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Linden squeezes Caspers hand back glad that it wasn’t something he had done that had upset cad. Though sometimes that was easier to fix than other problems. ”okay question two. Is the reason you are upset to do with the box that just fell out of your jacket pocket he asked.
Casper froze when Linden mentioned the box. He cursed in his head, and the tears spilled over. He bit his lip hard, somehow curling up into an even tighter ball. He pulled his hand back just a little bit, but stopped himself from pulling away completely. He had to face this, apparently. Shaking, he tapped one finger gently against Linden. Yes.
Linden flat casper freeze and almost flinch away from him. Was he pushing too hard? Should he stop or would that let things hang and make them worse. don’t worry. I haven’t opened it. Question three. Does the box contain jewellery?” he asked.
Casper was trying to work with his emotions. He wsa focusing on his breathing, and he stopped biting his lip- he was biting too hard and it was starting to hurt. He took deep breaths, and just tapped his finger again lightly. Yes. He had spent months making that particular jewelry. Cautiously, he slipped his hand further back over Lindens.
Linden feltbcaspers tap against his hand. Yes it was jewellery. His mind went to one place but he was fairly sure it was becaise he had his own jewellery box in his pocket. question four. And when I get to ten it is your turn if you want. Anyway question four Is it a gift? he asked I mean is it a gift for you to give someone? he clarified. Quickly realising a gift could be a gift he had received.
Casper shifted a bit, rolling a bit so he was closer to Linden. He tapped his hand again. Yes. It was a gift he had failed to give. Like an absolute idiot. He sighed, and squeezed his eyes shut, trying to burrow deeper into the bed.
Linden shifted a little leaning into Casper. Thinking of what the next question would be. He had to be specific if he was limiting himself to ten. question five. Is it a gift for one of our sisters, or cousins, or parents he asked. Holding his breath and hoping that he was about to feel two taps against his hand.
Why was this working? Cas felt himself calming down a little bit. He tried to focus on his breathing. He shook his head lightly, but knew Linden wouldn't see it. So instead, he just tapped twice. No. It wasn't a gift for someone else. He hesitated a moment, before squeezing Lindens hand in what he hoped was a clear message. It's for you.
Linden smiled as he felt two taps against his hand followed by a squeeze he squeezed Caspers hand back a small consolation for wanting to wrap his arms around his man and not letting go okay. Question six. Is it a gift for me.” he asked. Trying not to let his nerves for the answer show in his voice or in the slight tension he could feel across his shoulders and chest.
Well that didn't work. Cas took a deep breath. This answer was a lot slower. As if admitting it made it all the more real. One tap. Yes. He curled up a little more again, almost wrapping a bit around Linden now. How had it come to this? So much for a fancy dinner and a romantic proposal.
Linden felt the tap on his hand and waited for another his breath caught in his chest. It a second tap didn’t come. Instead cas curled a little closer into him. Wherever this seemed to be going it appeared to be working at calming cas down. He took a deep breath. Not sure if he wanted to ask the next question. Or something else. He paused for a second planning his questions out in his head he thought ten would be enough. But now he was thinking he had given himself too many. question seven. Is it a gift with some kind of question or condition attached? he asked.
This answer was the hardest. Was he really going to admit to this? He took a deep breath, trying to just focus on this moment. This wasn't what he had wanted, but in the end, it was them, wasn't it? He pulled his hand back, and after a moment he had sat up. His hair was a mess, his cheeks were still tear stained. He couldn't make himself look at Linden, instead staring at his hands folded tightly in his lap. He was struggling to admit to anything, but he knew he had to talk. "I..." He took a breath, and stole the box from Linden, thumbing it in his hands. "I um... I spent a few months at this um... class..." He decided on instead, his eyes tearing up again and his voice hoarse. "But um... I messed it up," His voice broke and he sniffled. "I should've just... bought something but... I got too into my head," He shook his head, closing his hands around the box. After a moment he took another breath and opened the box, putting it in Lins lap. "But you know me," He gave a self depriciating smile, still not meeting Lindens eyes. "I try to work everything out with my hands first,"
Time stood still around them as lin waited for the reply. One tap or two. Had he overthought things or was he thinking right. In the end, no taps came. Cad moved beside him sitting up, but even with his hair sticking in every direction and tears staining down his face he still made Linden's heart flutter. "cas" he said, gently wiping a tear from his cheek. Whatever calm he had managed to create with his questions was starting to unravel as cas spoke about the class he had been taking and how he had messed up. "Casper. my beautiful beautiful Casper." he said cupping his face in his hands that were now free from the box. "I very much doubt that you have messed up. you are so often your own biggest critic and you often don't realise how amazing you are" he said he was about to lean in and kiss Caspers cheek when Cas opened the box and put it on his lap. his jaw dropped when he saw the ring. it really was stunning. he could feel the tears welling up in his own eyes. "Casper. I don't know what you think you messed up. but this ring. it is amazing" he said. braking away from how the metal showed to look at cas and how he couldn't catch his eye. "I love you so much. and I love that about yo.u how you are always creating art." he said. then he had a thought. "Question nine: Do you know that if you are asking what I think you are asking my answer would be yes. a thousand times yes with no hesitation or second thoughts" he said. leaning forward and hugging cas. Their bodies close their heads resting on each other's shoulders in a way that meant they were close even if they wouldn't see each other.
Casper let himself be drawn into Linden, shutting his eyes and letting the familiar warmth wash over him. "But I didn't ask, did I?" He murmured, one hand moving to try and find Lindens. "We had the perfect night for it and I just- dipped, like a stupid coward," He grimaced. "I spent too long learning to make the dumb thing and forgot to figure out how I was going to do it," He hid his face more in Lindens neck.
Linden smiled against Caspers shoulder when he said that he didn’t ask. I didn’t ask either. he said then Chucked. And I’ve been wanting to for months[/b] he said. it was going to be tonight but it just wasn’t the right” he had a thought then. hey buttercup in my jacket inside pocket there is a piece of parchment. Can you find it and read it he said shifting so that cas could reach and get it. it doesn’t have to be out loud he said he was fairly sure he knew it well enough and knew cass well enough to know what he was reading from his expression.

Casper. Buttercup. Can I talk to you about something important? About us and the our future?

Over the past ten or so years, our relationship has taken many forms. You have been my dorm mate, my friend, my brother, my buttercup and the best thing so far, my boyfriend. But Cas, I don’t want to just be your boyfriend any more. I haven’t for a while.

I love you, I love you so much. You are such a kind and caring person. You have such a strength to you that it blows me away, I don’t think even you realise the extent of it. You are one of the kindest and most generous men I have ever met, you have so much love to give and I am so lucky that I even get a smidgen of it.

I love everything about you from the sparkle in your blue eyes when you have an idea to paint, the way you stick the very tip o your tongue out when you are concentrating and every freckle on your skin and the little noises you make as I kiss them.

I love being with you, I wouldn’t trade our good days or our bad days for the world. The only thing better than going to sleep next to you every night is waking up beside you each morning. I really couldn’t imagine my life without you in it.
With all that said, Buttercup, I want to ask you something. it would be an honour to spend my life by your side and call you my husband
Casper froze when Linden spoke. Linden hadn't... what? Cas had paused, and he hesitated as Linden shifted. It took him a few moments, but soon enough he slipped a shaky hand into Lins pocket. He held the note in his hand a moment. "Lin..." Cas bit his lip and shifted to look at Linden. "I... don't think I can read this tonight," He whispered, slipping it back into Lins pocket. Cas was an emotional mess, and he didn't think he could handle whatever that note said right now. "But," He was quick to add, shifting to take the ring he'd made. "Maybe, um..." He took a deep breath, and in a very shaky, almost too soft voice, Casper turned the open ring box around and peeked at Linden through his messy blond bangs. "Linden Cullen, um... do you think maybe... you might want to marry me?" He whispered, lowering his eyes down to the box, noting how his hands were shaking but unable to stop them.
linden bit his lip as casper took the note out of his pocket. any moment now cas would... start talking? he held his breath as he said he couldn't read it tonight after all the emotions of the night. "Okay" he said slowly dragging out the aaaaayyyy. "how about" he was about to say he would tell him what it said. but stopped himself just in time. "you keep it, and read it in the morning... or some other time when you feel up for it" he said trying to make it sound more casual than he felt about it.
what he didnt expect was what cas did next. Even though he had been leading Casper towards it ever since he had found the box. It was still a bit of a shock. His plan of proposing in the restaurant, the speech he had ready, the wine and the sweet had sounded nice. But somehow this was perfect this was more them. he looked at casper. took his hands in his. "Yes. Yes, I maybe might want to marry you, I would love to marry you." he said as he let go of Casper's hands with one if his and used it to brush his hair out of his face. "I would be very honoured to be able to call you my husband" he said before moving closer to his fiancé and kissing him.
Caspers heart stuttered and he let himself take a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. Linden had.... said yes? He was still trying to process it, his hair a mess and half wrapped up in his blanket, and he hardly noticed that Linden was there, kissing him. Cas shut his eyes, automatically kissing back. He brought a hand up to rest gently on Lindens neck. When the kiss broke, Cas pulled away and took the ring out of the box, shyly taking Lindens hand in his and slipping the ring onto his finger. "Sorry if its not really fancy," He looked up to Linden with a shy smile. "I'm not that good at making rings, turns out,"
Linden kissed cas back holding him close and leaning into him. he could feel Casper's hands against his neck and his hand was in Caspers hair. after a moment or an age, Lin wasn't timing, they broke apart.
Casper took his hand and he watched him slip the ring over his finger. it fit perfectly. he took a couple of deep breaths trying to smooth out his breathing to stop the tears welling up. "What are you talking about it is perfect. and working with animals too fancy and delicate wouldn't be a good thing" he said. "]if you had proposed with a burger ring, or no ring at all I would have still said yes" he said reaching up to brush the hair out of Caspers face and pausing distracted for a moment as the band caught the light. "I is perfect Casper" he said leaning in to kiss him again.

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