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Stefan Archer

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4/2015 (38)
We all have our favourites, though - which is why it's HNZ birthday tradition to compile a list (or lists!) of your favourite moments, RPs, characters, ships, emoticons, games... go wild!! You can make as many or few lists as you like on any subjects at all. As we're celebrating HNZ's 16th birthday, we're asking you to come up with your favourite 16 things from each of your chosen categories.

No matter how old HNZ gets, I always wish I could pick more :cry: but without further ado, here are my top 16s lists this year, in no particular order!!

1. Ouchie (Orwell & Archie)
2. 3rd year slytherin girls
3. That week I spent getting carpal tunnel syndrome from clicking all the permissions
4. Ava and Vader
5. Giselle Rosenberg
6. Onie
7. Samuel Phillips
8. Tybalt and Rhi, rekindling, marrying and having a family.
9. Nicole Fisk
10. Eric Holland
11. Eric and Minnie
12. Selene Le Fey
13. Lunar
14. Professor Kalif Styx & Professor Misha Haden - best bros forever
15. Chloe Thompson
16. Blake Irons; his whole being, his whole arc

Adorah Zumwalt

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3/2037 (17)
Oh boy! This is hard, but I will try (no particular order)

1. Flynn North
2. Lars & Blake
3. Eric and Kas :r
4. Elliot Briar
5. The whole Lysander/Juniper feud (I'm biased, I know)
6. That one Quidditch game a few IC years ago when almost every Ravenclaw was knocked out by a bludger
7. Rose Giving and Duelling Tournaments <3
8. Samantha/Sydney :r
9. Minnie Calida
10. Elvera le Fey
11. Tilly Drage and any of Amanda's characters honestly
12. The whole Holland family
13. The Golden Eel
14. Nicole Fisk
15. Briar Rowan-Cullen
16. Just late-night plotting on discord

Monty Pendleton

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1/1999 (55)
I usually try to pick stuff relevant to the year just gone but I've been a bit absent :lol: soo here's a very random top 16 list!

1. The sorting hat's amazing replies
3. New shouty rooms!
4. Vex
5. Every game of werewolf where I got way too into it ever
6. The pet pictures thread :wub:
7. HNZers' amazing and endless creativity
8. New members!!!
9. Replying to topics like a full year later as if nothing happened
10. Lysander Summers
11. 3am roleplays
12. All the fun I had RPing Monty as a professor (it still warms my heart thinking back on it :3) and hopefully all the fun still to come
13. The Michaels family
14. Meeting the magnificent Donna :wub:
15. Sofia Loris (she's just so sweet, I love her in every RP)
16. Max Kiefer

That was so hard I could pick dozens more! One day HNZ will be old enough for me to express all my love for everything

Maaybe I'll do some more specific lists later :teehee:

Tilly Drage

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5/2040 (13)
  1. Liusaidh Fergusson (would love to write down her name sixteen times, but her head’s big enough already)
  2. Blake Irons’ character arc
  3. Elliot Briar just generally being a good role model and also catching the snitch!!!
  4. Giselle Rosenberg and her Quidditch protests
  5. Seraphina My- the cake, and the fight, and now whatever else is happening with her and Tilly
  6. Professor Katherine Alicastell shopping at Kmart
  7. Professor Hezekiah Mowry- just everything, love this character
  8. Plots for the “orphans” finding family- Flynn getting adopted by Siobhan, Adorah meeting Nadia
  9. Jordie demanding cuddles from everyone
  10. The duel between Sydney Townsend and Michael Newton
  11. Rosemarie Chatwin and her quest to give all plants their best life
  12. Jaken & Estrella’s kids reuniting with Kalif’s family and Lydia sharing his subject
  13. Every thread Vex is in
  14. The Golden Eel receiving a rose
  15. Ernie Wilder and his owls
  16. Lou Prindeou & Erik Drage (unofficially Lerik)

Blair Silver

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February 14, 2040 (14)
Well, I just understood that I hit a one-year HNZversary and I am just happy about it so... There is something that I just loved so much

1. Nicole Fisk and her fan club (where do I sign up for that club?)
2. Kahurangi and her pregnancy, it's adorable
3. Lars&Blake
4. The amount of the ideas that everyone here has, it's impressive:wub:
5. Hufflepuff finally winning a game (#GoPuffs! I am rooting for you even if my chars aren't)
6. Connor Holland (I just love how he is made, his whole arc and personality)
7. Sydney&Michael
8. Leia Hume
9. Aeon thinking that Lysander&Kasim are dating
10. Juniper&Lysander (I hope they will get paired up in a tournament)
11. Flynn North
12. Iris&Connor thread
13. Siobhan adopting Flynn, it's sooo cute!!!
14. HNZ Dudebro Band
15. Tofilau brothers
16. Chloe Thompson

Crystal Holmgaard

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Gosh how to pick 16! Good exercise for me to keep it with one list.

1. Liusaidh Fergusson vs Giselle Rosenberg (Anything with these two or where Lius is involved)
2. Chasersquad Gryffindor and just especially the spirit in that house always. With mother Kingsley at the wheel.
3. Yule Ball this year with a lot of drama.
4. Hope Thompson for Ilvermorny finally getting the snitch against Beauxbatons this year.
5. The creative brains on this site for making the most amazing students and plots.
6. Third years and especially the boggart lesson at DATDA
7. The game from Slytherin against Beauxbatons with Liam Waldgrave hitting player after player with an bludger. And than Beauxbatons still manages to win XD
8. Eric Holland vs Noel Waldgrave
9. All the Quidditch Games that took longer than 2 pages or something.
10. Jenna Irons gotta love her so.
11. Minnie Calida
12. Evelyn, Amber and Noemie years
13. Flynn North
14. Chloe and Sully <3
15. Putting on soundtracks from movies and ofcourse Game of Thrones my faveee while being on here (Especially when plotting with Noel and Crystal a.k.a. jon and daenerys)
16. Hopefully Slytherin not winning the quidditch cup, so that the curse is broken.

Professor Cyndi Kingsley

Gryffindor HoH | Mother of 3
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top 16 favorite pairings - I'm sure I left a ton of faves off but here we go!

1. Ouchie
2. Professor Styx & Haden - such a model friendship :p
3. Jean & Lucien Snow
4. Ava Sparkles & Monty Pendleton
5. Lucien, Avie, and Esme
6. WAM- Wyatt, Asaiah, and Marisol
7. Amber Chou Wilson & Ainsley Lynch
8. Eli Carter & Adam Everett
9. Briar Rowan-Cullen & Madlyn Ateara
10. Keira Kingsley & Carter Kaster
11. Desislav & Kayleigh
12. Vex & Professor Alicastell
13. Vex & Ava King
14. Arvel Ayers & Analei Louw
15. Tilly Drage & Rita Smile
16. Blake Irons & the snitch

Marisol Woods

latina • lone wolf • st. mungo's receptionist
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2/2029 (24)
I feel so new because I don't recognize half these things xD It was really hard to narrow it down to just 16 but these are some of my favorite HNZ moments over the years that have been on my mind lately ^_^

1. Bruin turning into a bear in the Great Hall and running off after being rejected ? by Andromeda ? (I thiiiink?) and Isabella spreading rumors of him being a werewolf in her gossip magazine because of it
2. The prefect's putting on a play and Njord fake dying during it and traumatizing everyone IC and OOC lol
3. OGs I still think about: Ford Harkonnen, Sophia Stark, Bellatrix Green, ALSO I was obsessed with Kaitlyn's character Jaken Styx
4. As fancy as the Quidditch system is now, I miss the old way of playing, with posting your coordinates on the pitch, and then trying to catch the snitch that posted sooo fast, IT WAS SO CHAOTIC but oh so funnnn
5. Being a global moderator :wub: I will always admire the Admin & GMs for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes ^_^
6. The Triwizard Tournament and the Durmstrang boys causing drama!!
7. WAM breaking into the Ravenclaw room and also finding the Room of Requirement
8. WAM :wub:
9. Marisol's need to be Dramatic™ and asking Professor Pendleton to Obliviate Teagan just because she hated her =))
10. That time Marisol tried to tell Wyatt she was a werewolf and much to her embarrassment he thought she was referring to that other time of the month =))
11. Bethany becoming Head Girl :wub: still my proudest accomplishment
12. Avie Mitchell <3333
13. That time Avie caught the snitch IMMEDIATELY after the game started and no one else even got a chance to post xD
14. Desislav Zhefarovich ^_^
15. Clementine and Teddy :wub: and Desislav and Teddy referring to Anthony as "whatshisface" the entire time xD
16. Getting drunk on Skype with various people from different time zones so some people were day drinking while it was evening for others and 2am for me, etc. and playing Cards Against Humanity ^_^

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