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  1. Jingyi Huang

    Heyo Brotherhood, your casual S1 meeting is now live

    Heyo Brotherhood, your casual S1 meeting is now live
  2. Jingyi Huang


    Jingyi Huang Gryffindor 7th Year President
  3. Jingyi Huang

    Seventh Years

    Jingyi Huang Gryffindor
  4. Jingyi Huang

    Open Y45 Club Fair

    He didn't have to wait very long for people to start coming over and taking an interest in the club. "Sure, just take a pen and write your name down," he offered to the first boy, though hesitated when someone a lot older came over. "Ain't you a bit old to start signing up for clubs now?" The...
  5. Jingyi Huang

    Open Y45 Club Fair

    They had taken away his prefect badge, but he was still allowed to be leader of the Brotherhood. That sounded completely ridiculous and rather stupid, but he didn't have enough energy to argue about it. Besides, it was just one more year, and he could say he was done with this stupid school all...
  6. Jingyi Huang

    Apparition Exam

    Jingyi was feeling confident about the apparition exam. He hadn't gotten himself splinched or anything, and the practice lessons had gone quite well as well. So, this was going to be easy enough, he was sure. Having to wait outside for his name was the worst part, thankfully, he didn't have to...
  7. Jingyi Huang

    Open Messed Up

    Jingyi had headed straight to the hospital wing when Xinyi had gotten himself splinched. Of course Jingyi was worried, but he'd been told that it wasn't serious, and his brother would live. Which was good, of course, but that still didn't mean he couldn't be worried about it. He'd been told to...
  8. Jingyi Huang

    Closed Almost a Perfect Disguise

    Jingyi knew what was coming, he was already imagining the exact words in his head. So, when the Professor started asking how he was enjoying the class, Jingyi flapped his mouth a little. "I, er, fine?" He didn't know what else to say. The Professor was looking at the badge, he clearly knew he...
  9. Jingyi Huang

    Apparition 3

    Jingyi was a little less eager for apparition lessons. Not because of himself, but because of what had happened to Xinyi last time. Sure, his brother had recovered and it wasn't too serious, but the Gryffindor was worried about it happening again. He couldn't really get it out of his head as he...
  10. Jingyi Huang

    Y44 S2 Heta Omega & Brotherhood Meeting | BBQ Bonfire!

    Jingyi, honestly, had quite a lot on his plate that semester so he hadn't really thought all too much about what do for the brotherhood meeting that semester. Thankfully, Renata was up for doing a little bit of a collab and pulling together both the brotherhood and the society for a meeting...
  11. Jingyi Huang

    Closed Almost a Perfect Disguise

    Jingyi had thought, well, more hoped, that things were going well. He was pulling off his Xinyi disguise, and no one was none the wiser about it. Well, that is what he had hoped. However, when he heard the Professor calling him for a word before he could escape out the door, Jingyi somehow knew...
  12. Jingyi Huang

    Open Casual Is As Casual Does

    This kid was starting to get annoying now with how he was just buzzing around like an extra annoying fly. Even more so when it appeared he didn't even know where anything was, either. "Great, very helpful of you," while he was aware he was the prefect in the situation was supposed to be the one...
  13. Jingyi Huang

    Apparition 2

    Jingyi was exited to actually practice apparition, sure that he was just going to find this whole thing easy and get through with flying colors. Of course there were the usual warnings at the start, Jingyi just trying to suppress the yawn as he blankly listened to whatever the instructor was...
  14. Jingyi Huang

    Y44 Dueling Match #10

    Current Points: 120 It was just a bit of a scramble to get back to his feet, having to cast a shield charm on his way up to properly protect himself from getting knocked right out. But now he was up on his feet, he didn't fancy falling over again, so quickly sent back the babbling curse...
  15. Jingyi Huang

    Y44 Dueling Match #10

    Current Points: 110 Jingyi had taken a trip jinx in the past, and he was more than happy to do it again if it meant conserving some energy. He made sure to tighten his grip on his wand as it hit, his feet flailing over absolutely nothing as he tipped forward, very nearly face-planting the...
  16. Jingyi Huang

    Open Casual Is As Casual Does

    He wasn't really having much luck finding what he was after in the cooking section. Though maybe that was not much of a surprise. Perhaps he should have paid more attention to where things actually were the last time he had actually been in the library... about two or more years ago. And it...
  17. Jingyi Huang

    Y44 Dueling Match #10

    Current Points: 125 Jingyi managed a deft dodge to avoid the next spell, wanting to keep as much strength as possible for spell casting. He was able to point his wand back at Seamus again quite easily, though, "Stupefy!" Action(s) Taken: dodged, cast spell Point Changes: -15 Points Remaining: 110
  18. Jingyi Huang

    Y44 Dueling Match #10

    Current Points: 135 He really wanted to win this duel. Really really wanted to win, so he absolutely wasn't going to give Seamus any quarter. He blocked the next spell, narrowing eyes as he shot back a quick Jelly Brain Jinx. Action(s) Taken: cast spell x2 Point Changes: -10 Points Remaining: 125
  19. Jingyi Huang

    Y44 Dueling Match #10

    Current Points: 145 It was a shame he was only getting one duel, so Jingyi was pretty determined to try and make the most of it and make sure it counted. Quickly casting a shield charm to protect himself, the Gryffindor only had to think for a moment for his next attack before firing back a...
  20. Jingyi Huang

    Apparition 1

    Jingyi wasn't anxious about learning apparition. It sounded like an incredibly worthwhile skill to know and he was sure it really couldn't be that hard to accomplish. So he was all bluster and confidence as he stood in the Great Hall with the other sixth years, trying to actually pay some kind...