Ridiculously Large PD 2: The Revenge


Disclaimer: I had wrist surgery 2 weeks ago, and I've since sprained that same wrist because I am a FOOL and CLOWN, so currently my typing ability is pretty severely restricted. As a result I'll probably be a bit more choosey about plots than I usually would be, because I have to be pretty careful about how I prioritise things. Doesn't necessarily mean I'll be saying no to things, but maybe a bit more 'maybe later' than usual.

Nevertheless, I've listed all of my characters, because I'm open to pretty much anything!!


Blanche Broomhead
10 Years Old
disgraced legacy 🧹 abandoned twin

Thistle Carnahan
9 Years Old
mud and mischief 🪲 youngest of four

Lucy Holland
6 Years Old
cheerful chook 🐥 youngest of five
Blanche is a descendant of the once illustrious Broomhead family, long-since thrown into shame when a set of their brooms failed spectacularly during the 1869 Quidditch World Cup. She's a bit of an outsider but tries her best to make friends, though this year she's going to be drifting more than ever, as her twin brother Silas is off to Hogwarts while she has another year to wait.
Thistle is the youngest Carnahan, and soon to be the only one not at Hogwarts. She's rambunctious and enthusiastic at most times, and if there's fun to be had that's where you'll find her. She's quite fond of crafts and making things by hand. She could always use friends, especially future classmates, and she's a proud member of the Niffler Scouts.
Lucy is the babiest of the Holland Sisters, by quite a lot. She's been pretty spoiled over the years by her dad and four sisters, but in spite of it all she's a sweetie. She loves doing things with her hands and in the outdoors, always up for adventure. She could use friends, ideally future classmates or fellow members of the Puffskein Scouts!

Connor Holland

Hufflepuff 7th Year
nice boy with a bad past 🌻 doing his best
Connor is slowly trying to rebuild his reputation after doing everything he could to destroy it the last few years. For his last year at school I'd mostly really like to pull his arcs around to some kind of resolution, so I would love anyone who's been involved in his chaotic social or romantic life in the past who'd be down to revisit their past drama and re-approach it with the benefit of time & experience gained since their falling out. Also totally happy for any sort of prefect mentorship plots with younger students, or anyone who wants to approach him about his . uh . the Quidditch reputation he probably has now 🏏

Finn Madison
Ravenclaw 6th Year
art enthusiast people enthusiast 🖌️ not an enthusiasm enthusiast
Finn is a weird kid as ever, available for all your weird kid needs. He's super interested in Divination, and the more spiritual elements of magic. A regular reader of the Quibbler and collector of crystals. He's also a painter, and. Let's say an enthusiast of brief romances. Totally keen for any friends for him, and if you're a guy looking for a fling Finn's your man. Would be quite interesting for him to wind up in a situation where someone is interested in something more long-term than he's comfortable with, if anyone's keen!

Hester MacGillivray
Gryffindor 5th Year
HESTER!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!! Hester is everyone's either favourite or least favourite bagpipe player. She's sweet and cheerful and up for just about any kind of adventure. She's struggling right now with the idea of growing up as she still feels very much like a kid, and finds it a bit scary that her friends are all thinking about dating now. She just wants to hang out with her cool toad, man. Hester could always use more friends, she will bribe them by letting them hold a very cool toad and serenading them on the bagpipes whether they like it or not.

Jenna Irons
Slytherin 4th Year
queen b 👑 (you know what the b stands for)

Maggi Watties
Gryffindor 4th Year
future superstar 🌟 sweet but a little bit lost
Jenna Irons is the queen of Hogwarts, and if you think otherwise you're wrong, as far as she's concerned. She's not afraid to speak her mind, especially when other people's outfits are ugly. Jenna is a sneaky kind of mean, needing at all times to prove her superiority. Would love people to bully, or people to bully others with!
Maggi is still having trouble getting used to life at Hogwarts, which is a far cry from the life she always assumed she was going to have. She's trying to find ways to while away the time and work on her performance skills while she's at Hogwarts, and could always use more friends while she's at it! Would especially love performing arts plots!

Manaia Te Rangi
Hufflepuff 3rd Year
just a nice lad 🎸 singing and daydreaming
Manaia has always been extremely easygoing, cheerful, and easy to get along with. He goes with the flow, enjoys the vibes, and isn't easily ruffled. All of that has been shaken though, by his parents recent abrupt divorce. He's struggling to feel like himself with his newly shattered sense of security, and as a result he's going to be more quiet and introspective than usual this year. Still always loves a good buddy he can jam with though, a solid friend til the end.

Giulia Alcott
Ravenclaw 2nd Year
zero chill at all 📖 its nerd time
Giulia is a self-described geek, interests including comics, science, maths, fantasy/sci fi, and dragons. She moved to NZ from France last year and she's not fluent in English, though she's made a lot of progress. She would love anyone who can help her with English - or even better, speak French with her. She also absolutely loves having people around who share her geeky interests, so anyone who wants to nerd out with her is welcome! She'd also be a prime target for bullying, so mean characters have at her! I don't have anything concrete nailed down for Giulia, so I'm down for absolutely anything!

Ngawaiata Martin
Slytherin 1st Year
self-made loner 🎼 stoic and silent songbird
Ngawaiata is my newest firstie, and I'm a bit nervous about plots with her if I'm honest. She's very standoffish and very much a loner, preferring to do things by herself, in her own way. (An ideal personality type for a collaborative writing medium :V ) That said, she's still a kid away from home for the first time, and though she has family at Hogwarts she very much needs people around her who are comfortable with her way of doing things. Alternatively, I would love for her to clash with people who aren't on the same wavelength.

Ainsley Lynch
25/Ollivanders Co-Owner
head in the clouds 🪄 or in the books lbr

Lizzie Taylor
25/Kea Beater/Ski Instructor
full of energy ❄️ empty of free time
Ainsley's life has just gotten a lot more chaotic, with her new role as co-owner of Ollivanders. She's always struggled with the customer service aspects of retail, but wands are something she's deeply passionate about, so she's determined to make this work. She could use friends to support her in her new role, as well as anyone interested in the origins of magic the same way she is, to research and share ideas with.
Lizzie is as ever very much the bundle of energy she's always been. She splits her time between playing Quidditch with the Kea and teaching ski and snowboard lessons at her family's lodge. And spending time with her family. And her fiancee. And her cats. And, and, and.... and Lizzie doesn't wind up with a ton of free time, but she likes to make the most of what she does get, so friends would be great!

October Alcott
24/Pro Ballerina
wound way too tight ✨ Its Fine Everything Is Fine

Harley Tsuji
24/Art Space Manager
rebel with a heart of gold 🤘 punch your local scit

Vivian Brackenstall
23/Indie Musician
tragic heartbroken poet 🪶 your next mistake?
October has been a ball of stress her entire life, and unfortunately adulthood hasn't lessened that stress any. She's doing her best, but things just keep not going her way. She's mostly cut herself off from the magical world, but she could really use some friends to keep in touch with and give her an outlet to vent, if nothing else!
Harley is still the same punk kid at heart she's always been, but she's somehow found herself in a position of authority? Managing a business? Absurd. She's loving it though, really enjoys creating a space for other creatives. She could always use collaborators, friends, or flings (girls) and p o ss i b ly? a long term gf? MAYBE?
Vivian is a big dumb stupid idiot who's still hung up on his ex. He's trying to bury himself in his art to forget his problems, but that can only really take you so far. He could use an actual friend, but he's never been good at making those. Muso friends would be nice too, but rn he's out for as many rebound flings as possible. (Guys)

Caro Taylor
23/Travel Photographer
everything is everyone else's fault 📷 can't have problems if you run forever

Kauri Tipene
23/Ice Cream Scooper/Kids Entertainer
life is about love and happiness 💛 Good Vibes Only!!!!!
Caro graduated HNZ and immediately left the country for good. She hasn't been back in NZ since her graduation and has no plans to be, so if anyone wants to plot with her it'll have to be elsewhere, though the benefit is that you could find her in just about any country. She's been travelling the world taking photos for travel magazines and refusing to make any long-term attachments, though she could use temporary travel buddies or flings (guys) any time.
Kauri is a sweetheart trying his best! He's passionate about mentorship and bringing out the best in everyone around him. He's been performing at kids birthdays for a year now, and recently been volunteering as a leader with the Phoenix Scouts. He could always use more friends or a hang with old ones, he's available for ALL birthday parties if you're looking for someone to do some cool balloons or juggle, and of course I'm down for ANY AND ALL Phoenix Scouts plots!!

Zoe Tsuji
22/Stay-at-home Mum
the truth is out there 👽 i kissed mothman once

Edmund Westwick
life is darkness 🕷️ except 4 my fiancee

Charlie Madison
closed off 🖐 its not me its you
Zoe is very emphatically Doing Her Best. She's recently become a mother of twins, and is still adjusting to that whole situation. She's kind of desperate to spend time with people who are Not babies though, so would love some friends for her, and would also be v cool if she could make friends with some people with babies at a similar age so they can hang out!
Edmund probably hates you and that's fine. He's a difficult person to get along with at the best of times, though he appreciates a dark sense of humour, and a bent for the darker side of life. The one exception to his sulky broodyman life is his fiancee who is the light of his life and he loves and cherieshes. But yea if you're ~edgy~ enough he could use some friends!
CHARLIEEE!!! Unlike last year, I would absolutely love plots for them. I've finally sorted out their app situation and gotten their life back on track 👏 Charlie has recently come out to their family & loved ones as non-binary, and they're now in the process of getting their career path going. They'll be applying to become an auror soon, and would love some friends!

Acacia Dunn
21/Makeup Artist
life is more fun with a smile 💄 & that smile is more fun with lip gloss

Dominique Malone
21/Aspiring Actress
everything is about me even if it isn't ⭐ drama on and off stage
Acacia is a sweetheart and a darling and she lives to make the people around her feel good at all times!! She's all about hyping up her friends and spreading positivity in the world. She could always use more friends to uplift, and she's also working as a MUA now, so if anyone needs a makeover she's ya gal xox
Domi is Trouble with a capital T, and she can, will, and must ruin your life. If there's no drama around her, she'll make it on purpose. She lives for chaos and attention, and will do just about anything to get it. Available for friends, enemies, and any flings or relationships she could get into and ruin (any gender)

Emily Madison
your business is my business now 🌊 my therapist said be nice to me

William Kaimarama
off the grid 🌳 no people only trees
Emily is relentlessly cheerful and relentlessly invested in everyone else's lives. She loves to get involved in any and all personal matters and do her best to help, whether she's successful or not. She has some lingering anger issues from her childhood but she's been working on them and tries hard not to lash out like she used to when she was a kid. Could use friends or boyfriends!
William pretty much disappeared into the woods after graduation, and nobody's really seen him since. He's fine, don't worry. He's working as a Magiconservationist which is a job I invented but it's probably to do with preserving the native environment from potential magical threats. Or something. He could maybe use some friends that aren't trees?

Nell Wright
19/Daily Prophet Intern
question everything 📝 even if it annoys everyone

Clifton Ward
19/Dinette Cook
open mouth insert foot 👓 sweetheart

Blake Irons
19/Macaws Seeker
a very nice boy ⚡ kindness only
You know her you love her everyone's favourite retired Monthly editor is back on her slightly invasive journalism kick! Nell's currently interning as an Investigative/Current Events Reporter at the Prophet, so any scandals or dramas bring 'em her way! Friends also always welcome, or any enemies who aren't terribly impressed with how she wrote about them... she has more journalistic integrity these days I promise 🤞
Clifton is looking to focus his energy on his baking and see if he can make a career out of it. Currently working at the Dinette, though if you catch him off work he'll probably have a pastry or two for you to take with you. He'll also probably accidentally insult you, but he didn't mean it. Friends who can put up with his clumsy wording welcome!
Blake is still very much working on that 'be a good person' thing, and starting to feel like he's actually making progress. He's living with Lars and focusing on Quidditch, playing as Seeker for the Macaws. He's a much happier and nicer person than he used to be, if anyone's looking to befriend him, though I would also be super down for runins with old enemies!

Shale Night

anger issues 🔥 cant fall from grace if u never had any
Shale has just graduated HNZ somehow, and now has to figure out what to do in the adult world. She's been a very angry person her entire life, and she doesn't really have any plans beyond school. She's looking for a job to tide her over, but unfortunately I've got a much more difficult life path planned for her. Totally open for friends/enemies/whatever, but if you've got a business owner who'd be keen to be sworn at by Shale, and/or a Scit who could help me out with a plot, @ me and I'll drop u a secret private plot idea 👀

Bernard Hackney

Gabriel Blume
58/Tattoo Artist

Eva Marsh

James Holland
49/Herbologist/Stay-at-home Dad
Bernard is a scit and a "Healer" in the same way doctors in the Middle Ages were pretty sure they were great doctors because they stole all of a person's blood. He's very dangerous and callous and frankly a bit of a jerk, but I'd love to do more with him. Scits, victims, whatever, throw 'em at me!
Gabriel is a tattoo artist, recently (ish) moved back to NZ after spending a while in France and travelling around Europe guesting in different shops that would have him. He's recently put down roots and established his own studio, Keystone Ink, in Wellington. HMU for friends, flings (any gender), or any tattoos you wanna get!!
Eva is a former magazine editor finally brushing off the shackles of what society expects from her and learning to be happy. She's quit her job to dedicate herself to sculpture, left her husband and found a girlfriend, and is trying to repair her relationship with her now adult daughter. Could use any kind of friendships!
James is of course the Minister's husband, and father to far too many Hollands to name. He's generally a good guy & a dedicated dad, though he's haunted by mistakes of his past. He spends most of his time these days supporting his family, so fellow parents of young kids or Claudia's work contacts could be good friends!

Rupert Cresswell
48/Curse Breaker/Curse Maker

Kahurangi Josephs
48/Runes Prof/Ravenclaw HoH

Ruby Morales
46/Stay-At-Home Mum

Adelia Kolter
Rupert is a CAD and a SCOUNDREL and a NASTYMAN! Brother of Miles Cresswell, as much as Miles wishes it weren't so, Rupert worked as a cursebreaker until he realised there was also a good amount of money in making cursed items. Serial boyfriend stealer, serial cheater, serial doer of bad deeds in pretty much all capacities, Rupert is available for all your scoundrel needs.
Kahurangi is of course your friendly HNZ Ravenclaw HoH, and she's available at all times for any and all student related plots, whether your char needs help with class, help with their personal life, or a firm reminder of what the school rules are. She's also recently had a baby who's gonna be hanging around for a bit, so everyone is welcome to come cuddle her as long as they're careful!
Ruby is the recently retired former owner of Honeyduke's in Brightstone Village, so she'll be a familiar face to any students out there with a particular sweet tooth. She's also mum of two toddlers and one adult angsty poet, so she's always got something on her plate. She's hard-working and kind, and could really use more of a social life outside of her family. Any friends would be welcome!
Adelia is a muggle, though she may be a familiar face around the magical world after speaking with Professor Alicastell and Minister Holland on a panel on Muggle/Magical relations a couple of years back. She's hard working and kind, and I'd quite like her to make some friends in the magical world, as well as any connections she can with any muggle characters out there!

Kyle Alcott-Ward
43/Scrivenshafts Asst. Manager

Maria Madison
43/HNZ Counsellor

Richard Madison

Alexander Alcott
36/Broom Maker
KYLE my FIRST BOY my CHERISHED AWFUL OLDEST SON... Kyle is of course, a bit of a wreck. He hasn't really known what to do with himself since his and Matt's kids graduated HNZ and left home, and he's looking for just about anything to fill his free time. He works at Scrivenshafts and does some amateur theatre stuff in his spare time, though being a werewolf somewhat limits his free evenings. Would love some friends for him!
Maria is the counsellor at HNZ, and she's absolutely available at any time for any students in need of support. I'm mentioning her in the PD but just like Kahurangi, fr please PM me any time you want to plot with her, I'm so keen for threads! Work aside she's a mother of four adopted kids who are all growing up much too fast, and she's only got one left at home now. Which means oops, she needs friends, and maybe a boyfriend?
Richard is Maria's younger brother, and he's absolutely awful. By which I mean he's incredibly successful. He worked hard to get where he is, pulling himself up by the bootstraps of the company he inherited from his father, unlike all the lazy kids these days who expect a handout. He's successful because he worked hard and earned it and also his dad was rich. Would love any kind of plots for him... friends, enemies, girlfriend, whatever!
Alex is Kyle's younger brother, recently moved back to NZ from France. He's a bit irresponsible and never really grew up, despite having two kids off at HNZ now. (Louis & Giulia.) He's all over the place and you'll probably find him wherever the fun is, for better or worse. I haven't done anything with him yet and I'd really love any kind of plots.... friends, enemies, flings or partners (any gender) I'm really down for absolutely anything for Alex!

Efren de Leon
34/International Magical Law

Jason Tsuji
27/Squib/Graphic Designer

Cedar Dunn
27/Medley Bartender

Bijoux Laurent
21/Finding Herself
Efren is another one I haven't done much. He's sort of stumbled into a career he's accidentally passionate about, after spending most of his life floating from one thing to another without any real direction. He works as a translator for the Ministry, specialising in international law, and it's about the only thing he does right now. He could really use some friends.
Jason is another one I mostly included for completionism, though if anyone can think of any plots with him I'd definitely be down! He's Harley and Zoe's older brother, a squib working as a graphic designer in the muggle world. He's The Family Disappointment, a title Harley is eternally jealous of. He doesn't have much to do with the magical world because he feels like it doesn't want him, but I'd be down for friends anyway!
Cedar is just a nice, chilled out, relaxed kinda guy. He's easygoing and easy to get along with, never has issues with anyone or anything. He expected it would just be a quick job to tide him over, but has found he's actually really passionate about bartending. He could do with friends or maybe some flings? He's in an open poly relationship with Jeong Mun, so any flings would have to be ok with that.
Bibi my darling. Recently (ish) graduated from Beauxbatons, Bijoux has been struggling to figure out where she belongs ever since. She's been searching for her half sister for a long time to no avail, and is considering a temporary move to New Zealand to continue the search. She could use some friends in either France or NZ to help her out, and I'd maybe be down for a relationship for her? (Any gender)
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Aine Thompson

Least Friendly Hufflepuff
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Relationship Status
Too Young to Care
Curly 13" Rigid Pine Wand, Meteorite Dust Core
I'm currently trying to think of some things with my adult characters and am probably making 1 more shortly (a bartender for the pub in my wizarding laneway in Melbourne, lol) buuuut for now maybe Giulia and Aine could be friends? Aine probably can't help too much with the language barrier (she can try but I don't think she'd be the best, most patient teacher) but she is also a bit of a nerd and plans to do a bit of muggle homework in her spare time, like math problems and whatever she gets sent from home to work on.
Also would be in to playing wizard games like wizard d&d which should totally be a thing.

Ainsley Lynch

🌼head in the clouds🌼6'3"🌼 🪄ollivanders🪄
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Amber ) ( Pansexual
Knotted 12 Inch Flexible Pine Wand with Fwooper Feather Core and 6'5" Sturdy Carved Walnut Staff With Phoenix Tail Feather Core
3/2030 (25)
I'm currently trying to think of some things with my adult characters and am probably making 1 more shortly (a bartender for the pub in my wizarding laneway in Melbourne, lol) buuuut for now maybe Giulia and Aine could be friends? Aine probably can't help too much with the language barrier (she can try but I don't think she'd be the best, most patient teacher) but she is also a bit of a nerd and plans to do a bit of muggle homework in her spare time, like math problems and whatever she gets sent from home to work on.
Also would be in to playing wizard games like wizard d&d which should totally be a thing.
Ooooh I think Aine and Giulia could be great friends! She'd definitely appreciate having someone to nerd out with, and muggle homework would definitely catch her attention.

As for wizard d&d I've actually done a few plots involving that in the past with other characters so it's definitely a thing :p always keen for more tho!!

Aine Thompson

Least Friendly Hufflepuff
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Curly 13" Rigid Pine Wand, Meteorite Dust Core
God, I can't even get a game for me let alone for Aine. =))

Would you like me to set something up in the library (or is there somewhere that makes more sense for Giulia?)

Ainsley Lynch

🌼head in the clouds🌼6'3"🌼 🪄ollivanders🪄
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Relationship Status
Seeing Somebody
Sexual Orientation
Amber ) ( Pansexual
Knotted 12 Inch Flexible Pine Wand with Fwooper Feather Core and 6'5" Sturdy Carved Walnut Staff With Phoenix Tail Feather Core
3/2030 (25)
Library sounds perfect!! Thank you :wub:

Aine Thompson

Least Friendly Hufflepuff
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Too Young to Care
Curly 13" Rigid Pine Wand, Meteorite Dust Core
Done! Sorry if it's a bit all over the place (which is in character, ironically), so's my brain lately. =))

Crystal Holmgaard

Magical Creatures Lover 🐲 | Gullible | Pleaser
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YES, I am so keen for more Jenna & Giselle!! Jenna doesn't really care so much about Quidditch anymore now that Blake's gone, but she definitely still thinks it's stupid and would be down to work against it. Also definitely down to help take Liusaidh out - maybe we could do some scheming with Emzies? Jenna & Giselle could try and pin something on Liusaidh? Not that she needs the help :r

Yeah! Shall we do an topic where they could talk their plans over for the year and stuff? If you have any spare time would you mind starting one?

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