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6/2042 (18)
Sixth year. It sounded so mature, so new. He knew this crisis should have come a year earlier, when he had entered the senior school, but Manaia had been distracted by his brother beginning Hogwarts. Now, though, there was nothing new to distract him from the fact that his time at school was quickly coming to an end. Next year he would be a seventh year and Marama would be starting, and then he would be gone, off on whatever path the future held. Suddenly every moment felt rare, special, something to be protected and cherished.

So he had been making the most of things, hanging out with his friends more and strengthening the bonds that really mattered. Today that bond had been with his brother, as Rāwhiti was desperate not to be turned away from the Quidditch team a third time. Manaia had spent the last hour on the pitch with him, firing bludgers at his brother while he raced after the snitch. It reminded him fondly of their backyard games as kids, and though Manaia had no interest in playing on a school team he did find himself missing the fun and community of a more casual game of Quidditch. The practice was over though, and Manaia had offered to pack up their things while Rāwhiti was showering and grtting changed. A small pang of loss hit him as he remembered his dad's trick for securing the bludgers in their case, closing the latch and trying not to think about all the family afternoons he would never have again. There was no good in dwelling on the past now.
It felt good to be back. Home felt less like home these days, if only because he spent so little time there compared to Hogwarts. A lot changed at home. It felt like he was coming back to a new place every time. Rooms were arranged differently. His family behaved differently. It was difficult to settle in and feel comfortable. Even his bedroom sometimes felt as if it belonged to someone else. His interests changed over the years, but he didn't have the time to change things to reflect that. There was no point, when he wasn't going to be there to use it.

Then there was Quidditch. Avery wasn't given much opportunity to keep his practice up over the holidays. His mother accepted him playing on the team at school, but he knew she still wasn't comfortable with seeing him practice at home. He couldn't bear the sad looks from her anytime she caught him with his broom, but it had been difficult trying to find a space away from home to fly around in. He had a lot of time to make up for, and a whole pitch to make it up with, now that he was back. He should have guessed he wouldn't be the only one looking to use the pitch after the holidays. All he'd brought was his snitch, which fluttered slightly in his hand, but it looked like someone else was there with a whole trunk. "Are you using the pitch?" He asked as he approached, unsure if the other boy was getting ready to take to the air, or leave. He planned to mount up and get some practice in either way, but he thought it best to check if he'd need to share the airspace.​
Manaia had just straightened up, school broom in hand, when he heard a voice. Looking over, he spotted a vaguely familiar face. "Nah, you're all good. Just finished helping my brother practice for tryouts." He said, giving the Slytherin an easy smile as he tried to remember his name. "Avery, right? You're on the Slytherin team." He added, finally remembering where he knew him from.
Avery liked to keep to himself, so it never failed to surprise him whenever somebody knew his name. He supposed most people watched Quidditch, but he hadn't had many opportunities to get away from the bench and play in front of the crowds. "Yes. I am." He said to both after a beat of consideration. He hadn't expected the conversation to continue beyond "yes" or "no", and as eager as he was to simply mount up and take to the air, it seemed rude. "I haven't seen you on any of the other teams. Are you trying out too?"
Manaia smiled, pleased to have gotten the name right. "Manaia, I'm in Hufflepuff." He chuckled lightly at Avery's question, shaking his head. "Nah, I'm a backyard Quidditch guy." He smiled. "My little brother's real keen to make the Gryffindor team though, been helping him practice for tryouts." He explained. "Any tips for him?" He added, figuring there was no harm in seeking some advice from more experienced players.

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