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Rene straightened the captains badge on his robes one more time for good measure, admiring how it caught in the sun filtering in on the pitch as he waited for team and new potential players to finish gathering on the pitch. He was pretty sure he hadn't forgotten anything, glancing over to check he'd not somehow left the quaffle in the locker room or something before taking a deep breath. If he had it was a bit late now, seeing as people were already starting to look at him, anticipating his address before they got try-outs under way. His first official try-outs as Hufflepuff captain. It was daunting and thrilling the same time. Sully had never made captain, and Rene had been on the team since his first year; he knew how this was supposed to go. He didn't need to be worried, he assured himself, giving his robes one last tug to set them straight before addressing the gathered players.

"Uh, hey guys. I'm Rene, I'm your new captain," He said, giving the team his best winning smile. "We're mostly looking for a new beater but go ahead and list any position you're interesting in playing along with your name, we can always use new talent on the team," he said, relieved to find he had in fact not forgotten the quaffle as he turned to check over the balls. "Returning players, go ahead and warm up and get into your positions so we can see how the new players fit and stuff," Rene added, content everything was there and releasing the bludgers and snitch with a quick kick to the ball chest before mounting his own broom. "Got a few spare beaters bats and brooms too if you need one, if not, let's go," he said, kicking into the air and only just avoiding a little celebratory fist pump due to having the quaffle in his off hand. He had this captain thing in the bad, surely.

Seeker@Felix Carnahan
BeaterRene Tofilau (Captain)
Chaser@Jordan Harris
Chaser@Leonardo Orr
Chaser@Renata Stepanova
Keeper@Zagreus Kohler
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Welcome to Hufflepuff tryouts!
  • Returning team members must post an attendance post to retain their spots.
  • New members or returning alternates please have your char state their name and desired position before posting your tryout RP
  • First years interested in trying out require captain's permission to post so please PM me for more information
  • Any other questions, please feel free to PM me!
Good luck!
Penelope had considered quitting the team, it was frankly terrifying to be a part of it, even as an alternate. But a part of her had also enjoyed it. Mostly, she was hoping to be brave and socialize a bit more as an alternate, at least, if the new captain would keep her.

She took a deep breath when it was her turn, taking a moment before speaking. "Penelope Marshall. Seeker" She said quickly to the captain, before getting on her broom. She looked around, then took off. She paused for a moment before starting to fly around. She ducked underneath and weaved between players, feeling a bit more confident than she remembered feeling last year. It took her a while, but she eventually spotted the snitch. Penelope flew at it quickly and she sighed in relief as she grabbed it. She quickly let it go, then flew back to the ground, letting out a sigh.
Hufflepuff had ended up doing not so great last year, so the only way to go from there was up. Right? He did have to smile when he saw the captain's badge pinned to Rene's robes. "Congratulations," he also had to murmur as he passed, though refrained from patting the older boy on the back or anything ridiculous like that. Instead, Zag was quiet as he listened, eyes glancing over the others who had shown up for the try-out this time around. Once their new captain was done, Zagreus hopped on his broom and took to the skies, letting out a long breath as he settled in front of the hoops. He was going to give it his all despite just being a try-out, he needed to try and test the chasers, after all.
Renata was really excited for this new year. Sure, it was OWL year, and she was going to have to work harder than she had last year in order to get the grades she wanted. But she had a new broom in hand, things were looking good with Eugene, and she was optimistic about what the new school year would have in store. They hadn't done so well in the Quidditch cup last year, but she was a little proud of her own efforts despite that. She hoped to keep up her own momentum as well as help the team have a bit more success in the new year. "Congratulations, Rene!" she said warmly after he finished his speech, taking to the air. The broom was a little bit different to get used to, faster and more responsive, but Renata was sure she could handle it. She took the time to practice her shooting a little, but also to make sure she passed the quaffle off to students trying out for chaser to give them plenty of practice and encouragement. It gave her a little more time to focus on getting used to the broom, anyway.
Felix was a little nervous about try-outs. After last season hadn't gone the way he wanted he couldn't help but feel like he was weighing the team down. He knew it was impossible to expect him to be an ace seeker right away but failing so miserably hadn't been part of the plan. But he tried to put those feelings to the side as he arrived to the pitch and waved to Rene who was wearing his new captain badge. With clear instructions given Felix took to the air and started his search for the snitch right away. It took him a minute to shake off the dust from the holiday but eventually he caught his first snitch and felt some of his earlier stress fade away for good. He could do this, he just needed relax. He was happy to see Penelope trying out again, but selfishly hoped she wouldn't have a chance to play this year. If he had his way he would win it all or at least not get knocked out by bludgers before the game ended. It didn't feel like an outrageous goal but last year's season begged to differ. By the end of try-outs he had managed to catch the snitch a few more times and started to feel better about the season as a whole. Maybe it could be their year after all.
Leonardo was nervous to return to the pitch. Nervous that they wouldn't want him anymore that the new captain, Rene, would that he wasn't worthy of the team. He stood nervously next to Felix, where the hand not holding a broom was tapping away at his legs. The captain didn't say anything, didn't single him out to say he was to leave, it was all fine. He got on the broom and into the air, determined to do well.
Admittedly, Chase had never given Quidditch much thought before. Last year, he had been way too busy trying to find his place at the school. Figure out which way he should approach things. Something he still wasn't certain about. Yet when he had seen the notice about Quidditch try-outs he had made the impulsive decision to show off. Did he have some great founded love for the sport? No. It was just that. A sport. Did he think he was much of a team player? Not likely. But who knows? He was young, maybe it'd help him grow. Figure out his place at the school. If anything, Chase had showed up because he felt like hitting things sounded like an interesting way to kill some time. There was not much more to it than that.

He took a stand with the other kids and listened to the older boy wearing the Captain's badge. At least he seemed proud to be wearing it. Chase waited for the boy to finish speaking and the returning players to get up into the air. He glanced at the spare brooms for a second. He had brought his own but it was old. A hand me down. The school's spare brooms were probably better quality than his was but he didn't care. It was at that moment though that he wondered if he should just turn around and walk away. His mom had worked hard to get him that broom and in the odd chance that he might make the team he'd only be needing more stuff. Giving himself a quick reality check Chase decided to step forward anyways. After all, the chances of him making the team were probably very slim. "Chase Campbell, trying out for beater I guess." He told the captain before grabbing one of the bats and pushing himself off into the air.

Once he was up in the air Chase glanced around for a second to see what the others were doing before noticing a bludger nearby and shooting after it. He knew Quidditch, had been to the games last year, yet he hadn't ever noticed how quick the bludgers were. Pushing his broom to get closer to it he swung his bat in a failed attempt to hit the bludger, watching as the top of is bat barely grazed the ball. Determined not to get back to the ground untill he had at least hit something to make himself feel better he kept chasing bludgers, eventually managing to hit a few. He had send most of them flying in no particular direction but when he had gotten a feel of how to even hit them in the first place he decided to try his hand at aiming. Something he wasn't particularly succesful at. It didn't really matter though, hitting the bludgers still felt good. Like a grounded way to get some frustration out of his system. At the end of try-outs Chase had managed to hit multiple bludgers, yet he had only managed to send one or two of those flying straight for other players. Once time was up he touched back down onto the ground. No matter if he made the team or not flying around like that had made him realize that perhaps he should spend some more time around the pitch.
Finley didn't really know why he was bothering to show up for Quidditch try-outs. He supposed he had enjoyed his flying classes the previous year, and Quidditch was something to do. It was better than just sitting around having nothing to occupy his time with. Not that he thought for a moment he was capable enough to make the team or anything, but he supposed he might as well show up and try out just to see what happened. And heck, if he did make the team, then he would continue to have something to do outside of classes.

Having to borrow one of the old school brooms (Because as if he could afford his own), Finley stood there and listened to the Captain. And then, once it was his turn, he only paused to briefly glance over everyone else before shrugging a shoulder. Admittedly, what position he wanted to play hadn't even occurred to him before now, so he might as well just pick one. "Finely Holmes. Chaser." Throwing a ball at some hoops sounded easy enough. Seeker was out of the question, he didn't want the whole outcome of the match to rely on him. Keeper just sounded boring, and he didn't think he had much arm strength to whack bludgers around. So, that just left one option for him to try.

Hopping onto the school broom, Fin took to the sky, taking a moment to try and orient himself correctly after the lack of practice over the school break. But it didn't take long before he jumped into the try-out, looking for a quaffle to try and make some shots. The first couple of shots were easily saved by the keeper, Finley scrunching his nose up a little as he was determined to at least make one stupid goal. So, he kept trying, making some passes as well on the way to the hoops just to prove he could. It wasn't all about the scoring. By the time he touched down on the ground again, he had only made two shots. But he didn't really care, that was still better than not making any at all.
Veronique had been settling back into Hogwarts just fine and had made a study schedule to keep things on track. However, she knew that only having school work for a whole other year would cause her to go insane. She was going to join some clubs, and even though she knew it annoyed Elara, she wanted to tryout for quidditch. They weren't even in the same house or on the same time, and it definitely wasn't becasue she wanted to be like her. Veronique just thought it might help her make friends to be on her house's team.

She walked onto the field and saw a few familiar faces but not many. Plus, she'd always been bad with names. Listening to the captain, Veronqiue finally took a turn and held onto her broom as she moved closer. "Veronique Chatelain. I'll be trying out for beater, I think," she said, still unsure of what position was best. Jumping on her broom, she held the bat, which felt quite heavy in her hand, and tried to watch the bludgers. She didn't realize how fast they were to keep up with in the air. Veronique struggled as she attempted to hit two bludgers, completely missing and hitting her shoulder the second time. The third time she tried, it made contact, but since she closed her eyes as she swung, the Hufflepuff did not aim it in the right direction and heard it collide with someone. Looking up, she realized it had hit the Hufflepuff captain. Veronique gasped and quickly flew to the ground to check on him. "I am so, so, SO sorry. I, it was an accident. I think, maybe this is not the position for me," she continued, adding a little laugh and hoping Rene understood. Dropping the bat, she looked back up to the sky. "I think I'll try out for Keeper instead. It seems like a safer bet," she suggested, quickly taking to the hoops.

It was utterly embarassing that she had managed to hit the captain of the team. He seemed fine, and Veronique wasn't sure it was even worth continuing her tryout, but she wanted to at least make an effort. The chasers were doing pretty well as they came down the pitch, and Veronique missed the quaffle as one of the players faked her out. Taking a deep breath, she tried to focus. The next time the players came her way, Veronqiue managed to block the quaffle with her full body. Feeling a bit more confident, she blocked 3 other goals while missing 2. It wasn't the worst she'd ever done on something but definitely wasn't the best. Once tryouts were over, she flew to the ground. "Again, so very, very sorry," she said to Rene, hoping her apologies would be enough to get her on the team.

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Jordie was having... mixed emotions. He'd gotten head boy like he'd been working so hard for, and he'd been ecstatic. He had been worried that with his grades, he wouldn't be able to get it. But all of his hopes and goals had revolved around being head boy and being the Quidditch captain. It had been his dream from the moment he'd gotten his first letter from the school. He knew Rene deserved this position, but Jordie had been hoping that he would have been able to be the one to have given it to the younger boy. He pushed all of his feelings down, gathering his best game face and jogging out to the pitch. He gave Rene his best smile. "Hey man! Congrats, you totally deserve it," He told Rene sincerely. He knew Rene would be a good captain, and he tried to focus on that, taking off into the air and taking his usual position of supporting the other chasers.
Rene was so focused on the players on the pitch, a warm feeling in his chest at how the team was looking and all the congratulations, he wasn't even thinking about watching for bludgers, wheezing and holding a thumbs up to the girl who'd managed to hit him as he caught his breath. At least she'd hit someone, he supposed, straightening himself on his broom and checking the time to see how much longer he could stretch try outs before he had to call it.

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Try-outs will close in approximately 24 hours! If any first years are interested in trying out, please PM me ASAP.

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