1. Nicolas King

    Bi-Weekly Update

    Hey witches + wizards, here's the BWU you've been waiting for! Week 5! This is week 5 of classes, which probably means you've got 5 lessons for each course for every student to catch up on. But maybe you didn't even realize because your professor didn't send out the link to the class! Oh no...
  2. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    The Weekly Update!

    Move over Tri-Weekly Update and welcome to the weekly update! It's been a while since we had one of those! That means it'll be short and sweet since we are trying to get ourselves back on track. Let's get to it! No classes?! is reading week so there's no new lessons but a...
  3. Professor Kalif Styx

    Bi-Weekly Update

    Ah, the second Bi Weekly update into year 2021. We have a ton of news for you guys so sit back, and enjoy the read. Graduation The seventh years of Y36 are graduating! This is the last time they will be RPing in the school (unless they come back for a career). They will be in the graduate...
  4. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Bi-weekly Update

    Happy New Year! We are back with our first BWU of the year. Hope you've missed them! Break week! The second semester of Y37 almost done. By now, all lessons should be posted *hint hint* :r and it's the best time for students to catch up on lessons and for professors to catch up on grading...
  5. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Bi-Weekly Update!

    It's time for the final BWU for 2020! Can you believe it?! :o I'm finding it hard to believe myself, but alas it's true. So let's get to it, shall we? Semester two is going strong! The second semester of Y37 is well underway. Tomorrow brings us into week three, and there has been plenty...
  6. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    It's time for Old School Week!

    "Old School Week" ( or "OSW" as we've affectionately taken to calling it ^_^ ) has become something of a staple on HNZ, after first being introduced as a suggestion from two site members - Jesse and Ash. This year, Jesse, was the winner of a prize during White 🐘 to decide when OSW would take...