the names started being called. When it was her turn, she smiled and got up, calmly walking to the stage to accept her diploma. She supposed it was kind of a nice moment. She returned to her seat, feeling optimistic about her future.
The moment Felix sat down after his speech he was pretty sure someone cast a jelly legs jinx on him. The stress he had been carrying for what felt like ages left his body and he suddenly really wanted to take a nap. But unfortunately he was still on stage and waiting his turn to actually get his diploma. He watched disinterestedly as the first students were called. He grinned at Molly when it was her turn and thankfully his name was pretty early in the alphabet too. He scrambled to his feet with little grace when he heard his name. He grinned when he heard his dad cheer for him from the crowd. He spared a quick glance of his shoulder and waved to his family before taking the piece of paper he had been working so hard for. It felt oddly light considering everything he had gone through to get it, but it was all his. He knew what ever came after this he could handle, he just needed a small break first before he startled to tackle the rest of the world.
Axel was excited for the ceremony to begin...and end. This was a big moment, he knew. He realized that though he was eager to leave his schooling behind and become more of an adult, he also still didn't have much of an idea for what he wanted to do next. The career event a few weeks before had helped as he now had some ideas, but the Ravenclaw knew that he was going to go home and take it easy for a few weeks before putting any effort into a career. He could just work at the bookstore, pocket the money he made, and do little else.

The seventh year listened to the speeches, disappointed that he hadn't graduated the year prior if only for the opportunity to have heard the Slytherin Head Girl's speech first hand. He clapped with the rest as the speeches concluded and they all got ready to accept their diplomas. Axel waited to hear his name, stepping forward confidently when he did to grab that piece of parchment. He scanned the crowd, happy to see his mother and grandfather there. The Ravenclaw took a seat, the feeling of having accomplished a goal settling in.
Genevieve was never usually a nervous person, but somehow the idea of graduating made her feel butterflies in her stomach. She had been waiting for the moment for so very long, and now that it was finally real, Evie didn’t know what to do with herself. She was feeling so many emotions, including excitement and relief, but also sadness. She had made so many memories at the school, all of which she didn’t realise how special they were until now. It really made her appreciate every single aspect of her life, and she never thought she could ever be so sentimental.

The Gryffindor waited patiently for the ceremony to begin, balling her hands into fists to stop them from shaking. Felix’s speech was quick and simple, and as Molly spoke, Evie smiled up at her best friend, agreeing with every word she said. She was so happy that Molly ended up being Head Girl and not some of her other classmates. It was definitely so very well deserved.

Soon enough, the Headmaster began calling everyone to head up and collect their diplomas. Evie had never felt so nervous in her whole life, despite it being quite a simple task ahead of her. When her name was called, she almost tripped up the stairs, chuckling nervously as she collected her diploma and smiled out to everyone as she stood on the stage. She then quickly headed off, feeling as though she had just embarrassed herself entirely. But now that was over, she felt a lot of pressure off her shoulders. She had finally done it and now she could celebrate with her family.
When she had first started at hogwarts Sky had looked forward to graduation. to the day she would be free to cross the great halls stage get her certificate and be free to leave school, travel, make music, and be an adult. But today she didnt want to be there. She wanted one more year at the school. one more year of here. Yes she was excited for the freedom of graduating. But she was leaving so much behind. and she wasnt sure how free she would be when her girlfriend was still goign to be here for another year.
She entered the great hall and took her seat with her classmates thinking how similar this was to graduation. She warched as Professor Alcott ward spoke. and then Felix and molly. She listeend to their speeches thinking about what they were saying. It seemed that Felix was feeling similar to her about the prospect of facing the adult world. she didnt feel anywhere near as adult as the seventhy years had seemed when had looked up to them in first and second year. but somehow here she was. mollys speech was great too, short and simple and very molly. she clapped all of them when they each finished before it was time to call the names. Being an Ericksen she was fairly early on in the list. she kept listneing for her name before it was her urn. She got up and walked across the stage from the vantage point she could see her parents in the audience. and Nvawaiata as well with some of the other prefects she wanted to wave but years of music practice told her that was not proper. instead she smiled and nodded at each of them making eyecontact as she did before returning to her seat. She listetened to each of the other names and colapped for each of them. Especially Geulia and Molly who had graduated before her, molly, Renata and Leo. her closest friends from the year.
And then it was over. She got up and congratulated her friends and as people started to drift off towards family she went to find her parents and Ngawaiata.
Molly never felt so relieved when she sat back down. Speeches were not part of Molly's strengths, as she was glad that bit was finally over. It wasn't long until it was the student's turn to walk across the stage to receive their diploma. This was finally it. Once she walked across that stage, it meant that she received a paper that told her she had graduated and there was no turning back now. It wasn't long before Molly's name had been called, she let out a nervous breath before making her way up the stage and across, as she grabbed the paper and shook his hand. Molly was glad that her brother, Nolan was able to join and watch her graduate, as her parents were unfortunately unable to make it. She then quickly went back to her seat. She smiled and cheered for Felix once he had received his, as well as many of her other friends like Evie, Renata, Sky and Gwen, while also clapping for her other classmates as well, happy and proud of everyone. This was it, they finally graduated and Molly couldn't believe it.
Ever since her first day of primary school, Giulia had been looking forward to her eventual graduation. As much as she loved learning, she hated school, being trapped in a box with hundreds of people who didn't like her, forced to spend all day every day with them. Starting Hogwarts had been even worse - not only had she been surrounded by strangers, but she barely even spoke the same language as them. Now though, after seven years of making this school her home, she was actually sad to be leaving. It was an uncomfortable feeling, being both relieved and distraught that this long-anticipated day had come. She had made friends, she had found her place, accomplished things she never thought she could. And now it was all over.

She smiled as her uncle took to the stage, Matt's presence a balm on such a complicated day. Felix and Molly's speeches both put a smile on her face too, reminiscing fondly. It felt silly now, how certain she had been that Felix was her true love, and how betrayed she had felt when they dated. Felix was a nice boy, certainly, but she had found such a perfect love that the idea of them together felt laughable. And Molly was far too precious as a friend, one of the first people who had been kind to her at Hogwarts. They both deserved all of their accomplishments though, and Giulia clapped for both of them happily. And then Matt took the stage again, and it was almost no time before...

"Alcott, Giulia."

She took a shaky breath as she ascended the stage, grinning nervously as she met eyes with Matt, though her attention was quickly drawn to the crowd, and she couldn't help rollling her eyes. Of course her brother and father had made a fuss, and she gave Louis a pointed look before returning her attention to Matt, smiling as she took her diploma and shook his hand. And that was it. School was really, truly over, and she had nothing ahead but building a future with Akihiro, walking into the unknown hand in hand.
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