Ravenclaw Quidditch Practice Y43/S1

Xiuying Huang

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Xiuying had a mix of emotions for the upcoming game. This was her first game as captain and she wanted to try and do well as captain. She had made sure to turn up early to the pitch to set everything up for practice, extra brooms if players needed and anything else that players may need. The weather was a little cloudy and there was a bit of wind, but hopefully, it didn't affect anything too much.

Xiuying stood on the pitch as she waited for the rest of the players to make their way to the pitch. She smiled when everyone arrived. "Hello! Alright, everyone! I'll try not to talk for too long so we can get started with practice as soon as possible" Xiuying starts off with a smile. "We have our game with Gryffindor real soon, so practice as much as you can and do the best you can. Make sure to do your part. Chasers, take turns with the quaffle as well as trying to pass the quaffle to each other. Beaters hit the bludgers but also try and defend the seekers. We got this!" Xiuying says with encouragement. She hoped that she was encouraging enough.

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No arrivals are needed! Just go right ahead and play!
Hamish listened to Xiuying speak before hopping into the air and beginning his search.
Michael was determined to do better this year, so he mounted up quickly and set off trying to hit bludgers, and specifically aim them. He lined up his first shot, aiming for their seekers...but missed, hitting @Xiuying Huang instead. He winced. Hitting the captain first hit was...not his best effort. "Sorry, cap!"

Bludger Hits said:
1 x Xiuying Huang
Crystal made her way to the quidditch pitch as they would train for the first time. At least she in the quidditch team. She had been very nervous but had taken all the courage she thought the sorting hat in her. The fact that she was chosen in the first place gave her an bit of confidence. She was now part of an team on and to way to be cooler. She listened to the captain speaking which was also her roommate so that was nice. And smiled at the rest of her team. She was the only one in her position just like the seeker was. So she had to do it herself. As they started she quickly mounted her broom holding tight as she made her way to the three hoops at the left side. And stretched her arms to get ready for the attempts to score.
Branson arrived on the pitch and grabbed the ball before heading towards the new keeper in the hoops.
Savannah arrived at the pitch and got into the air, where she began looking for the snitch.
Crystal watched as the players started and seemed to get closer to her. She tried to see which one would try to take an attempt.
Monday Weeks made it to practice since he made the team. That was good for him, so he mounted his broom with the bat and soared into the air to start searching for bludgers to hit.
Rory climbed onto his broom and rose into the air as practice began, he spotted Branson with the quaffle and flew along side him.
As soon as Branson was close he tossed the ball and was happy when he managed to score. That was a good start.
Savannah spotted nothing but was still flying around looking for the snitch.
Monday did wonder how good the team was since it wasn't like he paid much attention last year, but his co-worker managed to score. Monday smiled faintly, and flew about to see if he could hit something.
Michael flew around looking to hit another bludger.
Xiuying winced a little as she was instantly wacked by a bludger. She gave a thumbs-up to Michael. "All good!" She called out with a reassuring smile before grabbing the quaffle and circling towards the hoops.
Monday managed to find a bludger but he hit it, though it swerved and went to the right before it would hit anyone.
When Xiuying was close enough to the hoops, she threw the quaffle towards the left hoop and she cheered when she saw that it managed to go through.
Savannah still found nothing.
Michael hit a bludger away from his teammates.
Savannah knew it was too early to doubt her abilities, but she had been sort of hoping she'd catch the snitch immediately.
Xiuying circled around the pitch, as the quaffle was thrown back into play, watching and pleased with how the practice was going so far.
Michael whiffed a bludger hit, hoping nobody saw it.
Monday decided to fly to another area of the pitch to see if he could hit a bludger there.
Rory collected the quaffle when it was once again thrown back into play and he made his way towards the hoops on the other side of the pitch. He threw the quaffle at one of the hoops but it was easily saved.
Monday found a bludger and aimed it toward the seeker, but managed to hit @Rory Styx instead. Monday winced but gave a small apologetic wave. Rough, it was.
Michael guided an errant bludger away from the seekers. He wouldn't have had a clear shot anyway.

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