open after madz

  1. Baron Corelli

    Open I Can't Find a Mickey Costume

    It would be the first Halloween that Baron and @Jenna Toubia be attending as a couple. When he found out she would be wearing a Minnie Mouse costume, the Slytherin searched high and low for its partner costume. Bad luck was really on his side. As of last resort, he asked his twin @Kace Corelli...
  2. Willow Cullen

    A trip to Neverland.

    Willow was excited for the Halloween feast this year. she had decided not to go with Noelle but instead had planned on going with her cousin and brother. by the end of organising they had managed to come up with a theme where they could all dress up as different characters from the same...
  3. K

    Kalani Styx

  4. Jackson Ateara

    Jackson Ateara

  5. Raphael Corelli

    Raphael Corelli

  6. Jacob Kingsley

    Open Growing Pains

    Dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, Jacob couldn't have looked more out of place at the ball. But he didn't plan on staying so he didn't care. All he cared about was getting some steaming cocoa and some cookies and then he'd be back to his regularly scheduled comic book reading in his bed. It...
  7. Sydney Townsend

    Open Engaging the Extraordinary

    Open after Madz Exam season was frustrating, so many students freaking out about grades when they didn't really matter. Sydney wished they could just enjoy learning stuff without some dumb teacher or exam board telling them if they were smart or not. She knew she was smart, she didn't need some...
  8. Thackery Binns

    Thackery Binns

  9. Sophia Corelli

    Sophia Corelli

  10. Nell Wright

    Open Exploring Below

    ((Open after Madz)) Although she was curious about absolutely everyone and everything this castle had to offer, it had only occurred to Nell in the holidays that there was a whole area of Hogwarts that she had entirely neglected so far. She had explored the upper floors near her dorms as...
  11. Roxy Coltsfoot

    Roxy Coltsfoot

  12. Madeline Kaimarama

    A Hoard of Roses

    Yellow rose for @Chante Ateara Maddy was pretty sure her next target was another Hufflepuff - a prefect, right? - so after she’d delivered to Abian she hung around the entrance to the common room. “Is Chante about? Anybody seen Chante?” Maddy checked her basket periodically; Totara was...
  13. Samara Makwa

    Samara Makwa

  14. Willow Cullen


    willow made her way to the great hall. She liked her costume this year. it was so puffy. and she had had her hair on braids for a couple of days in order to get it as frizzy and she wanted it. she entered the great hall looking around to see if she could see any of her firends. she didn't know...
  15. Professor Lillian Sword

    Open Reflections of Nature

    Lillian had explored the castle fairly thoroughly by now, fascinated by the anachronistic architecture, and the similarities and differences with the Hogwarts she'd known as a student. She had not, however, ventured outside much, and was naturally curious to explore the grounds as well. Today...
  16. Rama Mowry

    Open So Much For Staying Out of Trouble

    Rama Mowry knew that dating Syrus Stilinski was going to be a new thing, but she had not expected him to drag her around weird places. She had never been to the Forbidden Forest, and it was for good reason too. She had made a bet with Professor Pendleton to stay out of trouble so that he would...
  17. Cyzarine Haden

    Open New Friends!

    Cyzarine was sitting at the Gryffindor table, lunch had come to an end, and she had her books out in front of her to do a little bit of studying, but she was bored and there was little more for her to do. She looked up from her work and glanced about the great hall, she was looking for anything...