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Samuel Phillips

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Straight 11 1/2" Flexible Cypress Wand with Veela Hair Core

they said if you don't let it out you're gonna let it eat you away well
be a cannibal, baby, animals like me don't talk anyway i feel like an

From the Hebrew name (Shemu'el) which could mean either "name of God" or "God has heard". People with this name are competent, practical, and often obtain great power and wealth. They tend to be successful in business and commercial affairs, and are able to achieve great material dreams. Because they often focus so strongly on business and achievement, they may neglect their private lives and relationships. Asa Christian name, Samuel came into common use after the Protestant Reformation. His parents first decided to name him Samuele, which is the Italian usage of the name Samuel, however they later changed their minds and decided on using the english version as it was more common and easier for people of non-Italian heritage to pronounce.

The name Adrian is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Adrian is: Black; dark; of the Adriatic. People with this name tend to be idealistic, highly imaginative, intuitive, and spiritual. They seek after spiritual truth and often find it. They tend to be visionary and may inspire others. If they fail to develop their potential, they may become dreamers, or misuse power. As an English name, it has been in use since the Middle Ages, though it was not popular until modern times. His parents originally had the German use of Adrian in mind for a first name, however they later decided to use it for his middle name. They wanted to include his mother's German heritage somewhere, without it standing out too much and being obvious. While the usage of his middle name is intended to be German, Samuel and most of the people he knows speak it with the English usage.

The surname Phillips and its many variations are believed to be patronymic surnames, which mean they were originally derived from the male first name Philip or Phillip. Samuel's parents changed their names, and chose this last name as it was very common, and is boring enough so it can't be easily picked out from the crowd, but in the same way is also somewhat classy. There is no other special reason Samuel's parents decided on this surname when they changed their names.

Samuel was born at 9 in the morning on April 11 at a muggle hospital near Brightstone, New Zealand. He was born an estimated week and a half earlier than he was due however despite that was healthy.

He currently shares a house with his half-brother Jonathon in Queenstown, New Zealand. The house has four bedrooms,and three bathrooms, two of which are ensuites. It has an open plan kitchen, living and lounge area. Samuel's bedroom has a minimalist, black and white design and in order to maintain the right aesthetic he keeps his bedroom spotlessly clean. He is currently attempting to change the rest of houses interior aesthetic by moving furniture around and replacing old furniture with new furniture, but his attempts continue to fail because Jonathon doesn't want the house's design to be changed.

Rebecca and Samuel Phillips (Previously Luisa and Angelo Parrino). They are both of magical decent, Angelo being from a pure-blood family and Luisa from a family with a veela line. Angelo had a muggle career as a literary professor at a renowned university, and enjoyed being part of the magical and muggle worlds whereas Luisa spent most of her time at home. Samuel and his father had a very close relationship and he considers his father a role model in many respects, though Sam's relationship with his mother was very distant and cold. They both passed away shortly after Samuel's seventeenth birthday and spite not being extremely close to both of them he has yet to fully overcome their passing.

Samuel only has one sibling, a half-brother named Jonathon. They share the same father, but not the same mother and are very close despite their four year age gap. They are almost like twins sometimes, as they don't often talk much around each other but are able to recognize what the other is feeling to a degree. For them, their relationship is not completely defined by the amount they know each other or the amount they would do to keep the other safe, but more the feeling of comfort they get from being within the same room and saying nothing. They have always been close and now that they are both adults they openly spend a lot of time together, and will continue to remain close for the rest of their lives now that they have the choice.

Straight 11 1/2" Flexible Cypress Wand with Veela Hair Core

Length: 11 1/2" Style: Straight. Wood: A Cypress wand finds valour in the witches and wizards it chooses - so much so that the owners of Cypress wands have historically been expected to die an honourable death. This wand is for the brave and self-sacrificing. Core: Much like the creature that they come from, wands with veela hair are temperamental and volatile in nature. They are good for use in divination work and with charms. Wands with this core are usually inherited. Flexible: Not easily broken, this wand performs under strenuous circumstances with little effort - though how well it performs is ultimately up to its weilder.

Because Samuel's father was very well networked and interested in the muggle world, Sam has an elementary school level of muggle education. He began going to a public muggle school immediately after turning five, but after a few months transferred to a private muggle school because of the bullying he experienced. During the midst of Samuel's elementary education he learned the basics of reading and writing but for the most part was too focused on drawing in his school books than learning as much as he could.

Durmstrang (1st-6th) After turning eleven, he started his magical education at Durmstrang. He stayed there until the end of his sixth year when he transferred to Hogwarts New Zealand for his seventh year. Overall he wasn't very fond of his time at Durmstrang, he took a disliking to many of the students and hated being far away from his family most of the year. His grades were average and he didn't see any motivation to focus on school work. Hogwarts New Zealand (7th) He transferred to Hogwarts New Zealand to finish his seventh year for many different reasons. The foremost reason is that he wanted to be closer to home, and he had experienced many bi-phobic comments for most of his sixth year. He put a in little more effort during his classes and overall enjoyed attending Hogwarts New Zealand much more than he ever did at Durmstrang.

Samuel is currently a shopkeeper for Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop. Although being a shopkeeper was not in his initial career plan, he does enjoy having a job that is stable and keeps him in a healthy routine, and he especially enjoys being able to organize every item in the shop into categories. Samuel is still an artist on the side, and never intends to stop creating art, but he did need to change his career path in order to keep himself sane because being an artist full time had begun to exhaust every ounce of creativity in his body. In the art world, Samuel is mostly self-built through networking. Since he was a child he has been interested in art, and until he ventured into properly creating things to express himself he doodled in all his school books and on any paper he could find to pass the time. He has many interests which he could have developed into a career, although for him creating art has always taken top priority. Shortly after he graduated he began his venture into the art world and began networking and because of his persistence and long list of acquaintances he has made a small amount of success. At this point he is able to support himself through selling his art, and save a small amount of money as well though he is not rich by any means.

Mixed/part-veela: His side is mixed/part-veela and his Father's side is pureblood. Samuel doesnt have many thoughts on blood status. He was never taught to view pureblood wizards or witches as higher than anyone else or vice/versa and for the most part views every person whether they be magical or non-magical to be equal (though he does sometimes respect muggles more because his mother-figure is muggle and because of technology).

ambulance, chaser of faith, pray I could replace her, forget the way
her tears taste, the way her tears taste put another x on the calendar

He is slightly taller than average and due to this his build is rather slim. Because his height is what he considers to be "normal height" he doesn't pay much attention to it and is not self-conscious or arrogant about it. Unlike his thoughts in regards to the rest of his appearance he thinks indifferently about his height and doesn't view it to be special, nor does it make an effort to try and appear to be a different height.

He is of a healthy weight for his height, however he is in the low range for a healthy weight. Throughout his life he has always remained a healthy weight, though as a child he used to be on the heavier end of the healthy range. Since making the decision to become vegan his overall build has become rather slim and now Samuel has grown used to looking slim and works to keep his body that way. The way his body looks isn't as much as issue for others as it is for him, but he chooses not to listen to the people close to him when they say it wouldn't matter if he gained weight. He has slight muscle tone because he puts in effort to exercise, however overall his build is still slim and he intends to stay that way.

A mix of classy, old fashioned and casual. At home he's mostly caught in casual clothes since he isn't making much of an effort, cardigans, scarves, pyjamas, tanks, tees, jeans, combat boots & converse. Other times he's socializing, going out to meet friends or to parties, events etc. Then he dresses with an old-timey vibe about things (He likes to think of this as his 'artist image') specifically, suspenders, bow-ties, suits and dress shoes. Occasionally he'll mix both styles depending on his mood or the weather. He can be rather pretentious about his dress sense, and because of this refuses to wear cheap clothing. Most of the things he owns are considered by many to be "expensive" though he merely wants to keep up a tidy appearance and does not believe that cheap clothing can achieve that. Even the clothing he wears while lazing around the house are rather pricey.

He has a pale to mid complexion, and has freckles and smile lines that show in certain lights. His freckles are rather faint and barely noticeable unless they are close up and are fading as he continues to age into his adulthood. He is not prone to tanning and tends to burn so he does not make any effort to tan. Therefore his skin tone does not change much between seasons, especially since he is not much of an outdoorsy person and chooses not to spend much time outside during summer. He prefers to have more of a pale skin tone because it contrasts with the dark colour of clothing he tends to wear, and in his eyes it makes him stand out a little more.

He has very dry skin, and to combat this and look after his skin so it doesn't damage or look damaged he has a refined skincare routine. He uses two types of moisturizers, one in the morning when he wakes up, and the other before he goes to sleep at night. Overall his skin routine effectively keeps his dry skin healthy and over time helps prevent aging. He does often try out new moisturizers and usually opts for more pricey products however he is currently happy with his skin and has been using the same moisturizers over. Samuel believes keeping his skin healthy is very important because it contributes to the image he wants to portray.

Because of his mother's veela blood, his hair is naturally a shade of ashy to golden blonde. However he has been dyeing his hair to its current shade of brown since his mid teenage years. As a kid Samuel used to be indifferent towards his hair colour, but as he grew older and began dyeing his hair dark brown he has slowly began to resent his natural colour because it reminds him too much of his mother. Because it is his choice to dye his hair, he would gladly never see his natural hair colour again and remain a brunette the rest of his life.

His hair is dyed and is currently a shade of dark, sepia toned brown. He makes a lot of effort to keep his hair brown and goes out of his way and uses many various muggle and magical methods to avoid colour fade and regrowth. Because he has been in the habit of dying his hair for so long, all of his close friends have never seen his natural hair colour and most of the people he has met have no idea his brown hair is dyed. He enjoys being a brunette very much and he has no plans to stop dyeing his hair anytime soon.

He is not usually adventurous with his hair, keeping it the same length and style, short along the sides with a side swoop fringe. Occasionally he'll venture from a side swoop to a quiff and interchange between messy and neat hair, but otherwise his hair style stays relatively the same. He keeps his hair the same style because he views it to be timeless, so it will never go out of style and look outdated. It also matches the image he wants it to present, the length of his hair contributing to his overall neat and well-presented appearance.

Because of the Italian heritage on his father's side, Samuel's hair is naturally very thick. He keeps his hair shorter on the sides and the back but slightly longer at the top of his head because the length at the top gives him the opportunity to style his hair the way he likes without the sides or back of his hair getting in the way or appearing messy. This is the reason chooses to be very well organized so he can keep his hair this length. He prefers it shorter because it is neat and easy to maintain and style, while doesn't distract from his overall neat appearance by looking messy or unkempt.

Samuel doesn't grow facial hair because he finds it to be annoying and uncomfortable, and thinks it irritates his skin. Naturally his facial hair tends to grow quickly so he shaves on a daily basis to maintain a cleanly shaven face and neck. He has never considered growing his facial hair out, because as well as irritating him to a great extent it would also make his overall image seem messy. In the future he doesn't intend to grow out his facial hair or change his daily shaving routine.

Much like his father, Samuel's eyes are brown. There are noticeable dark circles and redness around his eyes caused by lack of sleep and general fatigue, which only worsens when he is unable to sleep. To combat his dark circles and redness he has worked himself into the habit of sleeping at least 8 hours a night.

He suffers from short-sightedness (myopia). This was first noticed in his early teenage years, and because of this he wears glasses around his house and when he is dressed casually. His glasses have ray ban frames that most people joke about how they make him appear to be a nerd or a hipster. He chose his glasses because in his opinion they appeared to be the most angular and neat looking, without being too obvious as a fashion statement. He does own contact lenses, however usually chooses not to wear them because they irritate his eyes. For formal events he won't wear glasses and will only wear his contacts if it is absolutely necessary.

He has no piercings and never intends to get a piercing. The idea of sicking a piece of metal through a part of his body kind of freaks him out so he will never get a piercing himself. He doesn't have much of an opinion in regards to other people getting piercings as long as the piercing is not distasteful or ugly. If he had to voice his opinion on other people's piercings he would say they look the best when minimalist or tasteful by his standards.

Samuel has only had one tattoo in his life, and he never intends to get another. When he was 16 he got his first tattoo of an ex's name on his right wrist. However shortly after his 18th birthday he chose to have the tattoo removed with magical treatment. Now it is a barely noticeable, faint scar. Because his first tattoo was a stupid, spur of the moment decision he regrets it and was glad he had the option to remove it and because of this will never plans to get a tattoo again.

He only has one other distinguishing feature in the form of a small scar on his left shoulder blade. The scar formed after he fell out of his tree house at age seven, and a branch cut deeply into his back as he fell down. After the original cut healed up it left a very obvious scar, but through aging the scar has faded a great amount and now appears very faint.

there is simply nothing worse than knowing how it ends and i meant
everything i said that night i will come back to life, but only for you

Samuels romantic orientation is hetero, meaning he is only romantically attracted to females. Sam has never been in a "real" relationship with a male, and does not see the appeal or ever intend to be in a relationship with a male. He is only able to form romantic and emotional connections with members of the opposite sex. Samuels sexual orientation is bisexual, which means he is sexually attracted to both women and men. In the past Sam has slept with both sexes, and doesn't show any favor towards men or women. His gender orientation is male, so he identifies with the gender he was born with. In regards to his opinion on sexuality and gender orientations, Samuel keeps an open mind in every way and has never judged or been close minded towards others of different orientations.

Samuel has an obvious "type" in regards to women. He is often attracted to women that are confident, intelligent, level headed and fashionable. Of course there are many things about a woman's appearance that typically turn him on, blonde hair, slimness and gorgeous eyes among other things, however, he thinks the ability to hold a conversation and confidence is his biggest turn on. In regards to men, his turn ons are not as obvious. Confidence is still very important, though what he finds attractive in men varies greatly and doesn't show a particular pattern.

Samuel is currently interested in his close friend, Charlotte Williams and is very conflicted about it. He is conflicted because while he does not want to ruin ruin his friendship with her by admitting he has feelings, nor does he want to cause drama with Charlotte's current boyfriend, but he does believe that he needs to tell her about his feelings eventually and that she deserves to know. Despite this all he is currently keeping his feelings buried, doing everything he can to distract himself from them and cover them up so Charlotte does not find out before he thinks the timing is right.

Samuel had his first kiss during his 4th year and at the age of 14 with his crush at the time. It wasn't a terrible experience, however it was completely unexpected on his part and due to that it ended up being rather awkward. Though spite the amount of awkwardness and his naivety he has no regrets about the memory.

Samuel lost his virginity when he was 15, to the same girl he shared his first kiss. At this point in his life, Sam often partied and got drunk and he was drunk when he lost his virginity. He doesn't remember much of what happened but he remembers enough to know that it had happened. He was sober enough to understand what was happening though, and was able to consent and despite the fact he was drunk he doesn't regret anything about it.

Samuel has many interests and hobbies, mostly to do with the arts and anything visual. He is an artist by trade and uses art as a means to express himself. His art is mostly created with paint and canvasses. This is because he does not enjoy sketching as the smudging bothers him. He does not consider himself to be a "good" artist, as he thinks art is a personal thing and believes there is no good and bad forms of art. However, he is easily able to recognize what is visually pleasing from what is not visually pleasing. He also shows a lot of interest in writing and fashion, and again because he focuses more on the visual aspect of things he is able to keep up with fashion trends and can dress himself well without much effort. Because of his interests and keen eye in regards to anything visual he has considered the idea of working for a fashion magazine though he doesnt believe he has the ability to give up being a full time artist.

letters: Not so much writing or sending letters although that can be a nerve wracking experience, it's more the fear of receiving unexpected letters. In the past he has asked others to open letters for him, if he is too afraid to open them himself. glitter: More specifically glitter blown into the air or scattered everywhere, he's worried about breathing it in and suffocating if it gets stuck in his airway. The idea of glitter cluttering together is enough to make him nervous.

His biggest fear is flames. He is irrationally pyrophobic/arsonphobic, to the point even a small flame from a candle or match is enough to make him anxious. He avoids any object or situation that may involve or result in fire or flames. He will not live somewhere that has a fireplace, an open gas stove or any other miscellaneous object or feature that is a fire risk. Since this phobia has developed he has been unable to sleep anywhere that has a fireplace. The idea a fire could start out of nothing eats at his mind otherwise. This phobia is a result of many different negative experiences with fire, as a child he used to start fires as a cry for attention and as a result suffered from a few burns, however, the most prominent reason for his pyro/arson phobia is the death of his family shortly after he turned seventeen.

A cross fox, as Samuel shares many behaviors in which foxes are commonly associated. He is very creative, cunning and quick-witted. On the other hand he is also entirely loyal to the close-knit group of people he keeps around. He enjoys solitude and is often misunderstood as shy, when instead he is merely lost in his own thoughts. Some would consider him peaceful since he avoids violence and relies on his mind in a bad situation, but this is mostly because he knows he's better off using his intelligence than his physical strength. There isn't any exact patronus memory Sam would draw on, because he has too many happy memories to choose from. However, all these memories involve his half-brother, Jonathon and his father. He would draw on any happy moments the three of them shared, but would focus more on how he felt towards them and how happy he felt to be around them rather than the situation.

Samuel's worst memory is by far the memory of when he received news his parents had passed away. Even to this day he cannot imagine life without his parents, they were his constant and for the rest of his life he will live with reminders they aren't around anymore. That memory is the reason he does have a minor fear of opening letters as he is afraid what they will say. He has still not completely gotten over their passing, and although the fire was written off as an accident, he still somewhat blames himself for what happened.

Success. Being his best, and most perfected self. The most obvious thing he would see in the mirror is success, the specifics would change depending on his current mood, career goals and point of view. The only thing that would remain a constant motif in his reflection would be the showing of success, and any related achievements. Right now he would see himself as a successful artist, married, and surrounded by close family and friends.

Since Samuel was in his preteens he has had a diet that is mostly vegan. His diet has a few exceptions, peanut butter and fruit loops, but apart from that his diet is strictly vegan. At first he decided to turn vegan because his mother was also vegan and he wanted to impress her, but once he gave up trying to impress his mother he remained vegan so he had an excuse not to eat around other people. He still never hesitates to use veganism as an excuse when at restaurants or at parties even when there are vegan options on the menu.

Samuel is bi-lingual, so he can fluently speak two languages. His first language is English, so he can read, write and speak English fluently without worry. He is also fluent in French however it has been difficult for him to read and write in French with proper grammar and sentence structure. He began learning French in his third year of magical education, and learnt verbally so when he first moved to France and had to read and write in French it was a struggle. For the most part he can read and write in French very well but of course occasionally makes mistakes or forgets a word.

Samuel was born and grew up in New Zealand, and has spent six years living Paris, France. His accent is Kiwi, though he has picked up traits of the French accent quickly, as in order to speak French and have others understand it he needs to speak with a French accent. In short, he speaks with a mix of a French and New Zealand accent.


the world may call it a second chance, when i came back it was more of a
relapse anticipation's on the other line obsession called while you were out

creative: able to use the imagination or original ideas to create something. talented in the arts.
ambitious: having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed.
compassionate: able to understand the suffering of others and want to do something about it.
determined: the quality of being driven to do or achieve something, showing firmness of purpose.
idealistic: believes that things should be pursued to their most perfect form.
independent: freedom from control or influence of another or others.
self-disciplined: to show control of oneself and willpower. disciplines own mistakes.
precise: very careful about small details and correct behavior.
attentive: observant, pays close attention.
trustworthy: able to be relied on as honest or truthful.

cynical: believing that people are motivated purely by self-interest. distrustful of human sincerity or integrity.
moody: having temperamental and changeable moods, tending to change mood rapidly from cheerful to ill-tempered.
inhibited: unable to act in a relaxed and natural way because of self-consciousness or mental restraint.
stand-offish: distant and cold in manner. emotionally unavailable.
doubtful: habitually feeling unconvinced or uncertain, or thinking that something is unlikely.
fussy: shows unnecessary elaborateness in details.
obsessive: worrying compulsively about something or things generally, obsessing over one concept or being.
pretentious: acting as though more important or special than is warranted, or appearing to have an unrealistically high self-image.
secretive: inclined to conceal feelings and intentions, avoiding confrontation.
short-sighted: doing or determining without taking the future into account.

On a first impression Samuel appears to be very polite, but depending on his mood he can also seem conceited and arrogant. This is because Sam is naturally an introvert and is most comfortable in solitude or around his close group of family and friends, so when he forces himself to social events his mood is often sour to the point he is unable to hide behind a polite facade. Socializing drains his energy immensely and because of this he often leaves parties or events early so he can rest and recuperate his energy. Overall Samuel is a rather laid back and cheerful person but when thrown into a social situation his stature can seem quite stiff and unnatural. Because he is so introverted, Samuel has a very wide network of acquaintances and a very small inner circle. His acquaintances are always kept at arms length and often don't know much about his personal life as Sam only tends to make small talk and generally keeps his normal personality behind his teeth around his acquaintances. The relationships within his close circle are very different however, as because his inner circle of close friends and family know nearly everything about him. It is around his inner circle that Sam is most comfortable and he is unafraid to show his true personality. He is more cheerful, relaxed and upbeat when around his loved ones because unlike around his acquaintance network he is unafraid of judgment or ridicule around them. A side of his personality which both of his social circles notice, though, is the fact Samuel is very opinionated. This trait is very obvious in most situations and is only heightened by the influence of alcohol. Sam isn't stubborn in his opinions, though he does believe the best way to think is with an open mind and will gladly exert himself to change another's opinion if they are close minded or discriminatory in any shape or form.

The fact Samuel is an artist by trade is an obvious sign of his creativity. Naturally he is an out of the box thinker and this translates to many of his other personality traits and decisions in everyday life. He often comes up with unusual ideas and is unable to fit into a proper schedule or any form of fixed line with his thought patterns. The creative side of his personality goes hand in hand with the fact he is also a very visually oriented person, and this visual orientation combined with his natural creativity and love of art is a well fitted match. He expresses his creativity in most things, the way he dresses, his furniture and even shows creativity in the meals he orders at restaurants. While he is in no way an expert in all things creative, he is willing and able to try his hand in many creative endeavors to moderate success. Samuel has always been creative from a young age as he was often bored or alone as a child, so he had to discover creative ways make his own fun. His little method of passing the time only developed to be a very vibrant and important section of his personality as he grew into an adult. Occasionally, his nonlinear way of thinking pushes him into a rut or even forces him to make terrible decisions based upon nonsensical reasons. So in the same way Samuel thrives on creativity his thought pattern often hiders him and causes him to loose opportunities. Over time he is slowly learning how to make decisions based on logic and rationality instead of basing his decisions on a whim because of his emotions or a sudden burst of creative inspiration, but he still isn't able to fully understand how to live life without being controlled by this pattern.

Samuel can be considered family oriented in many ways. While he has always been close to his family, he used to intentionally distance himself from them to achieve independence. However, the wakeup call he received from the death of his parents forced him to cling to his family like never before. Samuel considers his current family to be one of the only constant, and stable things in his life and because of this he openly shows affection towards them and keeps in close contact. The people Samuel considers to be his family know nearly everything about him and because of this he is freely able to act like his truest, relaxed self in their presence. He is unafraid to share his innermost thoughts and insecurities which is ultimately a good thing though he is also honest to a fault. There have been times when he is too comfortable around his family and allows himself to be extremely cruel which he sometimes realizes although for the most part remains ignorant to that fact. His honesty spans to the point he will insult or point out the insecurities of his family without remorse simply because within being so relaxed and speaking his mind without hesitation he simply doesn't realize. It is also around his family that he openly expresses his emotions. Which is something he usually avoids around his friends, acquaintances and significant others and expresses through his art instead. The side Samuel shows around his family is a side that other people usually never see.

Through being an introvert and restricting himself within social situations Samuel internalizes a lot of his emotions. Part of this is fueled by his need to make good first impression and to seem calm and collected although most of his reasons in striving for perfection socially, visually and in every other way stems from his behavior as a child. At the age of 4, Samuel's mother began ignoring him of nowhere and because of this Sam immediately blamed himself, throwing life and limb into becoming the most perfect person he can be to win her approval. For his whole life he as aspired to be the best image of himself he could possibly put forward, in order to be held at a high regard by his family and friends. Heavily and without restriction he bases his self-worth from his ability to achieve perfection so it is obvious his list of insecurities is endless. Because perfection is impossible his self-worth is almost constantly at an all-time low, hence the reason he often disregards any happiness thrown his way because he doesn't believe he is worth it. Samuel is always internally facing a competition with himself and with others in an attempt to consider himself worthy of affection and care from the people he loves. The competition is unrelenting and although the fact is obvious to he craves success is obvious to everybody only a select few people know the reasons Sam is so ambitious and constantly driven. What they know, but he is yet to realize is that his entire drive for success is built upon his mother disregarding his existence. Without that sudden and traumatic change during his childhood his unrealistic goals and internalization of emotions would be completely different and possibly nonexistent.

It is obvious Samuel considers appearances and first impressions to be important, and this is the reason he often puts on a modified personality when around people he doesn't know. To him, acting differently around acquaintances is a defense mechanism, putting up a wall so his full personality doesn't scare others away. This is an obvious side effect of Samuel's deep seeded insecurities and is a form of armor in every sense of the word. The fact he seems very arrogant, shallow and selfish to people that don't know him is only a projection of his negative traits he uses to keep prying eyes from knowing the things that hurt him most. In addition to the personality wall he puts up, his clothing, hair, and general physical appearance is chosen specifically so they gel together and create a strong image. Social situations are obviously frightening and for him, so he has created said image to keep these feelings at bay so he can network and build his career without his introvertism restricting him from success.

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Samuel Phillips

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Straight 11 1/2" Flexible Cypress Wand with Veela Hair Core
may your feet serve you well. and the rest be sent to hell, where they always
have belonged cold hearts brew colder songs, fate will play us out with a song


Samuel was born near Brightstone village on April 11. He was named three days after his birth, once his mother and father changed their names. For the first 3 years of his life he received a lot of affection and attention, he learned to walk and talk and was overall a happy child. It was at the age of 4 when his half-brother Jonathon was born that his relationship with his parents changed. All of a sudden his mother ignored him completely, and his father gave him twice as much attention to make up for it. This was a confusing time for him, as the addition of a new child was surprising and the sudden change in how his family treated him did not make any sense. Samuel managed to get over the initial shock rather quickly though, as he found distraction by welcoming in his new bother into the world with open arms. He often spent a lot of his time around his baby brother, talking to him to try and introduce him to the world, even though he knew his brother couldn't understand anything. It was also during this time Samuel began to grow close with Jonathon's mother and family friend Cerise Allard, as she gave him the love and affection he craved from the absence of attention from his mother. Sam was still very confused by his mother's sudden decision to ignore his existence entirely and because of this he blamed himself, though he did find a mother figure in Cerise and loved her very much. At the age of 5, Samuel began attending muggle school. His father wanted him to learn about muggle life, and know how to read and write properly many years before he began his magical education.

From the beginning Samuel was an outcast. He found it difficult to socialize with other children his age and make friends and as a result of this his classmates bullied him. After a few months, Samuel's dad transferred him to a private muggle school in the hope a fresh start would stop the bullying Sam had to face daily. Fortunately the private school he transferred to had a strict policy against bullying, so he no longer had to go to school everyday afraid of how students would treat him. What stayed the same however, was Sam's lack of interest in socializing with his peers. He was still very much an outcast and was usually alone during school hours. The only time Samuel showed any interest in being social was at home with his family. He was very close to Jonathon spite the obvious age gap and often spent time around him instead of doing homework. Spite his social issues, Samuel did try his best to focus on school during class. He enjoyed learning English the most and often spent his lunch times reading. It was shortly after he turned 8 that an older student introduced Samuel to art. He quickly showed a liking to everything artistic and at this point chose to completely disregard school. Instead of listening to the teacher and paying attention in class he wasted time by drawing in all his school books. His grades suddenly declined and shortly before his tenth birthday his father pulled him out of muggle school an began home schooling him. At first Samuel liked being home schooled as he got to spend more time with Jonathon, however he suddenly grew bored and didn't take home schooling seriously. Additionally, the more time he spent at home to learn a basic muggle education, the more the gap between him and his mother grew. Her lack of interest in his life caused him to become obsessive. Instead of paying attention to homeschooling he became destructive and violent. He often lit things on fire for attention so when he turned 11 and could begin his magical education his parents decided to send him far away to Durmstrang in the hope the strict school would straighten his violent behavior out.

Samuel started his first year of magical education with the same attitude he had towards his muggle education. He payed the smallest amount of attention in most of his classes and doodled on his parchment and school books to pass the time. Additionally he remained anti-social and didn't show any interest in making friends with his peers. The only time Samuel showed any interest in socializing was during the school holidays when he returned home to see his family. His second year at Durmstrang was much the same as his first year. By the time he turned 12 his violent behavior had effectively stopped, though his parents kept him at Durmstrang because he convinced them he had a lot of friends and thoroughly enjoyed his time there. Samuel had obviously lied because he was still anti-social and had no interest in making friends, though he did enjoy his time there because the fact he had no friends meant he had enough time alone to work on his drawing. In the space between his second and third years art became less of a hobby to him, and more of a part of his personality. He began to rely on art as a means of expression rather than a way to pass the time. His third year ended up being very different to his first and second years however. He still actively avoided paying attention in class by drawing pointless things on his parchment but nearing end of his third year he developed a crush on an older student named Katriona. What initially attracted him to her was her infectious laugh, bright smile and adorable French accent. His crush developed during the holidays to the point he approached Cerise, asking her to teach him as much French as she could before he began his fourth year.

Through many trials and errors Samuel eventually managed to learn how to accurately pronounce a few sentences in French and at the beginning of his fourth year he approached Katriona, introduced himself in French and through his quirky introduction they developed a small friendship. Their little relationship grew throughout his fourth year and Sam ended up sharing his first kiss through their friendship. Because of this Samuel focused more on his social life than his classes and his art. Near the end of his fourth year, he was being dragged into a world he didn't feel entirely comfortable with but tolerated because for the first time in his life he believed he had a group of friends. He and Katriona were very close and although they weren't exclusive he enjoyed her company and the small clique of friends he joined through her. Over the break between his fourth and fifth year Sam and Kat often exchanged letters and on the first day back for the beginning of his fifth year he mustered up the courage to ask her out. Her enthusiastic yes sparked the beginning of Samuel's first relationship. At first their relationship was slow and they interacted much like they did during his fourth year. They occasionally shared a kiss and held hands and it continued this way until Samuel's 15th birthday. Immediately after turning 15 their relationship escalated and so did the friendships he made through Katriona. They manipulated him into their party lifestyle even further, to the point Samuel let himself become trapped within their rebellious ways. He began skipping his classes entirely and turning into the person his friends wanted him to be. It was during this time Sam lost his virginity to Kat while drunk, and also the time he began focusing heavily on his appearance, dying his hair brown and dressing fashionably to meet his clique's standards. At the end of his fifth year he was completely burned out, exhausted as his naturally introverted personality had been heavily buried for nearly an entire year. He spent the majority of his school holidays being his introverted self and attempting to recuperate energy by working on his art again, and playing video games with Jonathon. He made a point not to contact his clique until he saw them again at the beginning of his sixth year.

Samuel's sixth year started with a bang. Immediately he heard news Katriona had cheated on him multiple times during the break, and also during his fifth year. Sam's newly found energy caused him to confront her and initiate a break up when the rumors turned out to be true, and because of the messy way their relationship ended he was effectively kicked out of Katriona's clique. He quickly returned to his old ways and became his anti-social, introverted self. Classes became more of a priority to him, and so did creating art. For the first time Sam realized school and self expression were very important things and he made effort to make up for time wasted through Katriona's clique. It was also midway through Samuel's sixth year that he met Elspeth, a Ravenclaw girl with a sarcastic personality. They developed a relationship which Samuel intentionally distanced himself from, because a lack of emotional connection would keep his art and education a top priority.

A few months into their unusual relationship Samuel met another teenager named Buddy. He showed attraction to both Elspeth and Buddy and because of his lack of emotional investment towards Elspeth he could easily cheat on her without remorse. For a few months he effectively juggled both relationships although eventually his tactics were found out and his relationship with Buddy ended before Sam began his seventh and final year of schooling. He managed to confide in a new friend, James through the stress of juggling two relationships and having his dishonestly called out. Once Sam was outed as Bisexual, his Durmstrang peers treated him very differently and because of the bullying he had to face he transferred to Hogwarts New Zealand for his seventh year. He was sorted into Slytherin and his final year was a lot more relaxed and laid back than any of his previous years. He kept in touch with James through letters and school and art once more took priority above his continued relationship with Elspeth. His lack of remorse and sympathy towards Elspeth reached a point when he cheated on her once more before he finally took the liberty of breaking up with her near the end of his seventh year. Being single provided him a feeling of relief through newly found freedom although this was short lived as shortly after Samuel's seventeenth birthday he received news both his parents had passed away. The news devastated him, that he had not only lost two of the most important people in his life but also the house he grew up in and most of his belongings. The devastation he faced caused him to cling to Cerise and Jonathon even more through letters and he began to have a small fallout with his friend James as Family became his first and only priority. Samuel graduated from Hogwarts New Zealand at the age of 18 with average grades.


Immediately after graduation Samuel moved to France to live with Cerise and Jonathon. He spent his first few months in France living closely with them and attempting to rebuild his life. Eventually he craved independence from Cerise and moved away from her home and into a small studio apartment on his own. The move was tasking and although he enjoyed being independent he still clung to his remaining family like glue. It was after moving into his own place that Samuel began working on his art again, and attempting to achieve his dream of being a successful professional artist. He and James were suddenly reacquainted through coincidence and their friendship mended, though Sam put his friendship with James at second priority. This was because at the same time their fall out ended, Sam had began networking and focusing his life completely on his family and career. For a long time he worked hard and eventually his work paid off enough for him to relax a little while and focus on a social life. The friendship he had with James quickly grew closer and at the same time Sam had developed an unusual acquaintanceship with Gryffindor head girl at the time, Briar Rowan. Within the next two years Samuel's friendship with James developed into an open relationship that shortly ended all while Samuel slowly learned how to build genuine friendships with others. During this time Samuel made the most of his independence and freedom by partying and sleeping around now that he had finished school, was in the process building a career and living on his own.

At age 20, Samuel was introduced to a whole new world though a young blonde named Amara Austin. Nervous and distraught at his first art show, he consumed one too many glasses of champagne and bumped into her. Samuel immediately feel into a trance over her beauty and as he grew to know her personality his infatuation developed into love. At first he found it difficult to invest his emotions in somebody else, but quickly realized the worth of her company was beyond anything he could imagine. Over the next four years Samuel's relationship with Amara grew to be strong while he worked further to get his career off the ground. His stable relationship and slowly advancing career provided Sam with a long awaited feeling of stability he hadn't felt since his seventh year. France grew to be his own little paradise, close to everybody he loved and the art he expressed himself through. By the time he turned 24, the little slice of heaven he quickly grew used to slowly began to crumble beneath his feet. His career was still rising at the most gradual pace although the tedious, dishonest business dealings he forced himself to face within the art world had caused him to become disinterested in creating art. He reluctantly continued to try and further his career to no avail as the more he invested himself into his work the more his career seemed to crumble. He was lucky that at the perfect time he met a young woman named Clementine, who quickly became a close, well needed friend. Clementine convinced him that the longer he stayed within France and the poisonous business situation he had gotten into the worse it would become. With her convincing Samuel made the risky decision to move to New York for a well needed Fresh start.

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