Mark Ross

Mark Ross

Marky | Lonely Singer
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Half Blood
Relationship Status
Too Young to Care
Almond Wand 14 1/8" Essence of Phoenix Tail Feather
I was doing just fine
before I met you..


Full Name: Mark Ross
Age: Eleven
Birthdate: 16th March, 2037
Place of Birth: Montreal, Canada
Nickname: Marky (used only by his best friend)
Blood Status: Half-blood

picture perfect memories
scattered all around the floor

Nationality: Canadian
Sexuality: Unknown
Relationship Status: Single
Zodiac Sign: Pisces (People born on March 16 are enthusiastic and independent learners but also very creative people in different fields of activity. Just like a true Pisces, they possess great initiative and a visionary approach to life. They enjoy their homes very much and spending time with well behaved and interesting people from whom they can learn something. They dislike rudeness and avarice more than anything in the world. Those born under this sign like to spend time somewhere in nature, close to water and with their loved one if possible)
Element: Water (Intuitive, emotional and ultra-sensitive, water signs can be as mysterious as the ocean itself. Like water, they can be refreshing, or they can drown you in their depths. These signs often have intense dreams and borderline-psychic intuition. Security is important to them—after all, water needs a container, or it dries up and disappears.)
Positive traits: Extremely creative and powerful is Mark in his love for other people, he will actively defend people he care about and is inspired by those who loves or likes him. Warm, passionate, and in constant touch with his sensual side, he are joyful, smiling, and always fun to be around, if he opens up.
Negative traits: Stuck in patterns Mark learned in his primal home, he get tied to figures of authority that won't support him in their growth, afraid to get out of his shell and become independent and free.

Said I wouldn't call
but I've lost all control
and I need you now

Education: Hogwarts New Zealand
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Hogwarts Year: First Year
Occupation: Student
Wand: Almond Wand 14 1/8" Essence of Phoenix Tail Feather

where are you now
that i need you?

Sorting post:
Mark wasn't feeling any emotions at all. He tried not to speak to anyone the whole first day. All Mark wanted to do was just eat and sleep and explore the castle for the next day on his own. He didn't really feel like talking with everyone. Mark just wanted to meet someone like him, someone who just wanted to talk about everything, share everything and just study together. Mark didn't know if he was ready for this new part of life to begin. He kept looking at all the people around him all the day and seeing that a lot of them were talking and just because Mark haven't talked with anyone yet, didn't make him feel bad, it made him realise that he probably haven't found a person suitable for his "best friend" position as he liked to call it.

When entering the Great Hall, he was looking at all the decorations, all the people inside the hall already. Mark knew that this ceremony would take a while, making him yawn a little bit, although he was fast enough to put a hand on his mouth, so others didn't really could notice that. Ceremony started and Mark just couldn't wait for the sorting hat to sort him. He wasn't really excited about being here and knowing that he would have to spend few years here, although Mark wanted to know the house, he will be sorted in.

"Ross Mark"

When headmistress said his name, he didn't move. Mark was too concentrated on watching others get sorted, he didn't even notice that his time has came. He walked to the stool with a poker face and waited for the hat to be placed on his head. His dad always said that the sorting hat had magical powers that Mark only could imagine about, so he wanted to put the sorting hat to a test.
Can you really read my thoughts? If so, do you think I can be a Gryffindor or am I not brave enough? I know I'm not smart enough to be Ravenclaw, right?

"The houses have many qualities, though yes, Gryffindor was known for his bravery and Ravenclaw for her wisdom. You'll get to learn the many qualities of your house once you're there, so I won't keep you waiting much longer. You are a... Gryffindor!"

Play By: Mark Thomas (duhitzmark)
Body Type: Athletic
Hair: Blond, always "up"
Eyes: Blue


where would I be without you?
who would I be without you?

Compassionate | Intuitive | Sympathetic | Diligent | Adaptable

1. Table games - Mark didn't have a lot of friends meaning he didn't have much of a choice what to do with them in their free time. He loved playing table games even on his own, playing all 3-5 players as himself.
2. Writing in his diary - Mark started his diary when he moved to New Zealand, because he didn't have anyone to speak to except his dad, but he couldn't share all his thoughts with him, because he was his dad and he didn't see him as a close friend or someone he could rely on with all his feelings and emotions
3. Spending time alone - Mark spent a lot of time of his own, he had 3 friends, whom he met 2-3 times a week, his best friend a bit more often, although he spent most of his time alone - reading books and just thinking or singing on his own.
4. Singing - Mark probably wasn't very talented singer, although a lot of people really loved his voice and some even envied his singing voice

1. Bullies/fights - Mark was bullied a lot by other people while attending Rockshild's Primary School and just spending his time outside in Canada, he never could speak about them with his parents or with grownups, because he was scared that they would do something bad to him.
2. Bossy people - Mark knew a lot of bossy people in Canada, he really hoped that he wouldn't meet anyone like that in his house, he would be sorted in, or, preferably, in Hogwarts.
3. People who don't care about their looks/personal hygiene - Mark has huge "requirements" for his friends or people he would talk to. He would always spend more than hour to wash his fair, shower, make his hair, clean his teeth and Mark really thought that everyone should care about their looks and personal hygiene
Goals: Is not expecting anything at the moment
Strengths: Mark is a really good singer, he really loves doing that. He is pretty smart for his age, always digs deeper than other people in his age, if he has a real interest in something.
Weaknesses: Talking to people, making new friends, understanding their opinion and not fighting over it, if it is different than his, not actually listening to others, trust issues.
Fears: Mark is feared of losing friends he actually calls his friends. He is very loyal and has a huge meaning to friendship. Mark would do anything for their friends and he is scared that they wouldn't actually do the same or they don't care about their friendship.

past breaks in front of us..

History: Mark was born in Montreal, Canada. Nothing is known much about his dad, Hunter Ross, because he never really spoke to Mark about his past or his job or what he's doing in his free time. All Mark knew was that he was working somewhere and that he was a wizard. His mother - Alice - was a muggleborn, she was working in a muggle coffee shop "Starbucks" as a manager. Mark didn't spend a lot of time with his mother, Alice, because she was way too busy with her work.

Mark spent most of his childhood in Canada. He didn't have a lot of friends in his childhood, he had one best friend and two other friends. Mark always knew that he didn't want to keep a lot of friends. He had a lot of acquaintances, but he had to have a special relationship with a person to call that person his friend. Mark always used to go out with his best friend, talk about everything that happened in their days, just sit and play table games in his treehouse.

After turning 10, Mark and his father Hunter decided to move to New Zealand due to huge conflict between Alice and Hunter. His father decided to take Mark with him because his mother, Alice, didn't anyways want to have to spend time with Mark, also Hunter knew that Mark would go to Hogwarts too. Mark wasn't that excited to go to Hogwarts, because he knew it would mean that he would have to learn, have to talk with people and probably forget his three friends that he had in Montreal.

Moving out from Canada was a hard step for Mark, because he didn't have any friends in New Zealand. He spent a year being homeschooled by his dad, Hunter, because Mark couldn't deal with going to a school and starting everything from the bottom. Mark had to get ready for this huge step - going to Hogwarts in New Zealand, meaning that would already take a lot energy and a lot from him. Mark couldn't make any new friends in New Zealand, he got even more shy. Most of the time he just spent at home, playing guitar (he wasn't very good at it), just reading books, writing his own little poems and singing, because singing just set him free.

When it was finally the time to go to Hogwarts, Mark was even scared a bit. His dad made it like it wasn't a huge deal, although Mark knew that it would mean communicating with people, meeting a lot of new people. Hunter wanted for Mark to get more active and he thought that Hogwarts was exactly the place for Mark to change..

Alice Ross, mom
Date of Birth: 26th April, 2017
Current Occupation: "Starbucks" manager
Hunter Ross, father
Date of Birth: 14th October, 2016
Current Occupation: Unknown
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Mark Ross

Marky | Lonely Singer
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Half Blood
Relationship Status
Too Young to Care
Almond Wand 14 1/8" Essence of Phoenix Tail Feather

First year

Favourite subject: Charms, Flying
Least Favourite Subject: Defence Against the Dark Arts
Favourite professor: Professor Monty Pendleton
Least Favourite professor: Professor Kalif Styx

Magical Momentwith Rory FergussonOllivander's Wand Shop
Lonely Eveningwith Eric HollandGryffindor Common Room
Relax, Take it Easywith Jarica AshleyThe Student Lounge
Tours for First Years!with Kauri Tipene and bunch of first yearsEnternace Hall
Peace and Quietwith Amy JewelThe Library
The Truthwith Professor Cyndi KingsleyProfessor Kinglsey's Lounge
Creative Afternoonwith Samantha JacobsThe Great Lawn
Racing Offwith Amy Jewel, Rioghan Scairbhin
and Soloman Tofilau
The Great Lawn
Gentle Noteswith Clifton WardConglomerated Arts Room
Surprise Visitwith Evan RossNew Zealand


Defence Against the Dark Arts
History of Magic
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