Duelling Rules

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Duelling Rules
  1. You may only post one action per post while duelling, this means you cannot cast two spells in one post
    • The exception is if one is defensive [ex, protego] and the other offensive
  2. No 'God Modding', you cannot decide what your opponent does in your post.
  3. All official duels must use Dueling Points.
  4. Spells must be relative to the year you are in. First years must only cast simple spells and so on. (Please refer to this documentation).
  5. You may only use magic to defeat you opponents, no physical contact ( punching kicking etc.)
  6. You may only cast spells on items that are on the duelling platform.
  7. The use of illegal magic/spells is prohibited in duels.
  8. Spells can only heal your character, not revive them.
  9. Once an opponent is knocked out the duel is over, no extra spells will be cast.
  10. Spectators will not intervene with any duel at anytime.
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