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Hey guys! Been a good, hot minute since I have done one of these, and we have a fair amount of things to go through. So, let's get down to it.
The holidays have begun, so all around the world forums will be open tomorrow! Get ready to get some plots going so that the lurkers can get their read on. Aka me.
Yule Ball
The IC annual Yule Ball is up! This year, we have some interesting threads happening with the Yule Ball blind dates occuring, via Brotherhood and Sorority. You can guarantee that some of the couples are not picture perfect.The Yule Ball can be found here, and the Accio! pictures can be found here.
Hogwarts Monthly: Live
Hogwarts Monthly have posted their articles, so you can go enjoy and react to them here.
Quidditch: Ilvermorny VS Beauxbatons
The other schools had their quidditch match, and there is no guessing on which one had their pity party. Will Ilvermorny ever catch a break? You can read all about the game here.
Accio! Pictures
If you haven't posted your pictures yet, you need to get on that quickly! Deadline is approaching very soon! Here is a link to get you going.
Professors: Hiring and Thanks
A big thank you for the professors for getting their grading done on time! The site would not run without your hard work, so we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Keep up the great work!
Also, we have some open positions, temporary and permanent so if you want to have an awesome professor, you can see the openings here!

As part of White Elephant, a new spam has been posted here! If you prefer talking to others outside of the shout box, this is the perfect place to go. But, no real spam, please.
Club Events
If you want your club to have an event in semester two, you need to get your app in very soon. Semester two also takes place during the holidays and will ultimately affect approval. So, get it done ASAP.
In Site Talk
Everyone loves talking, right? Especially about HNZ. Let's try to keep the HNZ talk on the site. We encourage kind and friendly behavior everywhere else!

  • Can griffins swim?
    Gryffindor girls have a picnic, but can griffins, indeed, swim? :r
  • Fortune and Favour
    A dose of Felix Felicis and a near-accident with a camera turn into a Yule Ball date.
  • We lost....again
    After another loss to Beauxbatons, the team gets together to commiserate as the captain tries to motivate them again.
  • Sore loser
    Minnie takes Ravenclaw's losing game personally, but friends try to cheer her up.

  • Semester 2?!
  • Holiday activities!
  • More Quidditch
  • More plots!

And that is it y'all. You know the drill, babes

(On behalf of the HNZ Site Staff)

Samantha Jacobs

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Thanks for the update, Kaitlyn!

Olivia Drage

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Thanks for the update, lady!

Samuel Phillips

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Thanks for the update :D

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