Bi-Weekly Update

Hey all y'all and welcome to the last BWU of March. It is already March in 2024 which is sort of astounding if I say so myself. We don't have as many things going on as the previous with sorting and all. Anyways.
We have an upcoming game between Slytherin v Ravenclaw, so we can only guess which one will win with two new seekers - one of which is not very liked by an alternate on their own team (you can guess who if you go to one of the practices, or a shoutout made in the HNZ Quotes topic). Players are reminded that you need to check your PMs to make sure you've told your captain if you are/are not able to play.
And then there is the results of one of the shorter games of Gryffindor v Hufflepuff that started while I was at work/asleep, and ended while I was at work/asleep. It was the opposite of the first of course. And Gryffindor pulled a win over Hufflepuff within a few posts! Congrats to Gryffindor, which might be needed since we had some shocking news (thanks Cyndi).
Meetings on Meetings
The start of the year means that we have a lot of house meetings and such! If you haven't posted, I have links below. You might be surprised on what you might read in there. I was.
Week 4
Holy smoke it is week 4 already! As a reminder, professors, please stay on top of posting for your lessons. Try to stick with your schedule if you are able to, and don't hold off until the last minute for grading. You might find yourself overwhelmed, especially if you have first years. If you find that you might be busy or absent, don't hesitate to reach out to site staff for some assistance! That is what we are here for!
Halloween Feast
As of Friday of last week, Halloween feast has been opened! You better get your costumes in and your replies done because it will be ending soon. You will see an announcement on the closing time in our handy announcements thread.

Thanks to Nick, we have a permanent images solution to the imgur problems a while back. A reminder that it is there, and anything you upload can only be used on HNZ. Be sure to take advantage of saving these images for bios, shops, or signatures! In addition, remember to change the URLs soon. They will be disabled. This pertains to the temporary solution we had before the permanent one.

  • Just Resting My Eyes
    Professor Alcott-Ward is just resting. He is not dead. Look, he just moved. Nobody panic.
    Matt falling asleep in the library has disastrous consequences for a poor first year.
  • A Proper Welcome Back
    Everyone knows the perfect way to settle back into a new school year is with a face full of very real (fake) spiders. And if Teddy didn't know, Milo's happy to show him.
  • Cosmic Retribution
    Kas needs a new wand after his original one met an untimely end. Say, where did you say Ollivander's gets its basilisk wand cores from again?
  • It Moves Too Fast
    Kahurangi takes a moment to celebrate a momentous two decades of teaching at HNZ.
  • Adrenaline Rush
    After winning the Quididtch match, Rāwhiti celebrates by kissing his best friend in the stands.

  • 🐰
  • Study Week
  • Exams
  • All the mysterious plots happening!
  • Styx retiring (lol maybe in 50 years)

And that is it. As per usual, leave your comments, questions, or just knowledging it below.

~ Ghost
(On behalf of the HNZ Site Staff)
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Thanks for posting, Kaitlyn! This semester is flying by. :o
Thanks for the update, Kaitlyn! Need to start highlighting some threads :wub:
everytime i pop in to hnz ghost has a different person as orchid

love that for you

probably says more about me than you tbf

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