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Ajaccio Skey

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3/2038 (14)
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Ajaccio was keeping himself busier this semester than he had ever been while at school. He was doing a lot more than he had ever done before, but this was a year of doing new things it seemed so he was busy. But the moment the sun had come out he had headed outside. Ditching everything that he needed to do in favour of going out to enjoy the sunshine. He had his skateboard in hand but not just that. He’d gotten a rugby ball off another student and thought it would just fun to toss around, not to play any serious game with it but to toss around. He reached an empty and dry area of the grounds, just at the waters edge and placed down the skateboard and the ball and just took a moment to take in the sight. He missed being outside a lot, he missed spending pretty much every day outside.

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