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Hey everyone, We will be using this thread to highlight when areas open/close, events as they are happening, etc. outside of BWU time. So here's the first announcement: Semester two begins tomorrow! First and second years should automatically be enrolled in their courses. Third years and above, don't forget to sign up for your lessons!! Also, make any purchases you need to as the holiday forums will be closing soon-ish.
Hello HNZers! Site Staff is always on the look out for the next Character Spotlight! This tradition is meant to acknowledge and get to know the wonderful, amazing characters you make! If you don't know what a Character Spotlight is, once a month we highlight a character to show our appreciation for characters we feel are well-developed or recognize the impact they've had on the site (or a bit of both!). We like to show our appreciation and so that you guys can learn more about the character...
It's September! :frantics: I hope that you're ready for the end of Summer/Winter, and for all the related changes that means for you in your locale/stage of life! As for us, the wizarding world keeps on turning! It's a new semester! Semester 2 has begun, and with it has come the closing of the holiday forums, and as this is OWL/NEWT semester, the weeping of many fifth and seventh years. But we're sure there will also be much rejoicing and celebration to come, so hold on to your hats for...
Morning/afternoon/night all! As HNZ continues to develop and grow, we know that you expect the site staff to keep up, and we do too. Being a GM is a lot of responsibility, and we understand the free time it can take away from members' free time to enjoy the site. This is why we always extend an opportunity for past staff to step down when they don't have the time to participate fully as a GM and return when they do have the time. For that reason, we are always on the lookout for members who...

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