Y42 Ravenclaw Practice S2

Sawyer Carnahan

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Sawyer was pacing as the rest of the team made it out onto the pitch, willing himself to a stop in front of the ball chest before he telegraphed his unease too obviously. "So," he started, squinting at the team for a moment in the early morning sun before giving in a moving a hand to shield his eyes so he could see properly. "Right, so. Finals. That's cool..." He said, taking a few deep breaths. "We've been here before, it's true, but I really think we can see this through to the end this year," Sawyer offered, hoping he sounded more confident than he'd felt.

All he could really think of wasn't their upcoming match, but the last time they'd been in the finals and the crushed look on Juniper's face when they'd lost so badly they'd been knocked into 3rd place. "But, uh, to get there, we still need to put in the work and stuff. Especially you chasers. Even if we lose, not that we will I mean, but even if we lose, we'll be tied second with Gryffindor. I'd rather not share that title though, so we need to work on our passing and make sure we're getting those goals in to get us ahead in points. Beaters and seekers, practice staying mobile, we'll need to be fast to out speed Slytherin's bludgers." The last thing Sawyer wanted was to have someone knocked out again, not with the cup so close, and not after seeing what it'd done to his brother either, he thought, glancing at Hamish and Sefina. "So yeah, let's get to it. Ravenclaw on three and then in the air. One, two, three. Ravenclaw!" Sawyer said, gathering the teams hands in to cheer before mounting his broom and releasing the balls, tossing the quaffle out to the nearest chaser.

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No arrivals, let's get right into it. Practice will run until our match starts!
Hamish was determined to keep up his good luck. He showed up to practice, listening to the captain before hopping into the air and starting his search for the snitch.
Sawyer was glad to see Hamish getting into practice immediately as he moved to guard the North hoops. Hamish was pretty quiet and serious, but he was a good player and Sawyer was glad he'd stuck with the team.
Michael was feeling a little refreshed and determined to help Ravenclaw win the trophy. He gave Sawyer a salute as he mounted up and set off after bludgers to hit.
Michael did not hit a bludger, but surely in the next interval of time somewhere between 1 hour and 4 hours he would. Whether ot would hit anyone was a different matter entirely.
Sawyer settled into his spot by the hoops, glad the weather was clear for today's practice as he kept an eye on the team.
But what is time, anyway, thought Michael, as he did not successfully hit anything.
Sutton was ready for another go at Quidditch. This would be her last semester of it though, which certainly was a little disappointing. She had to do well in that case. She arrived on the Pitch, quickly mounting her broom when the speech was over. She flew into the air, swinging at a bludger that came her way right away. She hit it, but missed any possible target.
Hamish continued his search.
Michael went to swing at the bludger that Sutton hit but it flew too far past him for him to get bat on it.
Branson grabbed the quaffle as he fly up into the air and began heading towards the hoops.
Valeria missed the first bludger she went for but would remain focused on trying to do well in this practice.
Hamish yelped as he was hit, taking a minute to try and catch his breath.
As soon as Branson was close enough he threw the ball and was very pleased to watch it sail through the left most hoop.
Valeria was disappointed to miss another bludger.
Sawyer definitely hadn't been paying Brandon nearly enough attention as he watched Sutton get the first hit on Hamish, flashing the beater a thumbs up that may have cost him precious seconds as he scrambled to get his hands free to try and block Branson's shot. The chaser was definitely quicker than he'd been when he first joined the team and Sawyer had to resign to just scooping the quaffle back up as the goal went through before throwing it back out to the team.
Gathering himself, Hamish resumed his search.
Sawyer was glad to see Hamish up and moving after taking a bludger, hoping they could keep that momentum against Slytherin as he settled back to try and keep a closer watch on the chasers this time.
Michael continued on with not succeeding at hitting bludgers, trying to ensure he pulled it together though he was feeling pretty stressed about the game.
Sefina caught a handful of air.
Michael shadow batted as he flew. Maybe a bludger would go into its path. Hopefully. Probably not.
Sawyer shook his head in fond amusement as he watched Michael and Sefina swing and grab at thin air. "Guys, it helps if you can actually see the thing you're trying to get first, just a thought," he offered with a grin.
Michael raised an eyebrow at Sawyer, hitting a bludger as though to prove a point (although it didn't go anywhere near anyone) and shook his head. "Well...it's an off day?" he offered, facetiously.
Sawyer made a show of clapping when Michael made contact with a bludger, even if it didn't manage to hit any target.

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