hogwarts monthly meeting

  1. Nell Night

    Farewell Party | HM Meeting Y38/S2

    The pages of the Monthly were printed and ready to distribute, the ink on parchment beautiful in a bittersweet way. Hogwarts Monthly had nestled itself firmly at the heart of Nell's Hogwarts experience, and now it was all about to come to an end. Her final issue was written and printed, with...
  2. Nell Night

    Closed Group Brainstorm | HM Meeting S1/Y38

    Throwing herself into school life was much easier than facing her problems, and Nell was eager to get things moving on the Monthly. Once she had an entire paper to run it would be much harder to dwell on her issues with Jasper and Selene, so Nell had busied herself with setting up for the first...
  3. Joshua Toubia

    HM Meeting S1 Y35

    Joshua held the Ravenclaw notebook Sophie had gifted to him last year. A leather black book filled with blank, ivory pages ready to be filled with whatever he wanted. In the middle of the leather journal was a Ravenclaw crest boldly drawn reflected at him. He has yet to write a single word in...