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Ethan knew it was probably lame to keep wearing the same costume over and over again but he didn't really care. He thought it was cool and that was all that mattered. He also liked how the mask made him feel like he could walk through the crowd of students completely unnoticed. Not that many people payed much attention to him in the first place. But he still liked the holiday and seeing other people's costumes. He was waiting to get snacks and instead walked towards the spooky tent to check it out. He hesitated at the entrance and jumped when he heard screams coming form inside and he wasn't sure if it was from other students or something else.
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Marnie loved Halloween, or maybe, more specifically she loved any reason to dress up. Halloween unfortunately also brought on the usual rush for her to think of a costume and then change her mind 40 times before running out of time and rushing something together. This year she was feeling pretty pleased with herself even if it meant she'd spent half of her budget on jellybeans to hand out, but really who could be that upset about.

"Hey Ethan! Or at least I assume that's Ethan I mean I'd recognize those glowing red Mothman eyes anywhere I think unless you're someone with very similar tastes to Ethan in which case oops sorry random Mothman person are you gonna go in the haunted house? I'm kind of a baby I don't think I've been in there since like 2nd year and even then I'd never go in alone but you blend into the darkness so maybe it's less scary do you want a jellybean to give you some courage?" She asked, approaching the person dressed as Mothman near the tent set up in the hall and holding out a carton of Every Flavour Beans for them.
Ethan jumped again when Marnie joined him. She asked him several questions but he knew by now that it was best to wait till she was done before trying to answer any of them. He hesitated for a moment after she offered him a jelly bean just to make sure she was in fact done. "Hey Marnie." he said when it seemed like the coast was clear. "It's Ethan." he added to make sure she knew she had guessed right before reaching out do grab a jellybean. "I hadn't decided yet." he said simply. "Do you want to try and go together?" he asked as he lifted the bottom of his mask just enough so he could pop the candy into his mouth.
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Marnie bounced in place when Ethan confirmed she'd guessed right, feeling the 'beans' of her costume jostle around her as she did so. She hesitated at Ethan's suggest they go in together, glancing around the hall to see if she could spot Penny nearby before shrugging nervously. "Sure why not but if I scream you can't make fun of me you'd think I'd be used to it Milo that's my little brother, Milo, he went through a phase where he tried to scare me every day for a month and only stopped when I punched him in the stomach I mean it was an accidental punch even though he totally deserved it but I guess it's better than accidentally jinxing someone when you're scared or something I don't even think I could find my wand if I wanted to I thought it'd be smart to put it in the jelly bean bag thing i made but I've since realized it wasn't a good idea but I'll find it eventually," she said, taking a few shuffling steps towards the tent entrance and looking back at Ethan. Would it be weird to ask if she could hold his arm? She liked Ethan well enough, certainly most than some of the other Ravenclaws she could mention, but it was a barrier they hadn't really crossed as friends yet. "Oh what flavour did you get? Maybe I need one for courage too!" She said suddenly, quickly eating a jellybean before pulling a face "Eurgh, Cinnamon, nooo!"
Ethan blinked as Marnie went off again. She always had a lot to say and he appreciated that about her since it meant he didn't have to. He was curious when she mentioned her brother and he wondered if he'd ever fight with Harlow, even if she couldn't even hold her own head up last time he'd seen her. But she'd grow up eventually, and even then he wasn't sure. "I would never make fun of you." he blurted out when she was done and he pulled his mask back down. "Um, I think it was some kind of berry." he said unsure, he hadn't really paid attention. He just knew he hadn't been earwax or anything too gross. He gave her a concerned look when she grabbed a bean she didn't like, even though she couldn't see him. "I think you're allowed to keep trying till you get a good one. Like a good luck charm or something." he offered.
Marnie gave Ethan a sidelong glance, feeling a pleased flush on her face and smiling at him. "Great, then I say we do it right, I mean it's Halloween and we've already got the lolly eating part down so we might as well do the scary part too right it's like tradition," she said, hesitation gone as she held out an arm hopefully for Ethan. It might be a little awkward with all the balloon jelly beans currently attached to her body but it was better than the alternative of going it 'alone' so she hoped Ethan wouldn't mind. "You're right! And I can get the the taste out of my mouth too why would anyone make lollies cinnamon flavoured I don't get it though I guess it's kinda like how people like peppermint flavoured stuff too I mean it's in the name 'pepper'mint but I mean if I'm eating sweets you'd expect them to be sweet right it just seems weird," Marnie said, picking through the box she had pensively before taking out a purple one and squinting at it before eating it. A tense moment passed before she very flatly announced: "Eggplant."
It always took a few months for Wish to shake off the mask she wore at home over the holidays, and then a few more to start feeling like herself again. Halloween was usually around that halfway point and Wish had always suspected the costumes helped. She was normally more into blending into her surroundings than standing out, but she liked the bright colours and felt like a salamander shedding its skin for the night as she put on layers of rainbow tulle. Wish was easily able to spot Ethan's costume and appreciated the consistency. Trailing her friend from a distance was almost a tradition at this point, and he'd already met up with Marnie by the time Wish caught up. Wish was nervous about the balloons on Marnie's costume popping if she got too close, but bravely approached anyway. "The beans are not on your side today," she frowned sympathetically and tried not to giggle at Marnie's misfortune.
Ethan was nervous about going into the tent but at least going in with someone else made it less daunting. He took Marnie's arm and was grateful for it. He couldn't see very well in this costume which might come in handy shortly. He was content to let Marnie finish her rant about flavors. He agreed with her mostly. He liked sweets but never really saw the appeal of Bertty Botts. The risk of something horrible usually out weighted the possible reward. But before he could say any of that Wish seemed to appear out of nowhere. "Oh, hey Wish." he said casually. "You want to come with us?" he asked. "Maybe if we start to outnumber the scares it won't be so bad." he added in an attempt at a joke.
Marnie felt bolstered when Ethan took her arm, suddenly wishing she could see his face rather better. Maybe if she kept plying him with beans he’d take it off.

She was almost disappointed when Wish joined them, but the thought was quickly dismissed, helped along when Marnie took in the other girl’s costume with a gasp. “Wow, Wish you look amazing I love the rainbows I never would have thought about you in blonde hair either but you look so cute I accidentally dyed my hair blonde last year for a Quidditch game you know well it was meant to be like Hufflepuff yellow but I couldn’t undo it and had to go to the Hospital Wing oops but you look amazing do you want a bean too maybe you’ll have better luck,” she said, offering the carton of beans to Wish with her free hand, the other still wrapped around Ethan’s arm.

She smiled at Ethan’s joke, nodding along. “Totally, come with us!” She said, offering Wish her other arm and again fending off the surprise feeling of disappointment that it wouldn’t be just her and Ethan. Marnie adored Wish, it would be fun, she reminded herself.
Wished blinked at Ethan, and then bobbed her head in a hesitant yes. She did not want to go into the spooky tent because then her friends would for sure think she was a coward, but having to make an awkward excuse to leave would be even worse. Her face burned red as Marnie complimented her, squeaking out a thank-you as her face went on an expression journey in response to Marnie's story. "Um, sure," Wish picked out a bean and popped it into her mouth before she could theorise too much on the potential flavour. "I think I got... wasabi?" Wish screwed up her nose, unsure on how she felt about this. Oblivious to any negative feelings her friends may have about her joining, but eternally worried about hypotheticals, Wish took Marnie's other arm and squinted suspiciously in the direction of the tent. "What are the chances it's just full of cute bunny rabbits?" she asked hopefully.
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