1. Ivy Ashworth

    Open Flaunting Spells

    Open after Kris posts as Brooke and Kadi posts as Delilah Ivy loved that she had charms this semester, and she loved even more that neither of her friends/rivals had it with her. She only had the Hufflepuffs to content with in that class, and they were not really a challenge in her opinion. Ivy...
  2. Lars van Houten

    Closed Out of Mind

    Lars had dreaded his first patrol date since he had seen he was paired up with Elliot for it. He wished he'd had the guts to talk to the head girl about it. But it was too late now, and here they were together. They had been walking in an awkward silence for a few minutes now, and Lars kept...
  3. Lars van Houten

    Closed Collided

    Lars hovered near the Hospital wing doors for a long time, debating whether to go in or not. He knew he had no right to visit Elliot after everything that happened, and Blake... well, he probably wouldn't appreciate Lars' visit either. But the boy felt compelled to do something, so here he was...
  4. Eric Holland

    Closed Warning Shot

    It had seemed ages since Eric had talked to Kas, though that was probably partially because of the recent holidays. Eric didn't have many friends, at all, but if he counted anyone as a friend besides Nova, it was Kas. He almost forgot the boy was in the year below him. He was alright, and not...
  5. Lysander Summers

    Closed Mission Improbable

    It was late. The castle and its grounds were quiet, with the majority of students and staff pre-occupied in the Great Hall for dinner. Lysander had skipped it, a decision he now slightly regretted as his stomach rumbled in the absence of food. He hadn't had the foresight to eat anything...
  6. Lucas Fletcher

    Closed Passing on Knowledge

    Ever since the first year Quidditch practice had ended in disaster, Lucas had taken to hanging out around the Quidditch pitch hopefully, looking for someone who could give him tips. He wasn't sure who to ask, though he had considered approaching an older student for it. He just didn't want to...
  7. Samantha Remdond

    Closed Poking Around

    Samantha had never been this close to the Forbidden Forest before. Her brother had always told her to never go in there. Still, curiosity got the better of her and here she was. Standing outside the entrance, she wondered if it was actually a bad idea. What if she got lost and never found her...
  8. Ivy Ashworth

    Closed Better Prepared

    Ivy had been reluctant to go to tutoring at first, which had less to do with an unwillingness to learn and more to do with the fact that her parents had argued about it for days. They had tried to hide it from Ivy, but she had been able to hear every argument her mother made against it, all the...
  9. Emilia Manning

    Closed Crisp Autumn Day

    Emilia had enjoyed going to Brightstone on her own today, even if she usually went with friends. Her mind had been full lately, and it felt nice to just go shopping for herself and enjoy a bit of solitude. Emilia had bought herself a few dresses, and a few things in Dervish and Bange's as well...
  10. Katherine Greene

    Closed Shopping time

    It was the weekend when Katherine decided to go downtown to go shopping. She also needed to renew her wardrobe, but she also wanted to take a little out of school walk. Katherine also decided to go to her father to get money, because without it, nothing could be bought. Before that, however, she...
  11. Waldo Wigham

    Closed Event Anticipations

    It had been a standard morning for Waldo, wading through the pastures surrounding his home to make sure each plant and animal was at peace and nothing was disturbed by the previous night. Conveniently for Waldo, everything was in order and after one final visit to their owl barn to check all of...
  12. Lidiya Kozlova

    Open Yellow Like Teeth, But Not As Pretty

    While delivering roses, Lidiya became sidetracked by the books at her favorite section in the library. Lidiya held open a book about the different stages the body decomposes after death. It's always an interesting read if you're an aspiring mortician. Unfortunately, the fun was cut short due to...
  13. Ajaccio Skey

    Open Borrowing A Friend for a Dance

    Ajaccio had an odd note from Andy just a little before gotten ready for the ball, it was a little out of nowhere and he wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. He couldn’t imagine she was serious, he had perhaps not been as good a friend as he could’ve been, but he had always been clear that he...
  14. Lidiya Kozlova

    Open RIP Yellow Petals

    The strange that is Lidiya Kozlova appears carrying a threaded basket of roses coupled with their respective notes. This will be her second time around handing Valentine's roses. The first time she did so she had little to no memory of those receptions encounters. What prompt her again, well...
  15. Theia Carnahan

    Closed Holding the Fort

  16. Stanislaw Kurek

    Open Your Work Is Appreciated, Three

    Only two more roses. Just two more. Munching on the chips still, Stanislaw stopped a random Hufflepuff to ask for another Hufflepuff somewhere in the common room. It was a good thing that the others could be found inside, it saved him and his friend a lot of time.
  17. Simon Thorne

    Open Isn't That Nice

    ((Open after Kris posts with Sydney)) Simon sat by himself at one of the tables that surrounded the dance floor, feeling absolutely awful. The decorations for the ball were quite nice he would admit, but he still wished he was back in Scotland with his friends rather then this godforsaken...
  18. Lars van Houten

    Closed Us and the Stars

    Set during the yule ball Lars had really enjoyed spending the yule ball with his boyfriend, even if he wasn't much of a dancer. But he sometimes felt a little overwhelmed in crowds, and knew Elliot sometimes had the same thing. So after a few drinks and a bit of awkward dancing, Lars had...
  19. Josephine Arora

    Open Distracted Chaperones

    Open after Kris posts as Angel If anyone asked Josephine about her outfit for tonight, she would insist she had just grabbed a random dress for the ball, as she was only there to chaperone after all. She would never admit to anyone how many different dresses she had tried on for this night...
  20. Nadine De Rosier

    Closed Boiling Point

    Nadine had been angry ever since practice ended, and had lingered on the pitch to 'clean up while the rest of the team went to change. Instead she had hurriedly gathered the balls and put them in the crate, and then spent some time angrily pacing the grass. When she finally headed over to the...