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Open after Emzies posts with Friday

Making friends at Hogwarts had been harder than Vanity had anticipated. She had met the girls on the train, but they were both not entirely to be trusted. Besides that, she had mostly met annoying people. Vanity needed someone to hang out with and stat, she was sick of sitting by herself. She needed someone cool enough, so she wouldn't look like a loser. The best person she had met so far was Friday, though the girl definitely had an unfortunate name. Today, after classes, Vanity had decided to look for her. She finally spotted the girl in the second corridor, and she sped up her walking to catch up with her. She smiled, like she just happened to come across her. "Friday, hey!" She said, tapping her on the arm. "Oh my goodness I love your earrings." She added, mostly on reflex. Though they were cute. It was too bad she couldn't take them out of her ears without being detected.
Friday had been doing her best to gather a few acquaintances and friends. So far, Gryffindor had been a bit of a bust, which was disappointing. She just needed to broaden herself, find people in other houses and it would be fine. She was trying to dress nice, make her uniform a little less standard, and make sure her hair was falling in the way she knew was cute. Friday was heading towards Defence against the dark arts, having failed to remember what floor it was when she was stopped. She turned around and smiled, Vanity. The girl who was complaining about Slytherin. "Aww, thank you," she said. "Yours are cute too. Where did you get them?" Friday returned the compliment a little stiffly, but clearly trying to be friendly and nice to the girl, since she was the only person Friday had met so far who could be worth it.
Vanity thought Friday could have looked a little more happy to see her, but she pretended not to notice that. She smiled when the girl complimented her back, though she also mentally thought the girl could've complimented something more original, instead of just saying the same thing Vanity had said. "Oh, in France last year." She said, though that was a lie. She had gone to France, but these earrings were way older, she didn't remember where she got them. "Where were you going?" She asked her as she fell into step beside her.
Friday couldn't help the little impressed noise she made at the earrings being from France. "That's so cool and fancy," she complimented a lot more sincerely. "Were you in France on holiday?" she asked, trying to learn more about Vanity, and asking about holidays was something she had heard people do. "I was heading to Defence Against the Dark Arts, but I got the floor wrong, this place should come with a map," she said with an exasperated tone. Trying to not admit that she'd gotten lost in so many words.
Vanity smiled, pleased by Friday's reaction. It made the lie worth it, and it was hardly a lie. She had been in France. She nodded. "With my family." She said, choosing not to mention it had been a pretty crappy holiday. Vanity smiled. "I think we have that class together, actually." She said though she had forgotten about it for a bit. "I think it's a floor lower? We can go look together, they can't get mad at us if we're late if they give poor directions right?"
Friday nodded eagerly, thinking it slightly obvious that Vanity would've gone to France with her parents. ”Where did you go in France?” she asked. ”Was it Paris?” she asked, it was the only location in France that she knew, but she was sure that other places were as cool. ”Oh really?” She asked, vaguely remembering that it was a class that she shared with slytherin's. She nodded in agreement. ”If they still get mad after our very valid excuse I'll just tell my brother they made me cry and he'll deal with it,” Friday knew that Monday wouldn't actually do anything, but hoped it might make her look a little cooler. ”Do you wanna sit together when we get to class?”
Friday's question kind of dampened Vanity's mood. She hadn't been anywhere near Paris, but she didn't want to admit that. On the other hand, she also didn't want to outright lie. She shrugged. "Near Paris." She hedged. "But Paris is a bit.. basic, you know?" She nodded as she followed the girl to Defense Against the Dark Arts, only mostly sure she was actually supposed to go to that class. Vanity raised her eyebrows slightly as Friday talked about her brother. "What would he do?" She asked, intrigued. "What year is he?" She added, thinking of Emery. He never did anything cool for her. She grinned. "Totally!"
Friday hadn't realized Paris was basic, it seemed beautiful and amazing. But she gave a little noise as if to say duhhh. ”Oh yeah, totally,” she agreed, not believing it. But she could lie a little, smudge the truth a little, if this meant something. ”He's a fifth year, and he'd do anything for me,” she wasn't sure what he might actually do, but she had to stick to her lie a little. She was also very glad that Vanity wanted to sit with her in classes, meaning she could sit with someone she knew and hopefully continue the friendship she had with her. ”Do you have siblings?”
Vanity almost grinned when the girl easily agreed with her about Paris. She got the feeling Friday would agree with almost anything if it was said with enough confidence. But as the Gryffindor spoke about her brother, Vanity felt jealous. She frowned. "Right, but what could he do against a professor?" She asked, eyebrows raised. She sighed when the girl asked about her own siblings. "I also have a brother, he's useless. He's in fourth year and a total loser." She said with another dramatic sigh.
Friday shrugged, "I don't know, maybe shout at them. Or he knows more spells, maybe curse them. I just know he'd defend me," she spoke a little quickly, not actually having anything that would answer the question solidly like perhaps Vanity was looking. She was surprised that Vanity also had an older brother who wasn't willing to protect and do things for her. "Oh, that sucks. I have four sisters too, they're not losers but....," she trailed off a little not finishing the sentence or the thought, perhaps unwilling to insult them too much and letting Vanity fill in the blanks.
Vanity wasn't sure if she believed Friday. She raised her eyebrow at the Gryffindor. "To a professor? He'd get expelled for sure." She told her plainly. Maybe Friday actually believed it, but if it was true her brother was a big idiot. Vanity shrugged when Friday said it sucked that her brother was a nerd. She guessed it did, but at least he was easy to ignore. What the girl said about her sisters was intriguing, though. Vanity smiled. "What are they, then?" She asked, not letting Friday off that easily.
Friday shrugged, "Our dad isn't around and Monday is super protective of me," she explained as if it was obvious that a brother should be like that. But Friday knew that Monday might get just take a professor's side on it. "They're weird. Like one of my sister's really likes bones..," she said, whispering the last part. "And everyone thinks I'm the weird one for liking make up and looking in magazines," she said. She was exaggerating a little. But sure that it would play right.
Vanity barely kept her face in check when Friday revealed a bunch of personal information about her family, her eyebrow only twitching slightly. She was glad to move on to Friday's sisters, letting out a small giggle as she said one of her sisters was into bones. "Oh, my brother is like that. He's obsessed with gobstones." She said though she had to admit bones was a little weirder. She briefly considered talking about Briony, who was just as weird if not weirder, but she decided not to. She didn't want Friday making fun of her next year. She still hoped a little that Briony would decide to be more normal when coming to Hogwarts.
Friday only knew in theory what gobstones were. She had never played them and never bought any. "The marbles type game?" she asked, since that was the closest reference she had for it and didn't know how else to describe it. Perhaps it wasn't that bad, but it was not a game for her and clearly not one for Vanity. "Do you know what clubs you'll sign up for?" Friday asked, knowing a little about the clubs and which ones she wanted to sign up for.
Vanity nodded when Friday asked if gobstones was the marble game. She grimaced. "Don't say that near him if you don't want an hour-long lecture on the difference." She advised her, although if Vanity had any say in it, she would keep Friday far away from Emery for as long as she could. The girl asked about clubs, and Vanity hesitated. "I don't really know them that well." She admitted. "I hear there's a girls club, I'd like to join that. You?"
Friday gave a little giggle at the fact that Vanity's brother would lecture her on it. "You'll have to point your brother out to me, so that I don't make that mistake," she said. The clubs were interesting. She had heard about the girl's club and had been intending on going along to that. "Yeah, me to. I want to join the student defence club too, I hear they do duelling," she said. She'd also been thinking about the Monthly, but she wasn't sure yet.
Vanity smiled at Friday’s joke, though she definitely had no intention of pointing her brother out to her new friend. No way. She was glad to hear Friday wanted to join the girl club too, whatever it was called, but the other club she mentioned puzzled her. “Why? Isn’t that like, more Defence Against the Dark Arts in your free time?” She asked, frowning. She wasn’t sure what the Defence lessons would be like, but she guessed they wouldn’t be interesting enough to do in her free time as well.
Friday shook her head a little. "Oh I thought it would be more like learning how to fight, and cast spells, not learning," Friday had been sure that duelling would just be a fun thing to do, to spend time doing. To know how to cast spells well, and no in a classroom setting. "Well, maybe I'll check it out and then if it is just more defence I'll just quit," She said, never minding herself about quitting a club if she didn't enjoy it.
Vanity still didn’t quite understand Friday when she said she had thought it was more about fighting. Vanity wanted to learn spells as much as the next girl, but fighting seemed messy. “I’d rather not have someone try to jinx me.” She said with a shrug. “But to each their own.” She said, smiling slightly. “I think we’re almost at the Defence Againt the Dark Arts classroom. I wonder what the professor will be like.”
Friday gave a little shrug, she didn't really get not wanting to fight, or duel, since it had to be easy enough. It had to be good to know how to do, to be able to stop curses and curse people back."My sisters say he's okay," she replied with a shrug. Having of course asked her sisters about it. "But bleh, I'm not doing any homework if I can get away with it," Friday said with a little shrug.
Vanity smiled when Friday didn't try to fight her opinion on duelling. She was pretty good at letting things go, which was useful in a friend. Vanity nodded as Friday said her sisters said the professor was okay, though she wasn't sure if she should trust the opinion of someone who collected bones. Vanity laughed. "Same, maybe we can find someone to copy from." She suggested.
Friday giggled at the suggestion. "Well, it's not going to be a gryffindor, I don't think there's a single brain cell in that dorm besides mine," she said, thinking of all the gryffindors she had met were not exactly the most education driven. Friday doubted any of them would do the homework, and that at least did include herself. "What are the other slytherins like?" she asked. perhaps they'd be able to copy from one of them.
Vanity let out a laugh at Friday's comment. It was mean, and Vanity liked it. "Oh you're with those annoying girls." She suddenly realized. "The two with the weird names. Amortentia and Eluned, right?" She pulled a face. "They were horrible to me at scouts, pretty much tried to bully me." She told the girl. "I bet they're dumb." She added with a nod. Vanity shrugged. "I just have these two sisters in my dorm, they're... fine?" She hadn't really formed an opinion on them yet.
Friday wasn't sure which annoying girls, Vanity was talking about it, until she said it and nodded. ”God yes, they're terrible,” she said. She was pretty surprised when it seemed they'd bullied Vanity, well she wasn't going to let that happen to herself. ”Oh definitely, Armontentia wants everyone to call her Ten, which, ugh, Ten is a number,” she said, though obviously she was named after a day which wasn't much better. ”I guess fine is better than annoying? Do you think they're the types to do homework?” she asked.
Vanity smiled when Friday easily agreed Amortentia and Eluned were awful. It was pretty nice to have someone who agreed with her so readily and openly. Vanity nearly mentioned how being named after a number wasn't any weirder than being named after a day, but she stopped herself just in time. "I mean, her actual name is a love potion, which is probably weirder." She said with a small shrug. Vanity shrugged again at Friday's next question. "No clue, I barely talked to them."

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