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  1. Roxy Coltsfoot

    Roxy Coltsfoot

  2. Madeline Kaimarama

    A Hoard of Roses

    Yellow rose for @Chante Ateara Maddy was pretty sure her next target was another Hufflepuff - a prefect, right? - so after she’d delivered to Abian she hung around the entrance to the common room. “Is Chante about? Anybody seen Chante?” Maddy checked her basket periodically; Totara was...
  3. Samara Makwa

    Samara Makwa

  4. Willow Cullen


    willow made her way to the great hall. She liked her costume this year. it was so puffy. and she had had her hair on braids for a couple of days in order to get it as frizzy and she wanted it. she entered the great hall looking around to see if she could see any of her firends. she didn't know...
  5. Professor Lillian Sword

    Open Reflections of Nature

    Lillian had explored the castle fairly thoroughly by now, fascinated by the anachronistic architecture, and the similarities and differences with the Hogwarts she'd known as a student. She had not, however, ventured outside much, and was naturally curious to explore the grounds as well. Today...
  6. Rama Mowry

    Open So Much For Staying Out of Trouble

    Rama Mowry knew that dating Syrus Stilinski was going to be a new thing, but she had not expected him to drag her around weird places. She had never been to the Forbidden Forest, and it was for good reason too. She had made a bet with Professor Pendleton to stay out of trouble so that he would...
  7. Cyzarine Haden

    Open New Friends!

    Cyzarine was sitting at the Gryffindor table, lunch had come to an end, and she had her books out in front of her to do a little bit of studying, but she was bored and there was little more for her to do. She looked up from her work and glanced about the great hall, she was looking for anything...
  8. Willow Cullen

    Not keeper material

    Willow loved summer afternoons. as the day dragged on and afternoon started to become evening the air got a slight cool feel to it even though there were still a good three of hours left of light. the perfect weather to be outdoors. it was the first day back of classes and she had just had a...
  9. Rama Mowry

    Open A Night with You

    Rama Mowry walked into the Great Hall and headed straight towards where the drinks were because she was nervous as heck. She poured herself some fruit punch. She felt that her outfit was a bit much, but she wanted to show off tonight. It was going to be her last Yule Ball, and Syrus had one more...