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Should probably actually post an absence rather than just complaining in Shouty at this point huh 🫠

About a month ago I slipped on some ice and caught myself at a weird angle. At the time I thought I'd just sprained my wrist and it was taking a while to heal (it's the one I had surgery on a couple of years ago so it's always been touchy) but last week I was referred to a hand specialist who took one look at it and went. I'm pretty sure that's broken. whoops lol

I've apparently been walking around with a fractured scaphoid since June, which explains why typing has been so painful. I'm in a large metal brace now, which is making typing quite difficult on top of the pain, but tomorrow I'm getting my x-ray results confirmed and at that point there's a chance I'll be put into a proper cast. All that is to say that RP is gonna have to be on the back burner for a few weeks.

If anything is urgent please don't hesitate to @ me, I think I'll lose my sh*t if I don't write at least a LITTLE in this time. I'll still be able to post lessons etc. once the holidays are over, but yeah for now consider me MOSTLY absent.
Hope these weeks fly by and your wrist heals properly! Sorry it's taken so much suffering to get to this point. :(

P.S: I Hufflepuff reacted to show that I care. :geek:
I once walked around with a broken finger for a weekend, cannot imagine what it must feel like to have done that with a broken wrist for a month!

Rest up!! Hope you're feeling better soon.
Hope you feel better soon Rowan! Auch :(
I hope it all heals up soon!
Thanks everyone for the well wishes!

Small update; my wrist turned out not to be broken, but somewhere between the sprain and my old surgery wound it's been acting like it was - intense pain, swelling, complete loss of mobility, all the good stuff. I still have to be careful not to use it too much (typing can still be a bit twingey if I do it for too long) but I've got MOST of my range of motion back, and I'm starting to very gently bear weight. (All good things, since moving around is. you know. my Job.)

I'm still in a brace most of the time, and I still can't type intensively for too long (I've been making Accio pages for about two hours today and I'm gonna have to ice it for a bit before I go in to work now) but I'm trying to get back to at least the most important stuff. I want to keep my thread list fairly limited for now (I'll work my way up to 50+ threads at once in time, don't worry :p ) so feel free to get in touch with me about stuff we had planned, but please don't take it personally if I need to turn some threads down for the moment.

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