open after maria

  1. Leia Hume

    Open Sublime Light

    Leia was always looking for new places to go and study, but the north tower was a long way from where she might otherwise go. It was far from her dorm room, practically the other end of the school building, but she’d come to realise in her plan that she cared a little less if non-slytherin’s saw...
  2. Liusaidh Fergusson

    Open Forestry Exploration

    Liusaidh was stood right at the edge of the forbidden forest, her dad had told her to avoid getting into trouble or getting a detention this semester but boy did she want to not do that. But there weren’t that many options of things she could do that would get her into trouble that were also...
  3. Ajaccio Skey

    Open Amazingly Outdoors

    Ajaccio was keeping himself busier this semester than he had ever been while at school. He was doing a lot more than he had ever done before, but this was a year of doing new things it seemed so he was busy. But the moment the sun had come out he had headed outside. Ditching everything that he...
  4. The Blue Lady

    Open Spring Cleaning

    Open after Maria posts with Alexander It was that time of year again, where the quiet chill of the castle had lifted and the students were beginning to come back. Not that Blue could feel the cold, but looking out the window into the slate grey sky of winter she could just tell. The gloomy...
  5. Emmy Cooper

    Open Do you even kick

    Open after Maria Since discovering her magic abilities, Emmy asked her dad to take her to the magic park almost every weekend. He didn't seem to comfortable to be hanging around other witches and wizards, but he definitely tried to spoil Emmy where he could, and taking her out meant she wasn't...