Nicolas King

Nicolas King

"I am the hero who eats the lesser man..."
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Pure Blood
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Curly Oak/Wenge 16" Essence of Feng-huang Tail Feather
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Name: Nicolas William King
Name Meanings:
Nicolas - "victory of the people"
William - from the roots of "will, desire" and "helmet, protection"
King - Ruler/Leader

Birthdate: January 5th 1989
Currently: 43 Years Old
Graduation Year: 2007

Hair (color, length etc.): Brown, usually 6-8 inches long, usually untamed. (refer to signature picture :) )
Eyes (color, interesting feature/shape about them etc.): Brown
Height: 6 feet, 2 inches

Patronus: Griffin
Boggart: Currently: Unknown

Blood Status: Pureblood

~Able to Cast Non-Verbal Magic
~Can Cast Basic Spells Wandlessly
~Passed (with high marks) Auror exam in "Concealment and Disguise"
~Passed (with high marks) Auror exam in "Stealth and Tracking"
~Met other Auror requirements such as [ul][li]Practical defence</LI>
[li] perseverance and dedication
<LI>[li]the ability to react well to stress[/li][/ul]Personality:

Nicolas was in Gryffindor, which spells out a fair amount of his personality. He is courageous, sometimes recklessly but he is also able to decide against what he might first want to do in a fit of courage. He is confident in his magical abilities, and his ability to learn new things except in two areas, Divination (anything to do with the future really) and healing (despite being fairly good at it.)
Nicolas was once joyous and always happy go lucky, however after events in his life he changed to being much more solemn the majority of the time. He considers himself to be very loyal and steadfast in his beliefs.
It often takes him a while to develop any form of relationship since becoming more of a reserved individual, though if he truly wanted to he could open up to anybody.
Having been an Auror for a number of years has taught and is teaching him a fair amount of things about himself, and other people. His experiences as an Auror have thus far caused him to become very observant of people's behaviour, no matter how minor.
He seems to be a paradox in many senses, he is kind and gentle, but when the time comes he is fierce and relentless. He is wise beyond his years, yet clueless in many aspects of life. He often finds himself at ends with himself, unsure of what to do, what to think, or whom to turn to.


Nicolas was raised in a wealthy pure blood home. His family's manor is located approximately five miles south of Kendal in the province of Cumbria, England. Nicolas attended Hogwarts in Great Britain. He, of course, was a Gryffindor student and succeeded at most things he tried.He played for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team in his 4th year at Hogwarts and up as a chaser. He became a prefect in his 5th year at school and Head Boy in his seventh. He had no siblings but kept a few close friends by him through his school years.
Nicolas' father worked for the British Ministry of Magic in the experimental charms department and was murdered by a small radical group of Death Eaters after Nicolas was of age in 2007. His mother died shortly after his father of a broken heart.
After his families deaths Nicolas found he had nobody to turn to, and nobody to confide in. He found his family’s manor barren and lifeless without his parents whom he thought would always be there. Though before those tragic deaths he understood death, he was ill prepared for the deaths of his parents.
He soon moved to New Zealand where he rented a home and did odd work wherever he felt for the next few years. Then, having had exceptional grades in school he applied for an auror training program in New Zealand, he made it through preliminaries and was trained further. Nicolas, after becoming an Auror, took a course of sorts at St. Mungo's to improve his healing abilities. However, he still didn't feel comfortable taking somebody else's health in his hands. He is able to heal many illnesses and injuries relatively well, however he tries not to and is insecure about this aspect of his magical ability. As an Auror he was promptly positioned at the newly opened branch of Hogwarts (undercover-esque) 'Just in case' (as quoted from the Minister of Magic). He was, much later, exposed as an Auror by Tristan Drage (known to the Daily Prophet and it's readers as the source.
Nicolas left Hogwarts in June 2022 in order to pursue a greater career as an Auror, but was asked to return in June of 2023 by Cecily Rambolt. He returned to the school for Y8. After the murder of Scott Anderson, Head of the Auror department, Nicolas was taken out of Hogwarts and brought back to the Ministry of Magic as new Head of the Auror department.


William King
- Nicolas' father, William was a Ravenclaw student in Hogwarts, U.K. he had always been enthralled by charms and at one point considered becoming a Charms Professor at Hogwarts, Scotland. Instead, he was employed for the experimental charms department of the Ministry of Magic. At the age of thirty William and his wife Gabrielle gave birth to Nicolas King.

William was killed by Death Eaters at the age of 47, at the time he had been working on a charm that would be able to alert the Ministry to the location of anybody bearing the Dark Mark. This would have increased the speed of rounding up remaining followers of Voldemort, or removing the threat of the new Dark Lord.

Gabrielle [Gah-brielle] (Elgrand) King - Gabrielle, Nicolas' Mother, had been a Gryffindor in Hogwarts, where she met her husband William. Gabrielle's favorite subject in school had been transfiguration, though she never became skilled enough to be an animagus. After Hogwarts she worked for a short time as a consultant to the Regulation of Magical Creatures department, however she quit work after having Nicolas.

Nicolas has no siblings.

N.E.W.T. Marks:
Potions: O
History of Magic - O
Astronomy: A
Transfiguration: O
Herbology: O
Charms: O
Divination - Did not take
Arithmancy - Did not take
Muggle Studies: E
Ancient Runes - Did not take
Care of Magical Creatures: E

His Wand:

16" Curly Oak/Wenge Wand Essence of Feng-huang Tail Feather

Information about its core:

Feng-huang is a ((mythical)) bird of Chinese origin, associated with the western world's pheonix. Feng-huang are considered lord over all other birds and are often connected with the Chinese Dragon. The Feng-huang is a symbol of luck, virtue, grace, duty, propriety, belief, mercy and harmony, the union of two opposites, yin and yang.

Information on the woods:

Wenge: A semi-rare species of wood. Wenge is flexible however is considered one of the hardest woods.

Oak: "Oak is a potent magical wood and adds potency to all charms, particularly health and money charms. The Oak is the tree of endurance and triumph, and tends to choose those who are strong not only physically or mentally, but also emotionally as well. The Oak is a male wood ... Oaks also stands for endurance, triumph, strength, power, dominion, prosperity, sacrifice, guardian and liberator and symbolizes wisdom, strength, and endurance. These wands excel in spells involving strengthening charms or wisdom seeking, as well as being good for Transfiguration work.
Oaks personality is Fatherly
Element: Fire" (Source)

His Home

Levens Hall

When Nicolas' great grandparents owned the home, in approximately 1880, the Manor looked like This.
The Manor is unplottable, repels muggles, and only Nicolas knows it's exact location. Apparation in and out of the Manor is restricted to Nicolas and his direct relatives, of which he has none.

His Coat of Arms:

Or, yellow or gold - Generosity.
Argent, white or silver - Peace and sincerity.
Sable or black - Constancy, sometimes grief.
Lion - Deathless courage.
Cross Crosslet (crossed at each end) - Signifies the fourfold mystery of the cross
Mantling - More elaborately styled mantles are used for kings and sovereign princes.
Bend (The Diagonal stripe) - Defense or protection

King Family Motto: "Audaces fortuna juvat" - Fortune favours the bold
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