Bunny Bonanza!

Happy Sunday, and to those who celebrate, Happy Easter! As is tradition, we hope that this fun challenge can offer a distraction to anything that might be going on in your life. :)

The site staff is in search of some very dedicated bunny-hunters! Yes, you read that right. Usually, we ask you to hunt eggs, but the egg supply was a little challenging to deal with because...all of the bunnies got loose. :frantics: And we need your help finding them because we're afraid they'll completely take over if you don't. :p

So we need some help. Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and we really hope you do ^_^ ), is to find all of the bunnies scattered around HNZ. Oh, and we do need help finding some hatching eggs. And, someone on staff got confused and managed to lose a few Easter Island heads too.

For each 🐇 you find, you'll get 1 point.
For each 🐣 you find, you'll get 2 points.
For each 🗿 you find, you'll get 3 points.

Your task is to collect the links to the posts and send them to me!

You'll need to work as quickly as possible! If we don't find them by 11:59 PM DST tomorrow, they'll have taken over so you'll only have until then to search! :p

Three people will win prizes for their hard work- one will get a wonderfully, egg-citing prize and all three will get the opportunity to call themselves Master Bunny Hunters! :party: :party: :party:

Hoppy hunting! Good luck hopping to it! ^_^

P.S. None of the bunnies in this post count. :r 🐇🐇

(On behalf of the site staff)
The hunt is over! I'll be back with the winners tomorrow.
Thank you to everyone who participated. We hope you had a fun time! ^_^

We haven't quite cleaned everything up but we will in the next few days. I do want to extend a big thank you to Ghost for helping with hiding the items (and for the banner they've made for the winners!) ^_^

This year, our top bunny hunter prize is going to: Verity who earned a grand total of 19 points! :frantics:

Our two runners up are Mia who earned 9 points and Kris who earned 3! :party:

Your banners will be heading to you soon!

For those of you who were curious, here are the locations of all the items:
🗿 - https://hogwarts.nz/threads/6-roleplay-lessons-advanced.27695/

🐣 - https://hogwarts.nz/threads/get-to-know-you.26759/

🐣 - https://hogwarts.nz/threads/a-summons.120253/

🐣 - https://hogwarts.nz/threads/relationships-form-and-explanation.74653/

🐇 - https://hogwarts.nz/threads/spotify-wrapped-2022.114100/

🐇 - https://hogwarts.nz/threads/down-a-rabbit-hole.113794/

🐇 - https://hogwarts.nz/threads/playing-into-it.120449/

🐇 - https://hogwarts.nz/threads/burnout-and-writing-tips.118953/

🐇 - https://hogwarts.nz/threads/anonymous-compliments-2024.119770/

🐇 - https://hogwarts.nz/threads/what-are-you-listening-to.26763/page-233

🐇 - https://hogwarts.nz/threads/favourite-quotes.91624/

🐇 - https://hogwarts.nz/threads/transfiguration-3-3.120403/

🐇 - https://hogwarts.nz/threads/dhivya-khatri.120486/

🐇 - https://hogwarts.nz/threads/legacies.118602/

🐇 - https://hogwarts.nz/threads/lets-try-some-plots.120185/


Easter head
Banners for the participants courtesy of Ghost:




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