1. Joshua Toubia

    Open Sad Boys Club

    Joshua reached the student lounge where he dropped his messenger bag carelessly to the ground and slumping down to nearest chair. He attempts to get himself out of this funk, straighten his posture when he realize how he was sitting. Distraction, a distraction. Yes, that's it. He needed a...
  2. Alexei Kozlov

    Open Flailing Limbs

    Alexei peaks inside the great hall getting a good feel of the atmosphere at the ball. It was so wintery as far as theme goes. It reminded him of Christmas up north with his grandparents, but still very warm and comfortable within the castle walls. He checks to see if Anastasiya was around, she...
  3. Jenna Toubia

    Scits Wanted

    Hi! This is a simple request for Jenna, I just want her to meet young scits that will influence her to join them. Like, make it fun and exciting for her to want to join. Always wanted to do one of these plots. :D
  4. Chante Ateara

    Open One Last Yule Ball

    On the day of the Yule Ball Chante had a pretty good idea what she'll be wearing that evening. With the help of her mother of course, Chante wore the prettiest dress she ever did own. Even if she has grown a few inches over the past few months, magic extended the hem of the dress and it fit...
  5. Roxy Coltsfoot

    Open Tiny Snaps

    The day of the Yule Ball has arrived and Roxy is debating if she going or not. She didn't attend last year because she had no real interests to go and she fell asleep right as the Yule Ball was underway. This year, or the very last second she decided to participate and see what all the fuss was...
  6. Joshua Toubia

    Closed At Long Last

    Joshua was feeling quite nervous while he got ready for his last Yule Ball, ever. He was in fact nervous all day thinking about attending the ball with Yvette. If it weren't for many distractions throughout the day and preparing his outfit for the dance, Joshua probably would've been preoccupied...
  7. Sophia Corelli

    Open Tu As Gagné!

    "Tu as gagné! Tu as gagné!" Sophia shouted into her microphone, her voice carrying out all throughout the quidditch pitch. "Beauxbatons gagné! Beauxbatons win against those lousy Americans," Sophia shouts again, only this time the professors didn't seem too please with her commentary. "Oops...
  8. Alexis Kramer

    Closed Does It Bite?

    Alexis got wind of the niffler escaping from Prof. Ateara and quickly sent her owl with a note to @Joshua Toubia to help in finding it. She was standing at the end of the hallway waiting for her best friend to arrive. She just came from the trophy to take a look since that place had lots of...
  9. Violet Fields

    Open The Girl Can Box

    A hefty punching bag hung from the ceiling in the middle of the room. It sways a bit, not much unless punches were thrown at all sides. She checked the bag, gripping the top and pulling it down to make sure it was secure. She did it once, twice and three times testing the straps it hangs from...
  10. Irene Holland

    Closed Ven conmigo, cariño!

    At long last, they were able to get away for their honeymoon. It was a bit sad to leave the twins at her parents but Mrs. Meredith insisted they should go. The twins did not mind the separation a tiny bit as they already waddled about in their grandma's house. Irene breathed the fresh air of...
  11. Cyzarine Haden

    Closed Can We Gossip Please?

    Cyzarine didn’t get to see Violet nearly as often as she liked, it helped that they shared classes and could spend time together there, or when they worked on Hogwarts monthly things, but it had been a while since it was just to two of them. Cyzarine had therefore decided to send Vi a little...
  12. Chante Ateara

    Closed Shaneless

    It was a quiet afternoon one day when Chante was patrolling the fourth floor corridor alone. Typically, one was partner with another prefect while on patrol duty. It wasn't as busy or hectic so Chante didn't mind being on her own. She sure Fleur would be busy with quidditch practice or whatever...
  13. Kace Corelli

    Open Flappy Gums

    Kace stormed the castle, searching far and wide for a certain Hufflepuff. He warned the boy, he gave him chances to back down. But no, Abian kept running his gums. And he wasn't the only one butting into Kace and Amaya's business. Some of his family members were also poking their nose in where...
  14. Ihaka Lahey

    Closed One of Those Days

    Ihaka peered outside, watching and waiting perched right up on the windowsill. If he remembers correctly, which is rare for the boy who's nose was always stuck in a video game, if he time this right Emori would be outside soon. Impatiently, he tapped the sill thinking of what his cousin Xavier...
  15. Baron Corelli

    Open I Can't Find a Mickey Costume

    It would be the first Halloween that Baron and @Jenna Toubia be attending as a couple. When he found out she would be wearing a Minnie Mouse costume, the Slytherin searched high and low for its partner costume. Bad luck was really on his side. As of last resort, he asked his twin @Kace Corelli...
  16. Wendy Bell

    Hang With Me (Tomas x Wendy)

    Wendy skipped the contacts today, wearing her favorite pair of glasses. She slid the frame on, pushing them behind her ears. Soon her hair was pulled back in a relaxed, messy but pretty bun on the top of her head. She applied light make up, maybe a bit darker around the eyes. She kept her look...
  17. Willow Cullen

    A trip to Neverland.

    Willow was excited for the Halloween feast this year. she had decided not to go with Noelle but instead had planned on going with her cousin and brother. by the end of organising they had managed to come up with a theme where they could all dress up as different characters from the same...
  18. Wendy Bell

    Open Hello Again, Friend Of A Friend

    "Does my eyes deceive me, or do I need some new contacts but is Katy Miller really here?" The sixth year Hufflepuff questioned with the biggest smile on her face. She couldn't believe it if she were not standing there ready to jump on top of the other girl. What put a pause to that thought was a...
  19. K

    Kalani Styx

  20. Chante Ateara

    Time To Adjust

    Hey Everyone, I haven't been around posting much because I recently started a new job and it's taking some time to adjust to everything. It's a temp to hire position and I'm working my butt off to make it permanent. I'll try to be on some nights and the weekends, not all the time but whenever I...