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Hey everyone, We will be using this thread to highlight when areas open/close, events as they are happening, etc. outside of BWU time. So here's the first announcement: Semester two begins tomorrow! First and second years should automatically be enrolled in their courses. Third years and above, don't forget to sign up for your lessons!! Also, make any purchases you need to as the holiday forums will be closing soon-ish.
It's time for Sorting!! 🎉🎉 As usual, there are two routes for bringing new characters into the school for Y38: GET THEM SORTED! Sorting is the best & quickest way to bring a character into the school. The sorting hat places them in the best house for them and they enter as a first year (11 years old). We recommend this to all new members on the board. We also encourage you to fill out the sorting form based on what your character is like (not what house you want them in :glare: ) - there...
Ending y37 What a year it’s been! Honestly, I never know where the time goes but it never stops! House Cup The winner of the house cup is Gryffindor!! Gryffindor just seemed to always stay ahead this year, with everyone in that house seemingly working just a little bit more than everyone else. It is a well deserved victory and makes it three years in a row that they’ve won. A huge congratulations to that house and everyone in it who worked impossibly hard for those sweet sweet points...
Happy New Year! We are back with our first BWU of the year. Hope you've missed them! Break week! The second semester of Y37 almost done. By now, all lessons should be posted *hint hint* :r and it's the best time for students to catch up on lessons and for professors to catch up on grading in advance of exams next week. We do suggest for OWL and NEWT level professors to consider posting those exams a few days in advance of Monday's scheduled exam time. Dueling tournament The dueling...