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Marnie couldn't have been more thrilled to help Sky with the Art's Club. She practically lived and breathed the arts room when she wasn't working on her own things in her dorm, not to mention it helped to have an outlet for the endless ideas for new projects. On top of that, Marnie had been feeling the unmistakable urge to impress Sky the more they hung out. The older girl was so cool and eccentric and everything Marnie wanted to be when she was older. And today she just hoped she could help run the meeting well enough that Sky would be really impressed with her totally cool and organized club leadership.

"Hey everyone! For those who don't know, I'm Marnie, I'm your Craft Coordinator this year, which means I'm one half of what helps keep the club ticking, if that wasn't clear," Marnie began, waving her arms and straightening the rather wonkily knit pink sweater vest she'd tried (and mostly succeeded, minus a few holes) to complete before the meeting today.

"Today, I wanted to try something a little different for us all, and that is giving everyone a theme or prompt and then the freedom to create whatever you want. That way, by the end of the meeting, we'll have all these wonder, different pieces of art and creativity that match the theme," Marnie said brightly. "And I thought, with the holidays around the corner and the thought of heading back to our families soon, we could all make something based around the theme of 'Home'! Feel free to make whatever you want, a song, a dance, a dish your grandma taught you, a macaroni picture of the house you grew up in, just as long as it makes you think of home, you're on theme," she said, bouncing a little in her own excitement at the idea. "Feel free to use anything around the craft room, we have all sorts of supplies, instruments, or move the tables around if you need a bit more performance space. I highly recommend checking the cupboards over there I found like a full 10 metres of tinsel in there last year I dunno what it was for but it really made me wanna make a tinsel sweater though I don't recommend that it's itchy- OH anyway, right yeah, get inspired and start working on you pieces of home!" Marnie said, wrenching herself back on track.

"Sky, you have anything to add or anything that makes you think of home?" She asked, glancing at her co-leader and grinning sheepishly.
Sky was glad that Marnie had joined her in the organisation of the CAC the younger girl had always been full of energy and she had really liked her idea for a theme for the meeting and letting people explore what that them was to them. and home was such a good theme. especially as many people wouldn't be going back home for Christmas. she knew she wasnt. well she was going home but not HOME. she had been in new Zealand for quite a few years now. but in he heart she knew that home would always be Norway.
once marnie had finished her talk, which was, for marnie very short and to the point, she stepped forward. "Thank you marnie, home is a great itheme, it doesnt even have to be a place, it scan be a colour, a taste a person or a feeling" she said. "for those who dont know me i am Sky. the clongomerated arts Conductor, also known as the other half of what keeps this club beating." she said. "I think Marnie has gone over most of the important htings for todays activity. so i will just remind everyone of a few of the rules for the club space. Everyone is welcome, and everyone has a right to feel safe here. Art is for everyone. to enjoy no mater what kind of art or what level of skill, here are no mistakes in art just endless posabilites and interpretations." she said thinking that she really should work about formalising the rules and maybe finding a way to desplay them. and finally have fun" she finished. before looking to marnie "Well done. i love the idea. what do you think of tying next semester to the theme too" she said thinking it may be something marnie would like to continue, a new theme each year or semester to build somethign around. she waited for a few moment as the initial rush died down before starting to circle the tables looking at peoples odeas.
Oz had had an okay semester all things considered. Excepting Care of Magical Creatures, that is - he had been so excited about the class and quickly fallen into resentment after that introduction lesson. Otherwise, though, he'd just plodded along, keeping to himself, keeping his head down. He'd thought about continuing to keep to himself but the arts club was a nice place, and the girls who ran it were both really nice and pretty so he figured he'd go and at least do something he enjoyed.

Oz was looking forward to Christmas, because it meant he'd be going to his grandparents. Christmas was a pretty big deal for them. His grandfather had made a lot of the decorations they had himself, and while his grandmother wasn't quite as skilled, she was no creative slouch either. Her cooking was always the highlight. Even when it was just the three of them, she still went all out. (Although even Oz got sick of pudding by New Year's Eve). Oz certainly wasn't as skilled as either of his grandparents yet, but he thought he might try his hand at making a decoration of his own to put on the tree when he got back home. He found some styrofoam balls, and though they weren't the glass he would have liked he knew they'd travel a little better. He got to work with his trusty tools, carefully cutting bits out without breaking them to shape them. He'd paint next, but first he wanted to try and make things that were a little more interesting to look at.
Dahlia never quite got why the school was so big on Christmas being wintery. They were in the southern hemisphere, they should make the most of it! For her, Christmas was seafood, pavlova, falling asleep in front of the TV mid afternoon on Christmas Day, going to the beach, Boxing Day was the high point of summer. And since they were being tasked at the arts club with making something that reminded them of home, Dahlia knew what she had to do. "Right!" she called, standing up straight with her hands on her hips. "I need someone to be a surfing Santa. Any volunteers?"
Kyousuke could confidently say so far his time at Hogwarts had been a success - though he wouldn't really know until he did his exams and his results were in. In all honesty, he'd been neglecting his creative side somewhat, being so caught up in his studies. But the CAC meeting was a good place to get going again.

The theme stood out to him - home. What reminded him of home? Was it Japan? Was it his small house in Wellington where he lived? He had a lot to think about. He heard another student request a Santa, but that definitely wasn't home for Kyousuke. He didn't really celebrate Christmas - not like other families seemed to, at least. He wasn't even planning on going home for the holidays; instead electing on getting ahead for the next semester's studies. He was a little stumped, then remembered he knew a few kabuki moves. He wasn't very good at them, but enough that he could get away with maybe doing a short performance. Kyousuke found himself some space to himself. Usually there'd be musical accompaniment, but he didn't know if anyone could play any traditional Japanese instruments. Instead, he tried to practice what he remembered from the small amount he knew - starting slow, then picking up speed. It wasn't complex, but it was something, and it was slowly coming back to him as he kept going.
Lucy was looking forward to the CAC meeting. She'd been looking forward to it since it'd been announced - something fun before exams started to kick off. Now exams were one thing Lucy wasn't looking forward to, but that was alright. Afterwards, it'd be Christmas and that was exciting.

She entered the room and listened to the two in charge, hearing they'd be doing something along the theme of home. Lucy thought hard about that - there were a lot of things that reminded her of home. Then she heard another student request a surfing santa and she couldn't help but feel enthused about the idea. She made her way to the student in question, someone older but Lucy wasn't intimidated. "Hey, that sounds like a fun idea! What do I have to do? Just pretend to surf and wear a suit?" Lucy asked. "We could sing, um, what's that song...or I play violin, so I could play while I pretend to surf. There's this kiwi Christmas song about pōhutukawa trees! Or, um, are there Australian Christmas songs? Or we don't have to do a song at all, I was just thinking..." Lucy rambled, excited about all the ideas they could do.
@Dahlia Doherty
Eloise was mostly in the arts club to expand her circle. She was good at music, playing piano, but arts and crafts weren't really her forté. So she always dreaded the meetings just a little. Still, she knew she had to attend. If only because she might find something that she did like. It didn't even have to be something she was good at. She just needed to figure out what she liked. Not things other people told her to like, no, something she truly enjoyed doing. Like how Santiago seemed to enjoy playing the guitar whilst playing the piano had always been a must for her. She listened as the club leader spoke and looked around a little helpless once the girl had finished, mind immediately going blank at the 'home' theme.
Dahlia blinked, looking a little sheepish as the younger girl joined her. "I...dunno! I didn't think I'd get this far," she admitted, slightly embarrassed but pushing it aside with the trained confidence of a performer. "You're Lucy, right? You played violin at the show last year! It was really good," Dahlia said, honestly. She had mostly been in the wings getting ready for her own performance during the talent show, but she had half watched most of the performances and had been genuinely impressed by the first years. "I learned a song about Christmas kangaroos when I was in grade 1, but I'd like to learn the kiwi one." Australia was very much Dahlia's home, but since she was at school across the ditch she did want to make New Zealand part of her home, too. She looked around and saw another girl looking a little lost, and waved her over. "Hey! Do you wanna join us?" Of course, she didn't even know where the girl was from, but maybe it could just be a combination effort with bits of all their homes.

@Lucy Montague @Eloise Aster
For Renata, Christmas meant two things - her birthday, being Christmas Eve, and lots and lots of food. Her grandparents seemed to make it a mission that nobody would ever go hungry over the festive season (or at any celebration, really). Even when they didn't have much to work with in terms of money, they found a way. Although, home was a bit of an odd thing to consider. She had never really spent long in Italy, the colds of Russia was definitely not home, and until settling in New Zealand she'd never stayed in one place for long. It almost felt like it wasn't quite right to bring Italian tradition in...though that hadn't stopped her bringing in some pandoro. Even though her family was from the south, and it was from the was close enough, she thought. Besides, people would be hungry, and fish wouldn't go down as well as cake (it helped that the cake could be sent by post and still hold up).

Rather than cooking up seafood, Renata figured she'd do what she was actually here for - be something of a cheerleader. She was not artistically inclined, but she enjoyed art and wanted to give some encouragement. She was tempted to join in with some of the younger girls, but backed away quickly at the idea of singing. Renata knew she was an awful singer. And she figured she'd leave Marnie and Sky to it, after setting out some slices of the pandoro anyway. She instead wandered over to watch a young boy doing some sort of dance. She didn't quite understand the moves, but they seemed to be measured and meaning something, even without music. Movement was the type of artistry she could actually engage in, and she found herself watching in fascination, curious to ask about what he was doing but not wanting to break the momentum.

@Kyousuke Kurosawa
Lucy was ecstatic that she'd been recognised - she was really proud of herself for the showcase, and had worked really hard. "Yeah, that was me! You did a performance too, I remember! I enjoyed it a lot." Lucy didn't know much about acting, but she was being truthful - it had been fun to watch someone act up close in a more theatre-setting, rather than how she usually saw people, in muggle movies. A different experience for sure. "Christmas kangaroos! That sounds adorable. Oh, maybe we could do both, just doing the chorus of each song. Then it'll be combined Australia and New Zealand." Lucy felt like it was a fun idea. Her attention was then drawn to another student - someone she also didn't know. "Oh, yeah, you can totally join if you want! No pressure though!"
@Dahlia Doherty @Eloise Aster
Kyousuke noticed someone watching him. He stopped at the end of the routine, and turned. It was an older student, someone he didn't recognise. Older students intimidated him - in fact, anyone older than a second year was a prime candidate for someone Kyousuke would be a bit afraid of. Not that he'd ever admit that fact. "Am I in your way?" he asked, a little curtly, but there was an edge of shyness there as well. He wondered if she wanted his spot in the room - there were still plenty of other spots, but Kyousuke had chosen a good one after all.
@Renata Stepanova
Renata quickly shrank back, surprisingly intimidated by a boy who couldn't be older than first or second year. Her confidence had come a long way since third year, but she still crumpled pretty easily under any sort of pressure. "Oh, no no no, I'm sorry!" She stepped back, holding up her hands in a gesture of apology. "I didn't mean to interrupt, I was just really interested in what you were doing," she quickly explained. "Um, I hope you don't mind if I watch. Is it performance from your home?" she asked, kindly, hoping she wasn't being overbearing.
@Kyousuke Kurosawa
Eloise hadn't even been able to wreck her brain for something she could make as she glanced around the room. She had completely blanked so there wasn't much to wreck anyways. She barely registered some other girls near her talking about some sort of songs when one of them waved at her. The sudden action made her focus back on reality, turning her head to see who the girl was waving at. She couldn't just think it was for her, that would be embarassing when it wasn't. Upon further inspection, however, there didn't seem to be many other students around her and Eloise carefully got up from her seat when the other girl chimed in to. "I, uhm, sure. That would be nice." She stumbled over her words a little as she joined the other two girls, offering them a smile. "What are you planning on doing?" She asked politely. "I'm not very crafty, but I think I heard you talking about songs? I can play the piano, if that's of any use. Sing a little too." Eloise said, not sure whether she'd fit in with the girls' idea but if she didn't she had at least given it a try. @Dahlia Doherty @Lucy Montague
Kyousuke blinked, seeing that he'd misread the situation entirely. She was immediately apologetic, taking him by surprise. He recovered quickly and cleared his throat. "Sorry, I thought you might have wanted this spot," he admitted. He was pleased she was showing an interest in his work, though a little shy - he wasn't the most knowledgeable about kabuki, but he was doing his best. "I'm just doing a bit from a kabuki routine. It's a kind of theatre from Japan, where my family's from," Kyousuke explained, not sure if she'd heard of it or not. "I'll show you what I have so far." Kyousuke started in a seated position, taking a deep breath before he began to get into his routine, moving his arms and hands delicately before getting to his feet and doing some footwork along with gesturing of his arms. It wasn't very complex, and Kyousuke performed the steps well enough that it looked like he knew what he was doing. There was an almost amateurish nature to his performance at the same time; a little stiff in places, and without music his timing was a little off. His nerves got the better of him as well, and he fumbled in a few spots. When he finished, he took a bow. "That's it," he announced, a little out of breath. All in all, the performance was barely a few minutes long but Kyousuke was proud of it nonetheless.
@Renata Stepanova
Rosie liked being part of the arts club, though she didn't see herself as particularly artistic, she did enjoy it and everything, but she always knew her work was different. She was in the room as the club leaders told them what they'd be doing, and Rosie nodded. She decided to just paint something, paint some plants, with the flowers and stuff that she grew at home, that she associated with home. Rosie grabbed some paints, found herself a spot and just got right to it.
Apolline had been sure that the arts club would be the good balance she needed when she was doing a lot of studying, and focusing a lot on classes. She headed into the room and glanced around, thinking about if she could play any of the instruments. Apolline hadn't ever played an instrument but she was curious. Apolline's artistic talents lay in drawing. But she listened along and decided that she'd use some of the tinsel and yarn and try to craft a hair tie or two. It wasn't very home, but she thought it would still be fun enough.
Callie headed into the arts club, and was eager to get started on something creative. She really liked being creative and the arts club was the place to be that. She nodded along with what they were to do, and she headed straight to the piano with some empty sheet music, deciding that she would try to write a song about home. Callie wasn't very good at piano, but could see and would intending to use the piano as just a pitching method.
Enoch was pretty pleased when he was in the arts room. he had felt pretty proud of his performance in the last event, though he knew others had done better than him. The slytherin listened to what they were to do, and he didn't hate it. He grabbed his flute and then some musical sheets and though about creating some tune that reminded him of home. Enoch had never written music before, he always just played it. He stared at the blank paper trying to think of the best way to do it.
Gregory felt safe in the arts room, though he had never had an artistic bone in his body. He picked the usual table he tended to sit it, nicely out of the way and thought about home. He was glancing around, watching as other managed with instruments and crafts and Gregory wasn't sure where to even started. The only thing which sprung to mind was his dad's interest in bird watching, but he wasn't sure how to make that into something.
Dahlia beamed at the two girls, sure she might have been a bit pushy but she wasn't trying to be aggressive or anything. "Well, if you can both play, maybe we can make up a song! Or, y'know, take a Christmas song and change the words." She was kind of making things up on the fly but it was something, she figured. Not too difficult, and it could be fun. "Like, um, you know how people always change the words to Jingle Bells? Something like that, but with things that we can relate to!" She twisted a strand of hair between her fingers while she thought. Performing was probably her strong suit, but this was a little harder than she thought. Dahlia wasn't exactly a singer, but she could at the very least hold a tune and didn't sound bad. "What kinds of things do you like about the holidays?"
@Eloise Aster @Lucy Montague
Renata smiled, nodding along enthusiastically. She didn't really know a lot about Japan, but she did want to know a little more about it. She only really knew some things about European dance and theatre, and even then she wasn't exactly an expert. "Oh, I see! Sure, please do!" She stepped back to make sure he had more than enough space and watched, impressed. Truthfully, she had no real basis of comparison, and she was sure it probably was more effective with music, but she could at least tell that it was something he'd worked at and was very careful with the steps. She gave an encouraging round of applause when he was finished. "Wow! I...well, I have not seen anything like it before, but it looked good!" She pondered for a second. "'s like...using dance and movement to tell a story?"
@Kyousuke Kurosawa
Lucy nodded as she listened to the two girls. She was excited when she heard that the newer student to the mix could play piano. "Oh, awesome! Piano would be super useful." She then listened to the older student's ideas, nodding along. "Coming up with other lyrics sounds like a good idea, um, sorry, I don't think I know either of your names. I'm Lucy," Lucy said. She thought about what she enjoyed about Christmas. "I love going to the beach, um, spending time with family...just being outside in the warm weather is great! Oh, and the kai*. Fresh strawberries too!" Lucy said excitedly, thinking about the holidays and starting to really look forward to them.

*te reo Māori for food
@Dahlia Doherty @Eloise Aster
Elise was incredibly excited for her first meeting for the arts club. It was one of the things she was most excited for at school all together. She had been doing art on her own for what felt like forever and now she was able to express herself and work with other creative people. She took a seat and waited to hear what their first project would be. Instantly she loved the idea of working with a theme and the moment they had it her mind was spinning. Home was a bit complicated for her to explain. Of course she had a house but she knew if she wanted to make something interesting she would have to dig a little deeper. Her home was also her family, even if her family wasn’t quite the same after her mother died. Yes, that was something she could work with. She had been excited to work with others but now she felt very focused as she grabbed a large sheet of paper and some charcoals, and got to work, smearing them with her fingers and erasing to get the right fuzziness she was going for.
Kyousuke wallowed in the praise. He loved performing, but he did have a weak spot for the praise that often came after it. If it didn't, he often ended up worrying he'd done something wrong. "Thank you," he said in a soft voice. "Yes, it helps tell a story. Dance is part of kabuki, but not the whole thing. But often the acting almost feels like a dance in places because it's so..." Kyousuke paused, forgetting the word he wanted. "It's so...big, I guess. Dramatic. So there's dialogue and singing as well." Kyousuke wondered if he was boring her, but the older student did ask. "So that's that," he finished somewhat lamely.
@Renata Stepanova

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