1. Cyzarine Haden

    Casual Kitchen Fun

    Cyzarine hadn’t seen Mihail much over the holidays, they had spent a little bit of time hanging out during the year, but the holidays had been a long few weeks without him. The girl had reached out the moment she had gotten back to school, and they had decided to meet up. It was where Cyzarine...
  2. Cyzarine Haden

    Open And Fourth, Pictures!

    The gryffindor had learned from asking a few other people that the next person on her list was active in Accio and that she'd likely find the girl at accio. Cyzarine found the room, that obviously she didn't frequent a lot and knocked on the door to the room. The first year hoped that the older...
  3. Cyzarine Haden

    Closed Chess is Something to Do

    Cyzarine was enjoying the classes, she was still a bit nervous about the upcoming Charms lesson, it was odd really, she had never been a particularly nervous person before, she got a little nervous before big events like coming to school or spending time with people she didn’t know all that...