1. Wendy Bell

    Closed Bell Of The Ball

    Wendy felt all Hollywood-ish glam with the new dress her grandmother sent her way along with tips and tricks on how she should wear the dress. She would’ve worn her hair up in a stylish bun, but Tracy Bell recommended Wendy wore her hair down in waves and curls. Wendy assumed her grandmother...
  2. Chante Ateara

    Open A Little Snack Testing

    Chante came to the Yule Ball without a date this year, which was perfectly fine with her if someone should ask. With the recent news of her mother being pregnant and studying a bit for exams, Chante hadn't made herself available for someone to ask. And then she had the idea instead of going to...
  3. Jenna Toubia

    Closed Yule Doppelganger

    Arle post and I guess Jess will be after. Jenna was all glamorous in a red, alluring dress her Tia was able to 'borrow' from a local seamstress. It wasn't Jenna's favorite color silver, though it flattered her figure quite well. In this dress, there was no way Baron would look anywhere else...
  4. Alexis Kramer

    Closed Timebomb!

    It was two days before the Yule Ball and with exams finally winding down, Alexis decided to mellow down in her favorite spot in the towers. No guitar this time, she left it at the dorms and decided to just bring a notebook and pen to write whatever came to her mind.
  5. Maya DeNiro

    Closed Christmas In Salem

    Set in Christmas 2049. Post after Thackery. Maya flicks through the pages of a book, scanning through ivory pages within the text. She would trace an index finger searching and reading, looking for the exact charm to getting started on this Christmas’s feast. “Yadda, yadda, yadda. If it...
  6. Maya DeNiro

    Closed The Anchor You Need

    In the past recent months, Maya DeNiro has been sending notes of concern to a dear old school friend via owl, sometimes the use of a Patronus Charm. To no avail, she wouldn’t get a response from her messages. Even when she would send them nonstop for an entire day, she would be left disappointed...
  7. Maya DeNiro

    Special Little Plots

    Maya DeNiro Hey all! It's been a while since I last posted here unless I'm replying to someone else's plot request. I've been a little picky what I want or need for my characters due to RL stuff, so Maya here is no exception. Maya is one of my oldest and probably favorite character despite...
  8. Thackery Binns

    Thackery Binns

  9. Chante Ateara

    Just In Case

    Hey everyone, I'm posting this absent topic just in case my activities starts to drop significantly. Some are already aware, but I'm going through some personal issues and I need to take control of it before it gets out of hand. 💪 👊 I will continue to post lessons and reply to topics whenever...
  10. Chante Ateara

    Closed Worry Love Notes💕

    Chante sent a note to her father back home. It wasn't long as it was kind of urgent and he should be made aware of the situation with her mom. Maybe he could make better sense of it than she can.
  11. Chante Ateara

    Closed Seeking Advice

    Chante walked up slowly to the owerly with two letters in hand that needed delivering. One was for her dad who she missed and wanting to send words back home so that he knows. Also, her mom was behaving strangely, she didn’t want to be rude and ask right out what was up with the giantess witch...
  12. Joshua Toubia

    Open Tossing The Old Pigskin

    Open after Arle. Joshua came down to pitch without a school broom in his possession. He really didn’t fancy flying at all today. He wanted to get some practice in and focus more on handling the quaffle ball than flying with it. To anyone else who plays the sport, it would make more sense to...
  13. Sophia Corelli

    Sophia Corelli

  14. Roxy Coltsfoot

    Open Gum Popping

    Open after Marijke. After whatever lesson she had that day was over, the barefooted Roxy went roaming outside the castle. She would’ve returned to Slytherin’s common room but she was feeling sort of impulsive today. She doesn't know what was the cause of it and wasn’t going to question it...
  15. Alexis Kramer

    Open You wanna holla?

    OPEN after a couple of interaction between @Kace Corelli and Alexis. Alexis enjoyed the first Heta Omega meeting. After it ended, she decided not to go back to the dormitories. Instead, she wandered the hallways until she reached the Arts Room. She had never been inside the said room but heard...
  16. Chante Ateara

    Closed What Makes You Any Better

    Although she tried her best to move past the incident with Viktor and that awful girl who pushed her, Chante felt there was something stirring inside her that she didn't like. Like, a dislike for a certain group of people and that feeling may have been triggered by the incident. But the incident...
  17. Cyzarine Haden

    Closed Such Excitement

    Cyzarine had been promoted in her role at the monthly, from intern to reporter and she was so very pleased. The progression had been a very normal part for Cyzarine given that she had written articles for the monthly. But it still felt nice. SHe was also looking forward to writing more, looking...
  18. Syrus Stilinski

    Closed Clashing In Love

    Syrus landed roughly on the front of their doorsteps, broomstick shifting to his side before he left it leaning by the door and kicked off his shoes. Between quidditch practices and working at quality quidditch supplies, he was feeling sore and ached all over. There was not a spot on him that...
  19. Professor Madlyn Ateara

    Open Wedding Gift

    I came to bug you. Madlyn carried a parcel as she was transporting a load of chopped wood, though it was very much wider in size. It's a gift for two of the professors that recently tied the knot during the break. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to attend the ceremony as she was busy reciting...
  20. Chante Ateara

    Open Tripping Over Nothing...Maybe

    Chante journey her way outside the castle, not even close to stopping once she reached the open tepid, air. She kept running, or what some was say close to jogging pass the greenhouse and where her mother taught her lessons. Pass the great lawn and avoided getting anywhere near the lake. Before...