Archie Frederick Renner

Archie Renner

Class of 2043 | Ice Cream Scooper | Gryffindor
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Straight 12 Inch Flexible Ash Wand with Phoenix Tail Feather Core
5/2025 (32)

can't remember the last time i saw your face i feel so lonely when i'm in a crowded
space you left with me without direction cause i've been from place to place trying
to bring you back walked for days and days can't face the fact that nothing is better

In Scottish the meaning of the name Archie is: True and bold. Archie is of Scottish origin, and was given to him upon his arrival at the orphanage when he was a baby. Archie generally neither likes nor dislikes his name, and his mostly indifferent about it, but he does like that his name isn't the most common of names and because of that he is remembered a little easier among his peers.

Frederick is a masculine given name meaning "peaceful ruler". Its meaning is derived from the Germanic word elements frid, or peace, and ric, meaning "ruler" or "power." It is the English form of the German name Friedrich. His adopted family gave him this middle name when they took him in, wanting to include him in their family's German heritage. Archie likes his middle name because he can turn it into a joke. He enjoys pronouncing it in weird ways and generally laughing at it because the proper german pronunciation of it sounds very stern and serious.

Renner may be of Anglo-Saxon origin, and an occupational name for a messenger or courier, normally a mounted and armed military servant. The derivation is from the Olde English pre 7th Century "renn(an)", Middle High German "rennen", to run, with the addition of the agent suffix "-er". In its original sense "a man who has to do with", the "-er" designates persons according to their profession or occupation. Archie's very proud and happy with his sir name, purely because associates him with his family, and shows that he is part of his family. He loves his family very much and would never choose to change his surname because of this. (name information from behindthename)

Nobody knows Archie's exact date of birth, so for simplicity's sake, his birthday is listed as the day he arrived at the orphanage as a baby. He celebrates his birthday on June sixteen, which is an estimated two and a half weeks after he was born. What is also uncertain is the location in which Archie was born. It is assumed he was born somewhere in New Zealand, since the orphanage which he ended up is in Wellington, New Zealand but there is no evidence to confirm this or suggest otherwise. Archie has always been curious to where and when he was born and his curiosity to know has developed further in recent years. He really wants to know his real birthday and what country he is from but he is a little too scared to admit it.

Since graduating, Archie has lived in a two bedroom bedroom rental apartment with his best friend Orwell in New Zealand. This is in an effort to save money as neither of them have particularly well-paying jobs and also because they enjoy being close to each other and wouldn't want to live any other way. The apartment itself isn't fancy and rather old looking but to Archie it is home because Orwell can make anywhere into a home. Archie has recently gotten an extra room mate in the form of his half brother, Knox Ivers and he doesn't plan to move out of this apartment anytime soon and is content in staying there for the foreseeable future.

Archie's birth parents have been a mystery his entire life. When he was dropped off at the orphanage, there was nothing that would hint to the identity or whereabouts of his birth parents. He used to be indifferent towards who his biological parents were, and did not want to search for them because he was completely happy with his adopted parents. But recently he has become somewhat curious of his biological parents identity, where he comes from and why he was given up for adoption. Because both his sisters have now discovered their biological families and he views it as a right of passage, and as he is getting older he wants to finally get answers to his identity and the things he has not known about himself his entire life.

Archie used to have an adoptive mother and father, but since Archie came out to his family and the following issues it caused with his adoptive father’s toxic view of masculinity, he only now has a relationship with his adoptive mother, Lillian Renner. She is by all accounts Archie’s mother in his eyes and he has a healthy relationship with her built on mutual support and love. He often goes to his mother whenever he needs advice on something and she does her best to help him, which he appreciates.

Archie has two adoptive siblings, Anah and Amity Renner. Anah was adopted from an orphanage in Brighton, England and is currently a journalist for the Daily Prophet. Amity was adopted from Bejing, China and is a Ravenclaw Alumni from Hogwarts Scotland. Anah is of African heritage but was born in England whereas Amity is of Chinese heritage. Archie loves his sisters very much and loves them unconditionally. He loves their unique personalities and how accepting and supportive they are of him. He sees them as his true family no matter what.

Archie is currently a graduate of Hogwarts New Zealand where he was in Gryffindor house. He loved his time at school and sees it as some of the best years of his life despite the issues he had with his adoptive father during the later years. He was and still is a proud Gryffindor and has no shame in showing it. Archie is not an academic person with his attention span calling him to other things like quidditch where he was the captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team, so his grades were lackluster, and he has no other form of education other than being taught to read and write at the orphanage when he was younger. Despite this though he is happy in his life and does not think his intelligence defines him as a human being.

Straight 12 Inch Flexible Ash Wand with Phoenix Tail Feather Core.
  • Length: A fairly average length for a wand, not at all uncommon or very special. Style: Straight and smooth: what else is there to say?
  • Wood: 'Ash is Stubborn,' as the saying goes. Ash wands bond to their owner and do not do well in the hands of others. The master of an Ashen wand may well be stubborn, but arrogance and pride will be met with a wand that is even more stubborn than the wizard!
  • Core: Phoenix tail feathers are not easy to come by. The animal is known for its versatility, making wands with this core useful for wand casters who seek to become good with different types of magic.
  • Flexible: Not easily broken, this wand performs under strenuous circumstances with little effort - though how well it performs is ultimately up to its wielder.
(Wand description from Ollivander's)

Much like every other detail of Archie's birth and heritage, his blood status is entirely unknown. It is obvious that he is of magical heritage, but any other information regarding his blood status is a complete mystery. Archie would like to figure out what his blood status is, simply because he wants to know and is sick of not knowing so much about himself. He is not prejudiced by any means in regards to blood status and this will not change when he eventually finds out what his blood status is.

i'm coming because i need to find you is anybody there who can rescue somebody
like me? cause i'm just waiting for somebody like you and without you i'm a lost boy

Archie has always been rather tall, and stands pretty high compared to the rest of his peers. The height difference is noticeable and Archie is often mistaken for being slightly older than he actually is. Archie likes that he is pretty tall, because he easily stands out and draws attention among a crowd and is able to use this to an advantage. Apart from that Archie does not care much about his height because he doesn't think it matters even though it is one of his most distinguishing features.

Archie is a healthy weight for his height, and used to appear to be rather scrawny though in the last couple of years he has begun to fill out and has developed a small amount of muscle tone. This is due to the fact he is always active, spending most of his time outside instead of inside lazing around. Archie is proud that his body is a little more toned now and he has no qualms about showing off his body.

Archie's eyes are a medium blue colour. He does not care about his eye colour and does not think of his eye colour as anything special.

Archie’s sense of style has changed throughout the years, where he used to dress casual in t shirts and tank tops with flannels etc, he now tends to wear clothes that are more fashion conscious in an effort to stand out in a crowd and display his confidence. The only thing that seems to have stayed similar to his older sense of style is the fact he still adores tight pants and wears them almost everyday, but otherwise he is more styled and grown up in his appearance, wearing printed button down shirts, fancier leather jackets and accessories which he was averse to previously. Archie also now has a love for all clothing items extra and sparkly and when on a night out he never shys away from wearing glittery sequined shoes or other kinds of clothing because it allows him to feel confident.

His natural hair colour is blonde with the slightest hint of a red tone. It is lighter at the ends, and darker and slightly red and an ashier blonde at the roots. In the summer his hair tends to be lighter and more sun bleached because he spends more time at the beach, and in winter the lightness in his hair fades closer to his natural colour again. Archie has no opinions on his hair colour. He once dyed his hair blue as seeing Orwell’s constantly changing hair he became interested to see what he would look like with a different colour, but he now keeps his hair natural and does not have plans to change his hair colour again.

Archie’s hair is much longer than it used to be and the natural wave of his hair is now showing more obviously. He likes the current length his hair is at and intends to keep it this way for a little while and does not try to straighten his hair or over style it like he used to. Now to style it Archie simply runs his hands through it so its not too messy but still natural looking and he is pleased with this as it means he doesn’t make too much effort in the morning.

Archie currently has a piercing through his left nipple which he got as a gift to himself for his eighteenth birthday. He used to also have a lip ring which he got on a whim before his first year of school with his parent’s permission, but he has since taken this out since he got bored of it. He likes his current piercing and thinks it’s interesting and he is open to getting more piercings in the future though he has not decided on anything just yet.

Archie does not have any tattoos currently, but he is open to getting one in the future. He thinks tattoos are very interesting and he does not judge other people for having tattoos and instead respects people with tattoos because he admires that people are able to have art permanently marked on their bodies.

Prominent dimples that appear on Archie's cheeks when he smiles.

i can't remember the last time i heard your voice i'm sat in silence living in a world
of noise cause you were perfection cause i've been from place to place trying to

Archie identifies as a homosexual male which means he is romantically and sexually attracted to members of the same sex, He is currently out of the closet and proud of it, never showing shame towards how gay he is.

Archie is currently single and ready to mingle. He is at a point in his life where he is out to simply have fun and meet lots of new people, rather than tying himself down with one person. He is open to the idea of a relationship in the future but is now just wanting to enjoy his time of being single and having as much fun as possible.

Archie had his first kiss with Isaiah Jeffreys after the Yule Ball during his fourth year at school. The kiss was heated and eager from both sides and Archie is fond of the memory even though he had no idea how to kiss or what he was supposed to be doing. He is glad that he has learned how to be a better kisser since.

For a long time Archie has loved to skateboard, he picked up the hobby from one of the older kids in the orphanage when he was six, and is known to now skateboard to and from his job since it’s a quick way to get there. Archie used to be very interested in quidditch, being a keeper and even the captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team while he was in school, but since the tragic death of one of his close friends as related to quidditch he tries to avoid the sport, and instead enjoys simply flying on a broom rather than playing any particular game. Another interest and hobby of Archie's is cooking, which is something he grew to like during his seventh year at school after his parents divorced. During the school holidays when he had free time he was able to cook for his mum when she returned from work and in the morning when she was about to leave for work, and as Archie has grown into an adult and is now living away from home this interest has grown and he now cooks for Orwell regularly. Most recently Archie has been interested in bath bombs and fizzes, and is wanting to start making home made bath bombs as a hobby, so he can use what he makes as gifts for friends.

Archie's biggest fear is losing his adopted family and/or his best friend, Orwell. His adopted family took him in, treated him like he was a member of their family and educated him on the magical world. He loves and adores his adopted family very much, and considers them to be his real family. and Orwell is his best friend, his other half in every way who he loves more than the sun and the earth. Losing them would completely upturn and ruin his life. He is unable to imagine living without them because they are such important people in his life.

A Giraffe. This is because Archie shares many physical and behavioral traits Giraffes are known for. He is rather tall compared to his peers and his limbs are rather lanky. Additionally, he is social, accepting of many different kinds of people and is completely comfortable being in a crowd. Archie has many happy memories to draw on, however the specific memories he would choose is when he went on vacation to Greece with his family, and the memory of when he and Orwell went to the Yule ball together during their fourth year at school. The vacation to Greece was the first vacation Archie spent with his adopted parents and siblings. It was on this vacation that he realized his family truly loved him, regardless they aren't related by blood. That vacation was the first time he felt like he fit in somewhere, and was truly a part of something. And the memory of going to the Yule Ball with Orwell is one that is filled with love and never fails to make Archie smile because it was when he realized that Orwell was truly his best friend, that they were kindred spirits.

Having spent some of his life in New Zealand and some of his life in Australia, his accent is a mix of both typical Aussie and Kiwi accents. Though since he is now living in New Zealand with Orwell permanently Archie is sounding a little more kiwi than he used to.

just a kid it's all the same growing up it doesn't change who are they to try and put
us down? had enough of what they say sick and tired of all their games stand up

  • Accepting: a disposition to tolerate or accept people or situations.
  • Assertive: aggressive self-assurance; given to making bold assertions.
  • Daring: courage combined with a willingness to take risks or attempt difficult or unconventional things.
  • Dependable: worthy of reliance or trust; consistent in performance or behavior.
  • Friendly: a feeling of liking for another person; enjoyment in their company; agreeableness.
  • Independent: freedom from control or influence of another or others.
  • Loyal: to bind oneself completely; allegiance.
  • Sincere: the quality of being open and truthful; not deceitful or hypocritical; earnestness.
  • Vivacious: exhibiting or characterized by liveliness and high-spiritedness.
  • Hasty: to do things or act in a hurry because of impetuosity or lack of time.
  • Impatient: tending to be annoyed at being kept waiting or by being delayed; unable to tolerate a particular thing and easily annoyed by it.
  • Impetuous: to act on the spur of the moment, without considering the consequences.
  • Irritable: easily annoyed or exasperated; extremely sensitive, especially to aggravation.
  • Reckless: marked by a lack of thought about danger or other possible undesirable consequences.
  • Stubborn: unreasonably and obstructively determined to persevere or prevail.
  • Unintelligent: having or showing a low level of intelligence.

  • Is able to help others
  • Brave in facing problems and issues
  • Keeps a positive mindset
  • Loves openly and without restraint
  • Honest about feelings and thoughts

  • Gives more than is healthy
  • Jumps into bad situations without thinking
  • Unrealistically positive, sees good where there is none
  • Loves too much too quickly, can be overbearing
  • Brutally honest, not realizing when is appropriate to show honesty

“The Campaigner” (ENFP-A)
The Campaigner personality is a true free spirit. They are often the life of the party, but unlike types in the Explorer Role group, Campaigners are less interested in the sheer excitement and pleasure of the moment than they are in enjoying the social and emotional connections they make with others. Charming, independent, energetic and compassionate, the 7% of the population that they comprise can certainly be felt in any crowd. More than just sociable people-pleasers though, Campaigners, like all their Diplomat cousins, are shaped by their Intuitive (N) quality, allowing them to read between the lines with curiosity and energy. They tend to see life as a big, complex puzzle where everything is connected – but unlike Analyst personality types, who tend to see that puzzle as a series of systemic machinations, Campaigners see it through a prism of emotion, compassion and mysticism, and are always looking for a deeper meaning." (from

Karen Smith: Mean Girls (2004)
“Karen is a member of the Plastics, and a student at North Shore High School, also John Bennett is her roommate. While she's shown to be extremely stupid and completely clueless in many occasions, she is easily influenced by Regina George and Gretchen Wieners. Despite her being portrayed as a 'stupid girl' of the group, Karen is actually really nice and friendly. Just like her fellow Plastics, Karen also comes from a wealthy family. She is notably the most feminine one in the group, and even Regina admitted that Karen should win the Spring Fling Queen crown.“ (from

Archie shows many similarities to the character Karen Smith, in being arguably the most stupid and promiscuous of his friend groups, often being influenced by others easily and oblivious to things because of his lack of intelligence. At the same time he also has people’s best interests at heart and is incredibly kind, wanting the best for everyone and keeping positive even when things seem grim. He is absolutely the kind of person to jump up during a bad situation and exclaim that things are going to get better, which embodies the character of Karen Smith in my opinion.

Archie is an energetic, kind and loving person that wants the best for the world and people in it which is is both his most prominent strengths and weaknesses. He is known to do all he can to see people happy and is brave in the face of adversity which is admirable, but at the same time he runs into things without thinking and does not have any mind to think at all which is one of his main flaws. He is stubborn even when he is wrong and is unable to see this, and he is ignorant to the negative consequences of his actions unless they are told to him directly which often causes people to leave him wondering what happened. In saying this he is very direct himself and openly honest, which he expects from others and something he does not realise is sometimes inappropriate meaning he does say things in situations that should rather be left unsaid and this is known to cause issues.

In love he is also metaphorically blind and easily falls for people often, seeing what image they want him to see and what he thinks is ideal rather than the truth and this has been the cause for some heartbreak for him because he does not realise what a person is truly like or what their intentions with him are until much later afterwards. He has a fragile heart that he wears on his sleeve and he is known to quickly jump into a full relationship with someone he barely knows and without thinking or considering this is what the other person wants, and this leaves him often feeling alone and heartbroken just as quickly. He is imaginative in seeing what a perfect world would be like and envisioning unrealistic ideals in romantic relationships that allow him to be swept off his feet without realizing relationships require realism and compromise and this is another reason many of his relationships seem to fail.

He is a caring friend and absolutely a hopeless romantic, he wants fairy-tale loves for himself and everyone he knows and in the past he has written anonymous love letters to his friends for no other reason than to brighten their days. Archie is very much characterized by his ability to think or lack thereof and while not thinking causes him many issues it allows him to live in the moment and enjoy life as it happens which is something truly admirable.
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Archie Renner

Class of 2043 | Ice Cream Scooper | Gryffindor
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Straight 12 Inch Flexible Ash Wand with Phoenix Tail Feather Core
5/2025 (32)
sing it with me now so save me from who i'm supposed to be don't wanna be a victim
of authority i'll always be part of the minority don't wanna be another social casualty

Archie arrived at a St Joseph's orphanage on June sixteen, 2025. He arrived without any form of evidence to his birth parents or name, so he was named Archie by one of the older children who was obsessed with the Archie comics. From a very young age he appeared to be social, making friends with most of the other children after he learned how to walk and talk properly. He openly welcomed new children that Arrived and bode a cheerful farewell to children that had been adopted out. He was widely known as the orphanage's butler as he always opened the front door and greeted visitors with a toothy grin. Most of the other children went to a normal muggle school, however when Archie turned five he was forbidden from attending school due to unusual outbursts caused by his magical blood. The nuns were concerned these unexplained outbursts would disrupt other students so they taught him basic primary school education privately. He didn't mind learning privately, it provided him more of an opportunity to concentrate.

The first six years of his life were spent at St Joseph's orphanage, until he was adopted out by his mother and father, Lillian and Brandt Renner shortly before his seventh birthday. They chose to adopt Archie immediately as they fell in love with his cheerful disposition and were informed by one of the nuns of his magical outbursts. He was introduced to his older sisters Anah and Amity a few days after he was adopted. Just like his mother and father, his sisters loved him immediately and welcomed him with open arms. At first he felt a little out of place with his new family, as he wasn't adjusted to the idea of a real family, or the lifestyle they possessed. However, a month afterwards, the family went on a vacation to Greece. On this vacation was when Archie felt like part of the family for the first time, and since then has always felt like he has belonged with them, they aren't related by blood but in Archie's eyes they may as well be. For the next few years Archie experienced his family practice magic, and having been told he was also a wizard, was very excited and could not wait for the chance to practice magic himself. His excitement grew as he received his letter of acceptance to Hogwarts New Zealand and began shopping for school supplies.


At the age of eleven Archie finally arrived at Hogwarts New Zealand, bursting with excitement to begin learning magic. He had spent so many years waiting, so at the sorting ceremony he was very fidgety and impatient, barely paying attention to his peers. He was sorted into Gryffindor and immediately took it upon himself to practice his flying and explore every inch of the castle grounds. He ruthlessly practiced his flying every single day without fault until the Gryffindor quidditch try outs. Only after Archie scored the position of keeper did he allow his practice schedule to slow down. His attention moved towards exploring the castle grounds, and it was within his self-depicted task of exploring the grounds which Archie met a handful of friends and an unexpected rivalry. In Archie's eyes, Ailsa was a competition. He was driven with a desire to prove he was better than her and due to the pair's determination, they found themselves breaking the rules in feeble attempts to annoy each other. However distracting one another classes was eventually incomparable to a clumsy fall down the stairs that left Archie with a concussion and Ailsa with a broken arm. But it was that focal point in which the pair began distancing themselves instead of clawing at every chance they got to get on the other's nerves.

The winter break between Archie's first and second year at Hogwarts New Zealand held a lot of fun memories, but spite all the fun he had during the break Archie was still incredibly eager to begin his second year with a bang. It during the mid-year break of this year when Archie met the person he immediately considered to be one of his best friends, Orwell Brocken, one afternoon when he was shopping for new clothes. The pair were fast friends and in the blink of an eye they were completely inseparable. Archie spent the remainder of his second year writing letters to Orwell every chance he got and practicing quidditch with Ailsa who had become more of a friend than an enemy.

When the winter break rolled around Archie spent as much time as he could with his best friend before his third year. He had already purchased many different kinds of parchment to prepare for the amount of letters he planned to send Orwell. Though when his third year finally began, Archie had been surprised and ecstatic beyond belief to find out Orwell would be joining him at school. That was how Archie's third year began; on the happiest note possible. He and Orwell spent every minute of each other's time around each other and never showed shame in expressing their bro-love to one another within the school. They often cuddled and held hands between classes which caused a bit of a stir with his fellow students though Archie did not care because he was more than proud to show how much he loved his best friend. Archie's third year ended on the same extremely positive note that is started on, and Archie returned for the winter break as happy as can be.

He spent the majority of the break with Orwell but also spent time with Ailsa and it was during his time seeing Ailsa that Archie met her brother, Kalvyn. He was immediately enamored and taken aback with feelings of attraction to him and this among many other experiences Archie had during the winter break lead Archie to the conclusion that he was entirely and completely gay. Soon after making this realization, Archie came out to his family and to Orwell and returned to school for his fourth year with an even happier (you could say an even gayer) attitude.

Archie's fourth year was one of the best of his life. He spent the year being openly gay, having fun with his current friends all while making new friends. He and Orwell grew closer together than ever before, attending the yule ball and Halloween feast together and spending all their time together in the wild patch planning protests and generally having fun. Archie's fifth year was a different story however as during the break between his fourth and fifth year, Archie's father began acting differently and ignoring him. Archie wasn't sure what to make of the change in his relationship with his father and found it quite stressful. He distracted himself in many ways during the school break, one of these ways being by dyeing his hair blue with Orwell close by. That distraction lightened Archie's mood for the eventual beginning of his fifth year.

He began that year with optimism that the problems with his father would dissolve away but he quickly realized that was an all too optimistic idea. Throughout Archie's fifth year he was stressed, tired and increasingly less social with his peers. Orwell caught the brunt of this change in Archie and often tried to no avail to motivate him to go outside and be himself. Archie was in such a rut that despite the gryffindor quidditch protest in the first semester he still felt drained. His problems at home kept gradually increasing and at the same time Archie's mood grew worse. The things he used to distract himself stopped him from feeling normal and eventually Archie even refused to leave his common room on the day he was informed via owl of his parents' divorce. It all lead to his now friend Ailsa helping Orwell sneak into Gryffindor house to cheer Archie up. It helped immensely and though it wasn't without consequences, Archie began to feel like his normal self as his home life gradually began to look up.

His parent’s divorce although heartbreaking to Archie as the family he had known and grown to love seemed to be falling apart, was incredibly healing for him as when he returned home the air of heaviness that made him feel uncomfortable was gone and he began to feel happy at home again for the first time in years. He returned to the usual happiness he felt during his fourth year and went into his sixth year with high hopes this would be the best year of his life thus far. To his surprise and happiness, Archie was given the title of brotherhood president at the beginning of the year and he strived to do all he could to show he was worthy of being a leader even if he never expected this would be given to him. This was a mindset Archie soon realised he needed because it was during his sixth year that a member of the brotherhood named Avie Mitchell died tragically by drowning in the lake, and in an effort to honor Avie’s memory Archie organized for the annual flower deliveries that year to include roses being added to a memorial for the boy. This turned out to be a success and despite the awful circumstances Archie was proud that he had done the right thing.

Going into his seventh year with his family’s problems now solved for sure, Archie felt better than ever, and this only heightened when he was named both Gryffindor quidditch captain and prefect for this last year. It was the last thing he expected but something he was proud of, and though Gryffindor did not win the quidditch cup that year he worked hard in all aspects of his life to make sure his final year of school was the best yet. By the time graduation rolled around, Archie had no idea what he wanted to do with his life, or what the next chapter of his life would entail, but he was comforted knowing Orwell would be there beside him and knew that over time he would figure everything out eventually.


Archie began his adulthood not knowing where he was going, but he was comfortable with this. The first while he spent as an adult was living with his mum and keeping her company while he figured out what he wanted to do, and it was during this time that Archie was hit with a tragedy that was the death of one of his close friends, Jean Snow. Archie never dealing well with death was unable to confront the reality of what happened and he spent the first year after Jean’s death in a state of denial. It was only after this time had passed did Archie finally decide to confront what happened and come to terms with the reality that one of his good friends was not around anymore. He stupidly drank too much and gave himself alcohol poisoning but luckily Orwell was able to find him and take him to St Mungo’s where he was treated. Since this time Archie has learned his limits with alcohol and knows when to stop so this does not happen again.

A little while after this Archie began searching for Jobs and noticed an opening for a temporary position as flying professor at Hogwarts New Zealand. He applied on a whim knowing how fun this would be and to his happiness he was accepted. Returning to school and seeing the people he knew while teaching flying in a safe way was incredibly fun for him and he cherishes these memories, but this time taught him that being a professor wasn’t an ideal career for him and when the temporary position ended he was happy to move on into another job. He found a job as an ice cream scooper at Florean Fortescue's ice cream parlor, and still works there currently, the job being one he is happy to be in.

Archie as his adulthood progressed became ever curious about who his birth parents were, and eventually decided to search for them. He was aware of the hurt it may have caused him if his birth parents rejected him, as he would truly feel unwanted and not good enough if they didn't want to know him, but Archie also knew he would be wondering forever and the question of who he was would always be unanswered if he didn't try to find them. After months of searching, Archie eventually found the contact details of a woman who he believed was his birth mother, and he soon sent her a letter to try and get in contact and arrange a meeting. Archie was terrified in the weeks and days leading up to the meeting but he tried to stay strong when the day of the meeting finally began. Archie arrived to the woman's home, and even met a boy named Knox Ivers who he soon found out was his half brother. Archie couldn't help but be hopeful to be in his birth mother's life and in the life of his half brother, and the questions his birth mother answered for him helped him figure out things about himself he hadn't known before. However despite the meeting going well overall Archie was left heartbroken when his birth mother made it clear she didn't want them to have any kind of relationship, and that they were better off being estranged.

Archie gave up his search after this for a few years over his heartbreak of being rejected, not wanting to feel just as terrible if he found his biological father and was also rejected. The search for his father faded further and further from Archie's mind as he tried to move on with his life, although he was soon reminded of it when his half brother Knox sent him a letter, wanting to spend time with him. Archie was nervous about the interaction but he couldn't help but be hopeful, and he organized to have ice cream with Knox on one of his breaks from work. That day, Knox and Archie finally had a conversation about everything that happened when they first met, and Knox apologized for his mother's actions and explained he wanted to be friends with Archie, even if his parent's didn't. This was the start of Knox and Archie's friendship, and it only grew as Knox continued his schooling at Hogwarts and regularly sent Archie letters about what was happening in his life.

Archie and Knox became good friends, and when Knox wanted to move away from home at the age of 17 Archie happily offered Knox a place to stay in the spare room of his flat, happy that he could live with his brother. Archie and Knox are currently roommates at their flat still, and Archie is considering continuing the search for his birth father as he finally feels as if he has healed enough from the rejection of his birth mother, but he is unsure where he should start.

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