The Bi-Weekly Update! (It's Back!)

Hi everyone. We are back on track! This one is sparse, so it's an easy read.

End of the Semester
The semester has wrapped up. Lessons and exams have been submitted, and the holiday forums are open for students.

Hogwarts Monthly
The latest addition of Hogwarts Monthly was released a week ago. Read it, and post your characters' reactions!

Yule Ball
The Yule Ball open last Friday, and there has been some drama! Check out the Yule Ball here, and don't forget to post your ACCIO! pictures here.

Y38 IC Superlatives
In. Character. Superlatives. Are. Happening! It has been a while since we've seen IC Superlatives, so this will be a treat! The most important thing to remember is we are nominating the character, not the roleplayer. You can nominate and vote with all your characters, but each character should only nominate and vote once. You can find more information here.

Professor Application
There are a couple of professor positions open. Potions 1-4 and Care of Magical Creatures 3-4 applications are live. Having a professor can be difficult, but it a very rewarding position, and Site Staff will always be there to support you! If you have a character who fits the bill, head on over and apply. :)

Easter Egg Hunt!
The competition you all have been waiting for has arrived! Eggs have been scattered around the site, and if you don't find them all by tomorrow at 11:59 PM EST, the site won't smell so good. :x Little rabbits have also infiltrated made themselves comfortable around the board (perhaps they escaped from the Transfiguration classroom? :r).

Y38 Rose Delivery Sign-Ups
It is time to prepare for (IC) Valentine's Day by signing up to deliver roses! The thread to register is here, and make sure to read the guidelines too.

We got more plot highlights! :party: Keep it up, everyone!
More Than You Bargained For
  • Eric and Kas are just chatting, and then Kas kisses Eric!
Characters: Kasim Safir, Eric Holland​

Lunch For Friends
  • Mallory started the day thinking she was just off to have lunch with an old friend. But does Ares hold a secret he doesn't know he has about Mallory's long-lost older brother?
Characters: Mallory Corrins, Ares Jeffreys​

The Next Break
  • Lucas and Einar have reached a tipping point in their relationship. Over the years, they have been many things; Lucas started as his shadow and slowly became friends. For several years they've danced around each other, needing each other and not knowing how to react. Lucas has been involuntarily alone, and Einar has chosen to be. Will they stay alone?
Characters: Einar Haines, Lucas Ames​

Songs For You
  • Onyx has finally conquered his fear of dating Jamie. Now all that's left is actually to ask. And what better way to do that than with a bit of his usual dramatic flair? Of course, he's too afraid just to let go and do it himself. After all, the last time Onyx tried to serenade his love, it ended horribly. With Sapphire there to help keep him in check, will he stand a better chance of winning Jamie's heart?
Characters: Onyx Michaels, Sapphire Michaels, Jamie Derouin​

- Valentine's Day
- Break Fun
- Superlatives
- New Master Egg Hunters? o_O

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Thanks for the update Lovi!! Loving all the Yule Ball drama and having a lot of fun being terrible at finding eggs :r

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