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Professor Landon Carter

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Landon had been wanting to do something special for his students for a while, and he had been racking his brain trying to think of the best way to do it. He knew some of them had been having a tough year, so wanted to make them all feel happy. Eventually, he decided on a good end-of-year treat which he was sure they would all at least appreciate. He made sure to advertise it on the board in the common room so that no one would miss it. He had organised with the house elves to prepare numerous picnic baskets full sandwiches, biscuits, cakes, and drinks to go along with it as well. He sat these picnic baskets on rugs on the grass beside the lakefront, so people could sit with their friends in groups. With it being a lovely day outside and not too hot or too cold, Landon thought it was perfect. He added a sign on a post that read "Hufflepuff's End-Of-Year Picnic" and decorated it with snapdragons that he had collected from the gardens. He didn't expect everyone to attend, but hoped that most people would, especially since the seventh years would be graduating soon and this may be his last time with them. The man sat on one of the picnic rugs as he waited for the students to arrive.
Felix felt full of energy but had no idea where to put it. Lessons were almost over but he still had his NEWTs. The quiddich season was also over and by some miracle they had won every game. He was caught between wanting to celebrate his accomplishments and take it easy, and needing to study for what felt like every second of every day if he didn't want to fail his exams. So he was grateful for an excuse to get outside. He liked the lake and was sitting by the edge of the water taking deep breaths. In that moment he was trying not to think too much about how he was going to miss this place. If he let that thought in he might actually explode and he didn't think he'd be able to sit for his exams if he was just a pile of bones.
Margo didn't want the semester to end. Not just yet anyways. She was looking forward to seeing her grandmother and getting to work at the bookstore. But there were unresolved things here at school she didn't know how to handle, and then there was an even bigger problem waiting for her outside her bubble here at school. Michael had asked her to the dance and they had a great time but nothing had really changed between them despite everything feeling different now. Her mind had been running in circles trying to figure it out. Then there was the dark cloud shaped like her brother that was hanging over her too. She hadn't shared with anyone what Professor Le Fey had told her and it was staring to weigh heavily on her. So it was easy to say she was distracted as she absentmindedly served herself some of the biscuits. But she wasn't really paying attention to how many she was grabbing and her plate was almost overflowing.
Leo didn't mind the end of year events, either hosted by clubs or hosted by his house. Well, he had tended to not mind, but really with his NEWTs right around the corner he did just want to focus on revising and making sure all of the information was in his head. Leonardo found a spot in the picnic to sit, putting some book out in front of him to pretend like he was still working, and to actually work on when he could. It maybe wasn't in the spirit of things, but he didn't want to fail his exams.
Gregory wasn't feeling great, he had little motivation for things and little interest in what had once interested him. Though really he had never had that many magical interests. Computer games had always been what he'd been interested in. Gregory arrived at the picnic and immediately just found himself a spot right at the edge of everything, far away from most others and keen to not get involved or interact with anyone. He'd lose whatever friends he had left in the process he was sure.
Callie was keeping busy, trying to balance her clubs with her studies, not wanting to lose track of either thing. Lose either thread. She was eager to attend an end of year picnic, welcoming the opportunity to be outside and relax a little. She had perhaps been doing more revision than she had intended to. Getting a little most lost than she intended to. She didn't immediately spot anyone she knew but put herself at one of the areas with some snacks, feeling very content with how things were.
Helios was looking forward to the year ending. He was sure it would be a good use of his time to be at home and try to get his sister to see that the school was dangerous and that he should not need to attend it. He could be homeschooled, homeschooling was safer. He knew his sister had the time, she worked evening and nights. it was doable. Helios came to the lakefront and glanced about, trying to figure out if this was or wasn't safe.
Marley couldn't believe it was the second semester already, and it wasn't going to be long until the year was over. It seemed like the year always went by super quickly. Marley thought a picnic was always fun. She always enjoyed the picnic food and to spend time with people. The Hufflepuff smiled and waved at the professor as she arrived, looking around the area trying to spot anyone with a familiar face. She smiled happily when she noticed her roommate nearby and decided to make her way towards her. "Hey Callie! How are you?" Marley said happily as she joined her friend.

@Callie Cardoso
Molly couldn't believe that her time at Hogwarts was almost over. She was shocked that she had managed to get through seven years at Hogwarts. She knew she was going to miss this place, especially the people. But so far, Molly's seventh year had been smooth sailing, and she had hoped it would be kept that way until she graduated at least. The seventh year walked towards the lakefront where the house meeting was held. She liked that the meeting was outside, and she always did in fact like the outdoors some way or another. Molly smiled and waved at the professor, as she arrived. The Hufflepuff looked around the area to try and spot a familiar face, though instead, she spotted a familiar figure by the edge of the lake and decided to make her way there. "Hey, you got any room for one more?" Molly asked Felix, hoping he didn't mind her joining him, but if he needed space at all, Molly was more than okay to go somewhere else if needed.

@Felix Carnahan
Ezra hadn't been feeling the best lately. He felt a little insignificant, especially with the OWL year looming over him. Was it really time for him to be oen of the older students already? He sometimes felt like he just got here. He was dreading the next year and didn't want this one to end, but it almost had, exams were only around the corner. Ezra headed to the lakefront for the house meeting, feeling slighty hopeful about it. A picnic was a fun idea. He grabbed a cake and sat down on one of the rugs, taking a bite as he looked around.
Demetrius still felt somewhat awkward at house meetings. He felt awkward in most situations he supposed, but besides Aine and his girlfriend he didn't really know any Hufflepuffs and that felt weird with his final year looming. He couldn't help but feel intimidated by his final year - and by the exams that were coming up. But a picnic was a nice break from studying so he appreciated the gesture. He grabbed a sandwich and settled down on his own, wondering if anyone would bother to talk to him. He didn't know where Veronique was, or if she'd show up. Things had been tense with them and he didn't know what to make of it.
Noah could hardly believe that his first year was nearly over. It had taken him a little bit of time to adjust to the new environment he was in, having been so used to life back home, and it had been weird for him not to be around his siblings for most of the time. He was growing to love this school, however, and he was making some truly wonderful friendships. He was kind of glad that soon enough he'd be able to just relax and not do any homework, despite him enjoying every one of his classes immensely. He made a mental note to ask his friends whether they could hang out over the winter break, as he wanted to see them, maybe get his sister and brother to come along too, as that would be a lot of fun. Noah arrived to the lake for the house meeting, sending his aunt's uncle a quick smile - was that also his uncle? Should he be calling the man as such? Noah was still really baffled with that one - and he scanned the area to see if any of his friends had arrived yet. Seeing that Helios had, he went over to him and sat down next to his friend. "Hey man, it's so cool we're outside for a change, isn't it?" he nudged Helios as his friend's glancing about didn't escape him. "Don't worry, I'm sure it's safe."
Aine was exhausted, even though she wasn't leading any clubs or playing Quidditch or anything like that she still had plenty to do with her classes. Plus her training, which was just headache inducing. Sure, Aine probably could have still been studying, but she thought her head might actually explode if she didn't get some fresh air. She was very grateful that Professor Carter had organized this. She wanted to eat, but couldn't really decide what she might like. Although her eyes caught Margo, and noticed her plate was overflowing and she seemed not to notice. Aine wondered how many biscuits she could sneak off Margo's plate before her dormmate noticed. At the same time, she figured she should actually be helpful. "Save some for the rest of us," she joked, before awkwardly biting her tongue, figuring that probably sounded meaner than she intended. "Sorry, I mean, you good?"

@Margo Fox
Penelope had been in a bit of a funk ever since Emmanuel had broken up with her. It was months ago now, but she still felt sad about it sometimes. The fairy tale story she had built up in her mind had come crashing down at once, and she just felt... silly and stupid for not seeing it coming. She headed out to the lake for the final house meeting, wondering if the professor had something to say to them or would just let them relax. She didn't spot Marnie yet, so she sat down near someone familiar from the Quidditch team. "Are you studying during a picnic?" She asked shyly. "The NEWTs must be awful."

@Leonardo Orr
Helios was just waiting for a moment when he could retreat back inside, where it was safe or safer. The plans were a bit foiled when he was joined by Noah. He gave the boy a tight smile, he liked him, the guy was nice, but he was wrong about it being safe. "It's not," Helios replied plainly. "I can manage," he added though Helios did not sound certain.
@Noah Cosgrove
Callie glanced at Marley and gave her an excited expression. "Good, not looking forward to going home," she said, and it wasn't completely untrue. She liked being at Hogwarts and liked having classes and everything. Being at home meant no magic, but she was looking forward to seeing her parents. "How are you?"
@Marley Pattinson
Felix looked up, startled out of his thoughts when Molly approached him. "Oh yeah of course." he said quickly when she asked to join him. He scoot over a little to make some room. "I feel like everything is kind of happening at once, you know?" he blurted out and was hoping she would agree so he wouldn't feel so crazy. "Have you started thinking about your speech?" he asked, worried that she would say yes and there would be another thing he'd have to pile on to his plate. @Molly Burke
Margo blinked when she heard Aine ask her a question. "Huh?" she said as she came back to earth. A few second her comment clicked and she looked down at her plate. She felt her face flush and she laughed a little embarrassed. "Oh, I hadn't even noticed..." she said trailing off. "Would you like to share?" she asked sheepishly. She wasn't sure how to answer her other question. There was the obvious solution which was to lie but she wasn't sure she wanted to. "I just have a lot on my mind." Margo said finally and even that admittance felt like a relief. @Aine Thompson
"Oh, uh, sure," Aine replied, not necessarily having meant that and feeling as though she was possibly a little too invested in the food. Certainly, it didn't help her acne. But also, by the same token, they made pretty decent food here. Perhaps a little blandly British at times, but it certainly wasn't anything to complain about. "Ah. Yeah, it's kind of like that, huh," she offered, knowing that was next to useless. Aine considered Margo to be a friend, but at the same time, she'd been thrown into an awkward spot by Valerius and Margo was also closer to Isadora and Cameron. "I guess there's enough to keep you distracted for now, though, uh, if you wanna talk about it..." she trailed off, shifting on the spot a little, like she couldn't quite decide on the proper way to stand. "Not, like, right now or anything, that's probably a bit too awkward with everyone here, but like, in the dorm or something, I dunno." Aine shrugged a little helplessly, swiping a biscuit onto her own plate.

@Margo Fox
Molly muttered a quick and appreciative thanks as he said yes and took a seat next to him. She turned to him as she nodded quickly in agreement with what he had said. "I know right? It's moving all so quickly" Molly said with a sigh and nod. It wouldn't be long until they were all graduating and the thought of graduation made Molly nervous. Molly paused a little at Felix's question, a guilty look on her face. "Honestly? No, I haven't. Speeches aren't really my thing, they make me nervous" Molly says with a chuckle and shrug. "How bout you?"

@Felix Carnahan
Marley nodded in agreement to what her friend was saying, as much as she was happy to see her family during her break, she was a little bummed that she wasn't going to be seeing her friends for a bit as well as not being able to do magic at home was just sad. "Why's that?" Marley asked her friend curiously, wondering if she had similar thoughts as to Marley. "I'm doing good, I'm gonna miss Hogwarts though"

@Callie Cardoso
Callie gave a little laugh, "Oh I just miss Hogwarts and magic and my friends," she replied. "Seeing my parents is great, but it's just..not as fun as this place." she gave a little wave to all of the people around her as if to imply she'd miss all of that. "Are you going to be doing anything over the break?"
@Marley Owens-Lee
Marley quickly nodded in agreement. "No yeah, I totally agree! I'll miss everything here too. It's a bummer we can't do magic outside of Hogwarts though. Don't get me wrong I'm happy to see my family, but I'll definitely miss learning magic and my friends" Marley says with a smile. Marley shrugged a little at her friend's question. "I'm not too sure, to be honest. I guess time will tell" Marley says with a giggle. "How about you? You have any sort of plans these holidays?"

@Callie Cardoso

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