Charlie Madison

Charlie Madison

aussie | adopted | defensive | tomboy | skater
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Relationship Status
Seeing Somebody
Sexual Orientation
Phoebe ) ( Lesbian
Knotted 14 1/2 Inch Flexible Oak Wand with Meteorite Dust Core
12/2032 (20)

The Basics
Name: Charlotte "Charlie" Valeria Madison
Meaning: Charlotte - Petite, Valeria - Strong
Birthdate: December 15, 2032
Zodiac: Saggitarius
Strengths: Optimistic - Independent - Cautious - Friendly - Sincere
Weaknesses: Restless - Unemotional - Inflexible - Temperamental
As a Sagittarius born on December 3rd, your personality is defined by your assertive, restless and open nature. When you know what you want, you do not hesitate to share it with others. You will work hard to achieve things you wish to accomplish with certainty, although you may challenge to discover our true interests. You are restless in your pursuits, tending to explore varying topics and subjects. Your eclectic nature is paired nicely with your openness. Although they may feel you are a bit frank at times, your friends, family and coworkers appreciate your honestly.
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Birthplace: Unknown
Blood Status: Unknown
Wand: Knotted 14 Inch Flexible Oak Wand with Meteorite Dust Core

Length: A little on the longer side of things, wands of this length are slightly more uncommon and not easily forgotten by others.
Style: The knots of this wand's original wood remain clearly visible - earthy, this style of wand is perhaps most traditional and closest to nature.
Wood: Oak wands are excellently reliable no matter the situation they are found in - they withstand the greatest challenges and remain largely unscathed.
Core: This wand core works well for people who adapt easily to their surroundings while still maintaining their own personalities. Meteorite dust seems to produce wands that are useful in Divination work.

Flexibility: Flexible: Not easily broken, this wand performs under strenuous circumstances with little effort - though how well it performs is ultimately up to its wielder.
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Hair: Charlie's hair is thick and dark brown, cut in a short tomboyish pixie.
Eyes: Dark brown.
Build: Slender and angular.
Complexion: Warm, clear brown.
Style: Varying between androgynous and tomboyish.
Distinguishing Features: Charlie's posture is quite standoffish and introverted.
Playby: Damaris Goddrie


Personality: Charlie is slow to trust, and that, combined with her straightforwardness, can make her come across as blunt and rude at times, but behind that is a sweet, caring person who's had a hard time. She doesn't hold many people close in her life, preferring to keep to herself, but she's likeable enough, and can make superficial friends easily enough if she tries. Charlie likes to be around people she knows, but she rarely trusts them completely.
-Charlie is very self-assured and deals with adversity well, trusting in herself and sticking to her guns when challenged.
-Charlie has a strong sense of justice and won't hesitate to defend those who need defending.
-When Charlie puts her mind to something, she sees it through and gets it done.
-Charlie can be reckless at times, trying stunts and getting into fights beyond her skill level.
-Charlie can be overly blunt and aggressive at times, and isn't always in perfect control of her feelings.
-Charlie often sees things in black and white, and can make judgements without considering all angles.
Skateboarding - Charlie has been skateboarding since she was very young, and knows a good deal of tricks.
Surfing - Charlie's adoptive sister taught her a bit about surfing, but she's never been quite as good as Emily.
Guitar - Charlie has recently taken up guitar, though her technique is still a little shaky.
Personality Type: ISTP (The Virtuoso)
Virtuosos love to explore with their hands and their eyes, touching and examining the world around them with cool rationalism and spirited curiosity. People with this personality type are natural Makers, moving from project to project, building the useful and the superfluous for the fun of it, and learning from their environment as they go. Often mechanics and engineers, Virtuosos find no greater joy than in getting their hands dirty pulling things apart and putting them back together, just a little bit better than they were before.

Strengths: Optimistic and Energetic, Creative and Practical, Spontaneous and Rational, Know How to Prioritise, Great in a Crisis, Relaxed
Weaknesses: Stubborn, Insensitive, Private and Reserved, Easily Bored, Dislike Commitment, Risky Behaviour
History: Charlie was abandoned as a baby, found crying behind a bush in a public park. There was no trace of her biological parents, and she grew up being passed from foster home to foster home, stability never a feature of her life. She never grew too attached to any of her foster families until she and Emily were taken in by the same family, and the two grew to be very close friends. They stayed in touch through different homes and reunions, both old enough to feel certain that they would be trapped in the system until adulthood, but at least they were no longer trapped alone. That changed though, when Maria Madison was brought in to counsel the group both girls were in one year. Charlie connected with Maria like she had never connected with an adult before, and Emily felt the same, and not long after, both girls had a new family at last, Maria adopting the two with open arms. A couple of years later, Maria took in another boy, Finn, and Charlie and Emily adapted easily to the new sibling, their little found family of four finally complete.
Health: Has had a few broken bones and bad injuries over the years, one of which left a long scar on her right shin. Otherwise perfectly healthy.

Goals: To be entirely self-sufficient and only need to rely on herself.
Fears: Betrayal.
Secrets: Charlie longs to be cared for and looked after, but finds it too difficult to trust anyone.
Regrets: Trusting people in the past who hurt her.

Colour: Brown
Food: Ramen
Smell: The ocean, wood, food cooking
Music Genre: Rock
Animal: Cat


Adoptive Mother
Name: Maria Madison
Date of Birth: 2011 (39)
Blood Status: Mixed Blood

Occupation: HNZ Counsellor

Adoptive Sister
Name: Odette Madison
Date of Birth: 2031 (20)
Blood Status: Mixed Blood

Occupation: Moutohora Macaws Beater

Adoptive Sister
Name: Emily Madison
Date of Birth: 2034 (16)
Blood Status: Unknown

Occupation: HNZ Student

Adoptive Brother
Name: Finn Madison
Date of Birth: 2039 (12)
Blood Status: Unknown
Occupation: HNZ Student

House: Ravenclaw
Zodiac information from here and here. MBTI information from here.
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Charlie Madison

aussie | adopted | defensive | tomboy | skater
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Relationship Status
Seeing Somebody
Sexual Orientation
Phoebe ) ( Lesbian
Knotted 14 1/2 Inch Flexible Oak Wand with Meteorite Dust Core
12/2032 (20)
First Year

Ever a loner, Charlie found Hogwarts an overwhelming environment. She spent most of her first year keeping to herself, though she got along with a couple of her roommates, at least somewhat. The Yule Ball was a major source of contention, Charlie struggling with the ill-fitted dress her mum desperately wanted her to wear, despite it not being a garment Charlie was comfortable in at all. Her mum, to Charlie's surprise, apologised, and promised not to pressure her like that again.

Another new home, so quick after the move to New Zealand. It was beginning to feel very much like the first stretch of Charlie's life. The group of first years she was in felt gigantic to Charlie, but as they entered the Great Hall for the first time, it finally struck Charlie just how huge this school was. There had to be a thousand people - more, even. Trying to keep her shock concealed, Charlie looked over the tables, then up at the staff table. Mum waved the second Charlie caught her eye, beaming in delight, and Charlie gave an uneasy wave back.

Once the initial excitement at seeing such a grand room (that ceiling!) had passed, there didn't actually seem to be much to do. Charlie stood with her arms folded, watching the kids around her go up and get sorted. Mum had explained this whole process, but it still seemed a bit silly. Why did it even matter that people were grouped up by personality? Charlie really didn't like the idea of some magic hat digging through all her thoughts. Her thoughts were her own - private. What gave them the right to make mind-reading the price of an education? To make value judgements so publicly about what kind of person a child was?

Charlie was getting more and more sullen and nervous about the whole idea, and as the surnames got into the L-s she was starting to feel like just running for it would be a better option. Before she could make a move though, it was too late.
"Madison, Charlotte."
Wincing at the unfamiliar sound of her full name, Charlie's whole body was tense as she made her way up to the hat. "It's Charlie." She mumbled to the Headmistress as she took her seat, resisting the urge to cringe away from the hat. 'Hey hat, if you can really hear my thoughts, I'll make you a deal.' She thought, full body trembles giving away how frightened she really was. 'Don't read my mind, you can just pick any random one you like, I don't want you to read my mind. It's private. I promise I won't tell anyone or throw a tizzy.' For a girl who had often never had any privacy but her own thoughts, this whole process had Charlie more scared than she had ever felt in her life. She would give anything to be anywhere else.
"I'll make it as quick as possible, but I've got a job to do and there's only one way to do it. Now let's see. Hmm...better be Gryffindor!"


A Nice WalkWith Razia al-Abbas
EssentialsWith Emmett Lancaster
Friends for Life!With Fleur van Houten, Jocelynn Moors, Lenore Harvelle, Aimee Marshall, and Frankie Tillington
Dresses, Dresses, DressesWith Maria Madison and Corrine Lagos
Avs & Sigs


Yearbook & School Events

Yule Ball

Second Year

Although she remained mostly reserved, not enjoying being in an unfamiliar setting yet again with a lot of strangers and without her siblings to keep her company, Charlie finally began to branch out a little more in her second year. She became closer friends with two of her roommates, Frankie and Fleur, and made a new friend in Ravenclaw. Although her guard stayed up around most other people at school, Charlie finally felt comfortable enough to relax a little with some of her favourite people.


And Now in the Main RingWith Frankie Tillington
BoredWith Ella Bishop and Anastasie Vernier
Last but not least, all flowers are equalRecieving Valentines Rose with Maggy Harrington
Avs & Sigs


Yearbook & School Events

Halloween Costume

Third Year

Coasting through classes as usual, Charlie decided she finally felt comfortable enough at school this year to join a club, the SDA. She found Defense especially fun, and wanted to know more about fighting with magic, in case she ever needed to use it. Another thing making Charlie feel more settled was the fact that her sister had finally joined her at Hogwarts. While she was helping Emily settle in Charlie met one of Emily's friends older sister, Phoebe Holland. After their first meeting went well, Charlie was startled that Emily and Alice set her and Phoebe up at the Yule Ball. She found the older girl charming though, and after getting to know each other better, Charlie was thrilled to attend the Valentines dance with Phoebe. What she wasn't thrilled about, though, was the two deeply unpleasant rose deliveries she experienced that day, deep resentment burning in her for Mervyn Strangewayes and Lucia Orbon after two ugly and violent deliveries gone wrong. The dance itself was delightful though, and Charlie tried to focus on how happy she felt with her new girlfriend.


Stealth MissionWith Emily Madison and Emmett Lancaster
So Much To ReadWith Cristian Kyle
To GrindWith Solomon Mordaunt
If I Could, I Would StayWith Odette Harper, Maria Madison, Emily Madison, and Finn Madison
First Night SnacksWith Lenore Harvelle, Fleur van Houten, and Frankie Tillington
Fallen NotesWith Professor Cyndi Kingsley
Finding YouWith Alice Holland, Charlie Madison, and Phoebe Holland (Continued)
I Don't Get ItRecieving Valentines Rose with Mervyn Strangewayes
Blooming RoseRecieving Valentines Rose with Lucia Orbon
You + Me = ChemistryWith Phoebe Holland
Useless WaterWith April Ward
Avs & Sigs


Yearbook & School Events

SDA Member

Yule Ball

Valentines Dance

Fourth Year

The holiday before her fourth year brought a big change to Charlie's life. When her mother asked whether Charlie felt comfortable welcoming Odette into their home it was a decision she took very seriously, weighing up deep sympathy for Odette's situation with her fear of living with unfamiliar people. Charlie made up her mind based on the same compassion Maria had showed her years ago, and Odette moved in to live with the Madisons. Charlie was quickly relieved that the older girl seemed polite and easy to live with, and was glad that Emily didn't unsettle her too much in a difficult time. Charlie made a few hesitant moves to get closer to the Slytherin once they returned to school, pleasantly surprised that they actually got along quite well. At school her relationship with Phoebe deepened, and on their anniversary, Charlie fought through her fear of vulnerability to tell Phoebe that she loved her. While her relationship was a source of joy though, Charlie's grades were nothing but a source of woe. She was barely scraping by in most subjects, and with her career goals feeling further and further away, Charlie sought advice from her Head of House.


Must Be DoneSchool Supply Shopping with Cristian Kyle
Put Your Empty Hands In MineWith Odette Harper, Maria Madison, and Emily Madison
Testing The WatersWith Odette Harper
Real HorrorsWith Phoebe Holland
MatchedWith Phoebe Holland and Emily Madison
First ChristmasWith Maria Madison, Odette Harper, Matthew Harper, Emily Madison, and Finn Madison
One Wonderfully Red RoseReceiving Valentines Rose with Vader Hume
A New LevelWith Phoebe Holland (Related: A rose by the lake)
Reaching OutWith Professor Cyndi Kingsley
Autumn BloomWith Chante Ateara
Yearbook & School Events

SDA Member

Halloween (Dolores Umbridge)

Yule Ball

Valentines Dance
Fifth Year

In the holidays before her fifth year, Charlie had to brave an entirely new challenge; dinner with her girlfriend's family. Though she was nervous about the event it went well, solidifying the fact that Charlie's relationship with Phoebe was becoming quite serious. After that she focused most of her energy on her schoolwork throughout the year, knowing that OWLs could be make or break for her future as an Auror. Though she still struggled to focus Charlie kept her head down, relieved as she found her grades actually improving, and to her relief she finished her OWLs with decent grades.


Dinner TogetherWith Maria Madison, Phoebe Holland, Alice Holland, James Holland, and Claudia Holland
SDA Holiday HangoutSDA Club Event
S2 Y33 Gryffindor House MeetingWith various Gryffindors
Carry A Red RoseReceiving Valentines Rose with Signy Forstrom
LGBTQ+ Pride 2049With various students
Avs & Sigs



Yearbook & School Events


Yule Ball (With Phoebe Holland)

Valentines Dance (with Phoebe Holland)
Sixth Year

Charlie was over the moon with relief at having passed her OWLs at the end of fifth year. With that hurdle crossed, becoming an Auror seemed closer than ever before. She continued to work hard in her classes, relieved at her renewed faith in her own abilities. Keeping her head down, Charlie for the most part stayed focused on her grades. External forces made that difficult though, with the stress of Phoebe's imminent graduation, and worries about Emily backsliding into violent behaviour. Charlie kept working hard though, and before she was anywhere near ready, the end of the year had come, and Charlie and Phoebe had to face the reality of a year apart.

Gryffindor House Meeting S1/Y34With various Gryffindors
Save A DanceWith Phoebe Holland
Holland Christmas PartyWith various attendees
Roses in ReverseReceiving Valentines Rose with Selene Le Fey
Planting A WiggentreeSDA/Wild Patch club event
LGBTQ+ Pride 2050With various attendees
Avs & Sigs


Yearbook & School Events


Student Defense Association

Yule Ball

Valentines Dance
Seventh Year

Charlie's final year at Hogwarts was a quiet one. With the goal of becoming an auror so close, every moment of Charlie's time was devoted entirely to that task. Studying, practicing, absolutely everything possible to get the required NEWT results. Without Phoebe around at school Charlie felt almost entirely alone, only spending time with family or alone to study. Studies that, to Charlie's overwhelming relief, somehow managed to pay off.
Gryffindor House Meeting Y35/S1With various Gryffindors
Y35 Graduation CeremonyWith various attendees
Avs & Sigs


Yearbook & School Events



Halloween (Glam Rocker)

Yule Ball

Valentines Dance

Charlie had spent seven years longing for today, and it had come at last. No more exams to worry about, no more classes to attend, school was finally, finally over for good. After all of the stress and headaches and tears, finally everything Charlie had been through here would be worth it. Becoming an Auror was within sight, and this ceremony was the only thing left in the way. It couldn't be over soon enough. Charlie sat still, only half paying attention to the head people's speeches as they went on. Charlie had never been especially good friends with them - never been especially good friends with any classmates, really, and after today they would all just be blips in the past at last. The sooner, the better. The list of graduates seemed to go on and on and on, and Charlie got more and more antsy as the Ms approached, jumping to standing the second it was finally time. Charlie practically sprinted up to the stage to accept the diploma waiting there, shaking the Headmistress's hand incredibly quickly before returning to the audience. Finally, finally, this was all over. Now life could really begin.
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