Leda Layton

Leda Layton

your storyteller; fifth year
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Straight 14 1/2 Inch Rigid Dogwood Wand with Unicorn Tail Hair Core
2/2033 (16)

Leda Lori Layton
February 29th 2033

Muggle Born
New Zealand

Ariana Layton
Clement Cobbledick
Olive Layton
Prefect, Seeker


Leda was born on the 29th February 2033, 12 years after the birth of her sister Olive, to Ariana and Clement Layton. Her parents were the owners of an established family business within real estate, but a few months prior to Leda's birth her parents lost the business due to redundancy. Leda was brought up by Olive, who had until then been accustomed to the finer things in life thanks to the income of the business. Growing up, Leda followed in Olive's shadow, trying to live up to her sisters expectations. As Olive was a Gryffindor at Hogwarts Scotland, Leda would often hear about her sisters stories and time at school when she came home for the holidays, and unknown to Leda, Olive used to exaggerate her accomplishments due to not wanting to drop appearances to her friends and family after their financial crisis, and therefore Leda went through her childhood with unrealistic goals and expectations, which leads her to the person she is today.

Leda is not a bad person, however she does struggle to understand empathy and common sense. As she is always looking to find ways of making everyone's "boring" life more interesting, she tends to go about this unconventionally as she doesn't understand what is expected of her. She doesn't think too far ahead in the future which sometimes leads her to act irrationally, and it's difficult for her to see a situation as too much to handle due to her sister's over compensation. Leda loves to make up stories of people, unaware that Olive did the same thing to her growing up, and spread these around. While she is not trying to put anyone in harm's way, she just finds it exciting when gossip is spread and is oblivious to the consequences of doing so.

During Leda's fourth year at Hogwarts, Clement Layton died of a sudden heart attack. This didn't effect Leda too much as she was never close to her parents as they were busy trying to pick up and restage a new business, leaving her always in the care of Olive. It was Olive however that took the majority of this hit, leaving her role at Hogwarts as the Potions Professor to return to their hometown in America and help their mom. During this time Leda felt as though Olive had abandoned her, and the one person she could trust had left her in the blink of an eye for people that Leda believed did not deserve her help. While Ariana may have been their mom, she had done very little to care for her daughters, something with both Olive and Leda had to overcome. When Olive returned to New Zealand a year later, Leda was hesitant to trust her as she felt as though many people in her life were beginning to fall away.

Now in her fifth year, Leda finds herself trying to balance being a prefect with her classes and upcoming OWLs, and her additional activities such as Quidditch. Despite feeling as though she doing the same things Olive did when she was at school, this year Leda is at her most lonely.

One person of note that affects Leda, is her best friend Mervyn Strangewayes. The pair met before they joined Hogwarts given that their family had connections (the specifics of which are currently unknown). Even though Mervyn was sent to spend seven years in Gryffindor, the pair have always remained inseparable through their common desire to do good. They both believe that there are a number of things in the world that they can assist with, and their morals are equally questionable about how they go about finding a solution. Such as:
  • Mervyn and Leda once decided the best way to earn some pocket money, was to set up the charity "PIP" - The Professors Improvement Program. They believed that if they could help the professors be trained properly, it would be something the students could get behind. Unfortunately these attempts were throttled by Professor Alicastell.
  • During their first year, Leda managed to steal a dress belonging to Odette Harper, and send it to Charlotte Harper, after Mervyn overheard the latter couldn't get one in time for the Yule Ball. Unknown to them, the Harpers were sisters and already had some tension between them.
Strangewayes is the one person asides from Olive that Leda trusts. He has shown on multiple occasions that he can hold her secrets and that he notices when she is acting unusually enough to press to her ask why. When he began dating a fellow Slytherin, it was difficult for the pair to find time away, but when they did meet up it would be as though they had never been apart. Mervyn was also Leda's first kiss after an awkward encounter during their third year, but Leda confirmed very quickly that his relationship to her was very much that of a brother.

In addition to Mervyn, Leda has also found a connection with housemates Zennon Baros and Uno Bear. She doesn't open up to them as she would Mervyn, but she appreciates their company and willingness to get involved. She has already befriended Gryffindor Gideon Zelinsky, through mutual taste in games.

It has taken Leda a while to decide on a career that she thinks would be most suitable. At Hogwarts she found that she was making up stories of her fellow classmates, and decided to put that to good use. Instead of just telling her friends that Professor Kingsley must have been having an affair with Professor Pendleton after she was quick to help him after he collapsed in the corridor, she decided to make her stories more well known. Leda would much prefer people know about her work than her as a person, and as such enjoys knowing that her stories are read. In her fifth year she decided to join Hogwarts Monthly as a way to reach a larger audience, and while her topics may have been questionable, it allowed her to decide that a career in writing was what she wanted.

Although she struggles academically, Leda is currently in the process of trying to secure the grades to apply for a spot at the Daily Prophet, in the hopes that she will be able to reach the whole magical community and bring more joy and excitement to their lives, and in turn give readers a chance to be the best version of themselves.

  • After Monty collapsed in the corridor, Leda was passing through the commotion when James Cade decided to perform a jinx, preventing her from being able to speak. In retaliation she kicked him where it hurt the most. She is not against violence.
  • Leda has been the seeker of the Slytherin team since her second year. She was initially an alternative but was made a permanent member in her third year. She enjoys flying as a way to help her relieve stress.
  • In her fifth year, Leda was made a prefect. While she is pleased that it means she is in a better position of influence, she doesn't like that it means more people are looking at her and the shiny badge on her chest.
Olive Mae Layton (Sister) - Olive was born on the 25th May 2020 and is Leda's older sister. Leda is closest to Olive because while their parents were away with the business and trying to recover money for the family, Olive brought Leda up. Olive started at Hogwarts Scotland and was a Gryffindor, eventually becoming Seeker and Prefect in her fifth year. Olive decided she didn't want to be Head Girl though because of the responsibilities involved, and kept a low profile for the remaining years. During the holidays, Leda would often be told about Hogwarts and what Olive and her friends got up to, which gave Leda hope for when she started herself. She very much wants to follow in her sisters footsteps and wants to be as successful as Leda has been led to believe she is, and will do anything to be like Olive. In 2045, Olive worked as the Potions Professor with Professor Pendleton, and moved into a flat in New Zealand, which Leda stays in during the holiday breaks while at Hogwarts New Zealand. Olive quit her post after two years following their fathers death, but remains living at that residence which proves useful for Leda as a familiar home.
Ariana Layton (Mother) - Leda is not particularly close at all with her mother, as growing up she hardly ever saw her. Leda knows that her mom is very money driven, and she favours her work over her family, but hasn't spent enough time with her to know much about her personality.
Clement Cobbledick (Father) - Clement took his wife's name when they married to spare him from humiliation, and to help with the family business that was given to Ariana from her parents. He was very hard working but had very little time for his daughters. Although he tried to provide Olive with the best things in life and buy her happiness, Leda didn't get the same treatment as they had by then lost their fortunes. Clement passed away in 2047 from a heart attack, and Olive left her position as Potions Professor to make sure her mom was handling things well. Leda was unaffected by her father death as she barely knew him, but was furious at Olive for leaving her by herself in New Zealand, after promising to take care of her, resulting in a split in the siblings relationship.
Wendall Layton (Cousin) - Wendall Layton was born on the 26th May 2038 and is the son of Ariana's younger sister Bethany. As the youngest child, Bethany didn't recieve the family business that had been promised to Ariana, who instead ran it with Clement, much to the youngest Layton's disgust. Bethany decided then to run her own jewellery store in America, as a way to prove to her family that she could do it too. By the time Ariana and Clement lost the business however it was too late, and now Bethany runs the store within an inch of her life as she feels it's the only thing that's still under control. Her oldest son Wendall is incredibly clumsy, and so he is often not allowed anywhere near her or the shop, and left to make his own entertainment. He has never met his father.
Monty Pendleton (Distant Cousin) - While at Hogwarts, Olive and Monty discovered that they were relatives, given that the Layton surname goes back to the days before Monty changed his name. Leda get's on pretty well with her Potions Professor, although admittedly is unafraid of causing him a little more hassle than usual because of their family connections, and even though she doesn't go to see him that often, is secretly pleased to know there is still someone around to talk to should she ever need a family member. By extension, Leda is also related to Margo Ellis.
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