Character Spotlight: April 2024!

🌟 Another month, another spotlight! 🌟

As most, if not all, of you know we like to use the start of each new month to celebrate one of your characters that has caught our attention for one reason or another. This could be an incredible biography, intriguing plots or a remarkable personality. Usually, it's a combination of a few factors that has left us impressed and willing to see more. Whatever the reason, a spotlighted character is one that we adore and the monthly spotlight is a great way for us to celebrate your creativity!

This month we're spotlighting Teddy Pirrip, RPed by Verity!

For more information on Teddy make sure to check his bio right here!

As is tradition, we asked Verity a couple of questions:

What was your initial thought when you were contacted about being spotlighted?
Welllll, Marijke made it look like an April Fools prank so I was processing that haha! Then I was thinking how on earth am I going to answer all these questions!

What was the inspiration for your character?
I had zero muse when I created Teddy, so I decided to make someone who was just fun and didn't take anything seriously, there wasn't much more depth to him at that point. He was my first character that didn't have any past trauma, he's had an easy childhood, and was just going with the flow and out for a good time. The clean slate turned out to be exactly what my muse needed because I've been able to develop him and introduce new characters since then.

What is your favourite RP that your character has taken part in?
Oooh there have been lots! I did enjoy A proper welcome back recently.

What is your favourite aspect of your character?
He's fun and anything goes, he's intelligent but not so street smart. He's very competitive which is fun to rp. I generally really enjoy writing him.

Your least favourite aspect?

He doesn't have very much empathy. He's never had any struggles and doesn't understand that other people don't have it as easy as him. No money? Well just ask your parents for some, duh! That sort of thing.

If you could meet your character in real life would you want to? Why or why not?
Okay this will be my brain but I don't understand this question. If it means meeting the fictional character I created as if they were real, then how does that work? Does Teddy materialise in the real world? Just sounds weird, although would I be looking at Harry Styles? But if it means encountering someone like Teddy in the real world, it depends. If they were the age Teddy is now, then no, he'd be so annoying. But sure I'd love to meet an adult who has a similar personality to Teddy. I've totally ruined the question.

What do you feel your strength in developing characters is?
You're asking me? Have you seen my characters? Lol. I suppose my strength is that I roleplay them, and build them up from their experiences.

Your weakness?

Too two dimensional perhaps. Especially when I start them out.

What would you recommend to those looking to further develop their characters?
Just roleplay. HNZ is a character development haven. These characters come alive when you roleplay them, so if you want to develop them, roleplay!

What are you most looking forward to on HNZ in the next several months?
Super secret MESSI stuff, inevitably convincing admin to approve my plot ;), and exams yay!

What is your favourite part of HNZ?
My favorite part of HNZ is the community of RPers, it feels safe here and the writing serves as a form of catharsis for me. Honestly, I am touched Teddy was chosen for spotlight, it means a lot. Thank you!

Please join us in congratulating Verity on this month's spotlight!

(on behalf of the HNZ site staff)
What do you mean Teddy hadn't been spotlighted already??? Congrats!
Yay Teddy!! Well-deserved, he's a great character and I love both doing roleplays involving him and reading threads with him I'm not involved in. Look forward to seeing where you go with him!
Congrats Verity! The third year group seems like an fun one. And I'm curious to see how Teddy is gonna develop further. He seems a lot of fun!
Congrats Verity :hug:
Congrats!! I love Teddy to pieces he's so much fun

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