Sutton Spencer

Sutton Spencer

Librarian, Living in a Fantasy World, Bookworm
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Sutton Liesel Spencer

Table of Contents:
The Basics, Appearance Style: Page 1
Personality, Favourites, Emotions, Goals, and Beliefs: Page 2
Family, Home Life, and Education:
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Name: Sutton Liesel Spencer
Pronunciation: [ suht-n ]
Nicknames: None as of yet
Name Meaning:

  • Sutton-The name Sutton means From The South Town and is of English origin.
  • Liesel- Liesel was taken from the book “Book Thief” a favourite of Sutton's father. Liesel means "Oath To God" and is of German origin.
  • Spencer-The name Spencer means Butler, Steward and is of English origin.
Gender: Girl
Sex: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Hometown: Auckland New Zealand
Birthdate: May 30th
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Zodiac Description: "Expressive and quick-witted, Gemini represents two different personalities in one and you will never be sure which one you will face. They are sociable, communicative and ready for fun, with a tendency to suddenly get serious, thoughtful and restless. They are fascinated with the world itself, extremely curious, with a constant feeling that there is not enough time to experience everything they want to see."
Blood Status: Half Blood
Element: Air
Element Description: "The biggest challenge for every individual marked by Air is to find grounding and understand the importance of their body. They have a strong tendency to remain in higher spheres, where everything is lighter and seems possible. It is not easy to find a way to implement their ideas, intelligence and knowledge into practical things and truly make them alive."
Wand: Straight 9 1/2 Inch Rigid Applewood Wand with Essence of Belladonna Core
Wand Description: The Applewood wand is a wand suited for a witch or wizard of lofty ideals, Applewood is not used well in the dark arts The core of Essence of Belladonna is useful in Potions and Herbology work. The poisonous nature of this substance makes the wand more suspicious than most wands are of the wand caster. For this reason, wands with this core take a long time to bond with the wand caster.
Link of Wand Purchase-Chapter One: The Wand


Ethnicity: Caucasian
Preferred Hand: Left Handed
Facial Type: Oval Shaped
Hair: Blonde hair
Hairstyle: Naturally wavy, wears in pigtail braids or down.
Eyes: Green
Skin Tone: Pale, Ivory Skin Tone
Complexion: Fair
Height: Average Height
Build: Sutton is average built, if not on the thinner side.
Other Distinguishing Features: Sutton is covered in freckles all over her face and shoulders. She loves her freckles even if her mother, on occasion, offered to cover up them up with makeup.
Health: Sutton is in good health
Energy: Sutton is extremely hyper and has a lot of energy on a daily basis. She is always moving.
Memory: Sutton has the average memory. She often forgets names during introductions.
Allergies: Nuts
Medication: EpiPen For Allergies
Phobias: Chickens. Sutton is terrified of chickens. They have "dead" eyes as she calls them.
Posture: Straight, Sutton has always been encouraged to keep good posture.
Gait: Sutton walks with confidence, but also in her own little world. She often wanders aimlessly lost in her own thoughts. For this reason, she may be seen as having a ditsy demeanor.
Coordination: Sutton has decent coordination. This doesn't stop her from tripping on her own feet now and then.
Habits and Mannerisms: Sutton often quotes books in every day life.
Played By: Freya Mavor


Overall Style: Sutton does not have her own style yet. She basically wears whatever her family buys her. She prefers more comfortable clothing to “fancy” clothing. Her own style will become clear as she ages.
Grooming: Neat yet Comfortable
Wardrobe: Sutton has always had the best fashions, but she prefers the comfortable clothes she owns (most are still name branded due to her grandparents)
Tattoos: None as of yet
Trinkets: Sutton keeps the Addison family tree close to her heart as a necklace her mother made her. The tree pendant has all the initials of the family members going up to Sutton's grandparents.


Full Photo Album Link

Character Video:

*All Quotes are taken from "The Series of Unfortunate Events" book series and other works by Lemony Snicket. @Lemony Snicket
*All Name Resources taken from @Moss Gathering LLC 2020

*All Zodiac Information from @Copyright 2020
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Sutton lives in her own little fantasy of books. She loves to read about adventures and fighting villains! She always has a book on her just in case the moment gets "boring." Sutton always feels like the real world is just not exciting enough. Her family is "plain" as she calls them. Sutton loves animals, writing, reading, and hiking. She loves to be outside even if it is just reading a book on her front yard. Sutton is a very social person when she wants to be and often likes to be around people with similar interests. Sutton has been told she is too loud. She likes to talk loud, laugh loud, and just enjoy. If life isn't like a story book, whats the point.
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Outdoor Activities
Likes: Reading, Outdoors, Writing, Animals, Cozy Libraries
Dislikes: Rainy Days, People who "dog ear" Books, Loud Areas
Sense of Humor: Sutton is unapologetic with her humor. She is loud and happy with her laughs. She enjoys a good prank now and then and really loves puns or literacy jokes.
Pet Peeves: People who disrespect literature, People who lack common sense.
Superstitions/Beliefs: Sutton is not superstitious.
Quirks: Sutton often quotes passages from books in normal conversation. She often self narrates in her head.
Closet Hobby: Sutton secretly enjoys dancing, but does not often get the chance. She took one dance class in Primary School and fell in love with Ballet.
Guilty Pleasure: Any book!
Strengths: Intelligent, Resourceful, Imaginative
Weaknesses: Blunt Honesty, Pessimistic
Perception: Hyper, Nerd, Bookworm, Loud
Lures: A Storybook Life
Soft Spot: 'Nerds'
Cruel Streak: Those who disrespect knowledge


MBTI Personality: Campaigner ENFP-A
MBTI Peronality Type Description: "The Campaigner personality is a true free spirit. They are often the life of the party, but unlike types in the Explorer Role group, Campaigners are less interested in the sheer excitement and pleasure of the moment than they are in enjoying the social and emotional connections they make with others. Charming, independent, energetic and compassionate, the 7% of the population that they comprise can certainly be felt in any crowd. More than just sociable people-pleasers though, Campaigners, like all their Diplomat cousins, are shaped by their Intuitive (N) quality, allowing them to read between the lines with curiosity and energy. They tend to see life as a big, complex puzzle where everything is connected; Campaigners see it through a prism of emotion, compassion and mysticism, and are always looking for a deeper meaning."
Temperament: Sanguine
Temperament Description: "Those with the sanguine temperament type are extremely people oriented. They are outgoing and extroverted, and extremely talkative and social. They encourage people to work together and do good things for one another."
Enneagram: The Enthusiast
EGO/Superego/ID : Superego Driven
Persona/Mask: Sutton often hides her feelings beneath the books she reads.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Vice: Honesty
Virtue: Caring, Resourceful
Defining Moment: TBD
Tropes: The Typical Book loving Ravenclaw
One Word: Bookworm


Favourite Color: Blue, White
Favourite Animal: Dolphin, Bird
Favourite Magical Creature: Niffler
Favourite Place: Hogwarts Library
Favourite Flavors: Salty
Favourite Foods: Pretzel, Crackers, Pretzel Bun Sandwiches.
Favourite Drinks: Hot Chocolate
Favourite Books: All and any. Alice in Wonderland, Uglies, Impostors, Treasure Island
Favourite Movies: All based on Books
Favourite Games: Uno! It's a Spencer Tradition
Favourite Music: Pop Music, Dubstep
Favourite Sports: Quidditch, Football, Tennis
Favourite Stores: Magical Meringue
Favourite Subjects: History of Magic, Flying
Favourite Numbers: 99
Favourite Words: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Favourite Quotations: "And with a single word, she changed the world"


First Impressions: Sutton is loud and constantly bring the topic to books. She could be considered annoying or passionate depending on the person she encounters.
Stranger Impressions: Loud, Nerd
Friendly Impressions: Sutton is loving and passionate. She is kind to those she meets, but also blunt in her honesty.
Enemy Impressions: Loud, Annoying
Familiar Impressions: Sutton is seen as a bookworm with her parents. She is seen as living in her own little world. They often tell her to keep her feet on the ground and head out of the clouds, she does not listen thought.
Compliments: Passionate, Resourceful. Fun
Insults: Loud, Difficult, Nerd, Too much


Mood: Overall Happy, Slightly Scatter-Brained
Attitude: Sutton is pessimistic about her life. She finds it boring and uninteresting. Her attitude towards this will hopefully change with age. Her attitude towards individuals is often upbeat and a bit over zealous.
Expressiveness: Sutton is very open with her feelings and thoughts
When Happy: Sutton likes to dance around or shout to express all the happiness she has within.
When Sad: Sutton likes to curl up with a happy Adventure story when she is sad. Takes her mind off it.
When Angry: Sutton may say something hurtful when angry. She likes to walk away before this happens, but when pushed enough she will push back with words over actions.


Languages: English-Fluent, Latin-Intermediate
Accent: New Zealand Accent
Voice: Loud and Unfailing.
Speech Impediments: None
Greetings and Farewells: "Heya" "Nice to Meetcha" "Until"
Laughter: Loud and with joy
Tag Line: And the Hero
Signature Quote: "There is nothing a good book cannot solve."


Main Goal: To have an exciting life like one of her story books
Minor Goals/Ambitions: Sutton would love to join a local newspaper and show off her writing.
Career: Student at Hogwarts New Zealand
Desires: Knowledge, Adventure
Wishlist: A Portable Library
Accomplishments: TBA
Greatest Achievement: TBA
Biggest Failure: TBA
Secrets: Sutton is sometimes louder than life in hopes that she will stand out more, become the hero of her own story.
Regrets: Not being closer to all her family outside her immediate family.
Worries: Being Forgotten
Best Dream: Any dream where she is the hero!
Worst Nightmare: Being Forgotten
Best Memories: Some of Sutton's best memories are with her sister Zee. Sutton often remembers adventures the two go on. One of the best memories she has is attending a concert with Zee and dancing until their legs gave out.
Worst Memories: Fighting with her brother Eston. He has been known for saying the most hurtful things during disagreements.


Religion: Agnostic
Motivation: Living the perfect adventure like one of her books, knowledge
Priorities: 1)Story Book Life 2)Knowledge 3)Family
Political Party: Too Young To Care
Etiquette: Sutton often maintains manners when around her elders. She is more likely to ignore them around friends and peers.
Influences: Her Mother Amanda, Her father Warren and her Sister Zee are the biggest influences in her life, other than the characters in the stories she reads.
*All Quotes are taken from "The Series of Unfortunate Events" book series and other works by Lemony Snicket. @Lemony Snicket
*All Personality tests @NERIS 2020
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Name: Amanda Spencer
Maiden Name: Amanda Addison
Blood Status: Half Blood
Profession: Ministry Worker
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
History: Amanda comes from a large family. She had nine siblings in total! Amanda is the second youngest sibling in her big family and still tries to stay in contact with her family on a weekly basis. Amanda has a twin (Dylan) and talks to her brother on a daily basis. Amanda is close to her parents and most of her other siblings. She tries to stay in touch with them whenever she can. Although they may have different ideals than Amanda and her husband, she believes family is important when raising their children. She often reaches out to some of the family members she is not close with, even if they do not return the effort.
Personality: Amanda is both serious and silly when the situation calls for. She was raised to understand the benefit of appearance and not showing inappropriate emotions. Due to this, Amanda is a master at bringing her serious side out for work at the Ministry and being absolutely silly at home. She loves to play with her children and enjoy time with Warren.
Played By: Amanda Seyfried


Warren Richard Spencer
Blood Status: Half Blood
Profession: Professor
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
History: Warren grew up with five brothers and sisters. He has always had a big family and wanted to create the same with his amazing wife. However, he realized that four kids were enough for their dream of having a large family. Warren works as a Professor at a muggle University, but has hopes to move back into magically teaching when possible. Warren used to teach History of Magic.
Personality: Warren is an easy going individual. He loves to have fun, but also enjoys putting all his efforts into studies. He is madly in love with Amanda and their children. He loves to read stories to his kids and watch muggle movies (basically moving books with much less detail!). Warren is very intelligent and is the one to often punish the children when they misbehave, making his the stricter of the two parents.
Played By: Christopher Egan


Kita Spencer
Blood Status: Half Blood
Personality: Kita is the oldest of the Spencer twins by ten minutes. She is very strong-willed and "know-it-all." Kita loves to spend time in the library with Sutton, but often shushes her when she becomes to into her adventure books. Kita loves to read just about anything she can get her hands on, but mostly nonfiction books.
Played By: Dakota Blue Richards


Zephryn Spencer
Nickname: Zee
Blood Status: Half Blood
Personality: Zephryn is the younger of the Spencer twins by ten minutes. This however has not made her less outgoing or willing to be in her sister's shadow. Zee, as she likes to be called, is very hyper and excitable. She loves to participate in sports, especially ones where you can yell from the crowd. Her favourite right now is rugby. Zee is less inclined to spend time in the library with her sisters than she is to be outside with her brother. However, Zee and Sutton are the closest of sisters. Zee always feels like she can talk to Sutton when her and Kita are not getting along.
Played By: Dakota Blue Richards


Eston Spencer
Blood Status: Half Blood
Personality: Eston loves to be the center of attention whether that be in sports, education, or a simple conversation. He can be bossy at times, but his sisters often "put him in his place" as the youngest of the four. Eston often jumps from hobby to hobby not yet finding his right fit. He is only 9 though, so he has time!
Played By: Sterling Knight


Daisy is the household cat. Daisy is seven years old and is a calico cat. She is calm and loves to lay in the sun. Since Daisy is a family cat, Sutton will leave her at home when she attends Hogwarts.


Sutton lives in a very comfortable five bedroom house with her mother, father, Zee, Kita, and Eston. Her favourite areas of the house are her bedroom, the sun-room, the library, and the outdoor area. She does love her home and will miss all the space when she attends school. Sutton has family money on her mother's side which helped purchase the house with the help of her grandparents.




Floor Plans:



Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Abridged Version of Sorting:
The young witch followed the first years into the Great Hall. It was beautifully decorated, almost as if from an introduction to a novel. And the young girl was about to start on her path to destiny Sutton thought narrating her life as if she was actually in one of her exciting stories. This Hat would choose which of the four paths she would be set upon. The young hero was excited for the decision yet nervous it was completely out of her hands. Sutton thought not sure why she always did this when she was nervous. If only she had background music too.
Sutton waited for her name to be called. Having the last name Spencer was not always a benefit. If only I had my mother's maiden name. "A" would be first. Sutton thought wishing for once she had a different name. Finally it was her turn as the her name was heard through the hall.
"Spencer, Sutton"
Sutton smiled brightly as she bounced up to the stool and sat down quickly onto the stool. The Sorting Hat was placed on her head. She smiled confidently at the crowd in front of her. Now this is an introduction. She thought wondering where her story would go next.

"Your story will continue in......Ravenclaw"
Full Link
Reaction: Sutton was hoping to be placed in Gryffindor. Gryffindor was were the adventures were out, however she did where the Sorting Hat was coming from. Sutton loves to read and be engrossed in a book of adventures more than actually having adventures. She knows she will do amazing in Ravenclaw, with people of like minds.

Favourite Class: History of Magic
Reasoning: History of Magic involves the most reading, even though some of the texts can be dry, Sutton finds them the most interesting.
Least Favourite Class: Defensive Against The Dark Arts
Reasoning: Sutton gets frustrated with this class. She cannot connect with the topics.
Most Successful Class: Flying
Reasoning: Sutton has had little experience with Flying outside of Hogwarts, but she has a talent for it. She enjoys this way to clear her mind and live her own adventure.
Most Successful Elective Class: Divination
Reasoning: Sutton has truly fallen in love with the complicated and definitely story-making subject.
Least Successful Class: Defense Against The Dark Arts
Reasoning: Sutton does not enjoy this class as much as the rest. She just cannot connect with the topics.
Favourite School Activity: Flying and Reading in the Common Room
Reasoning: Sutton fell in love with flying from the start. Another activity that Sutton loves is reading books by the fireplace in the Ravenclaw Common Room. It reminds her of home.
Favourite Place at School: The Ravenclaw Common Room or the Library
Reasoning: Anywhere she can relax and go into her own little world. Sutton loves these places when she is feeling stressed.

Year One:
Classes Semester 1GradeClasses Semester 2Grade
HerbologyOHistory of MagicP

Year Two:
Classes Semester 1GradeClasses Semester 2Grade
History Of MagicOAstronomyO

Year Three:
Classes RegularGradeClasses ElectivesGrade
History of MagicOMuggle StudiesO
DADAOAncient RunesO
AstronomyOCare of Magical CreaturesO

Year Four:
Regular ClassesGradeElective ClassesGrade
History of MagicOMuggle StudiesO
DADAOAncient RunesO
AstronomyOCare of Magical CreaturesO

Year Five (OWLS):
Regular ClassesGradeElective ClassesGrade
History of MagicOMuggle StudiesO
DADAOAncient RunesO
AstronomyOCare of Magical CreaturesO

Year Six:
Regular ClassesGradeElective ClassesGrade
History of MagicOMuggle StudiesO
DADAOAncient RunesO
AstronomyOCare of Magical CreaturesO

Year Seven (NEWTS):
Regular ClassesGradeElective ClassesGrade
History of MagicOMuggle StudiesO
DADAEAncient RunesO
AstronomyOCare of Magical CreaturesO


Career: Librarian at Hogwarts New Zealand
Place of Residence: New Zealand
Relationships: None (TBD)

*All Quotes are taken from "The Series of Unfortunate Events" book series and other works by Lemony Snicket. @Lemony Snicket
*All Name Resources taken from @Moss Gathering LLC 2020
*All House Images and Floor Plans taken from eplans @Donald A Gardner, Inc 2020
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