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Stefan Archer

head librarian
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Knotted 12 1/2 Inch Sturdy Fir Wand with Thestral Tail Hair Core
4/2015 (45)
Student must be registered characters to be on this list. But anyone can claim that they attended. To be added to the list post below and a member of staff will add you to the list.

Class 1–3 to 5 Years OldClass 2–6 to 8 Years OldClass 3–9 to 11 Years Old
Lincold Cade (6)Charlotte Williams (9)
Hunter Irvine (6)Anthony Davis (9)
Henri Fontaine (7) Harrison Irvine (9)
Arachne Westwick (7)Camille Carter (9)
Nessie Westwick (7)Aiden Blackfyre (10)
Theo Romanov (8)Baela Blackfyre (10)
Lyra Gates (8)Eugene Blackfyre (10)
Lorelai Gates (8)Sybil St. James (10)
Last edited by a moderator:
Sybil St. James (born 2050, currently 7)
Last edited:
Charlotte Williams (born 2050, almost 8)
Camille Carter 8 years old
Oliver Durand (born 2047, currently 10)
Summer Irvine (born 2049, currently 9 years old)
Hunter Irvine (born 2054, currently 4)
Aiden Blackfyre (Born 2050, Currently 8)
Eugene Blackfyre (Born 2050, Currently 8)
Baela Blackfyre (Born 2050, Currently 8)
Helios Obasi - currently 9
Hazel Ashworth, currently 10

Other updates:
Nessie and Arachne Westwick move up to class 2 because they're 6
Vanity Mettlestone left for Hogwarts
Hazel can now be taken off the list as well
Margot Williams, born 2057, currently 3

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