Bi-Weekly Update

Oh, another update and it is a big one. We have a lot of events to check out! So, let's get to the last update for January.
Week 6
Whoa this one snuck up on us. It is the final week of lessons before study week and then exams! Professors, thank you for all the work you have done, and use this time to catch up on some grading. We might actually probably not see someone else other than Slytherin actually win the house cup.

Club events
All around the board, there are some clubs events happening. If you haven't noticed them, then I'll have them listed below. If your student is in a club, head over there for some fun activities! If your student is not, well, could be an opportunity to join them (depending on what they are doing that is). I imagine CAC and History Club isn't exclusive.
Brotherhood: indoor rugby
Heta omega: high tea
Wild patch: preparing for winter:
CAC: Candle making:🕯️cac-y45-event-candle-making-🕯️.119785/
History club: Show and tell:

Quidditch Game: Hufflepuff vs Beauxbatons
This week, we are having the international Hufflepuff versus Beauxbatons Quidditch game! So, captains, be sure to send out your PMs, if you haven't already, to see who is available, and who isn't. I look forward to seeing who wins this (I am on both teams so either way I win and lose).

Career Event
We should be wrapping up career events with students, and it has been a success I say. I would love to see it happen again with my future students! If you want to take a read, see below at each table, and the event itself!
Career Event:
Yvonne's table:
Misha's table:
Isabella's table:
Gabrielle's table:

New uploads gallery
A new, more permanent solution for graphics is available! We hope you are as excited as we are. See the announcement and more details here!

Applications closing soon
As always, with sorting set to begin very soon, we plan to close most application types no later than the start of exam week. If you have an application that you'd like reviewed, submit them soon.

Clean up, please
Also related to sorting, we ask all shopkeepers to clean up your space- archive and complete any sales. And now is a great time to check in with the shop assistants on their availability. Thank you for your attention to this!

Anonymous Compliments
Our annual event to share compliments with each other, anonymously, of course, is now up and running! Join us!

nothing was submitted :(

  • Graduation!
  • Anonymous compliments reveal
  • Sorting soon!!
  • A new character being spotlighted

And there we have it. Big shout out to @Professor Cyndi Kingsley for helping me type this up. I strained my left hand so I am on the road to recovery for it. As always, leave your comments and questions below.

~ Kaitlyn
(On behalf of the HNZ Site Staff)
Thank you for the update, Kaitlyn and Cyndi!

It's time for some new news, so we're archiving this to get it out of the way.

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