1. Cassiopeia Sparkes

    Closed Paths Crossed Again

    It had been months since their graduation and Cassiopeia Sparkes had moved into NZ and was out exploring the place. She was thinking of getting a job somewhere in this place. She missed the gang, especially in the Daily Prophet as an intern. She was getting in the university for her journalism...
  2. Baron Corelli

    Open Send in the Clowns

    Baron breathed in deeply as he looked up to his new school. Hogwarts New Zealand. This is it. He was hoping to find out more of his identity. Who he really was and why his mother hid this from him. He spent two years in Durmstrang when a classmate told him of this other school and how one of the...
  3. Alexis Kramer

    Open Magical Fifth

    The fifth of the year. The second of with Xavier, a year that they were going out together. The moment the Ravenclaw stepped into the Great Hall, Alexis was incredibly astounded. Her blue eyes wandered around, spotting several faces. She saw some of her friends with their partners and other...
  4. Baron Corelli

    Closed Clashing Rivalry

    Baron wiped his sweat after an intense round of workout. He took a swig from his water bottle before moving into position for a dance number. Dancing had become his way of practice when there was no ice available for him to skate on. Pulling out his wand, he focused his attention on the dummy...
  5. Alexis Kramer

    Adding to the Pile

    ❄️ BARON CORELLI ❄️ A second-year Durmstrang with an unknown twin brother studying in Hogwarts New Zealand. He is dubbed as Ice Prince because of his achievements in ice skating. He has been a champion ever since he was six. He is arrogant, sly and a flirt at his age. He had no knowledge of...
  6. Alexis Kramer

    Closed Strings and surprises

    The day was wonderful. Alexis arrived at the castle a day prior to the start of the semester to settle in. She was excited for her fifth year now that she planned to go back to Quidditch. She had already been to the pitch for a couple of laps before going back to her dormitory to change clothes...
  7. Rhianne Clivey

    Closed Cakes and else

    It was a wonderful day and Rhianne was out and about early. It had been months since she last saw Robert ever since her last visit to him. The letters were becoming fewer and somewhat they had become distant. Again. She sighed as she was set to prepare breakfast at home. Her father had sent her...
  8. Atkin Grayveson

    Closed A good different

    Hogwarts Scotland - Dungeons With the classes finally over, Atkin finally made his way to the Great Hall to meet his friends for dinner. Seeing as he was early and could not find Aliviah in the common room, the Gryffindor figured his girlfriend would be there along with their other friends...
  9. Avarian Lockwood

    Avarian Lockwood

  10. Irene Holland

    Irene Holland