Apparition 3

Before the end of the lesson, Irene Finch hoped that all of the students would succeed in apparating to their target. She knew that wouldn't be the case, but the pressure was on for the students. This was the last practice after all. Several of the students had managed to apparate during the last lesson even with the splinching that had happened, but that didn't always translate to success at the exam.

Addressing the small group of sixth years, Irene walked as she spoke. "Today, we will resume practicing" she began, her icy blue eyes staring at each of the students in turn as she spoke. "I am hopeful that those of you who weren't able to apparate last time will do so today. The next time we meet will be your exam and you will only get one opportunity to succeed or fail. Your test will require you to be accurate when you apparate." She let that sink in before continuing on.

"Line up beside me please." It didn't take them long to queue up. "Alright...I'd like you all to attempt apparating from this end of the Great Hall to that end" she said, pointing towards the doors of the Great Hall. "The red X marks the spot" she added, knowing that they had probably noticed an X etched onto the floor with magic as they walked in.

Glancing at all the students beside her, she hoped there would be no splinchings today, though she had asked for one of the school nurses to join them once again. "You can begin whenever you're ready" she said to the student who was first in line. "As soon as you feel comfortable, you may leave. But, please do remember that this is your final opportunity to practice before your exam." They were adults by wizarding standards or close enough anyway, so she wasn't going to force any of them to stay. It was in their best interests to take advantage of the time provided to them though.

Practice attempting to apparate one by one. Practice as many times as you'd like. Please PM if you plan on splinching.
The semester was definitely moving quickly for Evie. Before she knew it, she was about to attend her third lesson of Apparition. She was confident that she'd be able to do well, so made her way promptly to the Great Hall where the class was. As she entered, the noticed an 'X' on the ground and wondered what they would be doing with it. The Ministry lady announced to everyone that they were going to be apparating to that exact spot, which meant they had to be precise. Admittedly, a little nervous, Evie lined up with everyone else as instructed so that they could begin the task. She refreshed herself on the Three D's, knowing these were definitely going to help her so that she didn't splinch herself. When it was her turn, the Gryffindor took her time, taking deep breaths as she repeated the Three D's in her head. She was sure the person in line behind her was annoyed at how long she was taking, but she just wanted to make sure it was right. Eventually, Evie found herself having apparated perfectly across the room. She beamed, happy that her efforts had paid off.
Renata was feeling a little more confident going into Apparition. She had managed to successfully do it a couple of times, though she hadn't quite gotten it perfect. It had increased her confidence, though. Doing it at all once was proof that she could do it, and now she just needed to keep going and improving. Although she knew she would have to focus hard, she was definitely more relaxed. Slightly less relaxed when it was pointed out they only had one chance in the test, though. Renata would just have to make the most of this lesson.

Once again she had brought very little to this class, only the uniform she was wearing. She knew she would eventually have to apparate with more of her belongings, but she just wanted to make sure she got it right first. She joined the queue, watching as some others went before her. Evie seemed to take her time, which made Renata a bit more antsy, but she wasn't going to be rude about it. After all, she too took a moment when she got up there, focusing hard on the destination. She stared at the X so hard that when she closed her eyes it was still burned into her eyes, and felt herself being tugged over to it. She didn't fight the feeling, and landed on the X. Not quite in the center, though, her feet just before where the X itself was. It was not quite good enough, so Renata kept rejoining the queue and retrying. After a couple of attempts, she did ultimately manage to adjust her trajectory to land directly where she needed to. Renata sighed, shaking a little after apparating so many times in one go. She just had to remember exactly what she'd done to get it right so she would get it the first time next time, as she wouldn't have time to work it out.
Jingyi was a little less eager for apparition lessons. Not because of himself, but because of what had happened to Xinyi last time. Sure, his brother had recovered and it wasn't too serious, but the Gryffindor was worried about it happening again. He couldn't really get it out of his head as he dragged his feet down to the Great Hall, hanging around near the back of the group as he listened to their instructor. Just more practice to try and land on an X the other end of the room. He was trying to concentrate as he reached the front of the line, but couldn't help but look around, letting out a sigh as he shook his head. He knew he could do it no problem, it was just the same as last time. So, he focused on the X, trying to clear his head as he remembered the steps in his head. Feeling the tug, he leaned himself into it, a horrible lurching feeling as he vanished from one end of the room and landed directly on the spot he had intended. So, he decided that was enough practice for him, shoving his hands into his pockets as he walked back across the room to head towards the door.
Leonardo was feeling pretty about this semester, the whole year had flown by as it tended to and he was optimistic that his final year would be as good. The years had gotten easier when he was with James rather than his grandfather, he was less worried constantly and could actually allow himself to enjoy things. Sometimes things still made him pretty nervous but he tried to not let it affect him, or consume him as it might’ve. The teen was getting the things he would need for the day, the books and notes and homework and then heading to class.

Leonardo walked into the great hall, he was eager to have another go at this, considering how long it had taken him in the time before, to be able to apparate. He just immediately could see that this wouldn’t be like the last time, and they would have to do it in front of everyone. He knew this made sense, they would have to be able to do it with people watching at times. Leo was however fairly far down the line of people - much to his relief. He watched as others went before him, and eventually it did get to him. He stood in the spot he was supposed to and was looking over at where he needed to go. The hufflepuff tried to put everything out of his mind, following the three Ds and then when he felt that tug was pulled across the room to the X. He was pretty pleased he got it, but didn’t have the time to do it again, so he headed out of the great hall.
Seamus walked into the great hall and immediate could figure out what they were doing. He pushed himself to be close to the front and then listened to the brief explanation of what they’d be doing and then people just started going. One by one. Seamus had his turn quickly enough. He stepped up and then looked at the cross at the other side of the room. He concentrated hard and then after a couple of moments felt the tug, he was across the room with in a tug. He was glad to have left nothing behind. Seamus then rejoined the back of the line and di take the time to be able to do it again. Which he was happy to do. After his second attempt he left the great hall feeling confident.
Brevity stepped into the great hall and stood in amongst the crowd of people. She moved to line up against the wall when they were instructed to, and then listened to the guidance that the woman was giving them and then they just got to it. Brevity glanced at the people who went first, watching as they did it. She stepped up and looked across to the X. she concentrated on it, really focused her mind on it. She took some time to let the room around her mostly vanish from her mind and just used the three Ds to get the tug and then with a crack she was across the room. It took no time at all and she was very pleased with herself. Brevity practiced it a couple of times before the professor wrapped things up and she had to leave.
Felix was a little shaken after seeing one of his classmates get splinched during their last lesson, but he had managed it fairly easily and was pretty confident about the day’s lesson and the exam coming up. He was surprised when the instructor didn’t start scolding them right away but wasn’t about to complain. He got in line as he was told and listened to the instructions. The red x seemed a lot farther than he had expected but he tried to stay calm as his classmates went before him. When it was finally his turn he could feel eyes on him and couldn’t spend as long as he’d like to psych himself up. He repeated the three D’s to steady himself and slowed his breathing. He tightened his grip on his wand and again, quickly, before he could really think about it a pulling sensation started and he leaned into it. With a gasp he looked down and saw he was right on the x. Felix let out a relieved sigh and felt his knees go slack for a second. He stayed up right but the adrenaline high made it hard for him to stay still until the end of the lesson.
Eston couldn't believe that he had been successful, finally, the last lesson. He still needed so much practice and he was worried that he wasn't going to get enough in today's lesson. He would stay late if he was allowed, which was completely out of character for him. But he wanted to get this right. The Gryffindor boy also worried that he would splinch himself after seeing another classmate do it, but he just had to focus. That was easier said than done though.

He entered the Great Hall and joined his fellow sixth years. The lesson soon began. There was an X on the floor. No hoops today. And they had to wait in line. That didn't give him as much time as he wanted, but at least he could try it a few times. Eston stood in the line and waited his turn. He was never good at being patient. But he watched the classmates go before him before it was his turn.

Eston closed his eyes and pictured the X in his mind. He thought about the three D's and that familiar feeling hit his stomach. Twisting and turning. He opened his eyes. He was just off the X by a few inches. Not quite there. Eston got back into the line. He continued to line up over and over until he had been successful three times hitting the X exactly. He was one of the last ones to leave the Great Hall. When he did finally, he felt a little more comfortable. He had managed to get on the X the last four times. That was good. He just had to do that for his exam.
Sky knows that this was the last chance of apperation before the exams and she really hoped that she would be able to at least get one successful attempt in before the exam. She stood and listened to the ministry witch explain the lesson before they were practicing. This week she was sure to practice. She had been running d words through her mind all week discarding those that weren’t destination deliberation and what was the third one again duration? No not that. Before she could recall it they were ushered into a like. This time practice wasn’t in their own place but one at a time with the whole class watching. She watched people successfully do it and people not. Then it was her go. She dead determined focused and deliberate in her movement and nothing. She went to the back of the line and waited for her turn. She tried again. Nothing each attempt seemed to come around quicker than the last as people were comfortable and left.
Then it was her go again. Destination determination delibera- ahhh she part screened as she crashed to the floor. Apparently she had been successful. Well sort of. She was not where she had started. In fact she was on the other side of the hall on top of the Red Cross. But she hadn’t landed on her feet. In fact she hadn’t landed at all. She looked up wondering how far she had fallen from. It must have been a fair height. The fall had hurt. She pulled herself up mentally scanning her body moving each hand and foot to make sure fingers and toes were all in tact and glad to at they were. She she went over to the nurse to get checked over and ensure nothing was broken. Once she was signed off as good she joined the back of the line again but after two more unsuccessful attempts she decided to call it a day. Glad that she has at least sort of managed it once before the exam.

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