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a l l  w e  n e e d  i s  a  s p a r k, 
a  s e c o n d  c h a n c e,  a  l i f e l i n e


Landon Bill Carter

Landon - Landon is a name with English origins. The meaning of the name Landon is From the Long Hill. Alternate spellings of the name Landon include Landyn, Landin, and Landan. Common nicknames for the name Landon include Lan, Lanny, and Land.
Bill - The name Bill is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Bill is: Nickname for William 'resolute protector' often used as an independent name.
Carter - Carter is of Irish, Scottish and English origin and is an occupational name given to one who transports goods by cart or wagon originally believed to be of Gaelic and Celtic origins.

Landon was the youngest born in his family and was an accidental birth. The birth was so unexpected that Landon's parents found it quite hard to think of a name for him. They knew for sure that they wanted his name to begin with the letter 'L'. Landon deemed to be quite a good name after numerous frantic searches through every baby name book his parents came across and that was what they decided to name him.
Landon's middle name came from his grandfather, Will Carter. Their parents insisted on making Landon's middle name Will, but the original Will would not call for it and instead suggested on making his middle name Bill instead. It was quite a debate but eventually Landon's parents changed their mind last minute and put Bill on his birth certificate and not Will.

Not many people usually refer to Landon using a nickname, mainly because Landon is such an unusual name from where he is from that there's no point trying to come up with anything else to call him. His family has always called him by the name "Lil' L" due to him being the youngest and fairly short in height and it has stuck with him ever since.

Landon was born on the 12th of October, 2014. He was born quite a small baby and it was unknown whether or not he would survive as he also wasn't particularly born in the best condition. His nose had not developed properly in the womb, causing breathing problems such as asthma to this day. Instead, when he was born, his nose was almost twice as smaller than a regular nose and so he never left the hospital until over 3 weeks after being born.

Landon's father, Thomas Carter, is a retired muggle who was born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand.

Landon's mother, Charlotte Carter (nee Jones), is a retired muggle who was born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand.

Landon has 2 older sisters who, when he was older, he would look up to for lots of moral support. Upon moving from one country to another for wizarding education, he found it quite hard to be alone and would always appreciate coming home during the holidays and seeing his family there ready to give him company. His eldest sister, Jasmine, is a muggle and his other sister, Kristina, is a wizard. Kristina told Landon every story she had made at Hogwarts and it made him very excited when he found out that he was a wizard just like her.

Landon is a muggle-born which means that both of his parents are muggles. Before them, there never really seemed to be any magical ancestors in the family until his sister and he feels very special that he can be different along with her.

Landon was brought up in Wellington, New Zealand and travelled frequently to North America to attend Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In fact, when Landon met his wife, he loved the place so much that he chose to stay there with her, only occasionally visiting his family during the school holidays.</SIZE>
w a i t i n g  u p  i n  t h e  d a r k,
 h o l d i n g  f o r  a  s e a r c h  l i g h t


Landon has extremely long and curly blonde hair. He tries his best to cut it regularly to the perfect length but it never usually works with him and just grows straight back after a couple of weeks. Despite this, he likes his hair and is very thankful for it, even though it may get excessively hot in summer.

Landon has blue eyes which he doesn't find very special at all as everyone in his family has blue eyes too. This is one of his least favourite things about himself.


Landon is right handed.

Landon's voice is quite deep and rough but friendly all the same. When he was younger, Landon suffered from speech problems but had soon overcome them after lots of muggle speech therapy. Although it may be properly fixed, he still finds himself reverting back to the old way that he talked whenever he is extremely tired or lazy.


Eric Christian Olsen
n o  i  d o n t  k n o w  w h y  s e a s o n s 
c h a n g e,  o r  h o w  w e  f e l l  s o  f a r


* Teaching others
* Seeing smiles on people's faces
* Feeling special and loved
* Standing up for others
* Comfortably being able to socialise

* Worrying about the past
* Not being able to travel
* Unselfish people

Landon's best goal in life is to teach others everything he knows, even if it may not be too much. He loves to spread his knowledge so younger generations will be able to carry on that knowledge to do greater things. The only reason he may be reading up on something is so he can tell others later about what he had learnt in hopes that they'll take that information and do something special with it.







People born under the sign of Libra are peaceful and fair, and they hate being alone. Partnership is very important for Libra -born, and with their victorious mentality and cooperation, they cannot stand to be alone. The Libra is an Air sign, with expressed intellect and a keen mind. They can be inspired by good books, insurmountable discussions and interesting people.
Libra is fascinated by the balance and symmetry. Libra-born prefer justice and equality, and they cannot tolerate injustice. They avoid indulging in all types of conflicts and prefer to keep the peace, where this is possible. They like to do everything in pairs and not alone.
The biggest problem for Libra-born, is when they are forced to choose sides, because they are very indecisive and sometimes they forget that they have their own opinion.
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