1. Alexei Kozlov

    Open Separated

    Open after Kait. Alexei was content to have been sorted in the same house as his father. He crossed his fingers while he sat on the stool as he whispers to the hat Hufflepuff or Gryffindor, whichever best suited him. It's true what they said, the old hat was capable of reading your thoughts. A...
  2. Chayton Ateara

    Open Two spirits become one. - aka a part giant wedding

    today was the day. it was early morning and Chayton was sitting in his bedroom in his dads house fiddling with a moddle ornicopter. it wasn't something people usually did on their wedding day but building and fixing htings was something that had always helped calm him. it wasn't that he was...
  3. Roxy Coltsfoot

    Roxy Coltsfoot

  4. Alice Holland

    Open Dancing Flower

    ((Yellow rose, open after Madz, @Kace Corelli )) To search for the next person on her list, Alice was heading up to the higher corridors because she knew the boy was a Gryffindor. She hoped to run into him soon. Kace Corelli wasn't someone she had ever met before, she thought, but she knew...
  5. Vader Hume

    Open Colorful Rose Ambition

    Open After. Yellow Rose for @Kace Corelli Vader recognised the next name on his list, if only because the boy was sure that he'd delivered the other boy a rose last year or he'd been delivered a rose from him in the last year. In either case, that aspect made him a little nervous about finding...
  6. Alexis Kramer

    Closed Best be bludgered

    Alexis was finally settled on the farthest bed that she requested after being told to stop playing for Ravenclaw. That was because she was hit thrice by bludgers. The game was never that intense before and Alexis never minded being pressured into getting chased by those hard headed balls...
  7. Samara Makwa

    Samara Makwa

  8. Dederick Cullen

    One Of Those Nights (Continued)

    Dederick smiles down at his daughter, "Good, you shouldn't be. You've always been my strong little girl. Now, you're my strong big girl. Just like your mum," Dederick chuckles. He can't believe how fast time has passed them by. One minute she was small and he could lift her up with just one hand...
  9. Joshua Toubia

    Closed The Art of Avoidance

    Joshua wasn't sure what's got into him lately, it's like he was doing everything he wouldn't normally ever do. Like yelling at Alexis his best friend and kissing Yvette, a girl he barely knew. He was acting on impulse, his emotions and hormones were heavily influencing him. He didn't know if...
  10. Professor Hezekiah Mowry

    Closed Unpleasantries

    Hezekiah Mowry did not think of himself as a difficult person to deal with. He knew he was unpleasant, but that did not bother him. He felt like his coworkers were used to it by now, especially Monty. He and the Deputy Headmaster had their differences, but he felt like they got along. Hezekiah...
  11. Joshua Toubia

    Closed Dare

    Joshua doesn't know what's gotten over him, from telling off Alexis after his last quidditch game and brushing off Yvette at the Yule Ball, he just hasn't been himself lately. Like something has taken over his mind, something has taken control over him and he really didn't mind it at all...
  12. Dederick Cullen

    Closed One Of Those Nights

    Dederick carried two cups of steaming hot cocoa with floating marshmallows toss below the brim. Underneath his arm, he held a packet of graham crackers. It's always served best with hot cocoa or the rare occasion of salty sea chips. Dederick preferred the sea chips when he was alone, tonight he...
  13. Alexis Kramer

    Closed I suck at being your BFF

    Continued from here Alexis jumped up from her place on the bench upon seeing October caught the snitch. The fifth-year was beaming with pride on seeing Joshua stepping up and managing to score for the team. Alexis must admit that she feared that Joshua would be pissed at her for not playing...
  14. Lucca DeNiro

    Closed Pondering

    Lucca was never one who dreamed about his future plans growing up as a kid back in Salem. He wasn't the type to desire them, it just didn't happen for him. Which makes him different from other Slytherins, since he lacked ambition and that was one of the characteristics that make up Slytherin...
  15. Chante Ateara


    Chante was feeling kind of nervous going to the Yule Ball this year. Last year, it hadn't been all that fun and exciting for her. Last year she was still sad about Len moving away and that's why the Yule Ball hadn't been personally great for her. This year she wanted to change that by trying new...
  16. Wendy Bell

    Open Dance Like Nobody's Watching

    Wendy was drawn to all the excitement of the ball and got to thinking a month before the event occurred that she was going to attend the school's traditional dance. That meant getting a dress and doing something nice with her hair, she planned it all out for when the day came around she was...
  17. Syrus Stilinski

    Open Fun With Friends

    Open after Mia. Syrus asked one of his friends out to the Yule Ball, he did not desire to go alone. He was glad to hear that Willow would attend the ball with him, it was his last ball and he wanted to make the best of it. Syrus threw on some fitted black jeans and a kicka*s blazer that went...
  18. Violet Fields

    Are you my best friend?

    On an ordinary spring day like this, Vi decided to adventure out of the dungeons and get some needed fresh air. She could use it and maybe some time under the sun. She was looking rather pale lately and was wishing she wasn't sorted into Slytherin in her first year. But then she takes that...
  19. Aciano Fields

    Open No Zombies Zone

    Aciano let his sister go off on her own, she still wasn't talking to him much. Aciano didn't blame her for being mad, he understands why she would still be mad. It's not like he was telling her the reason why he ended up transferring over to Hogwarts, he kept that information tight-lipped and...
  20. Willow Cullen


    willow made her way to the great hall. She liked her costume this year. it was so puffy. and she had had her hair on braids for a couple of days in order to get it as frizzy and she wanted it. she entered the great hall looking around to see if she could see any of her firends. she didn't know...